Saturday night found us at the official opening of what has now been declared the Best Damn Bar in WeHo, The Office West Hollywood, with the hottest, friendliest staff ever. Seriously, these boys are adorable and they love us like Dean Winchester loves pie! As they should. For we are awesome and we were totally the funnest table at the bar that night! And we have the pictures to prove it. *g*

But, that's for another post. This post is all about DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!!! So, the Darren portion of the evening started with this: )

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so damn adorable and so nice and charming and just RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF AWESOME!!!! We did tell him that we'd be having lunch with him soon because we'd just won the charity auction and he's all "awesome, you'll get to see me stuff my face!" *laughs* He did promise me that he'd take us somewhere nice. :)

The M&G was super fast, but it was handled really well, and he was gorgeous and charming and completely precious, and it was SO VERY WEIRD to be one of only 5 or 6 girls in line for the M&G, after having recently stood in M&G lines for Adam Lambert. The gay boys have mad love for Darren, let me tell you! Poor Adam, man. He would have been in heaven! *g*

So, the Darren portion of the night started with a hug from Darren and ended with Darren singing his entire set no more than TWO FEET FROM MY FAAAAACE!!!!!! Holy crap he was so close I could practically see his tonsils when he sang! *laughs* The bar was teeny-tiny. The piano he was playing at was tucked into the corner, and we were at the closest table to the piano. But by the time everyone squooshed up behind me, I was getting close and personal with the cute little twink in front of me and Darren was singing right in front of our faces. And, really, I don't know what I enjoyed more, Darren being OMG right the fuck there, or the cute little twink in front of me completely loosing his shit over Darren the entire time! He was so freakin' adorable!!! His name was Scotty. I know this because after Darren's set he turns to me and is all "I feel as if I've been in a relationship with you," let's meet! *g* Seriously, though, he was SO EXCITED over Darren. It was presh!

Anyway, Darren sounded AH-MAY-ZING! He did about a 40 minute set. He opened with this wonderful, slowed down cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," and he closed with "Not Alone." I'm sure I'm forgetting some of it, but this is what I remember of his set list, in no particular order, because my brain was pretty tequila soaked at this point:

- "Since U Been Gone"
- "Teenage Dream"
- "Let It Be" -- this was awesome and he had the entire bar singing along!
- "Coolest Girl"
- "Desperado" -- loved this!
- "Hit Me, Baby"
- "That's All" - so beautiful!
- a Disney cover, but I'll be damned if I can remember which one
- "Not Alone"



Seriously, we were so close it was a little freaky. But awesome. Definitely awesome!

My pictures of DARREN'S FAAAAAACE!!!!! )

There are videos of most of his set HERE. (With thanks to [ profile] godlizza for the vids!) It cracks my shit up that you can totally hear us scream "THE COOLEST BITCH ON EARTH GOD DAMMIT" during "Coolest Girl"! We rock! :D

Thank the gods one of the brilliant professional photographers at the event had the presence of mind to shoot this picture:


HANDS!!!!!! Sweet jam on crackers, his hands. His gorgeous, talented hands! Excuse me while my mind goes to the dirtywrongHOT place for a moment. *bites lip*

Ahem. Ok, that was fun. *g*

Also, this happened:



You guys. The entire night was AMAZING! So much fun. So much pretty. So much tequila!!! :D

And now Darren is probably losing sleep over having to take three crazy chicks out to lunch at some point in the near future. *g* Sorry, Darren! We'll be gentle! I promise! :)
I've got about a million tabs open, most of which represent other things that I should be doing right now instead of flitting around LJ. But, that's never stopped me before! Plus, I'm in an extraordinarily good mood today, and I want to share my happy with all of you! *beams*

These are some of the things that are contributing to my good mood today:

:: I'll be heading out to 1n10 this evening to help the kids start getting ready for Pride next month. Fun times!

:: Tomorrow night I'm meeting a friend downtown for some long overdue catching up and some St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Really fun times!

:: I'm taking some steps (baby steps, but steps nonetheless) toward doing something more productive with my make-up obsession, other than making large contributions to MAC's and Urban Decay's profit margins. Ok, so now that I say that, I don't know if I've actually talked about that here. Basically, it occurred to me recently, with the helpful insight of some fabulous friends (*cough[ profile] editorzoncough*), that (1) doing make-up is something that I really enjoy doing, it's a (much needed) creative outlet, and it's something I'm good at and can get better at; (2) I can give myself permission to pursue this passion as something more than just a hobby; and (3) I don't necessarily have to make a choice between "lawyer" and "artist" (i.e., "responsible" and "dreamer") -- crazily enough I can be both! All of this was, for reasons that I should probably unpack in another post, ridiculously terrifying for me to even admit, much less do anything about. But I've been looking into several different make-up artistry programs, gathering information, and making a plan for making this work sometime this summer. So, um, GO ME! *beams* *is still terrified*

Ok, so, in sum, make-up artistry musings, baby steps forward, all still scary but very happy-making. Moving on. :)

:: I get to see my L.A. girls next week!!! And in 10 DAYS I get to meet Darren Criss!!!!! *flails forever*

:: GLEE!!! Show, you make my heart happy!!! I've got lots of ~feelings about last nights episode, and thoughts, and approximately a billion screen caps, gifs, and videos that I want to post for my future repeated watching and endless enjoyment, but I think I'll do that in a separate post. This show and everything about "Original Songs," though, is definitely a part of today's good mood. *points to icon* So. Much. HAPPY!!!
I'm focusing on the positive, so let's talk about awesome, happy-making things! :D

First awesome, happy-making thing: DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! I got tickets to see him play a show in L.A. on March 26th to benefit the AIDS Project L.A. Awesome music for an awesome cause!!! (There are, by the way, a few tickets still available at that link.)

It's going to be a small show, only 150 tickets being sold. Even better? We ninja-ed tickets a day before they were announced publicly and managed to score MEET AND GREETS WITH DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Even 24 hours later, I can barely contain my flail!

And betterer still? I get to enjoy all this awesome, happy-makingness with mah girls, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] coolwhipdiva and [ profile] azewewish!!! So. Much. Happy. Making!!!!

This also means that Darren has given me the perfect excuse for a much needed weekend in L.A. So, heads up to my other L.A. chicas, brunch on Sunday, March 27??? Y/Y? *beams*

Second awesome, happy-making thing: Adam Freakin' Lambert! )

My t.v. shows have also been awesome and happy making lately. )

More awesome, happy making: my friend Sara is in town from Nashville and I'll be seeing her tonight. Sara is one of my oldest friends ever and I love that, no matter how much time passes, we can always pick up as if we had just seen each other the day before.

And, finally, awesome, happy-making for my peeps in the Houston and Austin areas: )
Well, my trainer Matt kicked my ass well and good this morning, so I guess that was fun. For a certain value of fun. The inability to move my arms now is definitely not fun, though. Ow. :/

And in our good news/bad news segment of Fun Friday: I got a phone message from the producers of The Talk. Apparently I got tickets to the taping on February 9th when Adam will be appearing. Two free tickets to see Adam!!! (This would be the "good news" part.) The bad news part would be that it's in L.A., and I'm in Arizona, and jobless and trying to be fiscally responsible, and I just don't know if I can or should make a trip to L.A. at this point. *sadface*

We also decided to postpone our night of burlesque. Half of our group came down with some type of creeping crud, so we decided to wait until everyone was healthy again. No sexy fun times. What kind of Fun Friday is this anyway??? :(

In better news, although for Saturday so it really doesn't make my Friday any more fun, [ profile] llandaffaz and I are going to see Cowboy Mouth tomorrow night at The Compound. I think it's humanly impossible to listen to Cowboy Mouth and not have a damn good time. This will indeed be fun and I can't wait!

I'm going to get on with my fun marginally amusing Friday, with some yummy lasagna for dinner and the return of hot gladiators to my television the premier of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena!
I think it's patently clear that I love Adam Lambert like I love rainbows and glitter and fabulous make-up and all things sparkly and wonderful in this world. So, it should tell y'all something when I say that even though I absolutely loved Adam's last two Glam Nation shows, Darren's shows at The Roxy were probably the highlight of this trip to L.A. for me.

We had tickets to both his afternoon and evening show. I'm glad we did because even though we timed our arrival at the venue for sometime after the doors were supposed to have opened, there was still a significant line to get in -- a line out in the non-stop rain that drenched the greater L.A. area the entire time I was there. Once we finally made it into The Roxy, we were all nice and damp and Darren was already well into his set. But, on the plus side, The Roxy is a great venue and I was able to find a great spot on the stairs back at the bar to watch the rest of the show. Sweet jam on crackers, that boy is the very definition of ADORABLE!!!

After the first show, [ profile] azewewish, [ profile] coolwhipdiva, [ profile] llandaffaz, and @morgaine99 all decided they would pass on the second show; [ profile] _lisalisa_ and I, however, went back out to stand in the rain again until they opened the doors for the evening show. I found it both hilarious and indicative of my levels of smitten-ness (totes a word!) that, while I absolutely refused to stand in line in order to get a good spot on the floor for Adam's shows, on Saturday I found myself not only standing in line for Darren's shows, but standing in line IN THE FUCKING RAIN....TWICE!!! *laughs* [ profile] sabrinagb and [ profile] editorzon joined me and Lisa for the second show. We managed to grab a table for this show, so not only did we have a place to finally sit and alcohol and food service, but we had an AMAZING view for the show!

The set lists for both shows were the same, so I was able to see what I had missed from the first show. He opened with The Circle of Life!!! Seriously, people, he sings Disney covers! Unironically! I just can't tell you how much I love him for this! <333


Darren Criss Live at The Roxy )

He was so much fun to watch live. I love his music; he's a freakin' musical genius who can play like a dozen different instruments; and there was just so much talent in his band! And his adorableness factor is just through the roof! He's just too precious for words!!! This is me being ridiculously smitten with Darren Criss! *hearts in my eyes FOREVER*

And it was just SO much fun to watch this show with my girls who were equally as DELIGHTED as I was with Darren!!! Thank you, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] editorzon, and [ profile] sabrinagb, for sharing the Darren Criss lovefest with me! *mwah*
Los Angeles was such a PERFECT way to end what was a fantastic year of Glam Nation. I went to both shows -- the show at The Music Box on the 15th and the final show at Club Nokia on the 16th -- with [ profile] llandaffaz, [ profile] coolwhipdiva, [ profile] _lisalisa_ and @morgaine99, and [ profile] editorzon joined us for the final show at Club Nokia. Both shows were just so much damn fun! They were completely stress free; no standing in line for hours, no stressing over seats or getting a close spot on the floor or meet and greets. We hung out and laughed and drank and sang along and danced and just had a fucking good time!

I'm not going to recap them both, mostly because a good part of my flist was actually there with me, but also because there are recaps all over the damn place. But I did want to post some of the vids and photos here, mostly for my own reference.

Glam Nation L.A. part 1, The Music Box, 12/15/10 )

Glam Nation L.A., part 2, The Final Show, Club Nokia, 12/16/10 )

I have had such an amazing time this year going to Glam Nation shows all across the country, spending time with some of my dearest friends, and meeting all kinds of fabulous people! It's been crazy and wonderful, mind blowing and life changing. And this was just a perfect end to what has been one hell of a ride. I'm going to cherish every memory and I can't wait to see what this boy comes up with next!
I finally conquered my humongous To Do list! I'm all packed and ready to head out at too damn early in the morning for L.A. Yay!!!

I am SO looking forward to a long weekend with my best girlfriends, rockin' the last two shows of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation tour, seeing Darren Criss (twice!), Monte Pittman's solo show, showing [ profile] llandaffaz and Vivian around L.A. and doing all the touristy things that I never do anymore, spending some long overdue quality time with [ profile] editorzon, [ profile] azewewish, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] coolwhipdiva and [ profile] sabrinagb, fitting in some holiday festivities, and all the other assorted shenanigans that are sure to ensue! I'm expecting lots of alcohol to be consumed, plenty of glitter thrown in the air, lots of great music to dance to, great conversations and abundant laughter. Good times shall be had! See y'all on the flip side! :D

(Oh, and thanks for any of those good thoughts sent my way today. The good juju definitely helped and all ended well! Hopefully that will be the last time I'll have to deal with the jackass ex-boss.)
OMG it's only Monday and this week is already completely CRAZYCAKES!!! Thankfully, it's mostly the good kinda crazycakes. (Although, if y'all can send some positive thoughts my way tomorrow around noon, I'd appreciate it. I'm having to deal with the ex-boss continuing to be an unmitigated jackass, so, you know, good juju would come in handy.)

Anyway, GOOD CRAZINESS!!! Let's talk about that some more! I've got a to do list that's about a mile long, and it all needs to be done in the next two days! Ahhhh!!! But just as soon as all those important items like "paint nails," "color hair," "buy lots of alcohol and chocolate snacks," and "OMG PACK FOR L.A." get crossed off my list, then it means that I'm finally on my way to L.A. for what is sure to be an AMAZING long weekend of DAMN GOOD TIMES!!! Eeeee!!! ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT!!!!! And DARREN CRISS!!!! And MONTE PITTMAN!!!!!!! And some of my most favorite people on the planet!!!!!! And glitter! And drinking! And doing fun L.A. touristy things! And laughing and talking and just having fabulously good times!!! Man, I cannot adequately state how much I need this trip right now. My mental health has been a tenuous thing lately, and I'm totally counting on just getting away, not stressing for a few days, and just having a damn good time in order to regain my grasp on my zen.

Like I said, SO MANY GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK! Like Adam! Who manages to wear the fuck out of a completely ridiculous pair of sparkly, zebra-striped pants. )

Also, I may not have mentioned this, oh, in the past 24 hours or so, but I'm completely smitten with one Darren Criss!!! *heart eyes* And I get to see him play this weekend! Twice! I may just die of the concentrated adorableness!!!

No, really, it may be too much presh for me to handle! )

So, since we're talking about faces that make me happy, I think it's been well established that Chris Colfer is all that is precious and adorable in this world and his face does, indeed, make me happy. BUT WAT IS THIS CRAZINESS??? )

There's also this picture of a nearly pantsless Tommy that Isaac tweeted this morning, but I just don't have words to talk about this right now. *g* Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, though.

I've been reading tons of Kurt/Blaine fic. Like most new fandoms/pairings, there is quite a bit of dreck being posted. Thankfully, y'all have ME to wade through it all and bring you the good stuff! *beams*

Kurt/Blain fic recs )

Darren Criss sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! (Awesome Holiday Song of the Day) )

Ok, now that we have so many good things to roll around in, I'm going to go wade through my insane To Do list, and flail a bit more about L.A. IN TWO DAYS!!!!!! *bounces*
I've been in such a maudlin funk for the past couple of weeks, and it's really becoming rather tiresome. And then the past couple of days I've been so freakin' tired. I think I pretty much slept most of Monday and Tuesday. Which, hello, depression red flag, how are you doin? Ugh.

I am SO looking forward to next week's trip to L.A. A week away and doing things I enjoy with people I enjoy is just what I need to kick my ass out of this pity party I've been wallowing in.

Speaking of this trip, I'm highly amused that I have tickets to 5 different live music events over the course of 4 days! In fact, I have tickets to THREE SHOWS for Saturday alone! Haha! Like I've said, either we rock really damn hard or we are completely crazy! Either way, I love this amazing group of friends who enable these shenanigans! <333

Two of the three Saturday shows are for Darren Criss!!! )

Speaking of the adorable Darren Criss, I loved his scene with Chris Colfer in this week's Glee. Sure it was completely lacking in context, and just sort of shoe-horned into that episode, but I DON'T REALLY CARE! That scene was ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I'VE SEEN ON T.V. EVER!!! Just look at their wittle faaaaces!!! <333 )

I actually kinda liked this episode beyond just the Kurt/Blaine adorableness. I mean, really, Glee kids and cheesy holiday songs. What's not to love? I loved Brittany and her belief in Santa Claus and all the other Glee kids rallying to make sure she doesn't lose that. And I loved the scene with Coach Bieste. And Sue the Grinch! I'm still pretty MEH on the Rachel/Finn story line, but the rest of it totally worked for squishy, happy, holiday feel-goodness.

Not to be outdone on the ADORABLENESS factor, Chris Colfer makes my heart happy with his very existence!!! )

Ok, I have fic recs and some other stuff, but I think I've spammed y'all enough for one afternoon with the ridiculous shit that's brightening up my otherwise gloomy week. I don't know about you, but I certainly feel better about life now! *beams*


Dec. 1st, 2010 03:03 pm
Ok, really, I'd like to know where the hell 2010 went. Because it seems like just yesterday that I was at Gridlock, hearing Adam perform his own material live for the first time, and ringing in the new year with some of the most amazing friends on the planet. And then POOF! The year is practically gone.

Good news is there's a whole month left to squeeze every last drop of awesome outa 2010! Who's with me? *beams*

So far, my December is looking like this:

- Yummy Thai food with [ profile] llandaffaz to catch up from her many travels and to plan our fabulous trip to L.A.!

- Decorating the house and putting up the tree with The Nieces, who are both finally old enough to get really excited about Christmas!

- A sure-to-be FANTABULOUS trip to L.A. with [ profile] llandaffaz and Vivian (Roadtrip!!!) where I'll get to see my girls [ profile] coolwhipdiva, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] editorzon, [ profile] azewewish, and [ profile] sabrinagb (Hookers, I've missed you! *clings*)! There are sure to be shenanigans and damn good times had!

- Getting to see my boy Adam Lambert do his thing in his final two shows of this tour in L.A.!!! I'm expecting these shows to be AMAZING and for him to pull out all the stops for his hometown crowd. Also, I'm super excited about sharing these shows with some of my most favorite people! *loves*

- Seeing the uber adorable Darren Criss perform live! I understand that there are almost sure to be covers of Disney songs! I'm charmed already! *g*

- Seeing Monte Pittman perform his solo material! Monte is a musical genius and I'm thrilled to be able to catch one of his solo shows.

- Fangirls! All of these shows mean a convergence of sparkly and awesome fannish peoples! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the folks that I met traveling around the country this summer, and to finally meeting some of the ones that I missed before! Mi gente!!! <333

- Christmas! We have two little girls in the house this year, so, even though we're going low-key with the gifts, there will be no scrimping on the holiday cheer. Also...egg nog! :D

- Disneyland!!! The Nieces' Christmas present this year is a trip to Disneyland. So me, my mom, Rianna, Rhyan, and my sister in law (and any of y'all that I can cajole to join me *g*) will be spending four days, including New Year's Eve at Disneyland. Can't think of a better way to say good-bye to 2010 than at the Happiest Place on Earth!

So, what are y'all doing to wring all the awesome from 2010 in this last month? *chinhands*
Had I mentioned that I'll be in Long Beach this weekend for a family wedding? Well, I will be and I leave tomorrow morning. As per usual, I am packing at the last minute. Go me! :/ *frantic*

I'm traveling with my mom, several aunts, and my grandmother. The likelihood that my sanity does not survive the weekend in tact is very high. But, on the bright side: WEDDING RECEPTION WITH AN OPEN BAR!!! :D I anticipate many tequila shots on Saturday night. \o/

I won't be around until Sunday night. So I leave y'all with this: )

I hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! Be good to yourselves; be good to each other! *mwah*
So, today kinda sucked. Even more so than your average Monday suckage.

First, just about everyone in this house is sick, including me. Rhyan has strep throat. Rianna is in the hospital for the second night in a row with a chest/head cold type thing that sent her asthma into overdrive. They still can't get her breathing right, so she's in for another night. Whatever germy crud initially got to the girls has now attached itself to me too. So much DNW.

Second, I got word that a job I interviewed for a few weeks back, one I was genuinely excited about and for which I thought the interview had gone really well, is not going to be mine. And, that news just really drove home how much this whole unemployed/job search thing really just blows. I'm so sick and tired of not working; I feel as if my mind is literally turning mushier every day; financially things are getting trickier to juggle. The whole thing just sucks big hairy monkey balls.

But, despite the general suckage of this day, there were some really awesome things that, in the end, totally redeemed the last 24 hours for me.

First, Adam announced a second L.A. show!!! He'll be playing the Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theater on Wednesday, December 15th. This is awesome for several reasons. The obvious one: MOAR ADAM!!! But an Adam show on this date at this venue is also a pretty cool full circle moment, as he performed there exactly 6 years ago, on December 15, 2004, in the Zodiac show where he sang an amazing version of A Change is Gonna Come. (YouTube vid of that performance for the uninitiated.) Mostly, though, this is awesome because it means a second show glamming and rocking out with my girls!!! *clings*

Second bit of awesomeness: Jerrod Niemann is doing a show in Mesa next month!!! It's been way too damn long since I've seen that boy do his thing. Jerrod's shows are always damn good times! *g* And I'm definitely needing some damn good times right about now! Any AZ peeps up for some country music, a hot dude with a guitar, lots of tequila shots, damn good times or any/all of the above, mark November 21st on your calendar and let me know!

Third awesome thing: Cheeks posted what is probably my favorite It Gets Better video! )

The most awesome thing about today, though, was a serendipitously timely and completely lovely telephone chat with [ profile] editorzon! Man, a little perspective, some good advice, an understanding ear and the space to not have to hold it together from a good friend is just the thing to make yummy lemondaide from an otherwise lemon of a day! Thank you, baby! *mwah*

So, yeah, I'm still feeling like roadkill and I still don't have a job, but there were definitely some sparkly silver linings in this day!
I wanna talk t.v., but first: I GOT TICKETS TO SEE ADAM IN L.A. IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last Glam Nation show of the tour! In L.A.! With mah girls! So much fabulosity!!! *flails*

Ahem. Ok. So, t.v.

First, Sons of Anarchy got tapped for a fourth season!!! More wickedly hot, totally fucked up dudes on motorcycles!!! More badass, morally ambiguous chicks!!! This makes me exceedingly happy!

Second, is anyone else watching LOGO's The A-List New York? It premiered this week and it's been described as the Gay Housewives of New York. While I don't normally watch those types of reality shows, I love Mike Ruiz's work, so I decided to check it out to see more of him. So glad I did! It was both fabulous and ridiculous! Also, I highly approve of their propensity to run around shirtless! And to have naked!times in the hot tub! Hot New York gay boys! What's not to love about that??? *g*

Third, GLEE. Lately my twitter feed and flist has been full of "OMG I hate this character so much!" and "that character is a douche!" and "this other character is SO annoying!" Or some other such version of the "Glee sucketh" song. And, I'm just wondering, WHY??? Isn't the entire point of the show that all of these characters are flawed and fucked up and plain unlikeable in some way? Um, pretty much the same way we ALL were in high school? And isn't what makes this show great is that there are delightful flashes of humanity despite all the flaws? And aren't those moments made even more brilliant because the characters are so imperfect? I know this is why I love the show. You know, other than the awesomely cheesy and fabulous cover songs. So, um, am I missing something? *confused*

Ok, I think that was all I had to say about t.v. for now. Basically: More SoA, yay! The A-List is ridiculously fab - y'all should watch! And, where's the Glee love??? So, yeah, if you want, you can come and talk to me about these things and I'll probably have more words to say about them! *g*

Also, um, Braves, WTF was that? No, really. WTAF?
Adam Lambert finally announced a date for an L.A. show!!!!! It's about damn time! I've been waiting for this since the start of Glam Nation. It will be December 16th at Club Nokia. Which likely means a GA show, but I'm ok with that. It also means something in the neighborhood of 2,300 maximum capacity, so I'm anticipating tickets to sell out pretty damn fast. Still no word on whether there will be a VIP M&G package sold for this show, but I think the chances are good that there will be. Again, I'm sure it will sell out in a flash. In any case, AN L.A. SHOW!!!! I will SO be there! Who's with me??? *beams*

Speaking of Adam, as we do around here *g*, there was a gorgeous new picture floating around me twitter feed this week: Seriously, Adam, how so damn pretty??? )

AND, sticking to a theme here, he added "Broken Open" to his set in Osaka, Japan today. I love that song, and I haven't heard it live since Fantasy Springs, and Gridlock before that.

Broken Open )
*loves so hard*

Ok, so, there are other things I wanted to talk to y'all about, but then Adam announced his L.A. date and sort of ate my brain. I'd say sorry, but, I'm really not. *g* So, I'll talk about those other things quickly, in a list! Because lists are fun!

> My car is in ICU, or, rather, the shop. I still don't know what the problem is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever it is it won't break the damn bank.

> No news on the job search front. :( I'm trying to stay positive, but, truthfully, it's hard. I'm realizing how much of my self-worth is tied up with my work. There are thoughts and feelings there that I need to sit with, unpack, and write about. And, I will at some point. But, yeah, hard.

> I was too wiped out after the AIDS Walk yesterday, so I rescheduled my tattoo appointment to tomorrow. But, tomorrow there shall be new ink! This makes me happy!

> Dave Grohl, you are fabulous!!! Haha! That cracked me up so hard!

> There's been fabulous T.V. to talk about, like Hawaii Five-O and Sons of Anarchy! And there has been sports stuff to talk about, like yesterday's meltdown by the Cardinals, and how well the Texans are looking, and Jeremy Shockey being fabulous, and the Braves making the playoffs, and my Diamondbacks' giving Kurt the job for next year. But I'm going to have to talk about all of that later, because right now I have to go watch me some Monday night football and then Dancing With The Stars! *laughs* Yes, this lineup pretty sums up the wide range of shit that I find entertaining!
So this morning I woke up to the nice little surprise of having no voice whatsoever! Ack! I do not approve! I need to be able to talk!!! Yesterday I had a horrible sore throat, but I chalked it up to allergies, even though the sore throat seemed to laugh at the multiple Benadryls I threw at it. And then this morning, POOF, no voice! Plus, the added fun of a hacking cough! Good times! Or, you know, NOT! So, since I couldn't talk, and, really, TALK is what I do a lot of at work, I decided to work from home. Silently. And grumpily. Because I want my voice back!!!

I refuse to let this ruin my weekend in L.A.! *stubborn*

ION, This isn't funny, Jeremy! You better get be ok, dammit! And, Jason, please to be taking better care of your boy!.

hump day

May. 26th, 2010 05:37 pm
Hello, Wednesday! Why are you not FRIDAY??? *whines*

Seriously, this week could get a move on it now. On Friday I slip this joint and head to L.A. for a LONG WEEKEND OF AWESOMENESS WITH MY GIRLS!!! So, you know, Friday! Any day now would work!

In the meantime though, I gotta say, it's been a damn fine week. Today I escaped the office to join [ profile] mysanal for a lovely lunch of yummy Greek food after which we meandered through the Farmer's Market, chatting and shopping until we had to head back to work. It was LOVELY! Plus, I learned we had a year-round Farmer's Market, right down the road!!! I did not know this, but now that I do, Dee and I have a date every other Wednesday for some Farmer's Market goodness! Yay!

Last night I watched the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls won, which she totally deserved to do because she was FABULOUS. I wasn't particularly invested in this season, except that I didn't want Evan Lysacek win because for some unknown reason he just BUGS me. Anyway, Nicole and Derek won, so YAY! Also, Mark Ballas can pick up Derek and throw him on his shoulders anytime. Just sayin'.

I watched American Idol, mostly because I was waiting for Glee. Boring! Seriously, I cold care less about either Lee or Crystal. The entire hour was a snooze-fest, and the only half-way interesting part of the night was watching in fascination as Crystal tried to make her way down the staircase in heels without falling down. Although, I suppose that she's just marginally less boring and a significantly better singer than Lee. Either way, though, this season was a DUD. But, there's a rumor that Adam might be performing at the finale tonight after all, so I might have to tune in just in case. *g* And even if he doesn't I'd like to see Kris and Xtina. So, that's the t.v. watching plan for tonight.

But last night's Glee made up for AI with extra awesomeness!!! Lady Gaga!!! And Gaga-esque costumes!!! And another Lea and Idina duet (I never knew Poker Face could be so heart wrenching!) And Kurt being fabulous!!! And Kurt's dad being AH-MAY-ZING!!! Seriously, it seems that whenever those two have a scene together I end up a blubbering mess! And Finn going from asshole to ass-kicking! And, just, SHOW!!! *loves and loves*

Ok, I'm going to go get a few more things crossed off my To Do List, then I'm calling it a day. Hope everyone had a good Hump Day! Um, can it be Friday now? *g*
Let's talk about ME! *beams*

First, work has been kickin' my butt, but despite the months of 10-12 hour days, I'm still feeling fairly positive about it. Yeah, I don't even know. But I'm having FUN doing my job again and that's pretty awesome.

Second, in case y'all didn't know this, I ROCK! *g* That's true for a lot of reasons, but at the moment I'm referring to me rockin' the Take Better Care of Me Plan that is still going fantastically, if imperfectly, well. Not only have I been eating mindfully and journaling all my food for over 2 1/2 months, but I've also managed to lose 27 pounds. I could definitely be more consistent with the exercise portion of the Take Better Care of Me Plan, but I'm working on it and, more importantly, I'm not beating myself up over the imperfections. So, um, GO ME!!! \o/

Third, I've been making some summer travel plans and other plans for Fun Things To Do this summer, and I'm super excited for what's ahead!

Summer Fun )

And, here are some other fabulously sparkly tidbits for our Friday:

>> Russell Crowe and his Merry Men singing Beautiful Girls:

This brightened my whole day yesterday! And, to make it even more fantastic, according to his Twitter, they repeated this performance on the Spanish Steps in Rome later that day! *loves and loves* Can we get those damn TOFOG dates now!

>> Photos from the set of Adam Lambert's music video shoot for If I Had You where he invited all of his magical friends to take part in the all night party a la Burning Man video. Cheeks! Cassidy! Alisan! Rahab! And practically all the Zodiac cast! Eeee!!! So many fabulous people! I cannot wait to see this video!

>> Meet Adam and do good! Charity auction of an Adam Lambert concert and meet & greet to benefit City of Hope. I'm SO tempted!
 Horchata + Coffee = DELICIOUSNESS OVER ICE!!! This is possibly the most fabulous drink combo not involving tequila! So good!!! *slurps*

 MOAR ADAM!!! The official press release on Adam's Glam Nation tour today included a second show in Orange County in July! I'm still hoping that we'll see more dates on the West Coast and maybe even in Phoenix, but until then I'm all for a second OC show!

 I have my plane ticket for L.A. weekend after next!!! I get to see my girls!!! And Creepshow!!! Man, it's been ages (or you know, since February *g*) that I've been in L.A. This trip is essential to my continued state of happiness!!! :)

 Um, my Twitter feed is currently singing "Arthur's Theme." *laughs* Nothing like a little virtual Christopher Cross to brighten you afternoon! You know it's crazy, but it's true! *g*

 Daughtry!!! Tomorrow night!


Apr. 19th, 2010 01:22 pm
Mercury went retrograde yesterday, which, technically speaking means: oh shit, hold on tight, it's gonna be a riiiide. So, you know, fun times ahead! *g*

On the plus side, though, there has been a plethora of awesomeness announced in the past couple of days!

For example, Russell Crowe is stranded in L.A. and decided to pass the time by joining Twitter! I find this highly amusing. Even more so imagining [ profile] azewewish rolling her eyes in general Twitter-related annoyance. *laughs* But the BEST part about Russell's recent dive into the Twitter world was his announcement this weekend that TOFOG is (a) releasing a new album around August!!!! and (b) touring the U.S. this summer!!!! *flails* It looks as if the plan is to do a 10 year anniversary show at Stubb's in Austin in August, and from there hit various cities! Chicago, Portland, San Fransisco, and L.A. were specifically named! I am so all over Austin, and L.A., and maybe even Portland and/or San Fransisco!!! Eeeeee!!! TOFOG!!! Live! Sooooon!!!! I cannot wait!!!

And while I was still amidst my flail over TOFOG, [ profile] azewewish texted me with the news that MUSE has finally decided to do an L.A. show!!! They have, in fact, 3 So-Cal shows in September. San Diego and Anaheim are mid-week, so I'm not sure I can make those. But I am definitely on board for the L.A. show!!! They were spectacular and I am thrilled to be able to catch them again on this tour! Exciting!!!

There are also plans in the works for catching Roger Waters' The Wall 2010 show in L.A. with [ profile] without_me in late November!!! *flails more*

And, and, AND!!!! Adam Lambert finally announced some summer tour dates!!!! Unfortunately there is so far only one date on the west coast. It looks as if I'll be at the OC Fair in late July! I'm hoping that there will be more dates/cities posted soon. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, anyone wanna go to Atlantic City with me??? (I so wish I were kidding about that!)

Ahhh!!! So much amazingness!!!
My list of accomplishments for the weekend is unfortunately much shorter than I would like it to be, but on the plus side, there was a mind blowing Muse concert, some much needed lounging about, time to do some reading, a kick-my-butt-into-next-week workout with The Trainer, and at least some marginal progress on the To Do List. I'm calling it a win!

Among the weekend highlights: I GOT TICKETS FOR THE LADY GAGA SHOW IN JULY!!!! *twirls* Floor tickets sold out within minutes, so I ended up on StubHub. My credit card took a beating, but I was determined to get those damn tickets! *g* (By the way, if anyone is interested in going, I may have a few extra tickets available. Let me know!) Lady Gaga!!! It's going to be insane! I cannot wait!

Speaking of awesome music-related happenings, it looks as if I'll be in L.A. the weekend of May 8th to see MY GIRLS *smishes* and to catch Ely Rise's Birthday Creepshow!!! Exciting! Thank you [ profile] coolwhipdiva! I am so ridiculously looking forward to hearing Ferras live!!! (And also might have made an mildly embarrassing high pitched noise when he re-tweeted my news about going. *facepalm*) I haven't even looked at the rest of the lineup, but I'm sure it will be fabulous! There's more info and tickets HERE.

In baseball news, I am pleased with how the D'backs have started the season. Brandon Webb craziness aside (seriously, Webby, you're mind-fucking yourself -- stop that already!), it's good to see them getting things done offensively. Speaking of finally showing an offensive game, the D'backs are currently leading the Pirates 15-4!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!

And, while an injury is never good news, Miguel Montero managed to fuck up his knee in yesterday's game so this means Chris is back behind the bag!!! So much YES to this! AND he hit his first home run this afternoon! Go Chris! (With the added bonus of this serving as a rather pointed eff-you to Faux-Mgr Hinch for benching him in favor of Miguel's bat!!! *evil laugh*) I'm hoping to be able to get out to the ballpark at the end of the month for their series against the Cardinals and Phillies and I'm super excited that I'll be able to see my bb Chris playing!!! *happy dances*

And then there's THIS. )

*swallows tongue* Jfc, Adam. Kill us why don't you.

Also, I have recs! Lot's of awesome recs! There's even some Jensen in here for my Supernatural peeps. *tempts*

For Your Entertainment )

Ok. I'm off now to make the most of what's left of this Sunday. I hope everyone's weekends have been made of just as much awesome as mine!



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