1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] editorzon!!! I hope your day was FABULOUS and full of glitter, glam, champagne, and rock and roll! And I hope that the year ahead brings all kinds of love and laughter and success beyond your wildest imagination because no one deserves it more than you, baby! I love you and I'm truly blessed to call you my friend! *mwah*

2. I had two interviews today, and I think they both went pretty well, and hopefully they were all suitably wowed by my brilliance and charm! *g* The first one was especially intriguing to me and I'd love to see that develop into something. I don't want to say too much until I know if it's going to turn into something, but, please to be keeping your fingers crossed and the good-job-gettin' mojo flowing.

3. I'll be scheduling my next tattoo tomorrow and I'm super excited about new ink!!! :D

4. I had a completely random and unexpected, but still really awesome, phone call from the Texas!Boy this weekend. We had a great conversation and I really do hope we can get back to friends, because I do have a good time with him. Plus, it was wonderfully distracting at at time when I really needed a distraction.

5. I finally watched the rest of season 5 of Supernatural, and, I gotta say, the show redeemed itself for me at the end and I was completely satisfied with the way it wrapped the story arc. Back on the Sam & Dean train, I watched last week's episode, hoping for good things. I was underwhelmed. The best I can say is that Jensen and Jared are still very pretty to look at. While I'm never one to underestimate the entertainment value of a pretty face on my screen, hopefully they'll figure out who to make something of season 6 other than "oh, look, Jared and Jensen are still indeed hot."

6. Reese's Pieces are happy-making. :D

7. Lady Gaga announced a San Diego date for the 2011 leg of Monster Ball! March 29th at the Viejas Arena. And, even betterer! Scissor Sisters is supposed to be opening for her next year!!! [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ and I are looking in to getting tickets, if anyone else is interested in possibly joining us, tickets go on sale October 1st. Lady Gaga! Scissor Sisters! This is going to be fantabulous!

8. Phoenix AIDS Walk this weekend!

9. Dancing with the Stars producers can continue to put Rick Fox in sleeveless shirts all the time! Dear gods that man has beautiful arms. *bites lip*

Some aspects of real life are epically nightmarish at the moment. I can't really talk about it on a public forum, but many, many thanks to all of you who have sent your love, support, prayers and good thoughts. Y'all are the best and I love you!

Despite anything else that's happening, the search for employment continues, as it must, since sadly no one seems to be willing to pay me to flit around the globe to attend Adam Lambert concerts and adding "expert skill level at glitter application" to my resume doesn't seem to have netted any leads. :( I have two interviews on Monday, so, you know, any good job gettin' mojo you can toss my way would be awesome! I'm trying to not to be too narrow in my job search, looking at possibilities out of state and even at non-traditional type ways to put my legal experience to use. So I've got some leads in places like Las Vegas and L.A. and even New Orleans that I'm following up on. I'm really working at not rushing the process, but, really, while not having an alarm go off in the wee hours is cool and all, this not-working business ain't really my thing. So, you know, keep that good job gettin' mojo flowing this way, kthnx. :D

Thankfully there's been tons of pretty damn good t.v. on my DVR to provide some distraction from the craziness swirling around me. Ahhh, escapism. *g*

White Collar: Holy smokes, I finally watched the last few episodes. )

Drop Dead Diva: You guys, this show is such awesome, fluffy brain cotton candy! It's completely ridiculous and yet somehow charming.

Sons of Anarchy: Ok, so I hadn't seen the last two episodes of the last season, because my DVR randomly decided that it had to delete them a few months back. It's been torture waiting for the DVDs to release, and then when they did I was out of town, so I couldn't catch up, which meant I couldn't watch the season opener, and, GAH! Torture! But I finally got my season 2 DVDs and I saw how last season ended and I saw the episodes that have run so far and good god DAMN this show continues to blow my mind! ) This is just some damn good television.

Hawaii Five-O: Ok, I had no idea what to expect from this and I really only watched this to get a glimpse of Norman Reedus on my television screen, but I gotta say that this pilot was really pretty damn good. It was high energy and action-packed, pulling me in from the first scene and keeping me there until the end. The dynamic between the characters was crisp and and totally entertaining. And there's certainly no lack of pretty on this show. Damn. I would tune in again for the pretty alone. This one's totally earned a spot on my DVR this season.

I'm still woefully behind on Leverage, Friday Night Lights and Supernatural (I still haven't finished with season 5 -- I am in NOT ready for a sixth season!). But, I also have plenty that I could use distracting from, so hopefully I'll get caught up soon.

Is there any new t.v. that y'all are watching? What are you loving right now? Distract me with awesome t.v., people! :D
First of all, why are they so damn short??? You'd think we would have evolved to a regular three-day weekend now. Someone should really get on that.

Anyway, the weekend was full of sports craziness. Like Edwin Jackson's bizarre no-hitter on Friday -- he pitched like utter crap for the first 4 innings, walked 8, and threw almost 150 pitches, and still managed a no-hitter. Against the Rays! Craziness! Insane pitching year aside, it WAS good to finally win a road series. Jeez, D'backs, we might want to try to do this a little more often. Just a thought.

And then there was the horrible World Cup ref-ing. I'm not sure if the bad calls were dispositive, as both England and Mexico didn't really play to win. But, damn, if I can tell they're bad calls -- and I admittedly don't know much more about the game other than the very basics and "oh, pretty boys!" -- then you know it's pretty damn bad officiating. *shakes head* I did enjoy teasing my mom about her crush on Maradona, though. I don't get it, but she obviously had a thing for short Latin me with a tendency toward dramatics and abuse of the Tres Flores hair products. *laughs*

Since I didn't have a computer this weekend, I read (Nora Roberts' "Black Hills") and managed to watch some of the t.v. languishing on my DVR. I got caught up with the Leverage premier, but I didn't watch last night's episode. Hardison is still my favorite geek on TV! *loves* I watched a few of the Supernatural season 5 episodes that I have to watch. I'm still nowhere near done with the season, so I'm still reserving both judgment and discussion. I still need to catch up with Friday Night Lights and Drop Dead Diva, but at least I made a small dent in my unwatched t.v. cache. *g*

Speaking of my laptop, though, my Computer Guy says he should have it back to me by tomorrow. *crosses fingers* I'm still leaning heavily toward a Mac, but I'd really prefer to put that purchase off until next year, so hopefully my laptop still has a little of life left in it.

But, what I am considering buying sooner rather than later is a Flip video cam. Does anyone have one? Since I have The Nieces living with me right now, I think it would be fun to have an easy video recorder to capture their antics. Plus, I'm thinking it would be good to have for all the traveling/concert-going I'll be doing this summer. Thoughts on the Flip?
I have at least half of Season 5 of "Supernatural" sitting on my DVR unwatched. I haven't deleted them because I've been waiting for the end of the season and my flist's reaction to decide whether I'm going to watch them and probably even whether I'm going to stick around for the 6th season. I wanna love this show again and at least see it through the five seasons we all hoped we'd get back in season 1, but I'm wary. So, dear flist, it's up to you. Yes or no? Were you satisfied with the season finale? Or were you disappointed? Will watching the rest of this season make me want to stick it out for season 6? Is Dean still ridiculously pretty and does Sam still have the sexiest puppy dog eyes ever? Tell me! [I'm not concerned about being spoiled, obviously. *g*]
Random bullet points, because I can't seem to stitch together a cohesive thought today:

:: Pitchers and catchers report in 3 days!!!!! Baseball!!! I've missed you! *clings*

:: Reason 3 billion and 5 why I love Adam Lambert: during a stripped down concert in NY yesterday, he stopped mid-song to tell some chick to get off her damn phone! *laughs and laughs* You can see what it's like to get schooled by Adam Lambert at iheartradio.com.

:: The CW has renewed Supernatural for a sixth season. It's official. I now have ZERO motivation to finish watching Season 5, much less stay on board for another season. Seriously? Where exactly do you go after Armageddon??? Oh, Show. You used to be so awesome. *shakes head*

:: Speaking of the fondly remembered awesome parts of Supernatural, I still REALLY want someone to write JDM/Adam fic!!! I seriously lose my composure thinking of Jeffrey topping the hell outa Adam. *bites lip* Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks this would be hella hot!

:: I'm thinking of going to see Tony Lucca at The Rhythm Room tonight. Any of my local flisters going?


Jan. 29th, 2010 03:15 pm
There has been a great deal of fabulosity lately, but first a few less than fabulous things:

- Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL today after a 12-year career. Man, I'm gonna miss him. He's been such a huge part of the Cardinals franchise and its turnaround. And he's just a damn good guy and there's just not enough of those in this world. All the best to you, Kurt. May you find nothing but success and happiness in whatever the next 12 years bring your way.

- Did I really read that they're doing a 6th season of Supernatural??? Man, if that's the case, then I think I'm just done. I mean, I've barely been able to muster up enough interest to watch this season (I still haven't watched last week's or this week's episodes!) and I am SO not entertained by Kripke's tumbling of the fourth wall anymore, but if on top of that they brought on the damn apocalypse and they're still not going to wrap this damn thing after 5 like they've said ALL ALONG, then I just don't think I have it in me to care anymore! Ugh. Supernatural, why did you kill my love for you??? We had such a beautiful thing going and now you've gone and tainted it!

Ok, but what of all that fabulosity I mentioned?

Well, let's start with Cheeks' new music video for Instant Gratification. I'll just say this: I highly suggest that you not press play until you're either very drunk or very stoned. I am firmly convinced that this would have been the most BRILLIANT thing ever, if only I'd waited to watch it when I was high!

Now that you didn't listen to me and played that anyway, am I right or am I right? Wouldn't that be just the most amazing thing ever if you watched it stoned??? Oh, Cheeks, baby, you amuse me so. Never stop. *g*

Also, have a mentioned this one dude named Adam??? Yeah, probably not. *g*

Well, anyway, today is his birthday!!!! 28 years old young FABULOUS! And, it's only fitting that on his birthday, we managed to secure OMFG SUCH AMAZING SEATS for his show next month!!!!!!! It was a concerted effort by a lot of truly amazing people. But tickets have been purchased, rooms booked, and next month we will be ROCKING THE HELL OUTA THE DESERT!!!! My mom is even going with me and she's so excited about it! And two of the girls from work are going with me too! It's gonna be a ROADTRIP!!! Off the fuckin' chain!!! *bounces*

Whew. There's been a great deal more fabulosity in the past 48 hours, but I'll just have to tell y'all about later. All that awesomeness is a bit exhausting. But SO worth it!
I played hooky from work yesterday afternoon and today. Technically I took some sick time; although I wasn't sick, per se, but rather annoyingly headachey and suffering a pretty severe case of the blahs. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the actual medical diagnosis.

But the extra down time meant that I was finally able to get caught up with Legend of the Seeker, which continues to be mental fluff but still good times, and Supernatural, which, really, y'all sure you want to know what I thought? ) I still need to catch up on White Collar and the last episode of Sons of Anarchy, but I've definitely made some progress with the DVR.

The case of the blahs meant that I didn't go out on Friday night like I had planned to do. And because I was home, I ended up having the most surreal chat with an ex-boyfriend. Seriously, it had been almost ELEVEN YEARS since I'd talked to him and out of nowhere he pops up on my chat screen. Surreal doesn't even begin to explain it. But it was good to be able to have a conversation and realize that all the hurt feelings that had festered for so long really were gone. It's just good to get confirmation that all the Work, really has yielded results. Still, fucking surreal. *shakes head*

In other news, dance is going quite fabulously. We've choreographed a completely kickass swing to "For Your Entertainment." Which also happens to be completely on crack. Holy bananas that beat is fast! But so fun! I can't wait to perform it next week. Best of all, though, dance is gong fabulously because it really centers me and connects me to all parts of myself. I love that! More, I need that!

Who am I kidding though with all this updatey stuff? The real news is that ADAM LAMBERT'S FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT VIDEO IS FINALLY AVAILABLE!!!!!! *flails*

So hot out the box!!! I love it!!! *flails more*

Also, in an only marginally related note, is it silly that it fills me with absolute glee to see that Adam is wearing the same Nicolina Royale necklace that I have in one of his album pictures? Silly or not, So. Much. GLEE!!!
"Grabbing life by the disco balls" -- life wisdom as heard on "Drop Dead Diva." I love it! And while I think that's an excellent life motto, it is perhaps a bit ambitious for this week. Instead maybe I'll aim for making my way out of the narcotics haze I've been in for the past several days and doing something more ambitious with my day than an afternoon nap. I'm definitely doing better. The pain has been downgraded to an annoying soreness and continued exhaustion. Dear gods, I slept so much this weekend! I'm home again today, just because I'm trying not to push it, but I'll likely be back in the office tomorrow.

Other than sleep, I did manage to get caught up with all the t.v. on my DVR. Yay! Sons of Anarchy continues to blow me away. I am disappointed all over again that NBC pulled the plug on Kings. I continue to be amused by (and find life inspiration in *g*) Drop Dead Diva. And I am enjoying Supernatural (although I don't seem to have much to say about it at the moment other than, Ellen is a fierce, sexy bitch!).

And since I'm still officially convalescing at home, I'm so glad that the Idols continue to provide such amusement! )

ETA: In my infinite wisdom, I somehow managed to delete the original entry. *facepalm* So if you commented and I seemingly ignore you, that's why.
I have a deposition tomorrow that I really should be preparing for, but I'm completely lacking in anything even resembling motivation at the moment. So, naturally, I'm wasting time online instead. *g*

Let's talk t.v., shall we? Who watched the Sons of Anarchy premier last night? HOLY FUCK!!! I'm not even cutting for spoilers, because that's basically my level of coherency on the subject right now. And my incoherent flailing about this show should not come as a surprise to anyone. But, DAMN. Did they ever bring it! And, seriously, Katy Segal is a fierce bitch. She blew me away. Also, ok, ok, I'll cut for this... ) The show was just fucking brilliant!

So, um, Glee? I missed the pilot thingy last season, but it would have been impossible to miss the fannish flailing over this show on my flist. (Hee! Bonus alliteration points!) I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that y'all like it? And that perhaps you'd recommend it being granted DVR status? That's tonight, right? I forgot to program it this morning, so I hope I get home on time. Although, if my current levels of procrastination are any indication, that might not happen. :\

Supernatural on Thursday. You'll notice the absence of exclamatory punctuation. I don't know, man. I've somehow lost misplaced my SPN glee. *shrugs* It's not even that I didn't enjoy last season, because I did. And I'm certainly planning on watching this season, and I'm even quite sure that I'll enjoy it, but I just don't feel the same levels of anticipation and investment that have before. I mean, I haven't even bought the Season 4 DVDs yet!!! That was unheard of the past three years! Maybe this will change once the new season is underway. Or maybe it's time for an amicable fannish divorce. Who knows. We'll see what's what after Thursday.

What else am I supposed to be watching this season??? [livejournal.com profile] hewet_ka_ptah has gotten me hooked on Drop Dead Diva and I remember thinking that Eastwick looked interesting in a completely cheestastic sort of way. I heard a promo for Vampire Diaries today that reminded me that since I gave up on True Blood and dropped my HBO subscription, I don't currently have any vampires on my television repertoire. Should I change that? What's what, peoples???


May. 1st, 2009 11:15 am
Swine flu Unidentified Craptasticness: I still has it. My head feels as if its been stuffed with cotton. Yuck.

Supernatural: \o/

New Job: I start on Monday! WooHoo!!!

Dreamwidth: I'm jessipsaloquitur. But it's just a backup. I have no plans to either leave LJ or to cross-post.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: I'll be seeing it later today. Yay!

Economic Stimulus: I have some serious shopping plans for this afternoon. New job means an excuse for new work clothes!!! *polishes credit cards*

Baseball: Dear Bullpen: Please to be getting your shit together. No love, Me. Max Scherzer, however, was awesome.

May 1: Blessed Beltane, to those who mark the day. May your dreams and desires find fertile ground this summer!
There were several points in this past week when I thought Friday might not actually ever get here. The trial which I had thought we'd be able to wrap up by Wednesday afternoon, did not actually get done until after 4:00 p.m. yesterday. But, thank everything that's holy, we're done. More than that I'm done as an indigent defense attorney.

My mom, who is everything that is awesome, knew how completely stressed out I was over the past two weeks, so she scheduled me for a massage yesterday after I was done in court. After court I made a beeline for the spa and had what felt like THE most glorious hot stone/deep tissue massage in the history of glorious massages! Good gods, I needed that!

I finished the much needed decompression ritual by coming home to rocky road ice cream for dinner and the new Supernatural episode!!!

Speaking of Jump the Shark... )

So, basically, YAY SHOW!!!

Now that the past two hellish weeks are over, I have a whole week off before I start the new job! I have a few administrative things to do in order to finish wrapping up my practice; and I have a whole list of things that have been dreadfully neglected over the past two weeks, like laundry and housecleaning and grocery shopping; but other than that I have nothing that I need to do or no where that I need to be until May 4!!! This is VERY EXCITING for me!!!
I think my internal clock is broken. First, there's my complete inability to go to sleep at a normal hour. Seriously, brain, finally going to sleep at 3 a.m. is NOT HELPFUL when you know we have to get up at 6:30! *bitchface* Then there's the fact that my sense of the passage of time is completely off kilter -- the months seem to be zooming by (Hello, April, where the hell did you come from???), while the individual weeks seem to take forever to get from Monday to Friday! Dear gods, could this week have taken any longer???

But, thankfully, the weekend is finally upon us!!! I've got Big and Exciting Plans for this weekend. Like LAUNDRY!!! I know. I'm sure you're all green with envy. And if that isn't exciting enough, I also get to do my TAXES!!! WooHoo!!! (Haha. Me? Procrastinate much??? *looks innocent*)

The weekend may also include an evening at the Chandler Jazz Festival and some serious catch-up with my t.v. shows. Speaking of t.v. shows though, Supernatural was somethin' last night, eh? It sounds as if most folks' reactions are either of the LOVE it variety or the HATE it Woe, I'm terribly offended variety. Mine is neither. I did love most of it. The parts I loved, the parts I could have done without. )

Erm. What else? Oh, yes, it's TWO DAYS UNTIL OPENING DAY!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that already??? *g* I've missed baseball so much! The D'backs have 18 of their first 22 games at home. (Um. What the hell is with the crazyass schedules this year???) So there will be plenty of baseball in my life SOOOON!!! *glee*
Seriously. How is it April already??? How is it even possible that 2009 is 1/4 of the way over??? That right there is the biggest April's Fools joke of all. *shakes head*

But, the AWESOME part of it being April is that baseball is right around the corner!!! *bounces* I am SO ridiculously excited about Opening Day!!!

In preemptive celebration of the start of the season, I'm going to try to find some time to do another Hot Men of MLB picspam this week. I totally had good intentions about doing them throughout Spring Training, but somehow the entire month of March (and, really, the first quarter of 2009) completely got away from me.

Speaking of various craziness, I am not going to comment further on all the Danneel related insanity in Supernatural fandom, other than to say that if you found yourself cut from my flist in the past 48 hours, you might want to reacquaint yourself with reality where we usually try to practice common courtesy and a basic level of common sense. Jeezus, fandom, way to bring the crazy. *shakes head*

On to happier things, shall we? Tonight I'm going to see Rianna in her first school play. Her stage debut is as an elephant, trunk and ears and all. *laughs* Never fear. There will be plenty of future blackmail pictures to share!

And, speaking of foolishness, even though I'm in the middle of a job search during what is the worst economic climate of recent memory, and I just got back from a week-long vacation, and it's still months away, I am already planning what is now the annual trek to New Orleans in October! N'awlins shenanigans are already in the works!!! *glee* Who wants to join me? *tempts*
I had a great time in California this past week, but damn it's good to be home. And sleeping in my own bed is THE BEST THING EVER.

[livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_, [livejournal.com profile] azewewish, [livejournal.com profile] gingerpig, and I spent Saturday at the Getty Center. It was a gorgeous day and I loved the Getty. I'll have pictures to post later.

Then later that night, fortified with lots of alcohol, we braved the SPN convention crowd to see Steve Carlson and Jason Manns play. Man, that is truly an awkward venue for live music -- everyone is sitting in their assigned seats, no one is up dancing, and there is clearly not enough easily accessible alcohol! If I'm uncomfortable, I can't imagine how hard it must be to play to that kind of audience. But we did get up to stand over to the side during Steve's set so that we could dance and enjoy the music and try to pretend that that the awkward sitting crowd wasn't there. For the most part, it worked. *g* And, awkwardness not with standing, it was good to hear them both play, as it had been close to forever since I'd heard either one of them. And, as always, it was damn good times hanging out with my girls!

Since I was unable to sleep last night (even though I was SO tired!) I finally got caught up on Supernatural. I really liked On The Head of a Pin. More Hotass Angel of the Lord is always a good thing. *nods* And I wish I could tell you what I thought about It's a Terrible Life but the damn high def feed that I DVRed was fucked to next week and back and I only really got to see about a fourth of the episode. I am not impressed with this shit, Cox Cable!

I still have a hell of a lot of television that I'm behind on. I haven't watched any of Kings and this makes me very sad. I'm at least two episodes behind on Sarah Connor and Legend of the Seeker. And I haven't seen the finale of Battlestar. Eeek. I need another week off just to catch up on my shows!

Alas, the time off has come to an end. Now it's back to work, back to this damn job search. Grrr.

In happy real life news, though, Opening Day is only 7 days away!!! Baseball!!! I've missed you! *clings*
1. I have a job interview tomorrow at noon for that judicial clerkship I've going on about lately. I really want this job. I cannot stress that enough. Really. Want. This. Job. So, if you could spare a good thought or two, or, you know, how ever many you might have available, I would certainly appreciate any positive job mojo you could direct this way. *takes a deep breath and soaks up the good job mojo*

2. Tomorrow, after said job interview, I think I'm taking Rianna to a spring training game. She's on spring break and when I asked her what she wanted to do on her Hanging Out with Tía Gigi Day, she picked baseball from her several options. That's my girl! *g*

3. We were just talking about Merlin on NBC this weekend, and it looks as if there has finally been a date set for that happy occurrence. On June 21st there will finally be Arthurian goodness on my television!!! *bounces*

4. I finally watched last week's Supernatural and got caught up with Legend of the Seeker. While my enjoyment of Supernatural remains unchanged, my fannishness seems to have inexplicably waned, such that I don't really feel compelled to talk about the show. *shrugs* Yeah, I really don't know either. Legend of the Seeker, though, continues to be fluffy fun times. Although I was a bit sad that Richard did not take off his shirt in this last episode. What is this craziness??? I prefer my Seeker shirtless, please!

5. Still unwatched and waiting patiently on my DVR are the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica, last week's Friday Night Lights, and the premier of Kings (which I'm hearing SO many good things about and I can't wait to watch!). But, unless I can manage some unheard of productivity between now and Thursday, these shows will probably remain unwatched until I get back next week.

6. I leave for California on Friday, for at least 5 days and possibly up to 9 days of FUN TIMES! There's a whole long weekend full of various shenanigans planned with the Texas Boy. And then I'll have some time to spend with my girls, which will be awesome, not only because THEY are awesome, but because it has been a long time since I've seen some of them! I'm leaving my return trip unplanned for now, in hopes that I'll know more about the job situation by then and will feel better about staying the whole week. But YAY!!! California here I come! *beams*

7. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars tonight as I get some work done and finalize my writing sample. So far my observations include only the fact that Dmitry has adorable dimples and a very sexy backside. He's hot coming and going!
:: It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside. Sunny and warm, with a cool breeze, and everything blooming brightly. It's supposed to be equally as perfect this weekend too!

:: Productivity feels good. A lot of little things are getting done today, like fresh new hair color, a satisfying workout, and much needed house cleaning.

:: The pictures of one Jared Padelecki all over my friends list are pure candy for the eyes. Mmmm.

:: Supernatural returns tonight!!! I'll likely not watch it until later due to the aforementioned productivity, but I'll be glad to have the Winchester brothers and one very hot angel of the Lord back on my television screen!

:: Best of all: [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ and [livejournal.com profile] azewewish will be here in about 24 hours! A baseball weekend with two of my favorite women in the world!!! The amount of HAPPY-MAKING GOODNESS contained in that one sentence cannot be adequately measured!

Happy List

Feb. 24th, 2009 04:34 pm
I've been stressed out and in a piss-poor mood for days now, and, quite frankly, I'm tired of my own bullshit. So, as I do, I'm making me a happy list!

:: It is most good to be back on relatively solid financial ground again. Also, as part of my plan to sustain that state, I've finally finished updating my resume! Bring on the awesome job opportunities! *hopes*

:: Spring training games start tomorrow!!! Baseball!!!! *twirls* Which means that I'll have [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ and [livejournal.com profile] azewewish here for a whole fun-filled baseball weekend in less than 2 weeks!!! Yay!

:: I've been reading Kushiel's Scion. It has been several years since I read the first three books of the Kushiel's Legacy series, and while it took me a little while to sink back into it, I'm really enjoying the book and being back in this world again, and I'm especially enjoying seeing it all fresh through Imriel's narration. I only wish I didn't have buckets of work to do so that I could spend all day reading.

:: In fannish related happiness, tonight is the season finale of Leverage. That show is pure JOY! Also, it seems that Supernatural has gotten the go-ahead for a fifth season!!! More Winchester boys! This too is pure JOY!!!

:: I made red beans and rice and blackened chicken for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS!!! I'm really enjoying cooking more and eating out less. I like bringing a meal together, trying new recipes, or, even better, creating new recipes. Cooking is FUN! But today I'm stumped. I've got chicken defrosting and I have NO idea what to do with it. Help me flist! What shall I do with my chicken?
Today has been insane, with all the busyness, schedule snares, and general badness usually associated with Mondays. It can stop any minute now, kthnx.

In other slightly grumpy news, cut for spoilery Supernatural nattering. )

Since I'm apparently surly despite it being Friday, let me just say that my thighs and ass are so freakin' sore, I'm actually making pained sounds every time I move. Ouch!!! The new trainer dude kicked my ass yesterday with, among other tortures, what today feels like a million squats. Despite today's pain, though, I really liked him. He kept up a really good pace, mixed up the exercises, included a really cathartic boxing session. And did I mention tha part about him kicking my ass? Yeah. That's exactly what I pay a trainer to do. Plus, his sessions are $5 dollers less an hour than the last guy. I think he's a keeper!

Also, I NEED MORE COFFEE!!! Dear gods why do I feel so TIRED and why must this day suck so much??? It's Friday, dammit. It needs to start acting like it! *glares*
It's important, I think, to end the week on a high note. To that end, a happy list.

:: I found last night's episode of Supernatural thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you, Show, for bringing back the AWESOMENESS!!!

:: Texas Boy is still making me ridiculously happy. Yeah, I have no idea either, but I'm rolling with it. *g*

:: The widget on the Diamondbacks' homepage informs me that there are only 21 days, 14 hours, and 15 minutes until pitchers and catchers report!!!

:: Our President and First Lady fill my heart with glee! )

:: My niece, Rianna, just sent me a voice message of her singing me a song she made up just for me! It is totally off key and hilarious and undoubtedly the most adorable thing I've ever heard!!! *loves*

:: Friday Night Lights is still one of the BEST shows on television. And Coach Taylor continues to be hot like burning, and his hotness increases exponentially with his grumpy mood!


Jan. 12th, 2009 11:35 pm
Today was an incredibly productive day -- I whipped through significant portions of this week's To Do list. Sadly, however, I still have approximately one bazillion things to do before I leave for Austin Thursday morning! *panics* It would also please me greatly if I can make time for a good workout and a Nia class this week, but that might be asking a lot of the 50 or so hours until I fly out. I am, however, still hopeful that my Time Management Super Powers will kick in to high gear this week.

I watched the newest Legend of the Seeker episode today. All I have to say about that is this... ) Please tell me I'm not the only one who found that ridiculously HOT! *bites lip*

In other shiny t.v. news, several shows will be back on our television screens this week -- Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, and Friday Night Lights (for us without DirectTV). This is all VERY EXCITING!!!

Let's see. What else? Oh, yes. Apparently Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen really are engaged to be married now. I guess Tom had to salvage something out of what was otherwise a complete mess of a season. Good for them both. They are ridiculously hot individually, and together it's almost more pretty than is cosmically possible. So, yeah, I hope they continue to be happy being pretty together!

(Also. Man, I missed using my Tom Brady icon this season!!! Marital status not withstanding, I really hope he's healthy and back on the field come August!)



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