I babysat Rhyan today. We read books and made up our own gibberish language and played silly games and put sparkly lip gloss on each other and generally had a FABULOUS time. Of course, all of these shenanigans meant I got absolutely nothing productive done at all. Rhyan's giggles were totally worth the lack of productivity, but now that her mom is home I really should get working on my to do list.

Riiiiiight after I waste a bit more time online! :D

There were awesome things that happened today (other than the adorable Rhyan giggles), but this is the awesomest: Obama's DOJ will no longer defend the constitutionality of DOMA!!! You guys! This is HUGE! That letter from Holder to Congress outlines the legal analysis so perfectly. This isn't the end of the fight; the executive statement only applies to Section 3 of DOMA (although and the fact that the DOJ won't defend the statute in court doesn't mean that they're not still obligated to enforce it; but it is definitely the beginning of the end for DOMA. About damn time!

Also awesome? I managed to snag tickets for the Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae "Hooligans in Wondaland" Phoenix show in June!!! I'm fully expecting this show to rock my world!

White Collar's ridiculous OT3-ness in this week's episode was also fabulously awesomesauce! Seriously, that scene with Neal and Elizabeth! Bring. him. home.!!!!! And Neal's slow-mo run of heartbreak and terror when they take Peter. And Peter being all fabulously competent and HBIC even when handcuffed and locked in a cage! And the secret message, and Peter knowing Neal could get him out, and Neal choosing keeping Peter alive over anything else. And the hug! And, ahhhh, just all of it! <333

Glee was kinda a hot mess yesterday, but even when it is I still love it. Santana doing body shots off of Brittany!!! Seriously, the show could have ended there and I would've been happy! Also, Kurt looked fabulous. And I actually thought the conversation with his dad added some complexity and layers that can be interesting. The whole "I might be bi, no, wait, definitely gay" thing was a mess. But...pretty people singing awesome songs! Also...Britana body shots! Thoroughly entertaining! *g*

Hawaii Five-O continues to be ridiculously pretty and fun. I'm shallow -- this is really all I ask for from my television entertainment. (See above. *g*)
We've had a lovely, low-key Christmas. I finally got around to doing some holiday baking, and there is now a whole array of yummy cookies on our kitchen table. Last night it was just me and my mom; I made some yummy gumbo for our Christmas Eve dinner and we got our festive on with some Malibu rum and pineapple juice!

This morning I woke up to Rhyan in the hallway yelling "WAKEY, WAKEY! Time to open presents!" :D The girls had a fun time tearing through the boxes and wrapping paper and after playing with their new toys for while it was blessedly nap time. Sadly my nap was a short one, as I had to get the turkey and the various turkey-dinner accouterments cooking. The turkey is now in the oven and everything else is done. Seriously, I've done enough cooking in the past 48 hours to feed a small army. Obviously, around these parts, food is the reason for the season! *g*

Like I said, lovely and low-key. Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, I hope you've also had a lovely one, surrounded by those you love. And if you haven't yet, help me spread a little holiday cheer!
Had I mentioned that I'll be in Long Beach this weekend for a family wedding? Well, I will be and I leave tomorrow morning. As per usual, I am packing at the last minute. Go me! :/ *frantic*

I'm traveling with my mom, several aunts, and my grandmother. The likelihood that my sanity does not survive the weekend in tact is very high. But, on the bright side: WEDDING RECEPTION WITH AN OPEN BAR!!! :D I anticipate many tequila shots on Saturday night. \o/

I won't be around until Sunday night. So I leave y'all with this: )

I hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! Be good to yourselves; be good to each other! *mwah*


Oct. 1st, 2010 03:05 pm
October already??? How the heck did that happen? Seriously, this year is just zooming by. But, I do gotta say that I'll be happy to see summer and its hellish temps gone. Please to be bringing on Fall now, Mother Nature!

I've been cranking out the resumes and werking the job search this week. And, seriously, this shit is exhausting. It's just damn tiring to be "selling" yourself all the time! Yes, I'm fabulous, now hire me dammit! *sigh*

In betterer news, the Phoenix AIDS Walk is this Sunday and now not only is my mom walking with me *loves* but my 7 year old niece, Rianna, is also walking! She told me today that she's invited to a birthday party on Sunday, but she'd rather do the AIDS Walk with me because that's more important. So proud of her!

In other Octoberish news, I really want to go see this burlesque show! They have a show on Saturday and then a Halloween show on October 30th. Any locals wanna go with me?

Also, relevant to none of the above, I really want a Datman T-shirt!!! Jeremy Shockey tweeted about getting a new Datman shirt because he had worn his old one out with too many washings! Haha! He's fabulous! So is that t-shirt! *wants*


Aug. 31st, 2010 12:28 pm
♦ This weekend I'm off to San Diego for my cousin's wedding. I can always count on this particular branch of the family to throw one hell of a party when they marry off one of their daughters. So while I'm glad she's happy and all (blah, blah, blah) what I'm really looking forward to is (1) the opportunity to break out some fabulous formal wear and (2) the open bar!!! *g*

♦ In 8 days I will embark on my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness!!! 3 cities, 4 Glam Nation shows, and 8 fantabulous days filled with several of my most bestest friends and as many damn good times as we can pack into a vacation!!! I cannot wait!

♦ I got a new camera for the trip! While I love my camera with the magical zoom lens, it's a bit unwieldy in crowded spaces like concerts. So I got a tiny camera that fits into the palm of my hand! Or my pocket! It's so small and shiny! )

What is the key to wearing black tie well? Go commando underneath. It adds an air of mystery. Oh, Matt Bomer. I do love you so! I also love Neal a lot. And Peter. And Mozzie. I miss Elizabeth though. There needs to be more Smokin' Hot Mrs. Suit in my White Collar. But, overall, this show entertains me immensely! *loves*

♦ Speaking of immensely entertaining: Kurt Warner is going to dance in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars!!! *laughs and laughs* Oh, Kurt. Also, apparently you can't put Baby in a corner anymore. *g* I'm kinda looking forward to this show now!

♦ I'm again walking in the AIDS Walk Phoenix on October 3rd. I realize that times are tough out there, but any contribution, no matter the amount, really does make a difference. If it's your will, you can donate to my AIDS Walk efforts here.

Pretty! And sparkly! )


Jul. 6th, 2010 03:21 pm
I had a lovely holiday weekend. I drove down to Tucson for the 4th and spent the day splashing around in the pool, eating yummy food, and drinking delicious adult beverages with the familia. I also got a much needed hair cut from my cousin, who set up the back porch as an outdoor salon and styled and cut just about everyone's hair, all while wearing a bikini and high heels. She has an excellent rack so I think that this would make for a very lucrative business idea! Hell, I'm her cousin and so not interested in her rack in any prurient sense, and still tipped her well for the value added service. *g*

I was offline all weekend, so I'm probably behind on everyone and everything. If something terribly exciting and/or important happened in your life in the past five days, please do let me know.

Otherwise, it's occurred to me that there are a variety of assorted things that I've yet to ramble about here, so I think I'll do that now.

:: Last Thursday the D'backs (finally!) fired A.J. Hinch as Manager and GM Josh Byrnes. If you've not picked up on my deep and abiding hatred for A.J. you've just not been paying attention. I literally let out a whoop of joy when I got the text about the firings. A.J. should never have been managing a major league team and we shouldn't be keeping around a GM who thought that hiring him was a good idea. So, yeah, I'm pretty damn happy that they're both gone. I think Kurt Gibson was the right choice for interim manager and I'm curious to see what the franchise decides to do going forward. No matter what they do, I don't think it's possible to make a worse choice than A.J. Of course, getting rid of the faux-manager and the idiot GM in no way is going to solve all of this team's problems. Let's face it, we're a fucking mess. But it's certainly a good start, and I'm glad to see the D'backs ownership finally make that move.

:: I'm not sure what it is with me and technology lately, but the Electronic Gods seem to be angry with me. First it was my laptop that had a complete meltdown. Almost $200 and two weeks later, and it's finally back and in working order. Then today I discover that my iPod has apparently suffered some type of stroke. It's still playing, but my screen is completely out and the menu function doesn't work; so I can only play what I was playing when it was last working properly. Now y'all know that I love Adam Lambert like WHOA, but I'm thinking that at some point soon I'll want to listen to something else. I found a used, but functional iPod on eBay at a relatively cheap price that I'm hoping will hold me over until I potentially get an iPhone next year. But, seriously, what do I need to do to get back in the Electronic Gods' good favor again???

Speaking of electronic gadgets, though, I did order that Flip video camera and it should be arriving this week -- here's hoping it's resistant to this electronics curse I'm suffering under.

:: I got caught up on Friday Night Lights yesterday, and, really, I don't think it's possible for me to love this show any more. Coach Taylor continues to be one of my favorite male characters on t.v. right now. Also, Coach Taylor soaking wet on the sidelines is a beautiful thing! And the Riggins brothers continue to be well intentioned but incredibly stupid and I don't know what it says about me that I obviously have a soft spot for that kind of thing! And I want to be Mrs. T when I grow up. Seriously, she's just awesome in every way. And I'm really liking the diversity in the new characters and I'm enjoying the layers that are slowly being added to these new faces. In short, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

:: Another show that I'm really diggin' is Drop Dead Diva. It's pure fluff, but it's enjoyable fluff. And I love that the main character is plus size, and yet the show isn't treating her or her story lines as if "plus size" is the only or even the main defining characteristic.

:: IN FOUR DAYS I WILL BE GETTING MY GLAM NATION ON!!!!! Louisville this weekend! So exciting!!! *throws glitter*
I'm not sure where she learned it, but Rhyan's been going around the house saying, "leeeeemonade! cool, refreshing drink!" It's adorable! And makes me think she's got a career as a lemonade vender at ball games. *laughs*

That's not really what I meant to share, but I can't seem to get the refrain out of my head now! What I meant to share was that my laptop has apparently been infected by something that's making it behave extremely wonky, especially with Google applications (I can't run Google Chrome at all which is making me nuts!). I've run (several) scans, and although it keeps isolating and getting rid of crap, it's not getting at the underlying problem. So tomorrow it's going to my Computer Guy to get fixed. Until then, I'll be online only minimally because the computer wonkiness drives me wonky. And that's not good for anyone. *g*

While I'm here, though, I'll wish all the dads and all the moms who are dads too a very happy Fathers' Day. And I hope that all of you who have your fathers in your lives got a chance to tell them how much you love them today!

I got my brother tickets to tomorrow's D'backs/Yankees game for Fathers' Day. I'm pretty damn proud of the father he is to his girls. It's kind of crazy to realize that you're little brother really did grow up and that he turned out to be a pretty remarkable person.

Well, I'm going to get off this computer before it starts threatening to implode again. With no computer, I suppose that means I'll be more productive than usual. Now that's no way to spend a Sunday. *g*
Oh, man, I just enjoyed the most epically lazy Sunday! It was fabulous!

I did very little else other than read, watch baseball, make yummy fruit smoothies for lunch, and goof around with The Nieces. It was a lovely day!

I did do a bit of trip planning that didn't involve Glam Nation tour stops. Namely a long weekend in San Diego in early September for a family wedding. This would be little fun at all if not for the fact that the wedding is at a gorgeous resort (spa time!), there will be an open bar (drunk time!) and I'm thinking of taking The Nieces so they can have a day at Sea World (fun time!).

Also, when Diana's Grove came up in conversation with my mom, she remembered me telling her that this was the last year the Grove would be operating and said she'd really like to go for a weekend. I think this is truly awesome! She really wants to go! So we're making plans to go for the Feast of Persephone in late September. It's so cool to see her so excited about this! And I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to get back to the Grove one more time. <3

In all, this has been a damn good Sunday.
A List O' Things that are Making Me Particularly Happy this Friday:

[1] Taxes!!! Yeah, I know. Not what you would normally expect to find on a Happy List. But, despite epic degrees of procrastination, I did manage to get my taxes filed before midnight last night. Filed with an hour and 47 minutes to spare, thankyouverymuch! My procrastination skills are finely honed, I tell you! *g* But, even more happy-making than the general yay-they're-done-and-on-time happiness is the fact that not only do I not owe Uncle Sam money this year, I'll actually be getting some of it back! Unexpected play money FTW!!!

[2] Glam Nation Tour!!! Even though we don't have dates yet, we do know what Adam Lambert's summer tour is going to be called. Glam is back motherfuckers!!! And today he announced that Allison Iraheta and Orianthi are going to open for him!!!! So. Much. FABULOUSNESS!!! I don't know much about Orianthi other than she plays a wicked guitar, but ALLISON!!! She's so freakin' talented and I'm crazy excited that she and Adam are going to be touring together! Eeee!!! Dear Adam: You are fabulous and I love you. But please to be giving us tour dates now as I need to PLAN MY LIFE around your tour. Also, that unexpected play money is going to come in damn handy as I expect that even though the recession didn't bankrupt me, Adam's tour just might. Debters' prison will be totally worth it though! *beams*

[3] Puppy!!! I came home from work the other day to find that we had a new member of the household:


This is Jax. He's made of CUTE! Technically he's The Nieces puppy, but since Nieces and Puppy are living in my house, I'm claiming him. *g*
Christmas was, for the most part, lovely.

Christmas Eve was somewhat less than lovely as it was spent at my aunt's house and I've decided that's the last time that's going to happen. There are some people I tolerate at holidays because, dammit all, they're family, and despite their various flavors of crazy and even some out-right fucked-up-ness, I love 'em. But, I will NOT spend another holiday with her creepy almost-but-not-quite-ex-husband, being his typical asshole self, and making everyone around him either uncomfortable or furious. There is simply not enough alcohol in the world for me to adequately deal with that shit. So, first resolution for 2010, no more holidays with assholes who are not family and I therefore do not have to tolerate.

Christmas day, however, was wonderful. The Nieces (and their parents) came over on Christmas morning and while the adults caffeinated, they ripped into their holiday loot. There were bikes and skateboards and books and games and all kinds of nifty things. They were both beside themselves with glee. There was menudo for breakfast and later I cooked up a humongous pot of gumbo for dinner. Cultural mash-up FTW!!!

In the better-late-than-never category: thank you to all of you who sent lovely holiday cards! I loved getting such wonderful reminders of the amazing people I have in my life! Y'all ARE the "merry and bright" part of the holidays and every day! *mwah* I'm also very sorry that I didn't get my holiday cards out this year. Please know that I love you all and wish you all the love and laughter possible in the year to come!

So, other than catching up with family and eating more yummy food than is probably advisable, the rest of my holiday weekend has been spent reading Yuletide fic! It's been awesome!!!

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Fandom: Black Dagger Brotherhood (Ward)
- Gifted (Butch/Vishous)

Fandom: Dark Hunter series (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
- it all started out as such an ordinary day (Dev Peltier/Sundown)

Fandom: Nightrunner series (Flewelling)
- Taking What the Gods Send (Alec/Seregil)

Fandom: Glee
- By Far the Most Volatile (Kurt/Puck)

Fandom: American Idol RPF
- Sensory Overload (Kris/Adam)

- I Can't Turn This Around (Kris/Adam): Amnesia!Fic. Just really well done, paced perfectly, with great character development. So good!

- They Come in Threes (AI/Merlin Crossover, Kris/Adam, feat. Merlin): This was absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!!

- Just a Kiss (Adam/Tommy)

Not Yuletide, but still eminently rec-able and thoroughly satisfying reading:
- On Skin (Adam/Tommy, R) by [livejournal.com profile] janescott

- Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes (AI/SYTYCD: Adam/Jakob Karr, NC-17) by [livejournal.com profile] mosca: Finally!!!!! \o/ Attention fic writers: MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!

So, there you go, lots of good stuff to read! Now I need to get back to my lovely holiday weekend, which will of necessity have to include a little more productivity and a lot less awesome fic reading today. *sadface* My brother, sister in law, and the girls are moving in this week, so I need to get the office moved and the house ready for tripling the number of inhabitants. Dear gods, this is going to be insane! But, you do what you gotta do, right? Anyway, hope y'all are having/have had an equally lovely holiday weekend! *mwah*
It's been a lovely weekend, although I still maintain that two days is just too short for a proper weekend.

On Friday I took Rianna to see The Princess and the Frog. I loved it! I'm pretty sure the six year old Niece Child liked it too. *g*

Yesterday, my family got together to celebrate my cousin's wedding. She got married a couple of weeks ago in Maui. So, naturally, we had a luau. In December. During the two and half weeks a year that it's actually cold in Arizona. *laughs* Yeah, that's how my family rolls. It was fun, though. With enough fires and heaters and alcohol, you could hardly feel the cold. *g*

Today was spent hanging with The Nieces, wrapping holiday presents, watching some football, and getting stuff done around the house. It was mellow and mellow was exactly what I needed.

Now, how 'bout some holiday cheer? It's George Michael singing December Song. And, really, I don't care if he's stoned more often than not, or if he still has a penchant for indiscretions that, are, well, less than discreet, he will always be George Fucking Michael who can out-sing just about everyone and completely owns a stage and is still one of the most entertaining performers ever. In other words, I <3 him. *g*

Also, just because I want to close some tabs, have some fic recs! )
I'm pretty sure I reached my quota of crazy sometime Monday afternoon, and somehow the crazy keeps coming. *shakes head* I've been working insane hours and just managing to keep my head above water, but I think I've talked The Boss into hiring another law clerk and a litigation paralegal more minions, so hopefully I'll be able to dig myself out sometime before the new year!

In other craziness, my brother, sister in law, and the girls will be moving in with me and my mom next week. They just got word that the short sale on their house went through and they need to be out of their house by the first of December. Their options are limited, so it looks as if they'll be living here for a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I can help them out, and I love my nieces like nothing else, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go slightly out of my mind with so many people in the same space.

In better news, dance continues to be made of pure awesomeness. We're choreographing a killer swing to Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment. It's insane, but I'm having so much fun with it! I also managed to get back on track with the trainer. He righteously kicked my ass on Saturday. I hurt like hell the next day. It was awesome. *g*

I also finally managed to get caught up with Sons of Anarchy this past weekend. Holy hell. That show rocks so hard. Gemma, Clay, Tara, and Jax KILED ME DED in that last scene. All of them are just so awesomely fucked up and complicated, and yet there's something in all of them that I just can't help but love!

White Collar rocks pretty hard too. How much do I love Neal and Peter? Lots. Lots and lots. ♥

I am, however, still woefully behind on Supernatural with very little motivation to get caught up. *shrugs*

So, due to aforementioned craziness, I feel completely disconnected from everything and everyone. So talk to me people! What's up? *g*
Happy Monday, everyone! It's a new week. A clean slate. What are we gonna do with it??? I say let's rock the hell outa it! *beams*

Before I get to this week's plans, though, let me tell y'all about my awesome weekend. I spent Saturday with The Nieces, teaching them the finer points of power shopping! It's never too early to develop the skills necessary for effective retail therapy. *g* I managed to get Rhyan's Halloween costume (she's going to be the most adorable Tinkerbell ever!) and to find all of the accessories I needed for my vintage get up. Yay! Lots of shoe, clothes and toy purchases later, we dragged ourselves home and put two very exhausted girls to bed. It was a good day!

On Sunday I got to have brunch with one of my oldest friends on the planet! I hadn't seen Sara in over five years and yet we picked back up as if we had just seen each other last week! We talked and laughed and talked some more -- it was SO good to reconnect.

And, as a nice bonus, I found a great new (or new to me) place for brunch -- The Farmhouse in Gilbert. The food was so yummy! Plus Mimosas made with fresh squeezed OJ! Delish!

The rest of Sunday was all about sports. It was nice to see the Cardinals play the way I know they can. And having Matt Hasselbeck on my t.v. screen was not bad either. Especially as he was pissed off through most of the game and that boy just gets exponentially hotter when he's angry. *g* Matt Leinart took a few snaps and he's looking damn fine too. And how awesome was it to see the Phillies hand the Dodgers their collective asses? Very awesome, I tell you! Shane Victorino you continue to be made of awesome -- you, your HRs, and your adorable dimples can definitely stay!

Anyway. As I was saying, I'm planning on rocking the hell outa this week. Or, at a minimum, not allow myself to be pwned by it, like I have been lately. Baby steps, and all. Work is likely to be busy, as I've got depositions and deadlines and all manner of things on my to do list. But! On the bright side, it'll only be a four day week for me as I jet off to L.A. on Friday for what is sure to be a fantabulous weekend with my girls! *bounces* So, whatcha say? Shall we make it a good one? :)
Thank you so much for all the birthday love yesterday! The texts, twitters, posts, v-gifts, cards, and emails absolutely made my day! And all of you absolutely MAKE MY LIFE! Seriously, I am blessed beyond measure with the most amazing friends and I am grateful every day that you're in my life.

My birthday was pretty damn awesome. First there was the weekend of birthday shenanigans with my L.A. girls, which was all kinds of fabulous. Then last weekend [livejournal.com profile] hewet_ka_ptah came up on Saturday for a day of mojitos and shopping. She managed to get me hooked on Drop Dead Diva and we had a great time doing some long overdue catching up and hanging out! Then on Tuesday night, [livejournal.com profile] annkiri made a layover at my place on her way back home and any time spent in her lovely company is a good time!

Yesterday I came in to work late, so that I could squeeze in a few more hours with Becca. When I finally did get to the office, there were beautiful flowers waiting for me on my desk. They are making my office smell so good! The staff bought me a carrot cake, which we delved into at lunch. After work, my family took me out to dinner to my favorite Mexican restaurant. There were, unsurprisingly I'm sure, many margaritas involved in the birthday celebrations! Rianna was super excited to give me the birthday card she picked out for me. It played the chicken dance song when you opened it up, so Rianna and Rhyan spent the evening dancing around to my birthday card! It was hilarious! My brother and sister-in-law obviously know me well, because their birthday presents to me were a bottle of Patron tequila and Sprinkles cupcakes! *laughs* They just needed to have it delivered by a hot stripper and it would have been all of my favorite things in one awesome gift!!! My mom also knows me well, as she got me the perfume I've been wanting for forever and not one, but FOUR gorgeous bags! (I've got a ridiculous thing for purses!) I had a difficult time deciding which one to use this morning! But it's a problem I like having. :)

And while not technically birthday related, [livejournal.com profile] highdreams made me an amazing Adam header and saved me from me technical ineptitude by customizing my layout for me! Check it! [livejournal.com profile] moonmelody!!! I love it muchly!!!

Speaking of Adam and all my birthday-related awesomeness, this weekend [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ and I go to the Kansas City show, which is definitely my birthday gift to me. I am so excited I can barely contain myself!!!

So, yes, my birthday rocked. And I'm expecting no less from the year ahead. Who's with me? :)
I've been buried in work since I got back from vacation, but it IS Friday and last weekend was KICK AWESOME, so I'm calling it a win!

Let's see if I can manage the Cliff Notes version of vacay: )

In all it was a good time. Thank you, chicas, for an awesome birthday weekend! *mwah*
My weekend was completely hijacked by The Elder Niece Child. I had planned on taking her to see Up last night and we did and it was fantastic. But then she decided she wanted a sleep over. Which we did, and considering she was nearly asleep by the time we got home from the movies, it was far less exhausting than a sleep over with a 6 year old can normally be. But then we woke up this morning and she announced that she needed pen and paper in order to MAKE A LIST OF THINGS TO DO TODAY!!! On the one hand, HILARIOUS, because this child SO shares my DNA. On the other hand, her list effectively pronounced the demise of my Sunday "to do" list. So, instead of laundry and grocery shopping and a car wash and oil change and lazing about reading Adam/Kris fic, my Sunday was spent at the McDonald's play area, and going for ice cream, and then hitting up the bookstore (see what I mean about the shared DNA???), and then, and then, and THEN. She had a whole LIST full of "and thens"!!!

Now the weekend is practically over, and I'm just getting started with that laundry and my "to do" list went woefully undone.

But, thankfully, Adam Lambert is still FABULOUS and makes everything better! )

Also, rumor has it that Adam's Rolling Stone cover will involve nothing more than Adam's fabulousness, a strategically placed snake, and an apple. Please, gods, let this be true!!!

And, finally, Kris is so wee! )

Wait! Baseball post script! First, dear D'backs bullpen, if you can please stop blowing huge leads in late innings I might be able to love you again. Until then, you will continue to receive my disdain. Second, though, way to go boys for sticking in there and finally putting up the W after 18 innings!!! \o/ Dear gods, I thought that game would never end.
Happy Saturday, everyone! It's sunny and beautiful outside. Such a gorgeous day calls for a Happy List!

1. I had a lovely night with The Lovely Nieces last night. I took them to see Monsters v. Aliens, and while Rhyan was only interested in eating fistfuls of popcorn (seriously, she dug into the bag of popcorn with BOTH HANDS!), Rianna really liked the movie. Good times!

2. I just had a kick-ass workout with the Trainer Dude that included about 20 minutes of new boxing combinations. I feel fierce! \o/

3. Watching some of the NFL Draft. Seriously, can Mark Sanchez be any more adorable??? I think the title of Best Dimples of the NFL has just passed from Hines Ward to Mark!

4. Baseball tonight!!! I'll be heading out to Chase Field soon to see the D'backs and the Giants. Randy Johnson is starting for the Giants. It still makes me weep a little on the inside to see him in black and orange, but it'll be good to see him do his thing. Seriously, though, my boys need to get it together already. *shakes head* I'm sure that me being there cheering them on will make ALL the difference today! *beams*
Friday my brother, mom, Rianna, Rhyan, and I all went to the D'backs/Dodgers game. The girls were all decked out in their D'backs gear. The cameraman loved Rhyan and Rianna because we were on the jumbo tron 5 times during the course of the game! Seriously, every time I looked up, there we were. It was a bit disconcerting after a while. Rianna, of course, thought it was the coolest thing ever. And Rhyan was just busy lapping up all the attention she could from everyone around us. Good times!

Family night at the ballpark! )

It was a good game, with the D'backs winning it 9-4. In the first week of season, the only two games that the D'backs have won have been the two games that I've been at. Obviously, I NEED to be at the ballpark more often! For the good of the team, of course. *g*

We had great seats, just behind the home dugout. So, naturally, I took lots of pictures. Although I didn't take as many as I normally would have, as I was trying to keep up with a very wiggly 1 year old who was hamming it up for the jumbo tron!

Hot baseball players!!! )

Saturday was spent working. I'm going to be in trial for the next two weeks, staring Tuesday, so I spent most of the day at the jail going over last minute details with my client. For the record, spending the afternoon at the county jail is NOT my idea of a fun Saturday! It was an awesomely rainy and cloudy day, too -- the kind where you just want to curl up with a good book and laze about the house. We don't get very many of those 'round these parts, so it felt like a wasted opportunity. *shrugs* Oh, well. You do what you gotta do.

Today, however, was significantly better as I decided to ignore work for most of the day! We celebrated Easter in our non-religious, candy-filled way at a park. Lots of good food, kiddos having fun with their Easter egg hunt, more desserts than should be legal. Good times! :)

Rianna and Rhyan in their pretty Easter dresses! )

I hope y'all had a great weekend too!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and warm and PERFECT, so I decided to enjoy the outside awesomeness and head out to the Desert Botanical Garden for the Chihuly: The Nature of Glass exhibit. It was AMAZING! Such brilliant colors and fantastical shapes. It was the coolest thing to be walking along in the desert, with it's muted greens and grays, and then to suddenly spot a brilliant shot of color among the cactus. It was just beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the pretty glass sculptures. )

And one of me getting sunburned! )

So after enjoying the pretty glass, I spent the rest of the day with the Jonas Brothers. *facepalm* I had promised my niece, Rianna, that I'd take her and her cousins to see the movie. So, like the awesome aunt that I am, I did. Let me just say that I get major Tía brownie points for sitting through almost 2 hours of the Jonas brothers in 3-D. The only way that those two hours could have been even mildly enjoyable NOT ANNOYING is with a hell of a lot of alcohol in my system. Sadly, all I had available to me was a diet Coke and some Red Vines. Caffeine and sugar were not helpful to the situation! The girls loved it though and I obviously lived to tell the tale, so all turned out well in the end.

Now I'm catching up on some t.v.: Sarah Connor Chronicles, what the hell was that? Friday Night Lights, thank you for continuing to be made of all that is awesome! Dollhouse, hm, I didn't hate you as much this week as I did the last two weeks; perhaps I'll not delete you from my DVR just yet. Leverage, I miss you already - please come back to me soon!!!
Should you ever, for whatever reason, find yourself with a book that has been partially or completely submerged in water, or, really, any other liquid substance, do not, under any circumstances, attempt to accelerate the natural drying process by placing said wet book in a device otherwise used for cooking purposes, such as, for example, a microwave oven.

Should you choose to not heed my warning, the disastrous results will likely look something like this. )



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