The European leg of the Glam Nation tour has been an abundance of fabulosity, as previously documented here and here. And we all thought, surely there's no way to top this short of someone getting naked on stage! But then, while, sadly everyone has remained clothed, there was Amsterdam. And the bar for fabulosity was again moved higher. And by higher, I mean, quite literally, higher. *g*

But first, to give these images the proper loltastic context, Adam's Amsterdam show was in a venue that looked suspiciously like a re-purposed church. And, let me just say, this is totes my kinda religion!


And then, well, really, they were in Amsterdam after all...

Purple haze, motherfuckers! )

Seriously, is it any wonder I love this crazy son of a bitch so damn much? *g*
There have been some truly fantastic pictures and gifs lately of Adam, the shows, and the Glam Troupe as they leave a trail of glitter throughout Europe. So I thought I'd share them with y'all and that way I can finally close all the tabs I currently have open. Win/win!

fall into the glitter )
Yeah, well, I really don't have anything. So, have some pretty Adam instead! *g*


More pretty Adam! )

Seriously, Adam, how so ridiculously pretty???
Yesterday had the potential to go down as a spectacularly craptastic day. I had one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced; it was day two of eating nothing but apple juice and herbs and what I really wanted was about a gallon of coffee and a real breakfast; I was going more than a little stir crazy in this house; and then the ex-boss went and upped his degree of assholish and completely unethical behavior to new and alarming heights. So, really, it wasn't a good day for me.

But then this happened:

(At 1:35) Adam: This is Tommy Joe. You like him? He's the bass player. And you wanna know something funny? He likes girls! Sorry about, but he also, he likes this:


And then Tommy sort of stalked him across the stage with his bass until he was sent back to his corner. *laughs* I have no idea what they were drinking or smoking last night, but they were all especially frisky. I approve! *g*

So, then during his encore of "20th Century Boy," Adam went and fucking one-uped Lady Gaga! Forget simple stage-diving! No, our boy decided to share the love with the audience, jumping down into the crowd, twice, to make out with random audience members -- first kissing the hell outa a girl and then going back down for a taste of a cute little twink that caught his eye! Gods, I love him so hard!

Um, also, please to be taking special note of the back bend and OMG the writhing at the end there. Gif for further study. )

Sweet jam on crackers that boy is bendy! And, holy smokes, his FAAAACE as he writhes around at Monte's feet! Um, yeah, I may need a moment. Or several. *g*

After setting the room and the entire fucking internet on fire, he tweets this:


Oh, Adam, no worries, bb. We are into it. We are SOOOO into it. *g*

So, yeah, yesterday got remarkably better thanks to Adam! :D
Pretty Boy #1: Cheeks

Cheeks released a new video yesterday; this one is on the gay marriage issue. It's called "Don't be a Dick," and like all of Cheeks' videos it's both smart and hilarious. A seriously sexy combination. Also, he has sparkly rainbows in his eyes. He says they weren't intentional and he doesn't know what caused them, but they're kinda mesmerizing.

Pretty Boy #2: Kris Allen

I'm not sure what kinda breakfast of champions Kris has been eating lately, but goddamn whatever it is it's making for some ridiculously hot Pocket Idolness.

Pretty Boy #3: Adam Lambert

Adam changed up his set list tonight at his show in Erie, PA, and instead of Whole Lotta Love or Mad World he covered T. Rex's 20th Century Boy for his encore. Um, excuse me while I lose my shit again over that just one more time! lakdjfldkjofidkdkfjdifjdkf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was listening to the live stream of the show, and I think I might have let out an actual squeal of delight when I heard the opening guitar chords. *g*

(ETA: HQ vid.)

Two more vids of the encore. )

No, seriously, Adam was BORN to cover this song! This is the first time they do it and it is brilliant! Also, I fully expect him to be on his knees, licking Tommy's bass, by the time he takes his glittery, brilliant, AMAZING self to New Orleans! Just sayin'.
Life has gone from good crazy to just plain crazy this week, but I'm steadfastly refusing to concentrate on anything but the sparkly until next week. So, let's talk about Adam! *beams*

I flew into Burbank on Tuesday to meet up with [ profile] coolwhipdiva for the two shows in Orange County. We had so much fun!!! On Tuesday night I had upgraded our tickets to 5th row, center, in the pit. The seats in the pit were crammed in so tight you could barely move, so it was a good thing that security let those seated there rush the stage and stand at the barricade, otherwise it would have been impossible to dance. And, really, how anyone can sit through this show without being compelled to get up out of their seats and shake their ass is beyond my ability to comprehend. Believe me, J and I danced. *g*

Costa Mesa is the closest that this tour is getting to L.A. (at least as the schedule currently stands), so it was very much a hometown crowd for Adam and all the band and dancers and they all had lots of family and friends in the crowd. And, OMG, they all looked so freakin' HAPPY. Adam had this silly grin on his face for a good part of the show! And, even though the sound mix was a little off that night (hello! I'd really like to be able to actually hear Monte during his guitar solo!), it was still just so much FUN watching them have so much FUN!






Costa Mesa - July 27, 2010 )

On Wednesday, [ profile] _lisalisa_ joined us. The shows were part of the OC Fair, so we spent the afternoon at the fair, checking out the exhibits, avoiding anything fried on a stick, drinking frozen margaritas, and just catching up and enjoying some much needed hanging out time! It was awesome! Before the show, we found a table and some wine, and I did up our make-up and glitterfied the three of us in the middle of the fair! We were very sparkly! *g*

I had an AMAZING view. I made friends with the security folks on my side of the pit and they let me stand at the edge of the barricade on Tommy's side of the stage, actually kind of between the barricade and the stage. The sound mix was thankfully much better on Wednesday night. And everyone was just on FIRE! Monte jumped into the pit for one of his guitars solos. Tommy was looking especially pretty. Adam's vocals were stunning. It was fantastic! And Adam's encore of Whole Lotta Love that night is my favorite next to Fantasy Springs. Just incredible!








Costa Mesa - July 28, 2010 )

Costa Mesa was DAMN GOOD TIMES!!! Now I need to get ready so I can make my flight to San Diego in a few hours. [ profile] coolwhipdiva has promised me tequila shots and believe me when I tell you I can use them. Tomorrow I fly back home, meet up with [ profile] editorzon at the airport, and then dance until my feet fall off at the Lady Gaga concert! And then on Sunday, another Glam Nation show here in Tempe. After that, I'm planning on sleeping for days. As soon as that happens, I'll come back and fill y'all in on how life outside of Glam Nation is sucking hard. But, for now, I'm gonna get my glitter on, hang with my girls, drink myself silly, and dance until I just can't anymore! *nods*
Random sparkly fun stuff for your Friday happy-making!

:: Christina Aguilera's new video for "Not Myself Tonight"!!!

So hot out the box! )

What do y'all think? I kinda love it! It's certainly not groundbreaking in any way and rings of both Madonna and Lady Gaga. But, whatever, it's NEW CHRISTINA!!! And it's crazy hot!!! There's no bad there! *g*

:: Johnny Weir is adorbs! But this is not news. The news part is that he skated a gorgeous new routine, 'Heartbroken,' for Ice Theater of New York.

Heartbroken )

Beautiful! *loves*

:: Also not news: Adam Lambert is gorgeous! He was featured in People's Beautiful People edition.

Beautiful in every single way. )

:: Adam also seems to like hugging is pretty little bassist, Tommy. I approve of this!

Because all straight bassist hug their gay bosses like this, right? )

I just love how touchy-feely they are with each other. Pretty boys being huggy and adorable!!! There is NO bad here!

:: Cheeks' picks for Hot 100 are featured on After Elton today. So cheeky! And, according to him, this is not a "wish list," but a "to do" list! Which, you know, just pings the hell outa my, uh, love of lists! Yeah, that's it! *g*
A List O' Things that are Making Me Particularly Happy this Friday:

[1] Taxes!!! Yeah, I know. Not what you would normally expect to find on a Happy List. But, despite epic degrees of procrastination, I did manage to get my taxes filed before midnight last night. Filed with an hour and 47 minutes to spare, thankyouverymuch! My procrastination skills are finely honed, I tell you! *g* But, even more happy-making than the general yay-they're-done-and-on-time happiness is the fact that not only do I not owe Uncle Sam money this year, I'll actually be getting some of it back! Unexpected play money FTW!!!

[2] Glam Nation Tour!!! Even though we don't have dates yet, we do know what Adam Lambert's summer tour is going to be called. Glam is back motherfuckers!!! And today he announced that Allison Iraheta and Orianthi are going to open for him!!!! So. Much. FABULOUSNESS!!! I don't know much about Orianthi other than she plays a wicked guitar, but ALLISON!!! She's so freakin' talented and I'm crazy excited that she and Adam are going to be touring together! Eeee!!! Dear Adam: You are fabulous and I love you. But please to be giving us tour dates now as I need to PLAN MY LIFE around your tour. Also, that unexpected play money is going to come in damn handy as I expect that even though the recession didn't bankrupt me, Adam's tour just might. Debters' prison will be totally worth it though! *beams*

[3] Puppy!!! I came home from work the other day to find that we had a new member of the household:


This is Jax. He's made of CUTE! Technically he's The Nieces puppy, but since Nieces and Puppy are living in my house, I'm claiming him. *g*
My list of accomplishments for the weekend is unfortunately much shorter than I would like it to be, but on the plus side, there was a mind blowing Muse concert, some much needed lounging about, time to do some reading, a kick-my-butt-into-next-week workout with The Trainer, and at least some marginal progress on the To Do List. I'm calling it a win!

Among the weekend highlights: I GOT TICKETS FOR THE LADY GAGA SHOW IN JULY!!!! *twirls* Floor tickets sold out within minutes, so I ended up on StubHub. My credit card took a beating, but I was determined to get those damn tickets! *g* (By the way, if anyone is interested in going, I may have a few extra tickets available. Let me know!) Lady Gaga!!! It's going to be insane! I cannot wait!

Speaking of awesome music-related happenings, it looks as if I'll be in L.A. the weekend of May 8th to see MY GIRLS *smishes* and to catch Ely Rise's Birthday Creepshow!!! Exciting! Thank you [ profile] coolwhipdiva! I am so ridiculously looking forward to hearing Ferras live!!! (And also might have made an mildly embarrassing high pitched noise when he re-tweeted my news about going. *facepalm*) I haven't even looked at the rest of the lineup, but I'm sure it will be fabulous! There's more info and tickets HERE.

In baseball news, I am pleased with how the D'backs have started the season. Brandon Webb craziness aside (seriously, Webby, you're mind-fucking yourself -- stop that already!), it's good to see them getting things done offensively. Speaking of finally showing an offensive game, the D'backs are currently leading the Pirates 15-4!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!

And, while an injury is never good news, Miguel Montero managed to fuck up his knee in yesterday's game so this means Chris is back behind the bag!!! So much YES to this! AND he hit his first home run this afternoon! Go Chris! (With the added bonus of this serving as a rather pointed eff-you to Faux-Mgr Hinch for benching him in favor of Miguel's bat!!! *evil laugh*) I'm hoping to be able to get out to the ballpark at the end of the month for their series against the Cardinals and Phillies and I'm super excited that I'll be able to see my bb Chris playing!!! *happy dances*

And then there's THIS. )

*swallows tongue* Jfc, Adam. Kill us why don't you.

Also, I have recs! Lot's of awesome recs! There's even some Jensen in here for my Supernatural peeps. *tempts*

For Your Entertainment )

Ok. I'm off now to make the most of what's left of this Sunday. I hope everyone's weekends have been made of just as much awesome as mine!
*waves* Did y'all miss me? Because I missed you!!!!

With my laptop down for a much needed overhaul for the better part of a week and a half and working being somewhere between batshit crazy and criminally insane, I've barely been online for days. I'm woefully behind on what has been happening in all of your lives and with all the other fabulous people who fill my life with glittery goodness. *woe*

But, my laptop has come back to me!!! It's all shiny and super fast now! I will have to reload a crapton of stuff, but my bb is back! *clings*

I did have a fantabulous weekend, though, with [ profile] editorzon. It was so good to spend some time catching up, and talking about all manner of things both silly and serious. We hit the taco and tequila bar on Monday night and drank our way through a decent portion of their tequila menu, while laughing ourselves silly over dancing Jonas Brothers and talking endlessly about our respective sparkly fascinations. It was good times!

You know what else is good times? Kilts!!! Boys in kilts are one of my favoritist things ever!!! Adam was recently in Edinburgh. In a kilt! A glamkilt, of course!

The Glamkilt! )

So, as I was saying, KILTS!!! The fabulosity that is the glamkilt then spawned this post with all manner of boys in kilts! (WARNING: While completely awesome, that post is also quite NSFW. Just so you know. *g*) Please feel free to spam me with additional evidence of the fact that boys in kilts are awesome! It's possible that I'm still not convinced. *shifty eyes*

Did I mention that I missed, y'all? It was horrible to be so disconnected for so long! Now that I'm back, I want to talk to all of you, and hear all about what has been happening in your worlds, and what has been making you happy or sad, although I hope there hasn't been to much of that. So, to assuage my abandonment issues, I'm going to shamelessly steal thankfully borrow something that [ profile] wendy posted today:

I think I know my flist pretty well. So, I challenge you to tell me TWO THINGS about yourself that I don't already know. Can you do it?

Tell me things, people!!! *beams*
Anyone figured out that human cloning thing yet? Because I could really use with about 2 or 3 extra MEs right about now. Gah. Work is craziness! *runs around in circles*

But, I don't want to talk about work. I want to talk about FABULOUS things. Like Lady Gaga. Two Gaga things:

(1) She's announced new Monster Ball Tour dates for the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's going to be in Phoenix on July 31st and in L.A. on August 11th and you bet your glittery goodness that I'm planning on being at both shows!!! Man, her show last year was AMAZING. Seriously, one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And, from what I've heard, she's only made it more amazing! I cannot wait! GAGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *monster claw*

(2) THIS:

Jfc. That's insanely BRILLIANT!!!!! It totally reminds me of a Robert Rodriguez film. I don't know if I can think of another video that's so cinematic, in scope, storytelling, and visual impact, since Thriller. Seriously. I love it THAT MUCH. I love that she's so willing to push every boundary. Costumes? Pshaw. Let's make crazy-ass fashion a way of life! Music video? Hah! Here's a nine minute movie experience instead! She's BRILLIANT! She's probably crazy as a cracker too, but I don't care because I love her! *g*

Ok, since we're talking about FABULOUSNESS, how about those outfits Adam Lambert has been wearing on his international promo tour???

Don't know what I'm talking about? I'm talking rhinestone studded, spiked codpieces, of course! *g* )

Gods, I love his outrageous, unapologetic self!!!

While not fabulously outrageous, he just looks ridiculously PRETTY in this picture and my day could use with some extra pretty, so I'm putting it outside the cut. Deal with it. *g*

ION, Kings of Leon have announced some summer tour dates. Yay!!! Their Phoenix show is at an outdoor amphitheater. In July. Yeah. An outdoor concert in the middle of an Arizona summer. Not yay. Seriously, who came up with this plan??? Last time I saw a show at the Cricket Pavilion in the summertime I swore I would NEVER do that again. But Kings of Leon!!! Ack. I'm so torn!

Ok. I'm officially rambling aimlessly through this post now, so I'll also mention that there are plans afoot to celebrate our latent Irishness with lots of alcohol on Wednesday!!! What??? I think the freckles and red hair definitely entitle me to claim some stake in Wednesday's festivities. *g* And then I'm planning to chase the Guinness with tequila, as there are plans to hit a new tequila bar on Thursday. I'm making sure to cover all my cultural bases this week. :) Also, on Friday I'll FINALLY be catching a Spring Training game! I'm dragging the entire firm out to an evening game after work on Friday. Baseball!!! I've missed you!!! *clings* And, to round out the week's eclectic activities, on Saturday night we're going to a drag show! It's going to be a blast!

But first I really need to figure out that human cloning thing. *g*
I've been in a fog of sick, sleep, and cold meds all day. Oh, and tequila! My mom brought me a shot of Patron with a chaser of hot cinnamon tea this afternoon. *laughs* Because that is how we roll in my family! And we hold fast to our firm belief that there ain't much in this world that a few shots of tequila can't cure.

So, as I was saying, there's been much with the brain fog today. But, nonetheless, I've managed to keep myself adequately entertained by the following:

First Amusing Item: This fabulous primer on the awesomeness of Johnny Weir thoughtfully provided by [ profile] jocondite. There is so much fabulosity there it's impossible to take it all in at once! But since I've been doing very little that required me to get out of my bed today, I've had the time to roll around there for HOURS and enjoy all the sparkly Johnny Weir material!

What (tragically) I haven't done yet is read much Johnny Weir fic. Anyone have any recs for me? *bats eyelashes*

Second Amusing Item: Adam. Closing out Sydney's Mardi Gras. In skin tight latex pants. A leather harness. Blinged out shin guards. And a BEDAZZLED CODPIECE. Yes. All at once. An amazing and sparkly confluence of kinky fashion accouterments! *laughs* He defies description. Just check this out!

Seriously. Rhinestones. On. His. Penis. Oh, Adam. Never change, bb. *g*

Wanna know what's even more awesome than his bedazzled cock, though? (And, truly, that I just wrote that sentence completely boggles my mind!) But, yes, even more awesome was that after the Naked Dancing Boys/Strutting Drag Queens/Sparkly Codpiece/Rock The Fuck Out performance of For Your Entertainment (the same song that got him banned from U.S. television screens for a while, by the way), he breaks character for a moment with the most adorable, boyish 'OMG I Can't Believe This Is My Life' grin ever. *loves*

Picture via @studsandstripes.

At some point do you think Adam Lambert will stop completely blowing my fucking mind every time I see him on stage??? I sure as hell hope not. Last night's show at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio was siiiick!!!

Adam was rocking the witchy-shaman-rockstar look with peacock feathers and blue hair extensions and charms and all kinds of craziness that combined was both ridiculous and amazing. The band also looked hot -- Tommy was dolled up in bright red lipstick and was sporting his newly all-blond do; Monte was rockin' a poncho *laughs*, yeah, I don't even know, but he shreds the hell outa that guitar, so his questionable fashion choices are totally forgiven; Longineu, gods bless him, decided that a shirt was not necessary so all his gorgeous ink was in full display; and Zack was looking sparkly behind the keys.

The venue was a relatively small one, about 3500 seats, and it was sold out. The crowd was pretty damn eclectic for an Adam Lambert concert, much of that due to the fact that it was hosted on tribal land, so many of the prime seats were reserved for tribal leaders and their guests, most of whom I think it's safe to presume are not hardcore Adam Lambert fans. I was, though, happy to see more gay men represent than I remember seeing at Gridlock! There were also a good number of husbands in the audience who looked as if they were there against their will. We had great seats -- stage left and just five rows back. I'm not sure whether it as the mixed crowd or the fact that Adam's fans seem to skew older, but there were too many damn people in their seats. I don't even know how that's possible when you're at a concert and the music is practically demanding that you get up and shake your ass! Thankfully our little section of the floor was up and dancing nearly the entire time!

Set List )

Vocally he just killed it. The performance was perhaps a bit dialed down to suit the mixed crowd but it was still 100% Adam, fierce, and completely entertaining. He did a bit of a costume change, or rather a costume enhancement, after "Sleepwalker" I think, and came out wearing a crazy feather collar thing and a fedora. It is perhaps one of the most fabulously gay outfits I've seen him wear and I loved it!

There wasn't a song I didn't love. FYE kicked things off with great energy; "If I Had U" is just too damn fun to resist; I'm pretty sure it's scientifically impossible to feel bad about yourself or the world or anything really when listening to either "Strut" or "Sure Fire Winner"; "Soaked" was just gorgeous and haunting. After that he slowed things down with acoustic versions of WWFM, "Mad World," and "Broken Open," all of which were stunning. He turned it up again and rocked the hell out of "Music Again" and "Sleepwalker." He was seriously like a man possessed during "Fever." Amazing. And I cannot even tell you how much I love seeing him perform "Down the Rabbit Hole"!

And while all of that was AMAZING, what I will likely never forget from this show was his acoustic performance of "Whole Lotta Love." If you haven't seen this video yet, do it! The video itself isn't fantastic, but its the best audio I've found so far. Whatever. You have got to hear this! No, really. Even if you're not an Adam fan. Listen. This here is an old-school rock and roll jam session that just transports you to a whole different universe.

ETA: Slightly better video of Whole Lotta Love )

Blew. My. Fucking. Mind. I don't even have words for that. That right there is musical genius! He fucking stripped "Whole Lotta Love" down to its blues roots that predate Zeppelin and then rocked the hell out of it ala Jim Morrison or some shit! I don't even know! I just know that it was phenomenal! I am not even exaggerating when I say that hearing that live was something like a religious experience. Even just now rewatching it, I'm caught somewhere between awe and chills and OMFG that's sexy as hell!

Needless to say, between the non-stop dancing and the mystical transcendence of WLL, I was wrecked by the end of the show! But you know it was a damn good concert when you look and feel as if you've spent the last couple of hours having really fantastic sex!*g*

My pictures weren't that great, mostly because taking good pictures would have required that I stopped dancing, and I was having none of that! But I'm putting them here anyway. And I know that many of y'all are far more talented than I am, so if you want any of these in full version to play with and make pretty, just let me know.

Witchy-Shaman-Rockstar Adam! )

A few other thoughts on the weekend: There was some fabulously entertaining people-watching opportunities this weekend. Perhaps even on par with the Lady Gaga concert. The difference I think is that I'm pretty sure that the boy at the Gaga concert in the amazing red leather corset and studded collar already had those items in his closet; and I'm also quite sure that the one with the rhinestones around his eyes wore them that way when he went out clubbing the weekend before. Some people this weekend, however, just seemed as if they were trying too damn hard. Like I'm pretty sure that the 50 some year old woman sitting next to us had to Google most of her chain metal and pleather get-up. (Dear heavens, it was horrid!) And, judging by the highly incongruous scowl that was on her face the entire night, the woman in her late 60s sitting (and molting!) next to my mom obviously did not understand the meaning of the sparkly feather boa she was wearing! I mean, really, you're wearing sparkles and feathers! How can you be scowling at the same time!!! *boggles* It was FASCINATING!!! *laughs*

I was also amused to discover that Adam and the rest of the band were staying on our floor. I was not amused, however, at fans who seem to think that basic manners do not apply to the object of your fannish devotion. No, it is NOT appropriate to go up to band members (or Adam's mom!) when they are trying to eat breakfast! I'm pretty sure the body guard really does mean NO when he says it and blocks your path when you try to push your way in to the elevator with Adam. Yes, taking pictures of Adam's car because it happens to be parked out front IS in fact creepy as hell! Jeez, fandom, your mothers would be proud, I'm sure. *shakes head*

Lucky me, my mother WAS actually there with me and she had no reason to be embarrassed. :) Other than a smile hello when we passed them in the hallway, we kept our flailing to ourselves and left the band in peace when we found out they were our neighbors.

And, finally, I am so glad that, in addition to my awesome mom, all these good times were shared with [ profile] coolwhipdiva and [ profile] _lisalisa_!!! They are my partners in crime when it comes to all Adam-related shenanigans and I love them for it!!! And for many other reasons too, of course, because they are two of the most fabulous women on the planet! *mwah*

It was also so much fun to meet some of the folks that, before this weekend, I had only met online! I loved chatting with [ profile] llandaffaz -- we MUST get together again soon! I was sorry to not have more time to spend getting to know [ profile] zoniduck and to have missed so many of you, but we will have to remedy that at the first opportunity!

ETA 2d: I'm going to be adding the better videos from the show here as I find them. Mostly for my reference, but feel free to enjoy them too!

Fantasy Springs Vids )
Today has been gloriously slothful and it's exactly what I needed after what was an insane week. What IS my life, though, that sleeping in on a Saturday apparently now means sleeping until 7:30??? Those that know me know full well how NOT DOWN I am with that situation!

Whatever. Getting up that early meant I had a few blissful hours of quiet in my house and was able to enjoy my coffee in peace, so I really shouldn't complain. Besides that so far my day has consisted of catching up on White Collar (OMG Neal and Peter bickering like an old married couple makes my life!!!) and working my way through the vids from last night's New York concert with Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta. Adam rocked the fuck out! He was full out glam rocker ala Zodiac days and I really hope he brings that shit to his Fantasy Springs show! Seriously, just LOOK at THIS! This is the Adam Lambert I want to see on stage!

Speaking of Adam and his band totally killing it, check out this YouTube vid of the band shredding the hell outa some Pantera at rehearsals last week. Monte is a fucking GOD on that guitar!

Jfc. It NEEDS to be February 27th NOW!!!!!!!!

In the meantime, whataya say to some AMAZING Adam/Tommy fic to hold us over? Yeah, I thought so. *g* I've been meaning to link to this all week, but my week was just too damn crazy for all the truly important things like LJ and Adam/Tommy fic! So sad. But that, apparently, are what slothful Saturdays are for!

So, anyway, the ever awesome [ profile] linaerys wrote me a lovely, slow-build Adam/Tommy fic for the [ profile] help_haiti effort: Come On, Walk For Me (Adam/Tommy, NC-17). I love the way she writes Tommy; the slow build to the sex makes it extra hot; it's just perfection! Thank you, bb!

What else? Oh, yeah, I discovered today that somehow the last 3 episodes of Sons of Anarchy that I had yet to watch got erased from my DVR. I am NOT amused! Do I seriously have to wait until the DVDs come out now???? Not on, Universe. Not on at all.

So, I think I'm going to go do some more catching up on my t.v. shows and I might even muster up the energy to give myself a manicure, but I think that'll be the extent of my productivity today. A very exciting Saturday, indeed! What's up with y'all today?


Feb. 1st, 2010 01:00 pm
It's already been determined that this month is going to be FABULOUS, so it's been rechristened "fabruary." *g*

Speaking of fabulous, did y'all see Lady Gaga's performance with Elton John at the Grammy's last night? AH.MAY.ZING!

Pink's performance was absolutely incredible too. )

And that's basically all I have to say about the Grammy's. At least all I have to say that's positive. Other than, Adam looked GORGEOUS and SHINY!

But, forget the Grammy's and the fact that apparently our musical standards are being set by 13 year old girls, can we talk for a moment about THIS:

This is apparently a newly unearthed Adam/Brad picture that is quite possibly THE HOTTEST THING EVER! Good godDAMN. *bites lip*

Here's another because they are just too pretty not to share. )

But, seriously, those two were just so freakin' hot together. Also, is someone writing the Adam/Brad/Tommy threesome fic after Monte's tweet on Saturday??? Please tell me this is happening.

Ok. I have to run to court in about two minutes. So, I leave y'all to discuss the crazy levels of sexy and hot and dear gods, YES in these pictures. This week is kind of nuts for me, but I don't mind so much as Friday I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend of Mardi Gras style shenanigans which will include Cassidy Haley playing in the Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness (OMGYAY!!!! *twirls*) and football style shenanigans with a Super Bowl Party at Casa Hooker (Geaux Saints!)!!! See? I told you this month was going to be fabulous!!!


Jan. 29th, 2010 03:15 pm
There has been a great deal of fabulosity lately, but first a few less than fabulous things:

- Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL today after a 12-year career. Man, I'm gonna miss him. He's been such a huge part of the Cardinals franchise and its turnaround. And he's just a damn good guy and there's just not enough of those in this world. All the best to you, Kurt. May you find nothing but success and happiness in whatever the next 12 years bring your way.

- Did I really read that they're doing a 6th season of Supernatural??? Man, if that's the case, then I think I'm just done. I mean, I've barely been able to muster up enough interest to watch this season (I still haven't watched last week's or this week's episodes!) and I am SO not entertained by Kripke's tumbling of the fourth wall anymore, but if on top of that they brought on the damn apocalypse and they're still not going to wrap this damn thing after 5 like they've said ALL ALONG, then I just don't think I have it in me to care anymore! Ugh. Supernatural, why did you kill my love for you??? We had such a beautiful thing going and now you've gone and tainted it!

Ok, but what of all that fabulosity I mentioned?

Well, let's start with Cheeks' new music video for Instant Gratification. I'll just say this: I highly suggest that you not press play until you're either very drunk or very stoned. I am firmly convinced that this would have been the most BRILLIANT thing ever, if only I'd waited to watch it when I was high!

Now that you didn't listen to me and played that anyway, am I right or am I right? Wouldn't that be just the most amazing thing ever if you watched it stoned??? Oh, Cheeks, baby, you amuse me so. Never stop. *g*

Also, have a mentioned this one dude named Adam??? Yeah, probably not. *g*

Well, anyway, today is his birthday!!!! 28 years old young FABULOUS! And, it's only fitting that on his birthday, we managed to secure OMFG SUCH AMAZING SEATS for his show next month!!!!!!! It was a concerted effort by a lot of truly amazing people. But tickets have been purchased, rooms booked, and next month we will be ROCKING THE HELL OUTA THE DESERT!!!! My mom is even going with me and she's so excited about it! And two of the girls from work are going with me too! It's gonna be a ROADTRIP!!! Off the fuckin' chain!!! *bounces*

Whew. There's been a great deal more fabulosity in the past 48 hours, but I'll just have to tell y'all about later. All that awesomeness is a bit exhausting. But SO worth it!
Ok, so the Universe was looking out for me today. Normally Twitter is blocked at work, so I check it on my phone during the day. But this week, my Blackberry has been a little bitch and I haven't had a network connection for the past three days. For some reason, though, our firewalls were down today, which meant I could get on Twitter and happen to catch the breaking news that ADAM WILL BE DOING A SHOW IN PALM SPRINGS NEXT MONTH!!!!

OMFG!!! So, yeah, ROAD TRIP TO PALM SPRINGS FEBRUARY 27TH!!!!!! [ profile] _lisalisa_ and [ profile] coolwhipdiva are meeting me there! And we'll be meeting up with some other fans! And, and, AND!...ADAM!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited about this! You don't even know! There's room in my car if anyone wants to join in on the glittery shenanigans! Just sayin'.

Also of complete awesomeness today, I snagged tickets to see Daughtry when they play Glendale in April!!! And tentative plans are in the works for trekking to New Orleans in April the weekend Cassidy is slated for his NOLA shows!!! Awesome music FTMFW!!!

And, since today is apparently not being done being awesome, I'm getting ready to escape the office for a bit to meet up with a friend who I haven't seen in just way too damn long.

Goodness abounds! *g*
So, I'm sure I've got other things to share with y'all today, but I kind of forgot them all when I was finally able to watch Adam's performance on Ellen's birthday show yesterday. Strut!!!! I love this song! And, dear gods, he just killed it!

Seriously, though, we need to start getting some tour information STAT.

sick day

Jan. 19th, 2010 10:58 pm
I've pretty much been feeling like crap all week. Yesterday I skipped out of the office a few hours early to come home and faceplant on my bed, where I didn't move until about two this afternoon. My throat still feels as if someone took a grater to it and I'm sporting one hell of an annoying cough, but at least the fever and raging headache are both gone. Which is good, because I seriously don't have time for this shit.

All of the crazy weather that hit L.A. earlier is now making a muddy mess of my backyard. So, on a sick and dreary day, how do I decide to entertain myself? I decide it's a good time to finally watch Milk. Dear gods, I did not have the emotional fortitude for that today! Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was fantastic. I, however, was a complete wreck. The high fever might have had something to do with that though. *g*

In less dreary news, did y'all see Adam Lambert on Oprah today? Seriously, that boy is gorgeous. And he charmed the pants off of Oprah. Well, not literally. *shudder* But she was obviously delighted by him. As well all are, dear Oprah, as we all are.

Vids of Adam's Oprah performances. Mainly for MY entertainment. *g* )

Ok, moving on now.

So, all my L.A. chicas, Cassidy Haley is playing at the Viper Room on Friday. I'm kinda counting on y'all to go and TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!! And someone tell me again why I don't live in L.A. yet??? Oh, yeah, that pesky bar exam thing. Blah. Professional licensing requirements. So annoying!

But I digress. Cassidy Haley. This Friday, January 22nd, in the downstairs lounge of The Viper Room, at 8 p.m.; tickets are $7 at the door. L.A. represent!

Since we're on the topic of live music, what the every loving fuck is with Muse and their apparent determined refusal to announce an L.A. show??? They announced a few more dates today, NONE of which included L.A. or anywhere in SoCal! They're headlining Coachella, which is all well and good, but there are few things I'd like to do LESS than sweat my way through a music festival in the middle of the damn desert! They did announce a Vegas show on April 10th, that is currently under serious consideration. I'd still like to go to New Orleans later that month to see Cassidy, so I'll have to see if I can make both work. But, really, Muse, why the scorn for L.A.??? *baffled*

And since I'm going to blame the after effects of the fever for the incoherency of this post anyway, let's clear out some of my tabs and do some fic recs, shall we? *g*

  • Hush (Adam/Tommy; NC-17) by [ profile] cjmarlowe. CJ wrote this for ME!!! As part of the amazing fandom fundraising efforts for Haiti this week. And, dear heavens, this is just HOT. It's a gagging fic, which isn't always my thing, because I'm all about the filthy talk, but, yeah, um, she really makes it work. Hot. I mentioned that, right?

  • Only Take What You Can Carry (Adam/Kris, NC-17) by [ profile] seperis. Man, this fic takes you on a ride. And, really, that's the only way to describe it. It was a long, winding, fantastic trip. Sometimes I thought I knew where we were going; sometimes I was a little lost and disoriented; but I was ALWAYS completely entranced by the trip.

  • Hot Mess (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) by [ profile] janescott. Tommy in a silk teddy. Do you really need to know more? Yeah, I didn't think so. *g*

  • Brand New Shoes (Adam/Kris, R) by [ profile] jerakeen. I've been doing some catching up on some of Jerakeen's fics that I somehow missed, so y'all might have already read this. But it was new to me, and I loved it!

  • That Old Black Magic (Adam/Kris, PG-13) by [ profile] jerakeen. Another new to me fic. This is just fantastic, though. She spins out a long and thoroughly satisfying story that is just magic.

  • La Mer (Adam/Kris, NC-17) written by [ profile] jerakeen for [ profile] reel_idol. Um, mermaids??? Yeah, I didn't think so either. But, it was Jerakeen, and as you can tell from this list alone, I tend to love just about everything she writes, so I gave it a shot. And I'm glad that I did because it was DELIGHTFUL!

So, yeah, sleep, read fic, and watch movies that made me cry. That about sums up my week so far. How's you're week going? *g*


Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:06 pm
Since my New Year's post is flocked to protect the innocent shameless, here's the version that's fit public consumption, which mostly consists of photos and some assorted squee.

Gridlock was a damn good time! )



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