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Feb. 9th, 2011 09:20 am
I hate to celebrate another's misery, but I gotta say I was pretty damn happy when I got the call this morning that the attorney I was going to interview with came down with bronchitis and had to reschedule our interview. I have been experiencing a resurgence of the plague since Monday and was feeling particularly "not so much" this morning. (Which is what Rhyan says when she's not feeling good -- that she feels "not so much." I totally understand what she means.) So, anyway, I'm really ok with not having to power through my own misery in order to wow someone with my brilliance. Hopefully next week we'll all be feeling better and I can be brilliant and charming without being plague-ridden and miserable.

So, now that I can be miserable in my PJs from the warm comfort of my bed, I'm feeling better about this day. *g*

Let's talk about things that ARE so much, shall we?

Like the Glee Live! concert tour announcing U.S. dates! This is so much awesome!!! Sadly there's no Phoenix date this year, but damn right I'll be heading to L.A. and San Diego for those shows. I may even talk myself into the Vegas show. This show was like a huge helping of PURE JOY last year and I can't wait to see what they bring this year!

Speaking of Glee, I absolutely LOVED last night's Valentine's day episode! ) Way to knock it outa the park twice this week, Show! <333

Who watched Chicago Code the other night? Admittedly it wasn't take much for me to be on board with a show that brings Jason Clarke back to my t.v. screen, but I liked it. Definitely a keeper on the DVR schedule.

Ok, now that I'm not having to be brilliant this morning, I'm going to go drug myself up with some cough medicine. Later, I think I'll finish my taxes -- nothing like crunching numbers when in a narcotic haze!
I had been feeling so much better, and then I randomly woke up feeling like road kill again. I'm not impressed by this turn of events. :/ Especially since I had awesome, happy-making things to flail with y'all about today!

I still want to talk about the awesome, happy-making things, but due to the aforementioned feeling like road kill, I'm going to confine my flail to a list:

- Congratulations, Packers!!! (I still love Mike Tomlin like PIE, and I greatly ~appreciated his hotness on my t.v. screen yesterday, but, man, I really did not want Ben going home with a Super Bowl ring this year.)

- GLEE!!! I loved, loved, LOVED everything about yesterday's episode!

- GLEE!!! (It totes deserves two spots on this list!) I can't wait until tomorrow's Valentine's episode!

- This picture and this picture melt my heart into a big pile of happy goo!

- I have an interview on Wednesday! *fingers crossed*

- My family. <333

- Phil Anselmo and his pet chickens.

- Homemade guacamole.
I really need to start every week with a happy list.

★ Greek yogurt with honey. It's so delicious! This morning I added bananas and it was extra delicious! Seriously, Greek yogurt and honey is my new favorite thing in the world!!!

★ Getting job search stuff accomplished. I got a reference to a new head hunter. Between those contacts and things picking up now that we're getting into the new year, I'm hoping to see progress soon. *fingers crossed*

★ Setting up a meeting for tomorrow in order to move forward on plans to get more involved with 1n10. (If you haven't yet, check out the information about the organization and their upcoming Fresh Brunch.)

Darren!!! )

★ You know how I mentioned that I just finished watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, right? Well, I think I found a new girl crush. )
I found a professional resume writing service that I'm very pleased with. The company that I'm working with focuses specifically on the legal field, and the owner (and the person actually working on my resume) is a former attorney with tons of experience who is now doing human resources/recruiting for major law firms, so I'm confident that she'll be able to more than adequately handle the substantive tweaks that I want to make. Plus, she's been very helpful with just general job search ideas and strategies. I'm super excited about having a shiny, polished resume and this has translated to me feeling more optimistic about the whole job situation. Which, isn't exactly logical, because it's not likely that there will actually be many potential employers to impress with my shiny new resume until after the first of the year. But, whatever. Shiny new resume!!! Shiny new positive outlook!!! Win/win! :D

Other shiny things making me happy today include:

Pocket!Puppy!!! )

Y'all remember that adorable Australian, openly gay, gold medal diver from the 2008 Olympics? He was fabulous, right? And, of course, Johnny Weir is also fabulous, albeit on frozen water instead of diving into a pool of water. So seriously, Matthew Mitcham together with Johnny Weir is perhaps too much FABULOUS for this world to handle!!! )

✶ Also, yesterday, THIS HAPPENED!!! )

Today's dose of Holiday Happy with our Awesome Holiday Song of the Day! )

Baby It's Cold Outside -- Chris Colfer & Darren Criss (Glee Cast)

✶ And now I'm heading out to dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday!
Ok, so just in case you've been living under a cozy rock for the past two years, let me just say that this job market truly sucks big, hairy, sweaty monkey balls. I've pretty much resigned my self to the fact that this situation is highly unlikely to change until after the first of the year. Even the few firms and companies that were hiring have put any of those efforts on hold through the holidays. So, what this means, other than the fact that my bank account is going to be a bleak wasteland for a while, is that I have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. And, quite frankly, this having nothing to do business is driving me INSANE! Seriously, I'm going nuts!

So, for the sake of my sanity and because y'all love me, I need your help! Suggestions, ideas, plans, projects! Give 'em to me!!! I've already contacted my local Pride office to volunteer, but they're sort of slow too until after the holidays. Other volunteer suggestions? Project ideas? Hobbies? TV shows to watch? Books to read? Origami instructions? OMG, anything!!! *desperate*

*deep breaths*

Ok, despite the above, or maybe because of the above, I'm really working on this whole "stay positive" mindset. Sparkling harder, and all that. So, here are some happy, sparkly things about my Wednesday.

✶ I decided to get back on track with the Take Better Care of Me Plan, so I got in touch with my trainer and we have an appointment for him to kick my ass a workout tomorrow morning! Also, I few months ago my SIL dropped my scale and broke it, and since I didn't have a scale, my mind somehow translated that into permission to not be accountable for my nutritional decisions at all. Not good, brain, not good at all! But, I've now replaced my scale and, as of today, I'm again journaling my nutritional intake. Accountability FTW!!!

✶ I was going to warn for TMI on this one, but, who am I kidding? This is me we're talking about! Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a new vibrator today! What??? This is totally a better plan for feeling better about my life than that half gallon of chunky chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer! Taking Better Care of Me Plan, indeed! *g*

✶ I'm making plans to go see the Scissor Sisters' show in Atlanta at The Tabernacle next April! I really want to see them and they aren't doing any solo shows near me, and a group of East Coast friends were planning on going, and I'm totes doing this as a show of faith that this whole job situation will be resolved in awesome fashion by that time! *nods* So, anyone want to come with? *bats eyelashes*

Adam's Acoustic Live EP drops on December 6th!!! *flails* I'm SO happy that we're getting an acoustic version of Aftermath!!! And Soaked!!! Also, the cover is ridiculously awesome!!! )
So, today kinda sucked. Even more so than your average Monday suckage.

First, just about everyone in this house is sick, including me. Rhyan has strep throat. Rianna is in the hospital for the second night in a row with a chest/head cold type thing that sent her asthma into overdrive. They still can't get her breathing right, so she's in for another night. Whatever germy crud initially got to the girls has now attached itself to me too. So much DNW.

Second, I got word that a job I interviewed for a few weeks back, one I was genuinely excited about and for which I thought the interview had gone really well, is not going to be mine. And, that news just really drove home how much this whole unemployed/job search thing really just blows. I'm so sick and tired of not working; I feel as if my mind is literally turning mushier every day; financially things are getting trickier to juggle. The whole thing just sucks big hairy monkey balls.

But, despite the general suckage of this day, there were some really awesome things that, in the end, totally redeemed the last 24 hours for me.

First, Adam announced a second L.A. show!!! He'll be playing the Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theater on Wednesday, December 15th. This is awesome for several reasons. The obvious one: MOAR ADAM!!! But an Adam show on this date at this venue is also a pretty cool full circle moment, as he performed there exactly 6 years ago, on December 15, 2004, in the Zodiac show where he sang an amazing version of A Change is Gonna Come. (YouTube vid of that performance for the uninitiated.) Mostly, though, this is awesome because it means a second show glamming and rocking out with my girls!!! *clings*

Second bit of awesomeness: Jerrod Niemann is doing a show in Mesa next month!!! It's been way too damn long since I've seen that boy do his thing. Jerrod's shows are always damn good times! *g* And I'm definitely needing some damn good times right about now! Any AZ peeps up for some country music, a hot dude with a guitar, lots of tequila shots, damn good times or any/all of the above, mark November 21st on your calendar and let me know!

Third awesome thing: Cheeks posted what is probably my favorite It Gets Better video! )

The most awesome thing about today, though, was a serendipitously timely and completely lovely telephone chat with [ profile] editorzon! Man, a little perspective, some good advice, an understanding ear and the space to not have to hold it together from a good friend is just the thing to make yummy lemondaide from an otherwise lemon of a day! Thank you, baby! *mwah*

So, yeah, I'm still feeling like roadkill and I still don't have a job, but there were definitely some sparkly silver linings in this day!
Some things about this week, so far:

1. I had an interview yesterday and it went really well. That's all I'm going to say for know because there are still questions and blanks to fill in, and because I don't want to jinx anything. But, you know, fingers crossed and all that. *g*

2. Post-season baseball has been happening. It was not fun to see the Braves eliminated last night, and I don't even have words to express how much Bobby Cox is going to be missed not only to the Braves and their fans but to the world of baseball, but, last night I was reminded of one of the many reasons why I love this sport so damn much when the Giants stopped in the middle of their rightly earned on-field celebrations to tip their caps in respect to Bobby Cox when he came out for a last farewell. I had pretty much held it together until I saw that, and then promptly lost my composure. So much class, so much respect, so much love for this damn game!!!

And while we're on the topic, congratulations to the Texas Rangers for their ALDS win over the Rays!!! Josh, Ian, Michael, I'm counting on you and the rest of your boys to kick some Yankee ass!

3. Ok, no really, no one else is watching The A-List New York??? People! Y'all are missing out on so much fabulosity!!! I did mention the hot, shirtless boys, right? Well, this week we got all that plus added snarkiness, Derek being awesome, gay boy bitch-fights and arm pit sniffs!!! Yeah, that last one probably doesn't seem as ridiculously amusing unless you actually watched. This show is all that is fabulous and entertaining! (I even got my mom hooked on it! *laughs*)

4. Let's talk Dancing With The Stars. Cut for spoilers, in case there's actually anyone else around here who watches this show too. )

5. GLEE!!! ) I cannot say it enough: I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!

I was going to stop at 5, but:

6. 3 of the 33 Chilean miners have been rescued!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Lambert finally announced a date for an L.A. show!!!!! It's about damn time! I've been waiting for this since the start of Glam Nation. It will be December 16th at Club Nokia. Which likely means a GA show, but I'm ok with that. It also means something in the neighborhood of 2,300 maximum capacity, so I'm anticipating tickets to sell out pretty damn fast. Still no word on whether there will be a VIP M&G package sold for this show, but I think the chances are good that there will be. Again, I'm sure it will sell out in a flash. In any case, AN L.A. SHOW!!!! I will SO be there! Who's with me??? *beams*

Speaking of Adam, as we do around here *g*, there was a gorgeous new picture floating around me twitter feed this week: Seriously, Adam, how so damn pretty??? )

AND, sticking to a theme here, he added "Broken Open" to his set in Osaka, Japan today. I love that song, and I haven't heard it live since Fantasy Springs, and Gridlock before that.

Broken Open )
*loves so hard*

Ok, so, there are other things I wanted to talk to y'all about, but then Adam announced his L.A. date and sort of ate my brain. I'd say sorry, but, I'm really not. *g* So, I'll talk about those other things quickly, in a list! Because lists are fun!

> My car is in ICU, or, rather, the shop. I still don't know what the problem is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever it is it won't break the damn bank.

> No news on the job search front. :( I'm trying to stay positive, but, truthfully, it's hard. I'm realizing how much of my self-worth is tied up with my work. There are thoughts and feelings there that I need to sit with, unpack, and write about. And, I will at some point. But, yeah, hard.

> I was too wiped out after the AIDS Walk yesterday, so I rescheduled my tattoo appointment to tomorrow. But, tomorrow there shall be new ink! This makes me happy!

> Dave Grohl, you are fabulous!!! Haha! That cracked me up so hard!

> There's been fabulous T.V. to talk about, like Hawaii Five-O and Sons of Anarchy! And there has been sports stuff to talk about, like yesterday's meltdown by the Cardinals, and how well the Texans are looking, and Jeremy Shockey being fabulous, and the Braves making the playoffs, and my Diamondbacks' giving Kurt the job for next year. But I'm going to have to talk about all of that later, because right now I have to go watch me some Monday night football and then Dancing With The Stars! *laughs* Yes, this lineup pretty sums up the wide range of shit that I find entertaining!


Oct. 1st, 2010 03:05 pm
October already??? How the heck did that happen? Seriously, this year is just zooming by. But, I do gotta say that I'll be happy to see summer and its hellish temps gone. Please to be bringing on Fall now, Mother Nature!

I've been cranking out the resumes and werking the job search this week. And, seriously, this shit is exhausting. It's just damn tiring to be "selling" yourself all the time! Yes, I'm fabulous, now hire me dammit! *sigh*

In betterer news, the Phoenix AIDS Walk is this Sunday and now not only is my mom walking with me *loves* but my 7 year old niece, Rianna, is also walking! She told me today that she's invited to a birthday party on Sunday, but she'd rather do the AIDS Walk with me because that's more important. So proud of her!

In other Octoberish news, I really want to go see this burlesque show! They have a show on Saturday and then a Halloween show on October 30th. Any locals wanna go with me?

Also, relevant to none of the above, I really want a Datman T-shirt!!! Jeremy Shockey tweeted about getting a new Datman shirt because he had worn his old one out with too many washings! Haha! He's fabulous! So is that t-shirt! *wants*
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] editorzon!!! I hope your day was FABULOUS and full of glitter, glam, champagne, and rock and roll! And I hope that the year ahead brings all kinds of love and laughter and success beyond your wildest imagination because no one deserves it more than you, baby! I love you and I'm truly blessed to call you my friend! *mwah*

2. I had two interviews today, and I think they both went pretty well, and hopefully they were all suitably wowed by my brilliance and charm! *g* The first one was especially intriguing to me and I'd love to see that develop into something. I don't want to say too much until I know if it's going to turn into something, but, please to be keeping your fingers crossed and the good-job-gettin' mojo flowing.

3. I'll be scheduling my next tattoo tomorrow and I'm super excited about new ink!!! :D

4. I had a completely random and unexpected, but still really awesome, phone call from the Texas!Boy this weekend. We had a great conversation and I really do hope we can get back to friends, because I do have a good time with him. Plus, it was wonderfully distracting at at time when I really needed a distraction.

5. I finally watched the rest of season 5 of Supernatural, and, I gotta say, the show redeemed itself for me at the end and I was completely satisfied with the way it wrapped the story arc. Back on the Sam & Dean train, I watched last week's episode, hoping for good things. I was underwhelmed. The best I can say is that Jensen and Jared are still very pretty to look at. While I'm never one to underestimate the entertainment value of a pretty face on my screen, hopefully they'll figure out who to make something of season 6 other than "oh, look, Jared and Jensen are still indeed hot."

6. Reese's Pieces are happy-making. :D

7. Lady Gaga announced a San Diego date for the 2011 leg of Monster Ball! March 29th at the Viejas Arena. And, even betterer! Scissor Sisters is supposed to be opening for her next year!!! [ profile] _lisalisa_ and I are looking in to getting tickets, if anyone else is interested in possibly joining us, tickets go on sale October 1st. Lady Gaga! Scissor Sisters! This is going to be fantabulous!

8. Phoenix AIDS Walk this weekend!

9. Dancing with the Stars producers can continue to put Rick Fox in sleeveless shirts all the time! Dear gods that man has beautiful arms. *bites lip*



Sep. 2nd, 2010 01:49 pm
Wow. I really have no idea what happened to August. Considering I've been doing practically nothing at all for the past month, you'd think that time would at least slow down a little bit. Apparently not.

Speaking of doing nothing at all, I'm finding it strange and a bit stressful. I can't really seem to be able to just enjoy the absence of a huge To Do list. This is very annoying. I'm sure that when I'm again drowning in files and cases and clients, I will regret not having fully appreciated the down time. :/

The job search is moving forward. I have an interview this afternoon. Wish me luck!

I'm trying to stay open to all possibilities. Thinking about non-traditional jobs and how my legal experience can be leveraged in different ways. I'm also trying not to constrain myself geographically. Open to possibilities. That's been my mantra. Hopefully the right possibility will present itself soon.

Between the job search and travel, September is going to be busy, even without work-required To Do list. This weekend is San Diego. I get home on Monday and on Wednesday I leave again for my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness! By the time I've left a trail of glitter through several states, half of September will be gone.

I had wanted to go to the Feast of Persephone Fall Equinox weekend at Diana's Grove, but I think I'll just have to see where the employment issue stands when I get back from vacation before I make a decision on that.

Ok, so. That's what September is looking like. What's in store for all of you?

ION, on the whole LJ/Facebook/Twitter cross-posting debacle, I'll just say that I will not be cross-posting any of my content here to either of those places. I can't control what anyone else is doing, but will say that I prefer if you don't cross-post any of your comments to my entries and if you must, that you'd have the courtesy to let me know. I'm not particularly worried about it, and I'm not jumping the LJ ship. My online and real life identities aren't particularly distinct to begin with, and I try to live by the rule that I don't post anything online that I'm not willing to be made public anyway (I've also given up any notion of running for public office or aspiring to the federal bench, because I refuse to be sufficiently circumspect now to stand up to that kind of scrutiny in the future). I also fully expect that my flist can be trusted not to violate any trust. And I think that LJ will come up with an opt out soon. But in the mean time, this seems to be an effective work-around.

Ok, so that's that.

What else is happening??? Despite having tons of time to hang out online, I'm feeling weirdly disconnected from everyone and everything. Connect with me, people!!! Tell me what's happening in your world! What's shiny and new in your fandom? What exciting things are you doing? Baseball! Fall t.v. premiers! New pictures of pretty boys! I wanna know all about it!

Two Things

Apr. 10th, 2009 05:13 pm
1. I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* I'll give y'all the details later, but suffice it to say I'm really excited about this opportunity - I think it's the perfect fit for me.

2. BASEBALL!!! Anyone else at Chase Field tonight? If you are come visit me! I'm in Section 130, Row 21.


Apr. 7th, 2009 06:13 pm
:: OMG people! Work is killing me this week! Doesn't it know that I've already mentally checked out and just want to get on with this damn job search??? Why must it continue to harangue me??? *cries*

:: In happier work-related ramblings, though, I was able to negotiate a really good result for a client today; he was very pleased and grateful and it was just SATISFYING. Go me! \o/

:: Also of the good, I have an interview this Friday with a small firm that looks promising. *fingers crossed*

:: NBC is moving Kings to Saturdays. This does not bode well for the survival of the show. This displeases me greatly because Kings is all that is awesome and fabulous!

:: I get to watch my Diamondbacks play in just 10 minutes! *glee* The Opening Day glow has not worn off. I'm still giddy over the start of the season!

:: Speaking of baseball (and I'll likely be doing a lot of that until October), how 'bout a baseball fans friending meme? MOAR BASEBALL!!! MOAR BASEBALL FANS!!! There is no bad here, people!!!

Baseball friending meme!
I had a great time in California this past week, but damn it's good to be home. And sleeping in my own bed is THE BEST THING EVER.

[ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] azewewish, [ profile] gingerpig, and I spent Saturday at the Getty Center. It was a gorgeous day and I loved the Getty. I'll have pictures to post later.

Then later that night, fortified with lots of alcohol, we braved the SPN convention crowd to see Steve Carlson and Jason Manns play. Man, that is truly an awkward venue for live music -- everyone is sitting in their assigned seats, no one is up dancing, and there is clearly not enough easily accessible alcohol! If I'm uncomfortable, I can't imagine how hard it must be to play to that kind of audience. But we did get up to stand over to the side during Steve's set so that we could dance and enjoy the music and try to pretend that that the awkward sitting crowd wasn't there. For the most part, it worked. *g* And, awkwardness not with standing, it was good to hear them both play, as it had been close to forever since I'd heard either one of them. And, as always, it was damn good times hanging out with my girls!

Since I was unable to sleep last night (even though I was SO tired!) I finally got caught up on Supernatural. I really liked On The Head of a Pin. More Hotass Angel of the Lord is always a good thing. *nods* And I wish I could tell you what I thought about It's a Terrible Life but the damn high def feed that I DVRed was fucked to next week and back and I only really got to see about a fourth of the episode. I am not impressed with this shit, Cox Cable!

I still have a hell of a lot of television that I'm behind on. I haven't watched any of Kings and this makes me very sad. I'm at least two episodes behind on Sarah Connor and Legend of the Seeker. And I haven't seen the finale of Battlestar. Eeek. I need another week off just to catch up on my shows!

Alas, the time off has come to an end. Now it's back to work, back to this damn job search. Grrr.

In happy real life news, though, Opening Day is only 7 days away!!! Baseball!!! I've missed you! *clings*
I've been so stressed about the work situation lately that I really just needed to stop and be grateful for all the blessings in my life. Hence, the mid-week happy list:

♥ The interview yesterday went really well. I feel good about my chances to land that clerkship. And yet, whatever happens with that job, I know that I have marketable skills, good credentials, and that everything will work out in the end. Plus, I already have a Plan B in place to keep me above water while everything is working itself out.

♥ Y'all are amazingly supportive and wonderful! All of the good thoughts, positive job mojo, and lucky v-gifts totally made my day yesterday. Thank you! *hugs*

♥ I got to spend yesterday afternoon with Rianna at a Spring Training game. Baseball. My adorable niece. A beautiful spring day. There was no bad in any of that.

♥ I got a new lip gloss today! What? The small things are important! Especially when it comes to my favorite lip gloss EVER, which is almost never in stock at the Clinique counter.

♥ My mom is awesome. She is uncompromisingly supportive of me. Always. How lucky am I? (Very. The answer is that I am very lucky to have such an awesome mom!)

♥ The delicious pot of gumbo I made for dinner was, well, DELICIOUS! Nom nom nom.

♥ In less than 48 hours I will be in California for a MUCH NEEDED vacation!!!! I can't wait! *bounces*


Mar. 17th, 2009 07:20 pm
The job interview went well. It was relaxed. I enjoyed what seemed like good rapport with all three judges. The job seems just as perfect for me after all my questions were answered as it did on paper. I probably won't know anything for at least a week. So, you know, you can keep that good job-mojo coming, but I'm pleased with how today went and I generally feel good about my chances.

Thank y'all for all of your good thoughts today! ♥
1. I have a job interview tomorrow at noon for that judicial clerkship I've going on about lately. I really want this job. I cannot stress that enough. Really. Want. This. Job. So, if you could spare a good thought or two, or, you know, how ever many you might have available, I would certainly appreciate any positive job mojo you could direct this way. *takes a deep breath and soaks up the good job mojo*

2. Tomorrow, after said job interview, I think I'm taking Rianna to a spring training game. She's on spring break and when I asked her what she wanted to do on her Hanging Out with Tía Gigi Day, she picked baseball from her several options. That's my girl! *g*

3. We were just talking about Merlin on NBC this weekend, and it looks as if there has finally been a date set for that happy occurrence. On June 21st there will finally be Arthurian goodness on my television!!! *bounces*

4. I finally watched last week's Supernatural and got caught up with Legend of the Seeker. While my enjoyment of Supernatural remains unchanged, my fannishness seems to have inexplicably waned, such that I don't really feel compelled to talk about the show. *shrugs* Yeah, I really don't know either. Legend of the Seeker, though, continues to be fluffy fun times. Although I was a bit sad that Richard did not take off his shirt in this last episode. What is this craziness??? I prefer my Seeker shirtless, please!

5. Still unwatched and waiting patiently on my DVR are the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica, last week's Friday Night Lights, and the premier of Kings (which I'm hearing SO many good things about and I can't wait to watch!). But, unless I can manage some unheard of productivity between now and Thursday, these shows will probably remain unwatched until I get back next week.

6. I leave for California on Friday, for at least 5 days and possibly up to 9 days of FUN TIMES! There's a whole long weekend full of various shenanigans planned with the Texas Boy. And then I'll have some time to spend with my girls, which will be awesome, not only because THEY are awesome, but because it has been a long time since I've seen some of them! I'm leaving my return trip unplanned for now, in hopes that I'll know more about the job situation by then and will feel better about staying the whole week. But YAY!!! California here I come! *beams*

7. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars tonight as I get some work done and finalize my writing sample. So far my observations include only the fact that Dmitry has adorable dimples and a very sexy backside. He's hot coming and going!
I spent the morning in court trying to figure out my trial schedule for April, given the fact that if things go right at next week's interview, I'll hopefully be working for the court soon and having to withdraw from all of my pending cases. So, after much wrangling and one very unhappy prosecutor later, we decided to schedule one trial for April 6, a second trial on April 13, with the possibility of continuing the earlier trial to the end of the month if I don't get the clerkship. It wasn't until I got home that I remembered that the D'backs' Home Opener is on April 6th. In the afternoon. Right about the time that I'll be picking a jury. *sobs* I really wanted to go to that game! I even have my tickets already! There's the possibility that the April 6th trial will be continued to the end of the month, freeing me up to go to the game, but only if I don't get the clerkship. As much as I love my D'backs and miss baseball like woah and would really love to be at the Home Opener, I still want the clerkship more. I just wish it didn't have to be one or the other! *sadface*

In happier news, though, I get [ profile] _lisalisa_ and [ profile] azewewish in just 3 days for a fun-filled SPRING TRAINING BASEBALL WEEKEND!!!!! *bounces* Despite my best efforts, Saturday's game is going to be the first spring training game I make it to this season. I'm very excited! My girls!!! Baseball!!! Sunshine! Sunburns! Beer! Hotdogs! Hot baseball players!!! So much to be GLEEFUL about!!!!

Other happy things include:

1. Friday Night Lights is possibly getting picked up for TWO MORE SEASONS!!! (Thanks to [ profile] azewewish for the very happy-making heads up.) Seriously, this show remains THE best show on television. If you're not watching it, I can't even begin to fathom why. I will be happy beyond measure if we get it for another two years! Speaking of the awesomeness that is FNL, I finally got a chance to read Scott Porter's blog about Jason's last show and I cried like a crying thing! (Note: link has spoilers up to Episode 3.8.) The episode last Friday shredded me, and then reading about what was happening behind the scenes just had me crying all over again. Gods, I love this show so hard!

2. Nathan Fillion was on my T.V. last night!!! I'm not entirely sure yet what I think of Castle (as with most pilots, I think it needs a few episodes to acquit itself and I'm willing to give it that much before I form an opinion), but I am absolutely certain that Nathan is still inexplicably HOT LIKE FIRE, and I am very happy to have his awesome, quirky face on my television again! Also, bonus Poke from Generation Kill!!! *glee*

3. Apparently Merlin is still in the wings for NBC, and is looking at a late spring call up. *grabby hands*

4. I am oddly intrigued by the premise in Kings, which premiers this Sunday. It's a modern-day retelling of the story of David and Goliath. Restorying biblical mythology with rumored gay characters (reported here) and incredibly hot actors (HELLO Christopher Egan and Sebastian Stan!) -- what's not to love???

I hate leaving a list at 4, but I don't have time for a #5. I have to work on my writing sample, so that I can land that awesome clerkship job, so that I can miss the D'backs' home opener. Yay! With a side order of *woe*.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:00 pm
I got to spend the evening last night with both of the Niece Children. We had a fabulous time watching The Princess Bride (which Rianna and I both agree is the best movie ever!) and making brownie sundaes (delicious chocolate overload!) and chasing Rhyan around the house (that child is a whirlwind!). Fun times!

We did, however, for various reasons, decide to postpone our Renaissance Festival fun for some other weekend. Which meant that I got to sleep in this morning! I've had a thoroughly lazy Sunday, which would make for a perfect day if my uterus would only stop being so hateful! Ugh. Cramps can go away now, please. Thank the gods there's plenty of leftover Valentines Day chocolate around, otherwise I'd be in a much nastier mood.

I've been trying to get my resume updated, because there's a clerkship position open right now that might just be the most perfect gig ever and I'd like to get my resume in for consideration before my life devolves into a crazy spiral of endless trials. But I really hate writing my resume. I've been tinkering with the damn thing all day and I'm still not done. Why is this so hard??? *scowls at half-finished resume*

Now at least, even though my resume is still mocking me from my computer screen, there's lots of Academy Awards related prettiness on my television screen.



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