I didn't get these up last week and there was a flood of awesome fic written after "Original Song," so now I have a huge backlog of bookmarked fics to rec. I'm just going to start dumping them here without much commentary -- you can safely assume that if it's listed here, there's something there to love. Happy reading! :)

Glee: Kurt/Blaine )

Glee RPF: Chris & Darren (Gen Friendship Fic) )

Glee RPF: Chris/Darren )
A little late today, but I've still got another hour and 3 minutes left to my Saturday, so here you go:

Glee: Kurt/Blaine )

Glee: Gen )
Ok, I'm not even going to dissimulate any longer. Yes, I'm shipping Darren and Chris. What of it? It's really not even my fault. How can I possibly resist when some of my favorite writers from other fandoms (*cough[livejournal.com profile] miss_begoniacough*) start flooding my flist with fabulous and amazingly written Chris/Darren fics??? I'm just a helpless victim here, people!!! *g*

Since we're not pretending otherwise anymore, I'm determined to get more of you to join me in this very pretty handbasket destined for hell. So, here are some fabulous Chris/Darren fics to tempt y'all to the dark side. *beams*

Glee RPF: Chris/Darren )
I've been reading a lot of Hawaii Five-O fic recently. Some of these are older, because they've been sitting in my "to read" folder for a while, but they were all thoroughly enjoyable!

H5O: Steve/Danny )

I love reading Steve/Danny, but a little Chin Ho in my fic wouldn't go amiss. I don't even care who he's paired with. Chin Ho is like the little black dress of the island -- he'd go great with anyone! The only problem? I can't find any Chin Ho fic!!!! *woe* So, if you know where the Chin Ho fic is hiding, please tell me! *begs prettily*

Now, back to the recs...

AI RPF: Kris/Adam )

Glam RPF: Adam/Tommy )

Glee: Kurt/Blaine )
Some fic recs for your weekend reading pleasure!

Glee: Kurt/Blaine )

Glee RPF: Chris/Darren )

Kris/Adam )

Adam/Tommy )

Happy reading! :D
OMG it's only Monday and this week is already completely CRAZYCAKES!!! Thankfully, it's mostly the good kinda crazycakes. (Although, if y'all can send some positive thoughts my way tomorrow around noon, I'd appreciate it. I'm having to deal with the ex-boss continuing to be an unmitigated jackass, so, you know, good juju would come in handy.)

Anyway, GOOD CRAZINESS!!! Let's talk about that some more! I've got a to do list that's about a mile long, and it all needs to be done in the next two days! Ahhhh!!! But just as soon as all those important items like "paint nails," "color hair," "buy lots of alcohol and chocolate snacks," and "OMG PACK FOR L.A." get crossed off my list, then it means that I'm finally on my way to L.A. for what is sure to be an AMAZING long weekend of DAMN GOOD TIMES!!! Eeeee!!! ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT!!!!! And DARREN CRISS!!!! And MONTE PITTMAN!!!!!!! And some of my most favorite people on the planet!!!!!! And glitter! And drinking! And doing fun L.A. touristy things! And laughing and talking and just having fabulously good times!!! Man, I cannot adequately state how much I need this trip right now. My mental health has been a tenuous thing lately, and I'm totally counting on just getting away, not stressing for a few days, and just having a damn good time in order to regain my grasp on my zen.

Like I said, SO MANY GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK! Like Adam! Who manages to wear the fuck out of a completely ridiculous pair of sparkly, zebra-striped pants. )

Also, I may not have mentioned this, oh, in the past 24 hours or so, but I'm completely smitten with one Darren Criss!!! *heart eyes* And I get to see him play this weekend! Twice! I may just die of the concentrated adorableness!!!

No, really, it may be too much presh for me to handle! )

So, since we're talking about faces that make me happy, I think it's been well established that Chris Colfer is all that is precious and adorable in this world and his face does, indeed, make me happy. BUT WAT IS THIS CRAZINESS??? )

There's also this picture of a nearly pantsless Tommy that Isaac tweeted this morning, but I just don't have words to talk about this right now. *g* Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, though.

I've been reading tons of Kurt/Blaine fic. Like most new fandoms/pairings, there is quite a bit of dreck being posted. Thankfully, y'all have ME to wade through it all and bring you the good stuff! *beams*

Kurt/Blain fic recs )

Darren Criss sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! (Awesome Holiday Song of the Day) )

Ok, now that we have so many good things to roll around in, I'm going to go wade through my insane To Do list, and flail a bit more about L.A. IN TWO DAYS!!!!!! *bounces*
Still cleaning out my "Awesome Fics to Rec" folder. These are all longer fics of the Kris/Adam variety. Enjoy!

Kradam Fic Recs )
I'll never be able to write up full recs on everything that's currently sitting in my "Fics to Rec" folder. So I'm just going to post these and y'all can safely assume that I loved them all!

30 fics y'all should read because they're awesome! )


Aug. 29th, 2010 03:02 pm
Ten Kradam recs for your Sunday reading pleasure!

Like the Music You Play by lizziebethc
Kris/Adam | Explicit | 23,262 words
Kris shows up on Adam's tour, and decides to stay. I'm usually wary when an author discloses that whatever you're about to read is their first fic, but I'm so glad I went ahead and read this anyway. This is such a thoroughly satisfying read: great characterizations, perfect pacing and story development, solid writing. It may be her first, but I certainly hope it wasn't her last!

Electricity Sparks Inside of Me by [livejournal.com profile] condancer
Kris/Adam | NC-17 | 41,873 words (written for [livejournal.com profile] kradambigbang
Kris Allen, high school orchestra teacher, meets Adam Lambert, high school drama/choral teacher. Sparks fly… and the rest is in the story. So enjoyable!

Just Listen by [livejournal.com profile] kissoffools
Kris/Adam | PG-13 | 10,045 words
“No one ever picks up on me, that’s the thing. I’m always the one doing it. Maybe if someone would step up to the plate and ask me out for once… I wish they would.” An AU in which Kris is a college barista, Adam works for a gay magazine, and all Kris really wants is that first date.

Tuesdays at Manny's by LittleMousling
Kris/Adam | Explicit | 29,883 words
After years of working to break into the music industry, Adam is starting to let his bill-paying waiter job become more like a career. And then American Idol winner Kris Allen comes into his restaurant. This may be one of my favorite Kris/Adam stories ever! In fact, I think I may just have to read it again today just because I can!

Only Fools Rush In by [livejournal.com profile] kissoffools & [livejournal.com profile] wakeyourheart
Kris/Adam | PG | 5,158 words
There are a lot of little moments that lead up to the moment when a man proposes... and Kris remembers them all. This will melt your heart! Adorable!

The Bowl by [livejournal.com profile] jerakeen
Kris/Adam | PG-13 | 1,700 words
Gummi Bears! Or, more precisely, Kris and Adam AS gummi bears! Don't try to understand it -- just go read. I promise it's both ridiculous and amazing!

sings the song without words by [livejournal.com profile] astolat
A fusion with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy; I had this tab open forever and hadn't read it because I'm only marginally familiar with the source material. But it doesn't really matter, because either way this story is FABULOUS!

Which None May Buy by solvent
Kris/Adam | NC-17 | ~23,000 words
Regency-style Harlequin AU, arranged marriage. Delightfully fluffy and fun!

Take Up Serpents by [livejournal.com profile] abusing_sarcasm
Kris/Adam | R | ~1,700 words
This is dark and a bit disturbing, but the language and the imagery are strangely and starkly beautiful.

Friends With Benefits by [livejournal.com profile] cynnet
Kris/Adam | R | 26,500 words
Adam is pretty horrible at being a personal assistant or receptionist, or whatever it is that he is, exactly. But that's okay, because Kris is pretty horrible at being a rock star.
I've been doing a lot of fic reading lately. I'm looking at this as one of the silver linings of unemployment! *g* Whatevs. My excess of free time, means more fic recs for you!

Enjoy, bbs! *mwah*

Lots of awesome stories involving lots of pretty boys doing lots of amazing and filthy things to each other! Good times! )



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