It's Fun Friday, the Music Edition! :)

:: (This one's for [ profile] azewewish. *g*) George Michael has joined Twitter! @GeorgeMichael. I'm greatly amused. Y'all know this is gonna be good times!

:: Speaking of George Michael, next week he's releasing a single, a cover of "True Faith," with the proceeds to benefit Comic Relief. OMGYAY!!! New George Michael on my iPod sooooon!!!!!!!! *bounces*

:: And speaking of my favorite musicians doing awesome things for awesome causes, Adam's dropping a remix of Aftermath next week to benefit The Trevor Project. Aftermath is the PERFECT song for this and I can't wait to hear this new dance remix. And, bonus! He'll be performing on American Idol next Thursday!!! He's doing an acoustic version of Aftermath (which made me cry pretty much every time I heard it on tour). Adam on my TV again!!!!!! *bounces more*

:: [GLEE SONG SPOILERS!!! Scroll on by if you don't want to know.] Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and the Warblers are singing Neon Trees' "Animal" in next week's Glee episode and I pretty much LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!!! I love Chris singing in his lower register and he and Darren sound fabulous together and there's growliness and the arrangement is awesome and yeah, just so much love! I think I've replayed this about a 20 times since it came out this morning. That trend is probably going to continue.

:: And Darren is doing a show in L.A. later this month!!!! I am so ridiculously excited about this! And I'm a little amused that fandom doesn't seem to have clued in on this performance, so maybe we'll have a low-key crowd. *hopes*

:: Also, Darren and Charlene Kaye are totes my musical OTP. I love them so, so much! Dress and Tie Music Video Adorableness!!! )

:: Ok, I have no idea where this came from or who these dudes are. This just appeared on my Tumblr dash this morning, but, holy wow, y'all have to hear this! I was going to say that it's perhaps the best cover of "Smooth Criminal" that I've ever heard, but it's more than that. This is like sex. Really hot, angry sex...with cellos! )

:: Also, Adele. Still haven't taken "21" off of repeat. So. Damn. Good. I'm so bummed that there isn't a show on her tour anywhere near me though. *sadface*

So, now it's your turn! Tell me all about YOUR musical happy place! What are you listening to? What shows are you looking forward to? What's happening with your favorite musicians? I wanna know!!!!!! :D


Mar. 1st, 2011 10:34 pm
I'm not sure how March happened. How can I fill so disgustingly stagnant, in such an infuriatingly endless state of limbo, and still the months keep whooshing on by?

This persistent plague turned bronchitis turned back to head cold crap that's been dogging me for a month now is probably not helping with my general crappy mood toward everything and everyone at the moment. Seriously, I would love to just feel good and healthy for two days in a row. Just two consecutive days. That's all I'm asking for at this point.

But March is going to be better, right? Oh, for fuck's sake, someone please tell me that March is going to be better. *hopes*

ETA: Wait up. What??? George Michael is dropping a new single later this month??? That would SO make March better!!! *hopes*
So, yeah, the week has been fairly craptastic. And now it seems as if I managed to catch the latest round of crud, so I'm feeling all sniffly and feverish. But, regardless, I'm determined to be in a better mood, dammit! So, this is me, doing my best to sparkle harder. *g*

Of course, that means a Happy List! \o/

- I've got some truly fabulous, sparkly, purple nail polish on today and just looking at it makes me happier. *stares at sparkly nails*

- My client this morning was so happy and grateful for the work I did on his case. It's pretty freakin' awesome when the work you do really does make a difference in people's lives! Plus he and his partner were simply adorable and I just wanted to keep them in my pocket! ♥

- Apparently Chad Ochocinco will be competing on Dancing with the Stars this season! This just cracks my shit up! *laughs and laughs* Also, Chad is no Jason Taylor. I'm just sayin'.

- In a glee-inducing confluence of fannish obsessions: Adam Lambert is in Australia this week and scheduled to perform at Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras sometime today (tomorrow? -- not sure exactly). And, word on the street is that George Michael will also be there and that the two will meet!!!!!! Eeeee!!! This makes my little fannish heart go all pitter-patter! There had better be pictures of this awesomeness!

- AND!!! And this is the sparkliest of all! Adam's bonus track, "Voodoo," which is available on the international release of For Your Entertainment, hit the web last night and it's FABULOUS!!! Check it out:

Oh, man, I cannot wait to hear that live! (Also, if anyone hasn't found a download link and you want it, hit me up with your email and I'll send it to you.)

ETA: Voodoo lyrics )
It's been a lovely weekend, although I still maintain that two days is just too short for a proper weekend.

On Friday I took Rianna to see The Princess and the Frog. I loved it! I'm pretty sure the six year old Niece Child liked it too. *g*

Yesterday, my family got together to celebrate my cousin's wedding. She got married a couple of weeks ago in Maui. So, naturally, we had a luau. In December. During the two and half weeks a year that it's actually cold in Arizona. *laughs* Yeah, that's how my family rolls. It was fun, though. With enough fires and heaters and alcohol, you could hardly feel the cold. *g*

Today was spent hanging with The Nieces, wrapping holiday presents, watching some football, and getting stuff done around the house. It was mellow and mellow was exactly what I needed.

Now, how 'bout some holiday cheer? It's George Michael singing December Song. And, really, I don't care if he's stoned more often than not, or if he still has a penchant for indiscretions that, are, well, less than discreet, he will always be George Fucking Michael who can out-sing just about everyone and completely owns a stage and is still one of the most entertaining performers ever. In other words, I <3 him. *g*

Also, just because I want to close some tabs, have some fic recs! )
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] idiosyncratic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the year ahead brings lots of happiness your way, baby! *mwah*

- My clients are idiots. This is reconfirmed on an almost daily basis. Most of them deserve exactly what they get. A few of them are despicable in every way and I wouldn't let them near anyone I held dear. But some of them? Some of them really break my heart. I know. I'm a sap.

- The All-Star Game yesterday was a great one. Excellent pitching. Some fabulous defensive plays. Really fun to watch. But I'd sort of like to see the National League win, you know, like once every decade or so! *shakes head*

- After the late finish of the All-Star game last night, I stayed up even later watching George Michael: A Different Story. I had to watch it on my laptop because I'm an idiot and didn't realize I was buying a Region 2 DVD. But even on my tiny laptop screen it was awesome and made me love George even more!!! *draws sparkly hearts*

- I get [ profile] editorzon later today!!! *bounces* I'm so excited! And tomorrow we're catching a midnight showing of The Dark Knight!!!! *bounces more*

- I really want to watch "Generation Kill." I also want to be able to keep up with "Brotherhood" next season. I think this means I need to get both HBO and Showtime. Soon. Like this afternoon.

- There's lots of baseball lined up this weekend. On Friday night I'm taking the familia out to the game -- my mom, my brother, my SIL, Rianna and Rhyan. Rhyan will be taking in her first baseball game at 4 months!!! And Rianna is very excited both that she gets to wear her new game shirt and that there will be fireworks after game. I'm just hoping the Diamondbacks can remember that they did have an offensive game once upon a time. On Saturday [ profile] technosage and I will be taking in the second game of the Dbacks/Dodgers series. There will be Bob Melvin bobble heads involved! *glee*

- Next week is Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent long weekend in L.A. Can I still call it a "long weekend" when it's actually almost 6 days long? That's technically closer to a week than a weekend, but a weekend away sounds less as if I've been shirking my responsibilities than does an almost week away. *shrugs* Well, anyway, it was excellent.

So, in the interest of brevity, and the baseball game that I'm watching, here's the bulleted version of the weekend week awesome time spent in L.A.:

  • Wednesday: GEORGE FUCKING MICHAEL!!! While I can probably talk about the awesomeness that is George Michael forever, I doubt that any of you, except for [ profile] azewewish, really share my boundless glee over the man and his music. So, because I really do love y'all, we're moving on. *g*

  • Thursday: I spent the day trying to wrangle a rental car. And "wrangle" really is the appropriate description. Damn Budget. *grumblebitchcomplain* But then it didn't matter at all, because the evening was spent in the lovely company of [ profile] editorzon and [ profile] azewewish for a screening of Wanted followed by a Q&A with one of the writers. Cut so that I can squee aloud about Wanted. Possibly spoilery. ) Basically? I loved the movie! So much so that we went back on Sunday to see it again and it was still amazing!

    The Q&A afterward with Michael Brandt was really interesting. He was very forthright about the process for this movie and writing in Hollywood in general. It was fascinating.

    And, of course, I got to enjoy the lovely company of two of my favorite women in the world! We hung out after the movie, chatting and laughing and striking up random conversations with strangers until we were all so exhausted we crawled home to pass out. Good times, I tell you!

  • Friday: I spent a lovely day with [ profile] annkiri. We had a delicious brunch at Lulu's while we talked and laughed and generally got caught up with each other's lives. Then we drove to Culver City for much needed massages at the Massage Garage. By the end of the hour, I was a puddle of very happy goo.

    Then on Friday night, [ profile] coolwhipdiva, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] azewewish and I went to the Dodgers/Angels game via a party bus from the House of Blues. We had fabulous box seats and yummy food. Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big, was also enjoying the game from a few seats away. We had an amusing conversation exchange about salad. Yeah. I don't even know. Also of the good was the great view we had of Vladimir Guerrero's ass. *g* I would have been happier if the Angels could have pulled off a win, but even so, we had a great time! Brenda, Jenna, Lisa, and Me! )

  • Saturday: Brenda, J, J's friend K, and I kicked off J's birthday celebration with yummy appetizers and drinks at The Grill. We were hilariously entertained by K's adventures of motherhood which included the funniest story EVAR involving lemon heads and butts. *laughs* I'll just say that I'll never think of a lemon drop in quite the same way.

    After dinner, we headed across the courtyard meet up with [ profile] glendaglamazon, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] annkiri, and a couple of J's other friends for a proper birthday celebration with the Nearly Naked and Totally Hot Hollywood Men )

    Needless to say, we had a blast! Because I love my friends, though, I'll refrain from posting pictorial evidence of our rockin' good times with the nearly naked men! *g* I was, however, a little put off by the new way of coordinating lap dances, (they had everyone go up on stage instead of having the boys work the floor), so I didn't get as many as I otherwise would have. I did make it a point of getting one from Niko, and, as always, he delivered, with lots of yummy hair pulling and growliness and overall hotness. At one point he even hauled me up, turned me around, and spanked my ass quite nicely. *g* He certainly knows how to read his audience. *laughs* So, yes, I had a good time! And, most importantly, the Birthday Girl seemed to have had fun with good friends, plenty of booze, and a bevy of hot men.

  • Sunday: Casa Hooker was officially christened with a delicious house warming brunch featuring cinnamon pancakes, Blood Mary's, Mimosas, and CUPCAKES! I see nothing nutritionally unsound with this menu. There was, after all, vegetable and fruit juice with our alcohol. *g* Plus, it was DELICIOUS! It was also very good to see both [ profile] aproposofnothin and [ profile] sabrinagb, who I hadn't seen in way too long!

    After brunch we saw Wanted again. And, as I've mentioned, it totally stood up to a second viewing. Later that night Brenda fixed her famous nachos and I whipped up a batch of my guacamole. Alison hung out with us and we watched Lucky Number Sleven, which neither Alison or I had watched, much to Brenda's horror. The movie was good, entertaining, if a bit too taken with it's own wit, but I don't know if I've ever seen Josh Hartnett looking hotter! Good gods, he was completely SEXASS, especially when killing people with eye glasses and baseballs! *bites lip*

    And Brenda was right, I totally want Slevin/Wesley fic now! *grabby hands* Speaking of fic-wants, I also really want to read a crossover with John Winchester and Cross (and maybe even Mr. Goodkat) just talking about their sons, and fatherhood, and how they'd do anything for their boys. *sigh*

Ok. This took forever to write because it was not brief, despite the bullet points, and I ended up on T&iactute;a duty tonight and was therefore distracted. The baseball game is long over. (My D-backs won!) And I should probably be getting ready for bed so that I can be productive tomorrow and the rest of the week. Because next Tuesday I go back to L.A. for another "long weekend"! *laughs* I really will move there soon and then I can write about my long weekends back in Arizona. *g*
I really didn't think that the L.A. show was going to be able to surpass the experience of Sunday night. I was wrong.

First, we inadvertently ended up with seats that turned out even better than our great 11th row seats in Phoenix! The stage was set up differently at the Forum, with a catwalk that extended out midway through the floor. Our seats were just off the end of the catwalk. George used the whole area, and spent quite a lot of time right on the end of the catwalk. In fact, he did all of "Roxanne" and "Kissing A Fool" from right there, just, OMG, so close! So, not only did we get him up close and personal, but we were also far enough back from the main part of the stage that we were able to fully enjoy the screen show, which, by the way, was incredible!

And then? OMG, and then!!! HE SANG "JESUS TO A CHILD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my heart. He dedicated it to Anselmo, of course. And, oh, gods, it was just so breathtakingly, heartbreakingly BEAUTIFUL hearing him sing it live.

Other than the addition of "Jesus to a Child" the set list was the same. It still rocked. Still made me laugh and cry and sing and dance and marvel at his voice and flail over his hotness and fall in love with his music over and over again and I loved every minute of it! If possible, the energy of the L.A. crowd was even more intense. Plus, yesterday was his 45th birthday, so there was this added celebratory layer to the feel of the crowd, with signs and balloons and several choruses of Happy Birthday. And when his band interrupted his second encore with a great jazzy version of Happy Birthday and Bo Derek appeared on stage to present him with a birthday cake, he got SO adorably flustered! So flustered that he forgot some of the words to "Freedom 90"!!! Not that most of the crowd noticed, since everyone was busy singing along at top volume!

And George seemed SO very happy! He was even MORE smiley and chatty than he was in Phoenix. So very chatty. And funny! He totally called out Dr. Phil, who was in the audience with his wife, for being the only miserable looking face in a sea of smiling people having a good time! It was hilarious! He suggested that Dr. Phil get some help for his pissy mood! *laughs*

And!!! Kenny was there! Looking so fucking HOT! Dear gods. He smiled at Brenda and I thought she was going to DIE! Seriously, those two men are very lucky to have one another because the two of them together? That's enough hotness to power L.A. Speaking of hotness in L.A., I must thank the gay men in this city who obviously love George as much as I do for providing us with so much beautiful eye candy! Damn. It was a feast for the eyes, let me tell you.

So, yes, again a DAMN GOOD TIME was had again with George Michael!!! If y'all want to read a review that's probably more coherent than my fangirlish flail, you can check this one out. And, really, if you have the chance to see George Michael on this tour, DO IT! It's an amazing show; he's an amazing performer; you will have a fabulous time! Brenda and I are still holding out hope that we'll win the lottery so that we can jet over to London for the two last shows. *g* What? It could happen. (Our chances might improve, however, if we actually bought a lottery ticket!)

ETA:: [ profile] azewewish shares her fangirlish flail over last night's show here. And, I've got to add, that a big part of the magic of these two shows (because, truly, there was something magical about both of them) was sharing them with someone who totally got and shared my love for George Michael and his music and my sheer joy at getting the chance to see him live. Thank you, Brenda! I think you're amazing! *g*
- Court this morning was brutal. On the upside, however, Mr. Super Hot Security Guard was back on the job today. I don't know where he's been for the past month, but I was glad to have the eye candy back!

- I finally got around to reading Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight." I'm almost done and while I've found it marginally entertaining, my overall opinion is one of ambivalence. Am I missing something? Does the series get dramatically better? Are there particularly amazing actors lined up to play these characters? Why all the frenzy over the books and the movie? Someone clue me in!

- I'll be heading to L.A. in a few hours! Yay! Hookers!!! Birthday celebrations!!! Baseball!!! Wanted!!! George Michael!!! GOOD TIMES!!! Speaking of both George Michael and birthday celebrations, today is his 45th birthday. Happy Birthday, George!!!
Ok. So, yeah. George Michael. Where to start? I guess it started in 1987 with Faith. 1987 was a big year for me. For a lot of reasons and in a lot of ways, my world expanded that year. Part of that included discovering how much I really loved George Michael. And since then, his music has really been an important part of the soundtrack of my life, with releases of new material continuing to mark big shifts in my life, sometimes coincidentally and sometimes as a result of the music itself.

So, it's not hyperbole when I say that Sunday's show was truly a deeply moving, even a spiritual experience. First, we had the best seats! 11th row! It was awesome to ride the energy of an arena show and still be close enough for it to feel like a club show. I mean, we were close enough to see his wedding band and to see every dimpled smile! And, gods, did he smile. He looked so happy! And hot. I did mention that even after all these years he still looks DAMN HOT, right? *bites lip*

And he sounded FANTASTIC! God. His voice. I think it's even better, richer, more resonant, than it was 25 years ago. I could probably go on and on, waxing rhapsodic over every song from his opening with "Waiting (Reprise)" to his encore with "Freedom 90," but thankfully for all of us, [ profile] azewewish wrote some of her thoughts on the show here, together with some great pictures and the full set list. So instead I'll just direct you there and say "yes, yes, YES!" to everything she says.

I laughed. I cried. I sang. I danced. I screamed. By the end, I was literally vibrating from the energy and the emotion. I actually had to take time to ground and center before I could walk out of there.

I can't even express how AMAZING this show was. Just. WOW. So much wow, in fact, that (after a much needed stop at The Waffle House -- part of that grounding that really needed to happen) Brenda and I came home and immediately bought tickets to tomorrow night's show in L.A. *bounces* George!!!!!!! Again!!!

Oh, one more thing, because I'm pretty sure that we're all, y'know practicing the same religion, so to speak, when it comes to SMOKIN' HOT MEN, here's a picture of the insanely hot cop outfit that George donned for "Outside." *bites lip* )

Damn. Just DAMN. I am pretty sure that Brenda and I literally SQUEALED and jumped up and down like crazy women when he came on stage in this get up. *fans self*
Oh. My. Fucking. God.

And: George Michael is still HOT LIKE BURNING in every way possible!!!

That pretty much sums up my feelings about last night's concert. It's too damn early for a more detailed and/or coherent review. But we're up because Brenda has to be at the airport in the next hour. Also? I think I may have a George Michael hangover. *holds head* I will write more once I've had a hell of a lot more coffee.

One other thing? Um. Last night. In the post-concert bliss, I think I may have bought tickets to the show in L.A. Wednesday night. And, you know, rearranged all my travel plans in order to get there a day earlier. *facepalm* But, in my defense, there was definitely still that afterglow haze clouding my brain and we realized it will be George's 45th birthday Wednesday. So, really, after the show he gave us, how could we not properly celebrate his birthday???
*wipes brow* Five hours of dusting, scrubbing, and mopping and I've finally whipped this place into shape. Now that my house is sparkly clean, I can relax a bit before I have to pick up [ profile] azewewish from the airport.

And then tomorrow? Tomorrow we get GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 *bounces* I am so ridiculously excited about this!

But even before George (we're TOTALLY on a first name basis *g*) we've got tons o' fun to pack in to the next 24 hours. So, a little R&R before the good times get rollin' is a good thing.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend, even if you don't have George. *sad for you*
- WTF Arizona weather??? It was 110 fucking hot degrees on Monday! Today? A cool and cloudy 74. Tomorrow it's supposed to be even cooler (70) and rainy. That's a 40 degree difference in 3 days!!! Craziness, I tell you!

- Yesterday's Super Shopping Spree with [ profile] technosage proved successful, if completely exhausting. We quite literally shopped 'til we dropped! Yay for lovely new clothes!!! \o/

- Despite his song choice for his last dance number, Jason Taylor is apparently not yet "Going to Miami." A "frosty" relationship between Jason and team management seems to be putting it nicely, no?

- In other sports news, Doug Davis is returning to the Dbacks' rotation this week having seemingly made a full recovery from thyroid cancer. Way to go Doug!!! And, man, it's tough to be a Padre these days. That's a hell of a lot going wrong in a couple of at bats. *HUGS [ profile] _lisalisa_* Also, [ profile] azewewish, what's with Brave's fans stumbling drunkenly to their deaths at Turner Field??? That's awful!

- I may have been unwillingly enticed into kinda really liking David Cook. I blame it on my mother who insists on watching American Idol. But, seriously, he's adorable!!! And, surprisingly, possibly even quite talented. But, more importantly, ADORABLE!

- But David Cook's adorableness was not the best part about being forced by my mother to watch American Idol too lazy to look for the remote control. The best part? GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah. I have no idea what the hell he's doing on AI. But whatever. He was fantastic!) OMG why isn't it June 22nd yet??? I want to go sit in my seat on the 11th row NOW!

- I have a session with Trainer!Boy this afternoon who is now coming to my house to train! How fantastic is that?

- Significantly less fantastic, however: I can't get in to see the girl who cuts my hair until June 24. *woe*

Ok. That's all the brain confetti I have for the moment. Although I do have thinky thoughts on the recent misogyny discussions that will probably continue to plague me until I write them down. So I may do that. Later, though. Because right now I have work to do and people to defend and a living to earn.
The Deities of Music have smiled upon me! Twice!!!

VIP passes to see Nine Inch Nails at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIN in New Orleans!!!!!!!! VIP passes for the entire weekend!!!!!! New Orleans during Halloween!!!!!!!! With [ profile] azewewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And more bounty from the Music Gods: tickets to see George Michael next month from the 11th row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails wildly*



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