:: Darren Criss. Wet and shirtless. Those pictures have totes been my happy place all week.

:: My newest musical obsession is Jessie J. I love her voice! If you haven't yet, check her out. "Do It Like A Dude" and "Price Tag" to get you started on the Jessie J love!

Also, I'd love to know who does her make-up. She always looks AMAZING.

:: I finally scored the Naked Palette from Urban Decay!!! That damn thing has been sold out for approximately forever! But they're available right now directly from Urban Decay, so, you know, go get it!!! (It's also entirely possible that I'm the only one who is ridiculously excited about this. If so, feel free to ignore my make-up related flailing. *g*)

:: I think it's appropriate to re-flail about [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva's awesome ticket mojo in scoring us VIP M&G tickets to the San Diego Glee Live! show because those things sold like hotcakes and are completely sold out before the general sale even starts tomorrow! But we have tickets!!!! *re-flail* :D

:: Speaking of awesome live music, Bruno Mars is touring this summer with Janelle Monae. (Tour dates.) Bruno Mars was absolutely fantastic live when I saw him at Martini Ranch a few months back; and I've heard nothing but amazing things about Janelle Monae's live performances. This should be one hell of a show.

:: Sunday is 1n10's Fresh Brunch!!! Good times for a good cause! There are some amazing Adam-related items up for auction (a Adam fan basket full of great stuff, a Lee Cherry framed picture signed by both Lee and Adam, a signed photo and calendar donated by Adam's mom) -- let me know if you're interested in making an on-line bid and I'll get you the info.

Yay! Fun Friday indeed! Tell me about the fun things in your Friday!

(P.S.: I waiting for news on a job. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it's GOOD news!)
Ok, so, I'll say it, yesterday sucked. And not in the positive, life-affirming kind of way. I now live in a state that has actually elected Jan Brewer as governor; the Democrats lost control of the House; and people like Rand Paul were elected to the Senate. Not. A. Good. Day.

Today I had to trek to Tucson and back to pick up my grandmother. That drive is brutal. And all I got out of it was a piña colada Eeegee. What I'm basically getting at here, is that, given the past two days, I could use some cheering up. So, how 'bout some random bits of awesomeness?

I know I always talk about Adam around here, but, in case I hadn't made it clear, let me say that Kris Allen is fabulous too!!! Only, you know, fabulous in plaid instead of glitter. )

Also awesome? Pink's new song, "F**kin' Perfect"!!! It's, well, FUCKING PERFECT!!! (Too awesome for asterisks!) If you haven't heard it yet, you should. You can check it out HERE.

And while we're on the subject of Pink's awesomeness, have you seen her video for "Raise Your Glass"? I dig it. *nods*

Raise Your Glass! )

Both of these It Gets Better videos were awesome in totally different ways: beautiful voices, beautiful faces, beautiful message (and one green frog). )

You know what else is awesome? The rest of that Eeegee from earlier today made even betterer with the addition of a generous amount of Malibu rum!!! Delish! :D

Ok, me and my rum laced Eeegee are feeling better about life now. *g* What's happening with y'all?



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