Saturday night found us at the official opening of what has now been declared the Best Damn Bar in WeHo, The Office West Hollywood, with the hottest, friendliest staff ever. Seriously, these boys are adorable and they love us like Dean Winchester loves pie! As they should. For we are awesome and we were totally the funnest table at the bar that night! And we have the pictures to prove it. *g*

But, that's for another post. This post is all about DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!!! So, the Darren portion of the evening started with this: )

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so damn adorable and so nice and charming and just RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF AWESOME!!!! We did tell him that we'd be having lunch with him soon because we'd just won the charity auction and he's all "awesome, you'll get to see me stuff my face!" *laughs* He did promise me that he'd take us somewhere nice. :)

The M&G was super fast, but it was handled really well, and he was gorgeous and charming and completely precious, and it was SO VERY WEIRD to be one of only 5 or 6 girls in line for the M&G, after having recently stood in M&G lines for Adam Lambert. The gay boys have mad love for Darren, let me tell you! Poor Adam, man. He would have been in heaven! *g*

So, the Darren portion of the night started with a hug from Darren and ended with Darren singing his entire set no more than TWO FEET FROM MY FAAAAACE!!!!!! Holy crap he was so close I could practically see his tonsils when he sang! *laughs* The bar was teeny-tiny. The piano he was playing at was tucked into the corner, and we were at the closest table to the piano. But by the time everyone squooshed up behind me, I was getting close and personal with the cute little twink in front of me and Darren was singing right in front of our faces. And, really, I don't know what I enjoyed more, Darren being OMG right the fuck there, or the cute little twink in front of me completely loosing his shit over Darren the entire time! He was so freakin' adorable!!! His name was Scotty. I know this because after Darren's set he turns to me and is all "I feel as if I've been in a relationship with you," let's meet! *g* Seriously, though, he was SO EXCITED over Darren. It was presh!

Anyway, Darren sounded AH-MAY-ZING! He did about a 40 minute set. He opened with this wonderful, slowed down cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," and he closed with "Not Alone." I'm sure I'm forgetting some of it, but this is what I remember of his set list, in no particular order, because my brain was pretty tequila soaked at this point:

- "Since U Been Gone"
- "Teenage Dream"
- "Let It Be" -- this was awesome and he had the entire bar singing along!
- "Coolest Girl"
- "Desperado" -- loved this!
- "Hit Me, Baby"
- "That's All" - so beautiful!
- a Disney cover, but I'll be damned if I can remember which one
- "Not Alone"



Seriously, we were so close it was a little freaky. But awesome. Definitely awesome!

My pictures of DARREN'S FAAAAAACE!!!!! )

There are videos of most of his set HERE. (With thanks to [ profile] godlizza for the vids!) It cracks my shit up that you can totally hear us scream "THE COOLEST BITCH ON EARTH GOD DAMMIT" during "Coolest Girl"! We rock! :D

Thank the gods one of the brilliant professional photographers at the event had the presence of mind to shoot this picture:


HANDS!!!!!! Sweet jam on crackers, his hands. His gorgeous, talented hands! Excuse me while my mind goes to the dirtywrongHOT place for a moment. *bites lip*

Ahem. Ok, that was fun. *g*

Also, this happened:



You guys. The entire night was AMAZING! So much fun. So much pretty. So much tequila!!! :D

And now Darren is probably losing sleep over having to take three crazy chicks out to lunch at some point in the near future. *g* Sorry, Darren! We'll be gentle! I promise! :)
I think it's patently clear that I love Adam Lambert like I love rainbows and glitter and fabulous make-up and all things sparkly and wonderful in this world. So, it should tell y'all something when I say that even though I absolutely loved Adam's last two Glam Nation shows, Darren's shows at The Roxy were probably the highlight of this trip to L.A. for me.

We had tickets to both his afternoon and evening show. I'm glad we did because even though we timed our arrival at the venue for sometime after the doors were supposed to have opened, there was still a significant line to get in -- a line out in the non-stop rain that drenched the greater L.A. area the entire time I was there. Once we finally made it into The Roxy, we were all nice and damp and Darren was already well into his set. But, on the plus side, The Roxy is a great venue and I was able to find a great spot on the stairs back at the bar to watch the rest of the show. Sweet jam on crackers, that boy is the very definition of ADORABLE!!!

After the first show, [ profile] azewewish, [ profile] coolwhipdiva, [ profile] llandaffaz, and @morgaine99 all decided they would pass on the second show; [ profile] _lisalisa_ and I, however, went back out to stand in the rain again until they opened the doors for the evening show. I found it both hilarious and indicative of my levels of smitten-ness (totes a word!) that, while I absolutely refused to stand in line in order to get a good spot on the floor for Adam's shows, on Saturday I found myself not only standing in line for Darren's shows, but standing in line IN THE FUCKING RAIN....TWICE!!! *laughs* [ profile] sabrinagb and [ profile] editorzon joined me and Lisa for the second show. We managed to grab a table for this show, so not only did we have a place to finally sit and alcohol and food service, but we had an AMAZING view for the show!

The set lists for both shows were the same, so I was able to see what I had missed from the first show. He opened with The Circle of Life!!! Seriously, people, he sings Disney covers! Unironically! I just can't tell you how much I love him for this! <333


Darren Criss Live at The Roxy )

He was so much fun to watch live. I love his music; he's a freakin' musical genius who can play like a dozen different instruments; and there was just so much talent in his band! And his adorableness factor is just through the roof! He's just too precious for words!!! This is me being ridiculously smitten with Darren Criss! *hearts in my eyes FOREVER*

And it was just SO much fun to watch this show with my girls who were equally as DELIGHTED as I was with Darren!!! Thank you, [ profile] _lisalisa_, [ profile] editorzon, and [ profile] sabrinagb, for sharing the Darren Criss lovefest with me! *mwah*
[ profile] zoniduck and I went to see Bruno Mars last night at Martini Ranch, and he was AH-MAY-ZING! Not only is he adorable and wee and has a smile that just kind makes you swoon, but he's just a phenomenal musician backed up by a whole stage full of phenomenal musicians. Seriously, these boys were jammin'. Plus, he's just completely charismatic. I was charmed. *g*

The venue was about the size of my living room and was literally packed to the rafters. Seriously, people were standing on tables and packed wall to wall. And he only played about a 60 minute set. But he completely killed it and had everyone eating out of his hand. He could have easily played another 2 hours and had everyone enthralled.

And I just loved their sound. I have his CD and I really like it, but I think I loved his sound even more live (which, really, isn't something I can say about most artists). It was just really full and layered and funky in a totally cool, make you want to sway and dance kinda way.

His set included some of my favorites from "Doo-Wops and Hooligans," like The Other Side, Count On Me, The Lazy Song, Grenade, and, of course, Just The Way You Are. And he did some of his big collabs, like Billionaire and Nothin' On You, on which he had an amazing arrangement that started all stripped down and acoustic and then built up into full tempo. I loved it! He also did this crazy-ass mash-up of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and the Whitestipe's Seven Nation Army which my brain still tells me would never work, but which totally did!

I didn't have my camera with me, so I wasn't able to take any pictures but here are a few vids I found online of last night's show )

Bottom line, Bruno Mars killed it! He sounds even more amazing live than in the studio. If he's gonna be anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go see him!

And, 'cause I'm feeling AMAAAAAZING just the way I am *g*, I've got goodies for y'all. (But, really, buy the album; it is solid good music all the way through.)

Just The Way You Are
Count On Me
The Lazy Song
This show had the potential to be bitter-sweet. It was number 12 for me, and the last of my Glam Nation shows, at least until we get an L.A. show. But, really, this show ended up too damn epic to be anything less than incredible and completely obliterating any lingering sadness over the end of the tour!

Third meet and greet. Excessive? Maybe, but I don't really give a damn. What we were hoping for when we got this M&G was early admission to a GA venue. That didn't end up happening, but the venue took care of us anyway, reserving a section of the first balcony that directly overlooked stage left. We were obviously not the only ones with that idea as the entire time we were in line people were fretting, wringing their hands, bitching and complaining, nagging the venue staff, and various combinations of the above, about whether or not we would be done with the M&G and on the floor before the doors opened. It was incredibly annoying! Seriously, people need to learn to go with the flow and just have a damn good time regardless. In the words of a wise five year old: you get what you get and you don't throw a fit! Several folks in line had obviously never learned this kindergarten lesson and they got their bright pink fannish entitlement panties in a twist, demanding that Neil make the venue hold the doors until the M&G was over. Um, did you read your ticket? It said, "meet and greet." If you met Adam and he greeted you, well then hey, you got exactly what you paid for! Sheesh.

Anyway, like I said, the venue doors did in fact open before we were done; but the venue took care of us and we had a great view for the show. And the M&G, even the third one, was delightful! Adam was still charming and gracious. He, unsurprisingly after three of these damn things, recognized me. I walked up and he's all "Heyyy, did you have a good time yesterday?" And we talked a bit about the great energy of the show the night before. This time, I didn't have a shot glass for him. Instead I asked him to sign a picture to my niece, Rhyan, and as he was signing I told him about Rhyan, that she's 2 and she loves him and sings along to all his songs and makes me play concert videos all the time and calls him "Alam" because she still can't quite pronounce her "d"s. He "Awwww'd" adorably. *g* We took the picture and then got back to talking show energy. I told him that I'd seen a lot of live music performances and that there were very few performers who know what to do with that energy, build it and manipulate it and reciprocate it, and because he does know how to work with that energy it makes it a really amazing experience for his audience. He seemed really pleased to hear that and thanked me and we talked a bit more about how cool that night's venue looked and how the energy there already felt amazing. In short, it was another super cool Adam-moment and I'm really glad I did this M&G even if it didn't result in a spot at the barricades!

Me and Adam, one more time! )

Glam Nation at The Tabernacle )


This show just fucking rocked! From Voodoo to dreads, the energy was crazy and intense and euphoric! Oh, yeah, there were dreads! Since it was LP's last show, Adam, Monte and Tommy all took the stage for the encore wearing LP-like dreads. It was hilarious!

The most amazing encore ever!!! )

This was by far one of my favorite Glam Nation shows, just for the wild energy alone. I was completely trashed by the end of the night, but I had such a great time! It was just an incredible night! And then, as if the night couldn't get any better, I got to take a picture with Monte at the buses after the show!

Me and Monte )

So, yeah, my Glam Nation shows ended on one hell of a high note. In fact, I may still be buzzing from that night! *g*

Thumbnails of all my Tabernacle pics. )
[ profile] llandaff joined me for the ATL shows. The first one was at a seated venue, at the Woodruff Arts Center Symphony Hall. I think what stood out for me the most about this show was how incredibly friendly the crowd was! I met SO many amazing people!

Vicki and I both had a M&G for this show. The set up was significantly better than New Orleans because they at least had Adam in a little room type area, separate from the rest of the line. Neil was again the M&G wrangler; he does a pretty damn good job too. This was the first time that I heard him give the "do not grope my brother" warning, which makes me wonder what horror must have prompted that.

This M&G felt far less rushed, and I had quite a bit of time with Adam. I was wearing a top that kind of fell off the shoulder and the first thing he noticed was my tattoo. He said something like "Oooh, that's pretty. What is it?" And before I knew it Adam fucking Lambert was tracing the dragonfly knot on my tattoo!!! So, I do my best to find words and explain that it's a dragonfly and he keeps tracing it until he sees it and says something like "Oh, yeah! I see that! That's so cool!" But, mostly, my brain was stuck at Adam's finger tracing over my tattoo! *g* After that he noticed my necklace, which is the same Nicolina Royale one that he wore on his some of his album photography. He picked up the stone and said something like "I love your necklace," which then prompted this whole conversation on Nicolina's amazing jewelry and how I had actually bought this piece before his album photos came out and how I was all "hey, Adam's wearing my necklace," and he laughed and it was delightful! So then I give him the "Atlanta" shot glass that I had brought for him to sign and he remembers the shot glass from NOLA; I tell him that this will likely be a theme because I really love tequila. He and Neil crack up and then we have this whole conversation about tequila! We all agree that Patron is our favorite, although I did give him a couple of suggestions for high end tequilas to try and he seemed intrigued. So, at this point, Neil realizes that we've been talking for a while and haven't even taken a picture yet, so he snaps that and I thank them both and wait for Vicki to have her time with him (which I'll let her tell first, but which was also fantastic!) so that we can then take a picture together. The entire experience was AMAZING and thoroughly DELIGHTFUL!!!

Me and Adam, again! )

Vicki and I had great seats for this show -- third row, just off of center. We were far enough back to have great sound, and close enough to have the occasional eye contact during the show. The energy from the crowd was unbelievable! Probably one of the best of all the shows I've seen in terms of just great reciprocity of energy. It was so much fun, in fact, just to ride along with that great energy, that I hardly took any pictures and instead just enjoyed it!


Here are a few more pictures: )

This show was just flat out so much FUN! Adam was clearly loving all the pretty ATL boys in the crowd. LP gave us an incredible drum solo on his second to last night. Monte's guitar solo during Sleepwalker blew me away! Everything about this show was just amazing, and high energy, and just a freakin' blast!
New Orleans was AMAZING!!! From the meet and greet to our great seats to the incredible energy, this show will forever be one of my favorites.

This was the first of three M&Gs. Adam was incredibly charming and affable. And gorgeous. Dear gods, that man is beautiful! The set up for the M&G was kind of strange; we were literally lined up in a hallway backstage. And while this was probably the most awkward and rushed of the three M&Gs, it was still a lovely experience. I introduced myself and thanked him for taking time to meet with us. He was completely charming; no matter how brief your conversation with him is, he has a real talent for focusing on whoever he's talking to and making you feel as if he's truly listening and connecting. I had him sign a New Orleans shot glass (this will later become a theme of our M&Gs), which prompted a great exchange about tequila. *g*

Me & Adam! )

[ profile] coolwhipdiva and I had seats in the pit, first row, center. Awesome! There were several feet, though, between the two pit rows and the stage, so when Allison took the stage, everyone in those first two rows were allowed to rush the stage. I still ended up dead center with just one person in front of me. Which was again, awesome! I actually preferred not being right up against the stage, because (1) I had room to dance (this is very important! *g*) and (2) instead of Adam looking right down to the top of your head, being a foot or so back from the stage allowed for a better angle and a hell of a lot more eye contact. Really, really awesome! We all know the man has an impressive package, and if y'all know me at all you know that I appreciate an impressive package *g*, but I loved being able able to make eye contact, repeatedly, during the entire set, rather than being eye level with his crotch the whole time!

Since this was NOLA, I was kind of expecting the show to be something special, and it really was. The band all came out wearing Mardi Gras masks and Adam started out "Voodoo" with a skull-capped voodoo stick.


Glam Nation in the Big Easy )

Adam and the band and the dancers were just on fiyah in New Orleans! You could tell they were all having a hell of a time and just feeding off the great energy of the crowd. It was obvious that they were all expecting something special from this show, just as all of fandom had been looking forward to a New Orleans Glam Nation stop ever since Adam talked about it being the inspiration for the show. My tenth Glam Nation show in the Big Easy was truly something special!

cause it's voodoo, voodoo, voodoo...under your spell )
Life has gone from good crazy to just plain crazy this week, but I'm steadfastly refusing to concentrate on anything but the sparkly until next week. So, let's talk about Adam! *beams*

I flew into Burbank on Tuesday to meet up with [ profile] coolwhipdiva for the two shows in Orange County. We had so much fun!!! On Tuesday night I had upgraded our tickets to 5th row, center, in the pit. The seats in the pit were crammed in so tight you could barely move, so it was a good thing that security let those seated there rush the stage and stand at the barricade, otherwise it would have been impossible to dance. And, really, how anyone can sit through this show without being compelled to get up out of their seats and shake their ass is beyond my ability to comprehend. Believe me, J and I danced. *g*

Costa Mesa is the closest that this tour is getting to L.A. (at least as the schedule currently stands), so it was very much a hometown crowd for Adam and all the band and dancers and they all had lots of family and friends in the crowd. And, OMG, they all looked so freakin' HAPPY. Adam had this silly grin on his face for a good part of the show! And, even though the sound mix was a little off that night (hello! I'd really like to be able to actually hear Monte during his guitar solo!), it was still just so much FUN watching them have so much FUN!






Costa Mesa - July 27, 2010 )

On Wednesday, [ profile] _lisalisa_ joined us. The shows were part of the OC Fair, so we spent the afternoon at the fair, checking out the exhibits, avoiding anything fried on a stick, drinking frozen margaritas, and just catching up and enjoying some much needed hanging out time! It was awesome! Before the show, we found a table and some wine, and I did up our make-up and glitterfied the three of us in the middle of the fair! We were very sparkly! *g*

I had an AMAZING view. I made friends with the security folks on my side of the pit and they let me stand at the edge of the barricade on Tommy's side of the stage, actually kind of between the barricade and the stage. The sound mix was thankfully much better on Wednesday night. And everyone was just on FIRE! Monte jumped into the pit for one of his guitars solos. Tommy was looking especially pretty. Adam's vocals were stunning. It was fantastic! And Adam's encore of Whole Lotta Love that night is my favorite next to Fantasy Springs. Just incredible!








Costa Mesa - July 28, 2010 )

Costa Mesa was DAMN GOOD TIMES!!! Now I need to get ready so I can make my flight to San Diego in a few hours. [ profile] coolwhipdiva has promised me tequila shots and believe me when I tell you I can use them. Tomorrow I fly back home, meet up with [ profile] editorzon at the airport, and then dance until my feet fall off at the Lady Gaga concert! And then on Sunday, another Glam Nation show here in Tempe. After that, I'm planning on sleeping for days. As soon as that happens, I'll come back and fill y'all in on how life outside of Glam Nation is sucking hard. But, for now, I'm gonna get my glitter on, hang with my girls, drink myself silly, and dance until I just can't anymore! *nods*
I think that my show recaps are pretty much going to go something like this every time: ADAM LAMBERT BLEW MY FUCKING MIND INTO ITTY BITTY BLISSED OUT GLITTERY BITS!!!!! AGAIN!!!

I had such a blast in Denver, mostly because I got to share it all with [ profile] coolwhipdiva. We had AMAZING seats -- dead center in the fifth row. J is really channeling the ticket mojo for Glam Nation. *g* We chatted up all the folks around us who were all kinds of good times! I was especially amused by the cute gay boy behind us who was like this crazy mash up of Kris Allen's looks (plaid shirt included!) and Cheeks' personality (his snarky one liners were definitely for our entertainment!). J and I danced our asses off and basically had the best time ever! J wrote all about our time in Denver and the show HERE. I'll just have y'all go read what she said, reiterate my very eloquent and effusive show recap above, and get right on to the pictures. *g*

Allison Iraheta. Have I mentioned that this girl can ROCK??! )


Adam and Tommy during "Fever" (no kiss, but they still crank up the flirt factor):

Adam during "Sleepwalker." I love this picture of him!

Monte shreds the hell outa the guitar!

I wish this picture was sharper. But, oh my heart, look at his FAAAACE!!!! His SMILE fills my heart with happy!!!!

Seriously, Adam. How so pretty, bb? *loves*


Thumbnails of high-res versions of all my Denver photos. )

After the show the good times continued when J and I met up with [ profile] rhythmsextion for drinks. She is a complete sweetheart!!! It was so much fun hanging out with her and chatting and just generally having a fantabulous time! In short, Denver was FABULOUS!
I'm in Denver tonight, in town for tomorrow night's Glam Nation show. But before that happens, I figured I better post my thoughts (which mostly go something like: aldkjalkdjfiajdkfjaslk!!!!!) and my pictures (which weren't many since I was busy getting my mind completely blown) from the Louisville show.

So, to follow conventional wisdom and start at the beginning, Allison Iraheta was the first opener and let me just say that this child can sing! I have no idea why she isn't seeing bigger record sales or headlining her own shows, because she's amazing. She's gotten so much more comfortable on the stage since the Idols tour last summer. And, yeah, she can SING! Her set left me wanting more. But since there were two opening acts, Allison's set was way too short. Orianthi was up next. Orianthi's thing is the guitar. She's some sort of guitar prodigy, who's played with the likes of Santana and Steve Vai, and was Michael Jackson's lead guitarist for This Is It. And the girl can shred the hell outa the guitar. What she hasn't quite gotten the hang of yet, though, is being the front person. She's kinda boring, actually, when she's not creating magic on the guitar. Consequently her set felt eternal. So I was actually happy to hear today that she's cancelling the rest of her Glam Nation dates. I'm not sure why, but since they've added Allison to many of the remaining dates I'm hoping this means we'll get a longer set from her.

Orianthi's set didn't actually last forever, even though it felt like it, and soon we were waiting for Adam to take the stage. Before that, though, let me just say that Adam's shows make for some of the most fascinating people watching ever! The crowd was actually pretty diverse: teenage girls who haven't quite mastered the art of eye make up but certainly didn't let that stop them; older grandma types, you know, if your grandma happens to wear floor length purple and black zebra striped glittery capes and blinking lights in her gray hair; couples, young and old, with the husbands on their feet and obviously having as good a time as their wives; hot gay boys done up in all manner of fierce and fabulous outfits; and women in their 20s and 30s in sparkling in various degrees of glitter. Fascinating! The greatest thing about the crowd, though? Not the crazy-ass outfits, or the amazing makeup, or the sometimes ridiculous accessories. No. The absolute best thing about the crowd was that every single person was having a fucking blast! Even before Adam took the stage, there was dancing and laughing and getting to know the people around you and big, happy smiles all around!

And then there was Adam. Jfc. And then there was ADAM. He opens with "Voodoo" and then goes into "Down the Rabbit Hole." By the time he gets to "Fever" the crowd is practically delirious. When he kissed Tommy the crowd went from delirious to straight up insane. I think I was most blown away by the acoustic numbers in the middle. He does "Soaked" accompanied only by Cam on the keys, and it was stunning. His voice. Dear gods. There aren't even words. And I was in heaven to finally hear "Aftermath" live. He picks the tempo back up after that and "Sure Fire Winners" and "Music Open" were again amazing, as were the closing number, "If I Had You," and the encore of "Whole Lotta Love." The energy during the entire show was amazing. I'm not sure if he does it consciously or not, but he really works the energy reciprocity -- building it up, bringing it back down, just letting it ride and flow -- to make magic. He works with the energy so masterfully I've got to think that he's experienced his share of pagan-ish ecstatic rituals. Whatever, man, it's just fun as hell to ride that energy along with him. *g*

I was too busy getting my mind blown into itty bitty blissed out glittery bits to take a lot of pictures. But here are a few:





More Pictures of Glam Nation in Louisville )



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