Jan. 5th, 2011

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!! :D Insomnia kicked my ass last night and I didn't actually get to sleep until after 5 this morning. Four hours of sleep make me highly grumptastic. So, I'm trying to practice that whole sparkle harder, smile bigger, act "as if" mindset until I'm more caffeinated and feel a bit less like sticking a spork in everyone in the world! So far I haven't actually maimed anyone with a plastic utensil, so it might be working. *g*

So, yes, sparkling harder now! In fact, the world is sparkling way hard today because today is the day we celebrate the birth of the ever fabulous [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!! Brenda, baby, the Universe was certainly smiling in my direction when it brought you into my life. You are one of the most intelligent, articulate, capable, beautiful, AMAZING women I know. Your friendship is such a brilliant, treasured part of my life. You are a sister of my heart and I love you. I wish for you the most fabulous year yet, full of love, friendship, laughter, good times, lots of amazing sex, and plenty of hot men! *mwah*

Since we're on the subject of awesome people, let's talk about Darren Criss, shall we? *g* If you have no idea why he's one of my favorite topics of conversation, go check out fantabulous primer on Darren's various flavors of hotness. Seriously, that picspam is one of the best things to exist in this world!

But, wait. There's more! Apparently, Darren had a LiveJournal when he was in high school, and, for unknown yet greatly appreciated reasons, he hasn't removed that gem of awesomeness from the internets! His adorable dorktasticness was apparent even back then. And, really, how can you possibly not be charmed by a boy who writes things like this???

- It's proposterous that naps are a crime. People need them. Don't make me feel dirty about it.

- Why write essays when I can just send naked pictures of myself to colleges?

- Hellz No, Motherfucker, as they say in Bangladesh.

And, really, you just have to go read his whole bit on the LJ Abuse Team. I was literally laughing out loud! :D

Gods, he's just too adorable for this world! *smitten* And, he does adorable things like coach kids at a young actors' camp! <333

I told [livejournal.com profile] editorzon that I'd put links to all the videos from his performances last week at the Young Actors' Theater Camp, here for her our mutual enjoyment. If somehow your inner 14 year old girl is not completely smitten and swoony with Darren after that picspam primer and reading his old LJ, feel free to skip the rest of this. But if that's the case, I'M SORRY FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR REPRESSED INNER 14 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! *g*

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Teenage Dream
Coolest Girl

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