Apr. 4th, 2011 05:22 pm
Mercury went retrograde last Wednesday. My Blackberry started showing signs of impending death on Thursday. Coincidence? I think not. Unfortunately my Blackberry is out of warranty, so if it dies it's staying that way. I guess this gives me the excuse I've been looking for to finally get an iPhone.

Seriously, though, Mercury Retrograde, can you not fuck with my laptop until I'm employed? My bank account would really appreciate that small mercy.

ION, I saw "Rango" yesterday. Why didn't anyone tell me I should not attempt that sober??? Seriously, I cannot be expected to handle an animated lizard's existential crisis while having one of my own without an adequate amount of alcohol first!!! The froyo afterward went a long way toward restoring my zen, though. Which is good, because those things that a good frozen yogurt can't fix require me winning the lottery, and I'm not sure if I can really count on that happening any time soon. :/
|1| If for some reason you missed President Obama's speech at the memorial for the Tucson victims yesterday, do yourself a favor and listen to it now. )

|2| Whataya know. The Earth and Sun aren't static. And everyone has had their sense of self thrown into a tailspin because the Zodiac calendar has changed. But, really, it hasn't. Not if you were born in the Western world, at least. The Western world's zodiac calendar is seasonally based and fixed, so it doesn't shift as the sun and Earth shift. In any case, even if it did, I'd steadfastly refuse to believe that I was anything other than a Virgo with Libra rising! *makes an alphabetized list of all the ways she's definitely still a Virgo* :)

|3| If you're an Adam fan, or even if you're not, please read this and consider how you might help a great organization raise funds to help gay youth.

|4| Some delightfulness from my Tumblr dash! )

|5| These new photos of Darren deserve their own number, and maybe their own star in the heavens, they are so wonderful!!! )


Apr. 19th, 2010 01:22 pm
Mercury went retrograde yesterday, which, technically speaking means: oh shit, hold on tight, it's gonna be a riiiide. So, you know, fun times ahead! *g*

On the plus side, though, there has been a plethora of awesomeness announced in the past couple of days!

For example, Russell Crowe is stranded in L.A. and decided to pass the time by joining Twitter! I find this highly amusing. Even more so imagining [ profile] azewewish rolling her eyes in general Twitter-related annoyance. *laughs* But the BEST part about Russell's recent dive into the Twitter world was his announcement this weekend that TOFOG is (a) releasing a new album around August!!!! and (b) touring the U.S. this summer!!!! *flails* It looks as if the plan is to do a 10 year anniversary show at Stubb's in Austin in August, and from there hit various cities! Chicago, Portland, San Fransisco, and L.A. were specifically named! I am so all over Austin, and L.A., and maybe even Portland and/or San Fransisco!!! Eeeeee!!! TOFOG!!! Live! Sooooon!!!! I cannot wait!!!

And while I was still amidst my flail over TOFOG, [ profile] azewewish texted me with the news that MUSE has finally decided to do an L.A. show!!! They have, in fact, 3 So-Cal shows in September. San Diego and Anaheim are mid-week, so I'm not sure I can make those. But I am definitely on board for the L.A. show!!! They were spectacular and I am thrilled to be able to catch them again on this tour! Exciting!!!

There are also plans in the works for catching Roger Waters' The Wall 2010 show in L.A. with [ profile] without_me in late November!!! *flails more*

And, and, AND!!!! Adam Lambert finally announced some summer tour dates!!!! Unfortunately there is so far only one date on the west coast. It looks as if I'll be at the OC Fair in late July! I'm hoping that there will be more dates/cities posted soon. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, anyone wanna go to Atlantic City with me??? (I so wish I were kidding about that!)

Ahhh!!! So much amazingness!!!
This is what Rob Brezsny has to say about my 2008 horoscope:

VIRGO: Your main assignment in 2008 is to become highly skilled at feeling good. Does that sound like something you might want to do? If so, here's the beginning of a regimen you could follow: (1) Be constantly taking notes about what experiences give you delight and what situations make you feel at home in the world. (2) Always be scheming to provide yourself with those experiences and situations. (3) Take a vow that nothing will obstruct you from seeking out and creating pleasure, peace, love, wonder, and an intimate connection with life.
Virgo (Sun):
High-level financial officials from the U.S. government recently visited their Chinese counterparts, scolding them for having a booming economy and strong currency that's threatening the American economy. Here's what Alan Abelson wrote about the meeting in Barron's. "There's something hilarious about the world's biggest debtor, whose currency is sagging, lecturing a country that runs a humongous trade surplus and boasts a cool trillion in foreign reserves." You may soon get metaphorically similar pressure, Virgo. People with a fraction of your savvy and resources may try to manipulate you into serving their aims. Politely ignore their pressure. This is a time when you should be enjoying your hard-earned goodies with pure relish, not worrying about them or defending them or trying to adjust them to fit anyone else's specifications.

Moon and Rising Horoscopishness )
Kissing under water. )


Jan. 17th, 2007 06:01 am
The sky speaks. )
In sum: no whining, more self-discipline, and the naked truth. )
sun, moon, rising )
The stars speak of honey, ladders, and microbes. )


Dec. 13th, 2006 09:28 am
The stars speak of fluid perfectionism, celebrity look alikes, and relationships with darkness. )


Dec. 6th, 2006 11:03 am
The stars declare.... )
Virgo )
Oracles! )



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