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It was 102 degrees today. This is an April's Fools joke, right Mother Nature??? I've spent most of the day trying not to sweat. That hasn't worked out so well.

Of the good today, though, is that I had lunch with one of my old high school friends who I hadn't seen in about a year. We talked for hours getting caught up on each other's lives. It was good times.

So, hey, it's April! We're not talking about how 2011 is just zooming by, because, quite frankly, it's a little depressing to think about how long I've been unemployed. But, on the plus side, there are lots of awesome things happening in April!

Tomorrow I'm having brunch with the amazing team of Adam fans who have been working hard for 1n10. Yummy food and good people and planning ways to keep making a difference! Sounds like a damn fine way to spend a Saturday morning to me! *nods*

And then tomorrow night it's Family Drag Night. Yeah, I don't even know. But my cousin said she wanted to go to a drag show and then my sister-in-law mentioned that she'd never been to one, so Family Drag Night was born. This is either going to be a damn good time or a total disaster. *laughs*

And apparently April's theme is Dragalicious Good Times, because the following weekend is the 1n10 Dining with the Divas brunch. Drag queens and unlimited Blood Mary's!!! Things are gonna get crazy real fast! Pride is the following weekend and Pride is always fun, but this year I'm super excited to see Uh Huh Her perform! Cam!!! Leisha! Hot talented chicks being all hot and talented!!! *bounces*

ION, I think I've found the make-up program I want to do. It, of course, costs a small fortune. But right now that's not even the biggest challenge. I just don't feel as if I can commit that much money to a 3-month program when job-wise I'm in limbo. Ahhh. So damn frustrating. But, the program isn't going anywhere. It'll be there in six months or a year or whenever the hell the rest of my life gets put back together. And, just knowing what my next steps are, even if I don't yet know when I can take them, feels like forward progress.

So, April. The job search continues. Dragalicious good times are planned. And it's all of a sudden hot as hell. Here we go.
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