It's Fun Friday, the Music Edition! :)

:: (This one's for [ profile] azewewish. *g*) George Michael has joined Twitter! @GeorgeMichael. I'm greatly amused. Y'all know this is gonna be good times!

:: Speaking of George Michael, next week he's releasing a single, a cover of "True Faith," with the proceeds to benefit Comic Relief. OMGYAY!!! New George Michael on my iPod sooooon!!!!!!!! *bounces*

:: And speaking of my favorite musicians doing awesome things for awesome causes, Adam's dropping a remix of Aftermath next week to benefit The Trevor Project. Aftermath is the PERFECT song for this and I can't wait to hear this new dance remix. And, bonus! He'll be performing on American Idol next Thursday!!! He's doing an acoustic version of Aftermath (which made me cry pretty much every time I heard it on tour). Adam on my TV again!!!!!! *bounces more*

:: [GLEE SONG SPOILERS!!! Scroll on by if you don't want to know.] Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and the Warblers are singing Neon Trees' "Animal" in next week's Glee episode and I pretty much LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!!! I love Chris singing in his lower register and he and Darren sound fabulous together and there's growliness and the arrangement is awesome and yeah, just so much love! I think I've replayed this about a 20 times since it came out this morning. That trend is probably going to continue.

:: And Darren is doing a show in L.A. later this month!!!! I am so ridiculously excited about this! And I'm a little amused that fandom doesn't seem to have clued in on this performance, so maybe we'll have a low-key crowd. *hopes*

:: Also, Darren and Charlene Kaye are totes my musical OTP. I love them so, so much! Dress and Tie Music Video Adorableness!!! )

:: Ok, I have no idea where this came from or who these dudes are. This just appeared on my Tumblr dash this morning, but, holy wow, y'all have to hear this! I was going to say that it's perhaps the best cover of "Smooth Criminal" that I've ever heard, but it's more than that. This is like sex. Really hot, angry sex...with cellos! )

:: Also, Adele. Still haven't taken "21" off of repeat. So. Damn. Good. I'm so bummed that there isn't a show on her tour anywhere near me though. *sadface*

So, now it's your turn! Tell me all about YOUR musical happy place! What are you listening to? What shows are you looking forward to? What's happening with your favorite musicians? I wanna know!!!!!! :D
>> #teamfeelingood )

>> [ profile] wendy's post of Awesome Exactly as You Are tunes!!! Lot's of fabulous, empowering music there! Go add your favorite I Am Awesome song to the list!

>> Decluttering!!! I'm cleaning out closets and corners and getting ready to sell all the extraneous stuff in my life tomorrow in a yard sale. Yay!

>> Pinkbert! )

>> Darren Criss and the Glee Cast's version of Teenage Dream!!! Happy place! *twirls* Also, [ profile] kurt_blaine for all your Kurt/Blaine fannish needs. You're welcome. *g*

Who else is #teamfeelingood with me today? Tell me what's fabulous about your Friday! *beams*
:: How did I not know that Jeremy Shockey was on Twitter??? I randomly ran across his Twitter account today. *follows* And, sweet jam on crackers, how can I possibly love this man any more? His Twitter bio? "Unwavering." That's it. Unwavering. That's how he describes himself! Just that! I'm equal parts amused and charmed!

Jeremy Shockey. Bio: Unwavering. )

:: Speaking of being equal parts amused and charmed, this is what Adam and his Glam Troupe were apparently up to before their last U.S. show at the Puyallup Fair in Washington: Let's play cowboys and Indians! )

:: MAC has this super cool new make-up line called Venomous Villians based on some of Disney villains! I was completely unable to resist the Maleficent eyeshadows and one of the Evil Queen's lipsticks! *grabby hands*

:: While were on the topic of Disney, sort of. My mom and I bought tickets to take Rianna and Rhyan to see Beauty and the Beast next month at Gammage! I absolutely LOVE this production and it will be the girls' first musical theater experience! I am super excited!!!

:: Why must there be all this super cool stuff that I want to buy when I don't have a damn job??? Cassidy Haley just added a hoodie to his Sunshine Rebels collection. *wants* But, you know, I've got Maleficent eyeshadow coming my way, so I'm going to resist the allure of the Rebel Hoodie.

:: I can't be the only one who actually wanted them to do a Christopher Cross number on GLEE, right??? Don't judge me! Christopher Cross brings up lots of childhood memories with my dad for me! :) Other than wanting Christopher Cross, this is what I thought of this week's GLEE ) Oh, and FYI, I really do hope that Brittany does a perform a musical number by Ke$ha next week! *g*
This one's for [ profile] azewewish: Down is now on Twitter!!! *laughs and laughs* Come on, give in already!
|1| Friday I went to the D'backs/Astros game with some folks from work. My boys won! Good times!

|2| Also on Friday we got a keg refrigerator for the office. *laughs* I love my job!!!

|3| I had to drive out to Lake Havasu City yesterday for a client meeting. Seven hours of driving there and back for an hour and a half meeting. So I've really only had half a weekend. Ugh.

|4| In addition to completely killing my Saturday, yesterday's client meeting also resulted in a speeding ticket from BumFuckNoWhere, Arizona. I'm seriously unimpressed with my Saturday.

|5| I managed to fuck up my shoulder and neck. Ow!!! And the worst part is, I don't even know what I did! *facepalm* I had a session with The Trainer today; he came over and we worked on stretching it out, but I still couldn't manage to get through a work out. It's ibuprofen and the heating pad for me today. Gods I feel old.

|6| Apparenlty, I have a twitter. Follow me! Resistance is obviously futile. *beams* So, um, let me know if you're there so that I can follow the minutia of your day too! Also, tell me who I should be following -- if my phone is going to buzz all day long I might as well be really entertained!

|7| You're probably thankful surprised that this entry is devoid of any mention of Adam Lambert. Not to worry! I've got a picspam coming up soon! I know you're as excited as I am!!!



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