Mar. 1st, 2011 10:34 pm
I'm not sure how March happened. How can I fill so disgustingly stagnant, in such an infuriatingly endless state of limbo, and still the months keep whooshing on by?

This persistent plague turned bronchitis turned back to head cold crap that's been dogging me for a month now is probably not helping with my general crappy mood toward everything and everyone at the moment. Seriously, I would love to just feel good and healthy for two days in a row. Just two consecutive days. That's all I'm asking for at this point.

But March is going to be better, right? Oh, for fuck's sake, someone please tell me that March is going to be better. *hopes*

ETA: Wait up. What??? George Michael is dropping a new single later this month??? That would SO make March better!!! *hopes*
I entered a Hermit Year back in August and the year is so far proving to be indeed hermit-y. Of course, some of the isolation may be due to the unexpected surgery, recovery period, and being buried with work as a result. But whatever the reason, I've felt like burrowing lately. I just want to be by myself, get my house in order, finish projects, resume a sitting practice, spend time reading and thinking and just being. Unfortunately, it's been hard to find the time to actually do any of those things. I definitely feel very hermit-like though. Which is a good thing because it's making me rearrange things a bit so that I have the alone time I need right now; but it's also rubbing a little raw against the extrovert part of myself and I'm finding myself feeling a little disconnected from people. Which is a little sad making! So, um, connect with me! Tell me what's happening in your world! Share what's making you happy! Or sad. Whatever. Just talk to me! *beams*

But something that definitely isn't sad making (ha! how's that for a pseudo-segue?) are all the wonderful Adam news bits that have been flying around my flist today! He'll be performing his first single at the AMA's on November 22!!! The full version of "Time for Miracles" will be available this weekend!!! The video for "Time for Miracles" will debut before Michael Jackson's "This Is It" documentary!!! All of this is very happy making!!! As are these pictures of Adam announcing the AMA nominations this morning:

MOAR HAPPY-MAKING ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

ETA: Found more pics! There can never be too many Adam pics! )

There was also this interview with producer Rob Cavallo who gushes about Adam's singing range and describes some of the music they're putting together and OMG I NEED ADAM'S MUSIC IN MY LIFE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in other happy making Idol news, yesterday we got to see the cover of Kris Allen's upcoming CD. )

Seriously. He's just a tiny bundle of hotness. I don't understand how this is even possible. His mouth is just begging for Adam Jim someone to do really obscene things to it.
I cannot even begin to explain how thoroughly this past week made me its little bitch. I had a response to a motion for summary judgment and a cross motion that had to be filed yesterday. And I know that means less than nothing to most of you, but basically it's a make or break written argument for what is probably our biggest case at the moment -- in fifteen pages or less I gotta convince the judge why the other side is wrong and why he should instead decide the case in our favor. I worked on this damn thing practically around the clock for the past week. I barely slept. I didn't watch any of my shows. I didn't have time to work out. I didn't check or update LJ. I hardly even thought about anything else. It was insane!

But! I finally got the damn thing done and filed and my life reclaimed yesterday afternoon! Woohoo!!! I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but mostly I'm just freakin' relieved that it's done!

Last night was the BEST night of sleep I've had since I was knocked out on morphine after the surgery. It was wonderful! Today I'll be heading down to Tucson. It's my aunt's 50th birthday, so we're having a huge family shindig. Everyone's wearing red hats to mark her arrival at "old lady-hood"! I've got a completely ridiculous and yet somehow awesome red sparkly fedora that I'll be wearing. *laughs* Good times!

Tomorrow I've got a way over due workout with my trainer and then I'm thinking of treating myself to a massage. Mmmm. Right now that sounds like the best possible way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Now, though, I'm going to go catch up with what I've missed this past week. President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize? Postseason baseball has been happening? We've heard some of Time for Miracles? WHAT????

daily news

Oct. 1st, 2009 10:55 pm
The biggest news item of the day, at least in my world, was that I did NOT feel like roadkill today!!! First time in over a week that I actually felt good. This was awesome!

Other headlines included the news that the upcoming Kanye West/Lady Gaga tour had been cancled. I had finally resigned myself to enduring Kanye in order to see Lady Gaga and had bought tickets for the Phoenix show on Saturday, so this news was a buzz kill. The rumor mill now has Adam Lambert opening for Lady Gaga in a still unstructured tour. This is just rumor and speculation at this point, but OMG THIS WOULD MAKE MY LIFE!!!!!!!

And the final news item of the day: Nutella is delicious crack in a jar!!! I had somehow gone my entire 37 years without ever trying Nutella until tonight. How did I ever live without this deliciousness in my life??? I expect that this new discovery is not going to end well. Someone do me a favor and lock up the Nutella!

outa steam

Sep. 29th, 2009 08:18 pm
Man, I'm wiped. I went in to the office today around mid-morning and managed to make it to 4:30 before I completely ran out of steam. I'll probably do the same tomorrow -- go in, but for only whatever part of the day I can manage. I've really got too much work not to, and, as long as I don't push it, I think it's actually good for me to get up and do something. For now, though, I'm not moving from this couch unless the damn house is on fire!

All in all, though, today was definitely a step forward in the getting-better plan! Yay! And I think all this progress call for a HAPPY LIST! \o/

:: I think we are finally done with the million degree weather! Today was supposed to be the last triple digit day of the year. Nighties and eighties, here we come! I'm breaking out the sweaters now!

:: I won the auction for Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD, an exclusive one off CD of his unreleased material!!! I'm ridiculously excited about this! I cannot even tell you. I can't wait to hear what's on this thing! (Although we shall not speak about what I was willing to bid for this thing. I'm going to blame it on the residual effects of all the narcotics I've been on.)

:: I had THE best peach for lunch today. It was huge, and juicy, and DELICIOUS! Yum!

:: [ profile] coolwhipdiva rocks my world! First there was the lovely vase of cheerful flowers and get-well wishes that arrived on Saturday. So pretty! And then today I came home from work to find yummy smelly stuffs from her for my birthday! J, baby, that was perfect! I love that scent so much! THANK YOU!!! *mwah*

:: The day got about a million times better this evening when I was able to have a lovely and long over due phone chat with [ profile] editorzon! Love you, baby, and I can't wait to see you soon!

:: Speaking of seeing awesome peoples soon, I think I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend in October! Hookers, I understand there are some Halloween plans at Cicada Club in the works? Count me in! *beams*

*sighs happily* That's a good deal of happy-makin' for one day.

And, for some added miscellany, y'all remember those pictures of Adam Lambert in New Orleans, right? Well, a few more have cropped up. And Adam and his adorable boyfriend are still adorable. And amusing. Despite the unfortunate facial hair and questionable fashion choices. But the lesson I think we all should learn from these pictures has nothing to do with shaving practices, Just For Men hair dye, or shirts with sleeves. No, I think what we've all learned is that 98% of [ profile] ontd_ai members need to step away from the computer and TAKE A DAMN VACATION TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I was appalled at how many people had no idea what Adam meant when he twittered about the Big Easy! Or who couldn't recognize Pat O'Brien's by the drinks on the table or who had no idea what a hand grenade was!!! Seriously, people, y'all need to get out more! *laughs*

Ok, I'm going back to slothful recovery now. Hope y'all are having a good week!



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