Oct. 10th, 2010 03:13 pm
Today is 10/10/10, which, in Roman numerals is XXX. There obviously should be a hell of a lot more porn in this day! *nods*

Instead of porn, though, there's sports. Lots of sports. Kind of of schizofrenic sports watching today with my remote control getting a hell of a workout switching between the Cards/Saints game and the Braves in Game 3 of the NLDS.

Max Hall made his first NFL start today as the Cardinals QB. Cool random fact: Max Hall was QB at the same high school I graduated from, Mt. View in Mesa, Arizona. Sure, he took the field as a Toro 12 years after I was there (criminey I'm OLD!), but still, the connection makes me particularly fond of the kid even if he was the reason that Matt Leinart finds himself on Houston's sidelines this season. And he did manage to quickly figure out something that Derek Anderson never did: find Larry Fitzgerald, he's your man. Max found his man. In fact, Max/Larry might be my new NFL OTP. *g* And even though the Saints are playing the Cardinals, I was happy to see Jeremy catch for a TD. I can't help it! His little post-TD grin is adorable!!! *loves*

I skipped out on a family birthday party thing today because there was no way I was going to miss either this football game or today's baseball games. The delightful added benefit to that is that I am currently enjoying having the house all to myself this afternoon! BLISS!

Hope everyone out there is having a great Sunday and props to you if you're enjoying a little extra porn on this XXX day! *g*
Today's happiness, let me tell you about it! *g*

First, last night there was this:


Thank you, boys, for the epic degrees of fanservice you are dishing up on this tour. Please feel free to lick each other any time the mood strikes. *g*

And then there are the plans for N'awlins shenanigans in September that are underway! I managed to put all my lawyerly skills to bear and persuade [ profile] azewewish to join me and [ profile] coolwhipdiva for said shenanigans. Or, you know, NOT REALLY. Because, really, she did not put up much resistance. *g* But, OMG, New Orleans, and Adam, and Adam and Tommy licking each others' faces, and Saints football, and Jeremy Shockey's abs and ink, and beignets, and ME AND MY GIRLS RAISING HELL IN N'AWLINS!!!!! I might be a little bit excited about this. *g*

And then there's all the World Cup related excitement. I, sadly, missed this mornings amazing U.S. win because I had to be in court. Nevertheless, GO USA!!! I hope those boys are celebrating properly, which, you know, should include lots of post-game adrenaline fueled sex. *g*


More awesome picspam of pretty boys celebrating (sadly NOT with hot, post-game adrenaline fueled sex) HERE. (Link courtesy of [ profile] mistresscurvy.)

But the HAPPIEST part of today involves one adorable and ridiculously hot POCKET IDOL!!! KRIS!!!!!! Tonight! I'll be skipping out of work early to drive down to Tucson with [ profile] llandaffaz and [ profile] zoniduck. We plan on getting lost on the way to the Rialto (dear gods, I've never managed to make it there without getting lost and then accidentally finding it!), and then we plan on stalking accidentally running into Kris and the band (what? it totally could happen by coincidence! *g*), and then we plan on ROCKING OUR FACES OFF at the show!!! Good times, people, this is sure to be damn good times.


Jan. 29th, 2010 03:15 pm
There has been a great deal of fabulosity lately, but first a few less than fabulous things:

- Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL today after a 12-year career. Man, I'm gonna miss him. He's been such a huge part of the Cardinals franchise and its turnaround. And he's just a damn good guy and there's just not enough of those in this world. All the best to you, Kurt. May you find nothing but success and happiness in whatever the next 12 years bring your way.

- Did I really read that they're doing a 6th season of Supernatural??? Man, if that's the case, then I think I'm just done. I mean, I've barely been able to muster up enough interest to watch this season (I still haven't watched last week's or this week's episodes!) and I am SO not entertained by Kripke's tumbling of the fourth wall anymore, but if on top of that they brought on the damn apocalypse and they're still not going to wrap this damn thing after 5 like they've said ALL ALONG, then I just don't think I have it in me to care anymore! Ugh. Supernatural, why did you kill my love for you??? We had such a beautiful thing going and now you've gone and tainted it!

Ok, but what of all that fabulosity I mentioned?

Well, let's start with Cheeks' new music video for Instant Gratification. I'll just say this: I highly suggest that you not press play until you're either very drunk or very stoned. I am firmly convinced that this would have been the most BRILLIANT thing ever, if only I'd waited to watch it when I was high!

Now that you didn't listen to me and played that anyway, am I right or am I right? Wouldn't that be just the most amazing thing ever if you watched it stoned??? Oh, Cheeks, baby, you amuse me so. Never stop. *g*

Also, have a mentioned this one dude named Adam??? Yeah, probably not. *g*

Well, anyway, today is his birthday!!!! 28 years old young FABULOUS! And, it's only fitting that on his birthday, we managed to secure OMFG SUCH AMAZING SEATS for his show next month!!!!!!! It was a concerted effort by a lot of truly amazing people. But tickets have been purchased, rooms booked, and next month we will be ROCKING THE HELL OUTA THE DESERT!!!! My mom is even going with me and she's so excited about it! And two of the girls from work are going with me too! It's gonna be a ROADTRIP!!! Off the fuckin' chain!!! *bounces*

Whew. There's been a great deal more fabulosity in the past 48 hours, but I'll just have to tell y'all about later. All that awesomeness is a bit exhausting. But SO worth it!
Happy Monday, everyone! It's a new week. A clean slate. What are we gonna do with it??? I say let's rock the hell outa it! *beams*

Before I get to this week's plans, though, let me tell y'all about my awesome weekend. I spent Saturday with The Nieces, teaching them the finer points of power shopping! It's never too early to develop the skills necessary for effective retail therapy. *g* I managed to get Rhyan's Halloween costume (she's going to be the most adorable Tinkerbell ever!) and to find all of the accessories I needed for my vintage get up. Yay! Lots of shoe, clothes and toy purchases later, we dragged ourselves home and put two very exhausted girls to bed. It was a good day!

On Sunday I got to have brunch with one of my oldest friends on the planet! I hadn't seen Sara in over five years and yet we picked back up as if we had just seen each other last week! We talked and laughed and talked some more -- it was SO good to reconnect.

And, as a nice bonus, I found a great new (or new to me) place for brunch -- The Farmhouse in Gilbert. The food was so yummy! Plus Mimosas made with fresh squeezed OJ! Delish!

The rest of Sunday was all about sports. It was nice to see the Cardinals play the way I know they can. And having Matt Hasselbeck on my t.v. screen was not bad either. Especially as he was pissed off through most of the game and that boy just gets exponentially hotter when he's angry. *g* Matt Leinart took a few snaps and he's looking damn fine too. And how awesome was it to see the Phillies hand the Dodgers their collective asses? Very awesome, I tell you! Shane Victorino you continue to be made of awesome -- you, your HRs, and your adorable dimples can definitely stay!

Anyway. As I was saying, I'm planning on rocking the hell outa this week. Or, at a minimum, not allow myself to be pwned by it, like I have been lately. Baby steps, and all. Work is likely to be busy, as I've got depositions and deadlines and all manner of things on my to do list. But! On the bright side, it'll only be a four day week for me as I jet off to L.A. on Friday for what is sure to be a fantabulous weekend with my girls! *bounces* So, whatcha say? Shall we make it a good one? :)
The Nieces wore me the hell out yesterday. Now I remember why I don't have children. I love 'em like crazy, but damn was I ever ready to turn them back over to their parents.

Today I slept it and it was GLORIOUS! And then I spent the rest of the morning watching football. Exactly as it should be for a September Sunday. *nods* Speaking of football, it was nice to see that the Cardinals remembered how to play the game. Last week was a disaster, but Kurt was connecting on everything to everyone today, and they kicked so much ass that even Matt Leinart got some playing time! Poor Matt. *laughs* But what the hell was up with Captain Hotass??? Seriously, Tommy, baby, what was that? *shakes head*

Now I've got Big Ben on my screen, which is never a bad thing. Other than football, today is going to be about getting some things done around the house, which while not nearly as awesome as football, necessary nonetheless. But, definitely more on the awesome side of things, I've got tickets to the Pink concert tonight!!! WooHoo!!! \o/

Speaking of awesome things, last night Cassidy Haley did a live stream last night where he played a new song, did an acoustic version of "Whiskey in Churches," and STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS BABY BLUE UNDERWEAR!!! It was FABULOUS!!! He and his friend, Rawn the Adorable Accordion Player, were precious and chatty and possibly drunk and then he just stripped down to his underwear! How can you not love this boy??? If you missed it, I'm so sorry for your life!!! But you can see the archived version [HERE].
* I went to see Terminator Salvation )

In short, I'm a very happy Terminator fan! Also, in case it wasn't clear, Sam Worthington is HOT LIKE FIRE!!! And he'll soon be on our movie screens baring a good part of his very fine ass in a short skirt as Perseus in the Clash of the Titans remake! You can check out some early pics of this awesomeness here! *glee*

* These pictures of President Obama and Hines Ward making care packages for the troops filled me with GLEE!!! Seriously, the combined power of their smiles should be classified as a WMD!

* I'm still seriously jonesing for more Star Trek. I'm hoping I can get to the movies again sometime this weekend, but I'm also wanting some older Trek. I can't decide whether to buy the first season of Deep Space Nine, which I missed a great deal of when the series aired, or whether I want to buy and re-watch all of Next Generation first. Decisions!

I also waded through a lot of bad Trek fic this past week, but I did manage to find a few gems:

You're welcome. *g*

* So, this is the part of the entry where I confess my shame. We all know that I've loved Adam Lambert since his AI audition. (FYI: The part where I regularly watch American Idol is NOT the shameful part. Just so you know.) I think he's hugely talented and I can't wait until he starts making lots of amazing music! I also think he's gorgeous and confident and thus sexy as hell and I hope he's having lots of fabulous sex with equally gorgeous boys now that he's got some time to do something other than sing.

None of this is news. My inexplicable shameful joy is in how much I find myself loving watching Adam TOGETHER with Idol winner, Kris Allen!!! They are adorable together!!! They seem to have developed a genuine friendship and they can't seem to do an interview without gushing about the other one and they are touchy and huggy and silly and just wonderful together! I dare you not be be completely charmed! )

More proof of that Kris/Adam is PURE JOY!

Seriously, I don't even know where this came from! I was NOT shipping these two. Until I totally was. *facepalm*

(I could, however, do without the ridiculous smooshed name. Kradam. *hates*)
Happy Saturday, everyone! It's sunny and beautiful outside. Such a gorgeous day calls for a Happy List!

1. I had a lovely night with The Lovely Nieces last night. I took them to see Monsters v. Aliens, and while Rhyan was only interested in eating fistfuls of popcorn (seriously, she dug into the bag of popcorn with BOTH HANDS!), Rianna really liked the movie. Good times!

2. I just had a kick-ass workout with the Trainer Dude that included about 20 minutes of new boxing combinations. I feel fierce! \o/

3. Watching some of the NFL Draft. Seriously, can Mark Sanchez be any more adorable??? I think the title of Best Dimples of the NFL has just passed from Hines Ward to Mark!

4. Baseball tonight!!! I'll be heading out to Chase Field soon to see the D'backs and the Giants. Randy Johnson is starting for the Giants. It still makes me weep a little on the inside to see him in black and orange, but it'll be good to see him do his thing. Seriously, though, my boys need to get it together already. *shakes head* I'm sure that me being there cheering them on will make ALL the difference today! *beams*
I hear that winter is putting a smack down on a good part of the country. Thankfully that is not the case here. Outside my window it's a lovely day -- sunny and 58 degrees. I hope that all of you that are dealing with ice and snow today keep warm and stay safe.

In other news, yesterday was the circus fondly known as Super Bowl Media Day. In case it's somehow unclear, allow me to offer pictorial evidence of why I'm so freakin' excited about Sunday's game. The boys of Super Bowl XLIII )

So, yes. I'm very excited about Sunday's game. I'm sad that I can't be in L.A. watching it with my girls. Sadder still as the trial that was keeping me in town got continued today, but now I have people coming over for a Super Bowl party, so I still can't go. *pouts*

Anyway, to vary our sports-related squee today, there are now only 16 days, 17 hours, and 57 minutes until pitchers and catchers report!!! Baseball season is coming!!!

Speaking of pitchers and catchers, there's a video of a recent interview with my favorite hotass catcher, Chris Snyder, here. He's adorable! *smishes*

Also, as soon as the Super Bowl is over and the football season officially closed, I'll probably be posting some pictures of the many Hot Men of MLB in order to get us all ready for the baseball season. I'm sure y'all can't wait. *g*

And now I'm off to scrounge up some lunch before Trainer!Boy gets here to give me a long overdue ass kicking.


Jan. 12th, 2009 11:35 pm
Today was an incredibly productive day -- I whipped through significant portions of this week's To Do list. Sadly, however, I still have approximately one bazillion things to do before I leave for Austin Thursday morning! *panics* It would also please me greatly if I can make time for a good workout and a Nia class this week, but that might be asking a lot of the 50 or so hours until I fly out. I am, however, still hopeful that my Time Management Super Powers will kick in to high gear this week.

I watched the newest Legend of the Seeker episode today. All I have to say about that is this... ) Please tell me I'm not the only one who found that ridiculously HOT! *bites lip*

In other shiny t.v. news, several shows will be back on our television screens this week -- Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, and Friday Night Lights (for us without DirectTV). This is all VERY EXCITING!!!

Let's see. What else? Oh, yes. Apparently Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen really are engaged to be married now. I guess Tom had to salvage something out of what was otherwise a complete mess of a season. Good for them both. They are ridiculously hot individually, and together it's almost more pretty than is cosmically possible. So, yeah, I hope they continue to be happy being pretty together!

(Also. Man, I missed using my Tom Brady icon this season!!! Marital status not withstanding, I really hope he's healthy and back on the field come August!)
This weekend was comprised of about 15% housecleaning and other necessary tasks, 5% of getting ready for my Austin trip, 5% Golden Globe watching, and approximately 75% of FOOTBALL!!! It was excellent.

In football news, first, as we all should know by now, the Cards pulled out a wholly unexpected win yesterday. And today the Eagles beat the Giants, so not only will this be a Manning-free Super Bowl (!!!), but the NFC Championship game next weekend will be here. I, however, will be watching from Austin. *g*

And in even more football awesomeness, THE STEELERS WON!!! It was a great game, and Ben was fantastic, and Willie had a great game, and Hines still fills me with glee every time he smiles! Oh, yeah. And Mike Tomlin was once again DISTRACTINGLY HOT LIKE BURNING on the sidelines!

Ben and Mike. )

I don't think I have a whole lot to say about the Golden Globes other than Kate Winslet is a goddess, Salma Hayek has the best rack in Hollywood, Gerard Butler looked damn good, and while I don't normally find Colin Farrel hot, I thought he was smokin' tonight.
Way to go Cardinals!!! They beat the Carolina Panthers tonight, 33-13, and advance to the NFC Championship game next week. Man, what an amazing win! Everyone and their grandmother had counted the Cardinals out of this game. But they just dominated, forcing turnovers, balancing the running and passing games, shutting down their offense, and Larry Fitzgerald was ON FIRE!

And, I'm pretty sure that 99% of you can care less about any of that. *g* So, let's move on to the show and tell portion of this post, shall we?

This guy? The one making the amazing catch in a sea of defenders? That would be Larry Fitzgerald.


I'd also like to point out that, in addition to having amazing hands, Larry has an exceptional ass.

Allow me to share more of Larry's, um, talents. )

I'm particularly fond of Larry in glasses. Sexy! )

Edgerrin James is also quite talented. )

So, yes. Now that I've given all of you several reasons to cheer along: Go Cardinals!!! \o/
This is quite possibly the LOOONGEST Monday in recent history. There was tons of work to get through (and there still is) as I'm trying to ramp back up from vacation. On the plus side, though, I had a new, super cute dark pink swing jacket to wear to court today! I'm quite certain I looked stunning! *g*

This evening I spent several hours at the local Dem headquarters making calls, making sure voters knew where their polling place was at, and that everyone had a ride to the polls. It's pretty awesome to talk to so many people who are really excited about voting tomorrow. Spanish speaking voters are always so happy to get someone who can give them the information they need in their own language. Which makes the effort feel significant. And the place was swarming with volunteers tonight! We were spilled out in to the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in any strip of real estate we could find, with our cell phones, busily making calls! It's so cool to see such a ground effort for Obama here in McCain's home state. Exciting!

I'm now distracting myself from the alternating excitement and terror over the election by watching football. The Steelers are just owning the Redskins. But, oh, Ben. Why you gotta go and get yourself hurt? *sadface* I'm happy to report, however, that Hines still has the most stunning smile ever! *pets him*

Tomorrow I'm planning on being at my polling location when the polls open at 6 a.m. Dear gods, that's SO EARLY! *weeps* But my court schedule tomorrow is so screwy, that I don't want to risk getting back on this side of town too late. As soon as I've cast my ballot, I will hie myself off to Starbucks for much needed caffeine fortification. (Free coffee!!! \o/)

Speaking of free shit for voting, Babeland has a free Maverick sleeve or a bullet vibe for you tomorrow if you vote. Sadly, the free sex toys are only available at Babeland's New York or Seattle stores. But, regardless, is this not the coolest voting freebie EVAR???

Ok. Eight hours 'til the polls open here. *breathes deep and crosses fingers*

(And, yes, I did just quote ABBA. What? This election has me STRESSED. Don't judge me!)
Mmmm. Soup. As soon as the heat breaks and it starts feeling like fall something less hot than hell, I start craving soup. Last week I made two batches of Caldo the Queso, which is Spanish for cheese soup, but in actuality it's more like potato and cheese soup. Yummy! And today I made a huge batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup. Oh, man, this stuff is DELICIOUS! They are both super easy to make, chalk full of good-for-you veggies, and absolutely yummy!

Other moments of brilliance uncharacteristic productivity this weekend have included grocery shopping yesterday and today feeling the undeniable need to organize my books. Yeah, I don't even know. But it was driving me crazy that my books were in such disarray, on various bookshelves and assorted piles throughout the house, and in no particular order. It was seriously offending my inner anal-retentive crazy person Virgo. So I spent several hours this afternoon organizing my books, by genre and then alphabetically by author, cleaning off shelves, setting aside bags full of paperbacks for trade/giveaway. I'm not quite done, but I have made huge amounts of progress and I feel very accomplished. And happier about my world now that my books are in order! (I did mention that inner crazy person, right?) The next step will be to catalog them so that I know what I have, but I like to break my insanity down into manageable parts. *g*

I've also watched some baseball this weekend. I'm sure no one is surprised. After this weekend, though, I'm no longer speaking to the Cubs. *glares in the general direction of Chicago* I am, however, expecting the Phillies to do right by me next week and take care of the Dodgers. *crosses fingers* Speaking of disappointing sports news, though, what the hell, Seahawks??? You boys planning on, you know, actually playing football any time this season? Sheesh. It was good to see both the Cardinals and the Pats get wins today though. And Ben on my screen is always nice. :)

And you? How was your weekend? *is curious*
- It looks as if the weather is FINALLY cooperating in Chicago. Go Tigers!

- Have y'all seen the new Emporio Armani Diamonds commercial with Josh Hartnett? Holy HOTNESS!!! Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend. )

- I finally watched the season premier of Heroes. I am unimpressed. I didn't hate it, like I was hating it last season; but I also definitely did not love it. It just did not capture my attention -- I wasn't entertained. At all. Its story arch is SO sluggish. OMG it's the third damn season and we're almost exactly where we were in the beginning! I think I'm done with it.

- I also got caught up with True Blood. I blame Alexander Skarsgård for this madness! The show is SO BAD! And, yet, Alex is SO HOT! I'm not sure how much badness I can endure though.

- In non-baseball sports news, it's good to read that Anquan Boldin is going to be ok. Damn that was a scary hit. *shakes head* And tonight Ben will be on my screen! Yay Ben!

That's all I've got. How's your Monday?
Ok. Quiz time. What's HOTTER than Jason Taylor in a wife-beater? In reality, very little. Except maybe Jason Taylor in a wife-beater that is then RIPPED OFF OF HIM!!! GODDAMN *bites lip*

Also, his song choice is HILARIOUS!!! *laughs and laughs*
There was quite a bit of talk on tonight's Dancing with the Stars about the "sweet friendship" Jason Taylor has developed with fellow competitor Cristian de la Fuente. Jason calls Cristian his "boy." I am quite sure that Jeremy is not amused.

But Jeremy has to appreciate how SMOKIN' HOT Jason looks in that suit! DAMN. )
Just watched this week's Dancing with the Stars. And, sure enough, Jason Taylor is still smokin' hot.

I'm completely baffled, though, about what in the hell possessed his professional dance partner to make him get a spray on tan!!! I kid you not. Jason Taylor. One of the most gorgeous black men on the planet. In a tanning booth. *boggles*

But, the upside to this craziness, is that we get him shirtless! And HOT. Did I mention that he's HOT??

Your Weekly Jason Taylor HOTNESS )
I'm still pretty much feeling like ass, but I'm bored with my own misery so instead of continued bitching and moaning, I bring you Monday's AWESOMENESS:

1| Equal Parts Hot Cinnamon Tea + Equal Parts Tequila + Lime Juice to Taste = BEST COLD REMEDY EVAR!!! This was my grandfather's cure all, and it's pretty much been my saving grace the past three days. I'm not sure whether it works miracles or, you know, just makes you pass out after a while, but either way it works for me!

2| Jason Taylor continues to be HOT LIKE THE FIRE OF A MILLION SUNS!!! )

3| Jared looks HOT in a tank top too! )

4| NIN in New Orleans in October headlining the Voodoo Music Experience!!! I am SO there!!!
It was brought to my attention last week that I failed to adequately highlight the HOTNESS that is Jason in a wife-beater. So as to not be remiss again, let me say upfront that the rehearsal footage features JASON IN A WIFE-BEATER LOOKING HOTTER THAN THE SUN!!! *bites lip* Also, Jason seems very happy in his pants while dancing the cha-cha-cha this week. *g*

Also, Jason Taylor in a Cowboy's uniform. )



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