I'm focusing on the positive, so let's talk about awesome, happy-making things! :D

First awesome, happy-making thing: DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! I got tickets to see him play a show in L.A. on March 26th to benefit the AIDS Project L.A. Awesome music for an awesome cause!!! (There are, by the way, a few tickets still available at that link.)

It's going to be a small show, only 150 tickets being sold. Even better? We ninja-ed tickets a day before they were announced publicly and managed to score MEET AND GREETS WITH DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Even 24 hours later, I can barely contain my flail!

And betterer still? I get to enjoy all this awesome, happy-makingness with mah girls, [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_, [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva and [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!! So. Much. Happy. Making!!!!

This also means that Darren has given me the perfect excuse for a much needed weekend in L.A. So, heads up to my other L.A. chicas, brunch on Sunday, March 27??? Y/Y? *beams*

Second awesome, happy-making thing: Adam Freakin' Lambert! )

My t.v. shows have also been awesome and happy making lately. )

More awesome, happy making: my friend Sara is in town from Nashville and I'll be seeing her tonight. Sara is one of my oldest friends ever and I love that, no matter how much time passes, we can always pick up as if we had just seen each other the day before.

And, finally, awesome, happy-making for my peeps in the Houston and Austin areas: )
I babysat Rhyan today. We read books and made up our own gibberish language and played silly games and put sparkly lip gloss on each other and generally had a FABULOUS time. Of course, all of these shenanigans meant I got absolutely nothing productive done at all. Rhyan's giggles were totally worth the lack of productivity, but now that her mom is home I really should get working on my to do list.

Riiiiiight after I waste a bit more time online! :D

There were awesome things that happened today (other than the adorable Rhyan giggles), but this is the awesomest: Obama's DOJ will no longer defend the constitutionality of DOMA!!! You guys! This is HUGE! That letter from Holder to Congress outlines the legal analysis so perfectly. This isn't the end of the fight; the executive statement only applies to Section 3 of DOMA (although and the fact that the DOJ won't defend the statute in court doesn't mean that they're not still obligated to enforce it; but it is definitely the beginning of the end for DOMA. About damn time!

Also awesome? I managed to snag tickets for the Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae "Hooligans in Wondaland" Phoenix show in June!!! I'm fully expecting this show to rock my world!

White Collar's ridiculous OT3-ness in this week's episode was also fabulously awesomesauce! Seriously, that scene with Neal and Elizabeth! Bring. him. home.!!!!! And Neal's slow-mo run of heartbreak and terror when they take Peter. And Peter being all fabulously competent and HBIC even when handcuffed and locked in a cage! And the secret message, and Peter knowing Neal could get him out, and Neal choosing keeping Peter alive over anything else. And the hug! And, ahhhh, just all of it! <333

Glee was kinda a hot mess yesterday, but even when it is I still love it. Santana doing body shots off of Brittany!!! Seriously, the show could have ended there and I would've been happy! Also, Kurt looked fabulous. And I actually thought the conversation with his dad added some complexity and layers that can be interesting. The whole "I might be bi, no, wait, definitely gay" thing was a mess. But...pretty people singing awesome songs! Also...Britana body shots! Thoroughly entertaining! *g*

Hawaii Five-O continues to be ridiculously pretty and fun. I'm shallow -- this is really all I ask for from my television entertainment. (See above. *g*)
Cowboy Mouth: [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz and I went to see Cowboy Mouth Saturday night at The Compound. Holy hell! They KILLED it!!! It was flat out FUN! So much screaming and dancing and jumping -- by the time their nearly 2 hour set was over I had lost my voice, was drenched in sweat, and was happier than I'd been in a long time. Seriously, these guys know how to bring the good times; if you get the chance to see them live, don't pass it up.

Cowboy Mouth also made me totally miss New Orleans. This blasted job situation needs to resolve itself soon, because there really does need to be a trip to New Orleans some time this year.

Football: I really hold no love for the Jets, and I think Mike Tomlin is all that is hot and amazing, and I love Hines Ward and his ridiculous smile, and I think Troy Polamalu and his ridiculous hair are wonderful; Ben Roethlisberger, however, is on my shitlist and it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a good season for him to redeem my now very low opinion of him. Plus, Jason Taylor! I really wanted Jason Taylor to finally get to play in a Super Bowl. *sadface* So while I'm happy enough for the Steelers (mostly the aforementioned Coach of all Hotness, Hines and his adorable smile, and Troy's hair *g*) it wasn't really the outcome I was hoping for. *ducks from [livejournal.com profile] azewewish and [livejournal.com profile] idiosyncratic* In any event, this is going to make for a good Super Bowl match up, so there's that.

T.V.: Hawaii Five-O continues to bring the eye candy and snarky partner banter. This continues to make me happy. I'm easy like that. *g*

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premiered this weekend and, while Andy Whitfield is definitely missed, it looks promising. There was plenty of crazy fight scenes and spurting blood and gore, and of course there was no shortage of sex and half naked gladiators. All of which make for A+ television as far as I'm concerned. (We've established that I'm easy like that, right? *g*) I was also intrigued by some of the new characters introduced and I'm interested to see what happens to them (presumably something bloody and fatal, since they didn't make it to the first season). So, yeah, while this is obviously a stop-gap, it seems as if it will at least be an entertaining one.

In T.V. to look forward to news: The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, featuring Raja aka Sutan Amrull aka Adam Lambert's wickedly talented friend and make-up artist!!! I can't wait to see Raja be all fierce and fabulous on my television screen!

Other Good Things Happening This Week: Nia class tonight! Volunteering with 1n10 again tomorrow night! Spring Awakening on Thursday!

Also, since I'm in the "I'm missing New Orleans mood" thanks to Cowboy Mouth, I think I'll make some delicious jambalaya for dinner tonight. Nom nom nom!

So, yeah, that's my good stuff happy list for Monday. What's good in your world this week?
Mostly, there are t.v. things:

:: White Collar: I'm so happy this show is back!!! )

:: Hawaii Five-O: I was several episodes behind, so had some catching up to do on my DVR, all the way back to Hana 'a'a Makehewa. Anytime we want to air another episode that involves a sweaty and gorgeous looking Chin Ho on his knees for practically the entire hour, please, Show, feel free to do that. Sweet jam on crackers, that was mind blowingly hot! Eye candy aside, I really loved that we got more character development for Chin Ho in the last episode. And, really, Steve and Danny, can you be any more married???

:: I just found out that I can stream Starz on Netflix! This is very good news because it means that I will be able to watch this starting this weekend! )

Also, while I'm really going to miss Andy Whitfield as Spartacus, this guy seems like a good choice to replace him.

:: The Cape I really wanted to watch another show with Summer Glau in it, and I tried, I really did. But no. Just, um, no.

:: Jason Clarke will be back on my television screen soon!!! I just saw the preview for The Chicago Code and I made all kinds of embarrassing squeaky noises of glee when I saw that Jason Clarke was in it. Please, gods, PLEASE let this show not suck! Jason Clarke!!!! *flails*

Also, a few Tumblr things:

:: Darren Criss weeerking the red carpet at the Golden Globes after parties! )

:: These pretty boys will be on the cover of EW next week! )
I wanna talk t.v., but first: I GOT TICKETS TO SEE ADAM IN L.A. IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last Glam Nation show of the tour! In L.A.! With mah girls! So much fabulosity!!! *flails*

Ahem. Ok. So, t.v.

First, Sons of Anarchy got tapped for a fourth season!!! More wickedly hot, totally fucked up dudes on motorcycles!!! More badass, morally ambiguous chicks!!! This makes me exceedingly happy!

Second, is anyone else watching LOGO's The A-List New York? It premiered this week and it's been described as the Gay Housewives of New York. While I don't normally watch those types of reality shows, I love Mike Ruiz's work, so I decided to check it out to see more of him. So glad I did! It was both fabulous and ridiculous! Also, I highly approve of their propensity to run around shirtless! And to have naked!times in the hot tub! Hot New York gay boys! What's not to love about that??? *g*

Third, GLEE. Lately my twitter feed and flist has been full of "OMG I hate this character so much!" and "that character is a douche!" and "this other character is SO annoying!" Or some other such version of the "Glee sucketh" song. And, I'm just wondering, WHY??? Isn't the entire point of the show that all of these characters are flawed and fucked up and plain unlikeable in some way? Um, pretty much the same way we ALL were in high school? And isn't what makes this show great is that there are delightful flashes of humanity despite all the flaws? And aren't those moments made even more brilliant because the characters are so imperfect? I know this is why I love the show. You know, other than the awesomely cheesy and fabulous cover songs. So, um, am I missing something? *confused*

Ok, I think that was all I had to say about t.v. for now. Basically: More SoA, yay! The A-List is ridiculously fab - y'all should watch! And, where's the Glee love??? So, yeah, if you want, you can come and talk to me about these things and I'll probably have more words to say about them! *g*

Also, um, Braves, WTF was that? No, really. WTAF?
Adam Lambert finally announced a date for an L.A. show!!!!! It's about damn time! I've been waiting for this since the start of Glam Nation. It will be December 16th at Club Nokia. Which likely means a GA show, but I'm ok with that. It also means something in the neighborhood of 2,300 maximum capacity, so I'm anticipating tickets to sell out pretty damn fast. Still no word on whether there will be a VIP M&G package sold for this show, but I think the chances are good that there will be. Again, I'm sure it will sell out in a flash. In any case, AN L.A. SHOW!!!! I will SO be there! Who's with me??? *beams*

Speaking of Adam, as we do around here *g*, there was a gorgeous new picture floating around me twitter feed this week: Seriously, Adam, how so damn pretty??? )

AND, sticking to a theme here, he added "Broken Open" to his set in Osaka, Japan today. I love that song, and I haven't heard it live since Fantasy Springs, and Gridlock before that.

Broken Open )
*loves so hard*

Ok, so, there are other things I wanted to talk to y'all about, but then Adam announced his L.A. date and sort of ate my brain. I'd say sorry, but, I'm really not. *g* So, I'll talk about those other things quickly, in a list! Because lists are fun!

> My car is in ICU, or, rather, the shop. I still don't know what the problem is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever it is it won't break the damn bank.

> No news on the job search front. :( I'm trying to stay positive, but, truthfully, it's hard. I'm realizing how much of my self-worth is tied up with my work. There are thoughts and feelings there that I need to sit with, unpack, and write about. And, I will at some point. But, yeah, hard.

> I was too wiped out after the AIDS Walk yesterday, so I rescheduled my tattoo appointment to tomorrow. But, tomorrow there shall be new ink! This makes me happy!

> Dave Grohl, you are fabulous!!! Haha! That cracked me up so hard!

> There's been fabulous T.V. to talk about, like Hawaii Five-O and Sons of Anarchy! And there has been sports stuff to talk about, like yesterday's meltdown by the Cardinals, and how well the Texans are looking, and Jeremy Shockey being fabulous, and the Braves making the playoffs, and my Diamondbacks' giving Kurt the job for next year. But I'm going to have to talk about all of that later, because right now I have to go watch me some Monday night football and then Dancing With The Stars! *laughs* Yes, this lineup pretty sums up the wide range of shit that I find entertaining!
:: How did I not know that Jeremy Shockey was on Twitter??? I randomly ran across his Twitter account today. *follows* And, sweet jam on crackers, how can I possibly love this man any more? His Twitter bio? "Unwavering." That's it. Unwavering. That's how he describes himself! Just that! I'm equal parts amused and charmed!

Jeremy Shockey. Bio: Unwavering. )

:: Speaking of being equal parts amused and charmed, this is what Adam and his Glam Troupe were apparently up to before their last U.S. show at the Puyallup Fair in Washington: Let's play cowboys and Indians! )

:: MAC has this super cool new make-up line called Venomous Villians based on some of Disney villains! I was completely unable to resist the Maleficent eyeshadows and one of the Evil Queen's lipsticks! *grabby hands*

:: While were on the topic of Disney, sort of. My mom and I bought tickets to take Rianna and Rhyan to see Beauty and the Beast next month at Gammage! I absolutely LOVE this production and it will be the girls' first musical theater experience! I am super excited!!!

:: Why must there be all this super cool stuff that I want to buy when I don't have a damn job??? Cassidy Haley just added a hoodie to his Sunshine Rebels collection. *wants* But, you know, I've got Maleficent eyeshadow coming my way, so I'm going to resist the allure of the Rebel Hoodie.

:: I can't be the only one who actually wanted them to do a Christopher Cross number on GLEE, right??? Don't judge me! Christopher Cross brings up lots of childhood memories with my dad for me! :) Other than wanting Christopher Cross, this is what I thought of this week's GLEE ) Oh, and FYI, I really do hope that Brittany does a perform a musical number by Ke$ha next week! *g*
Some aspects of real life are epically nightmarish at the moment. I can't really talk about it on a public forum, but many, many thanks to all of you who have sent your love, support, prayers and good thoughts. Y'all are the best and I love you!

Despite anything else that's happening, the search for employment continues, as it must, since sadly no one seems to be willing to pay me to flit around the globe to attend Adam Lambert concerts and adding "expert skill level at glitter application" to my resume doesn't seem to have netted any leads. :( I have two interviews on Monday, so, you know, any good job gettin' mojo you can toss my way would be awesome! I'm trying to not to be too narrow in my job search, looking at possibilities out of state and even at non-traditional type ways to put my legal experience to use. So I've got some leads in places like Las Vegas and L.A. and even New Orleans that I'm following up on. I'm really working at not rushing the process, but, really, while not having an alarm go off in the wee hours is cool and all, this not-working business ain't really my thing. So, you know, keep that good job gettin' mojo flowing this way, kthnx. :D

Thankfully there's been tons of pretty damn good t.v. on my DVR to provide some distraction from the craziness swirling around me. Ahhh, escapism. *g*

White Collar: Holy smokes, I finally watched the last few episodes. )

Drop Dead Diva: You guys, this show is such awesome, fluffy brain cotton candy! It's completely ridiculous and yet somehow charming.

Sons of Anarchy: Ok, so I hadn't seen the last two episodes of the last season, because my DVR randomly decided that it had to delete them a few months back. It's been torture waiting for the DVDs to release, and then when they did I was out of town, so I couldn't catch up, which meant I couldn't watch the season opener, and, GAH! Torture! But I finally got my season 2 DVDs and I saw how last season ended and I saw the episodes that have run so far and good god DAMN this show continues to blow my mind! ) This is just some damn good television.

Hawaii Five-O: Ok, I had no idea what to expect from this and I really only watched this to get a glimpse of Norman Reedus on my television screen, but I gotta say that this pilot was really pretty damn good. It was high energy and action-packed, pulling me in from the first scene and keeping me there until the end. The dynamic between the characters was crisp and and totally entertaining. And there's certainly no lack of pretty on this show. Damn. I would tune in again for the pretty alone. This one's totally earned a spot on my DVR this season.

I'm still woefully behind on Leverage, Friday Night Lights and Supernatural (I still haven't finished with season 5 -- I am in NOT ready for a sixth season!). But, I also have plenty that I could use distracting from, so hopefully I'll get caught up soon.

Is there any new t.v. that y'all are watching? What are you loving right now? Distract me with awesome t.v., people! :D
If it weren't for the lack of fire and brimstone, I'd swear I was living in hell. You know, if I believed in hell. Seriously, though, it's 111 degrees outside. That's downright inhospitable. I've been drinking water all day and no matter how much I drink I can't seem to stay hydrated. I'm a parched, sweaty, irritable mess right now. :/ But, on the plus side, I did escape the office early today for a dentist appointment and now I'm home, so at least I can be a parched, sweaty, irritable mess while in my pajamas instead of a suit!

So, Emmy nominations? I was happy to see Glee get so many nods, and I was thrilled to see Kyle Chandler's and Connie Britton's sheer awesomeness finally acknowledged, but what the hell is with Friday Night Lights not getting the nomination for best drama? And True Blood did? Really??? And a big ol' NADA for Sons of Anarchy or Katie Segal??? *boggles* But, plus side! YAY Kyle and Connie and Glee!!!!!

A definite plus for today was the ruling by a federal judge in Massachusetts finding that the federal definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman, as codified in the Defense of Marriage Act, is unconstitutional. The irony is that this decision is from a Nixon appointed judge. And he based his ruling on federalism grounds, finding that DOMA encroaches on the state's right to determine marriage. As my former Ninth Circuit co-clerk put it: I love it when federalism turns around and bites Christian Conservatives in the ass! :D

Also: 48 hours in the Countdown to Glam!!!! PLUS! PLUS! PLUS!!!!!! *g*

Ok, I'm going to go drink more water and sit in front of a fan. I hope y'all are keeping cool today!


Jul. 6th, 2010 03:21 pm
I had a lovely holiday weekend. I drove down to Tucson for the 4th and spent the day splashing around in the pool, eating yummy food, and drinking delicious adult beverages with the familia. I also got a much needed hair cut from my cousin, who set up the back porch as an outdoor salon and styled and cut just about everyone's hair, all while wearing a bikini and high heels. She has an excellent rack so I think that this would make for a very lucrative business idea! Hell, I'm her cousin and so not interested in her rack in any prurient sense, and still tipped her well for the value added service. *g*

I was offline all weekend, so I'm probably behind on everyone and everything. If something terribly exciting and/or important happened in your life in the past five days, please do let me know.

Otherwise, it's occurred to me that there are a variety of assorted things that I've yet to ramble about here, so I think I'll do that now.

:: Last Thursday the D'backs (finally!) fired A.J. Hinch as Manager and GM Josh Byrnes. If you've not picked up on my deep and abiding hatred for A.J. you've just not been paying attention. I literally let out a whoop of joy when I got the text about the firings. A.J. should never have been managing a major league team and we shouldn't be keeping around a GM who thought that hiring him was a good idea. So, yeah, I'm pretty damn happy that they're both gone. I think Kurt Gibson was the right choice for interim manager and I'm curious to see what the franchise decides to do going forward. No matter what they do, I don't think it's possible to make a worse choice than A.J. Of course, getting rid of the faux-manager and the idiot GM in no way is going to solve all of this team's problems. Let's face it, we're a fucking mess. But it's certainly a good start, and I'm glad to see the D'backs ownership finally make that move.

:: I'm not sure what it is with me and technology lately, but the Electronic Gods seem to be angry with me. First it was my laptop that had a complete meltdown. Almost $200 and two weeks later, and it's finally back and in working order. Then today I discover that my iPod has apparently suffered some type of stroke. It's still playing, but my screen is completely out and the menu function doesn't work; so I can only play what I was playing when it was last working properly. Now y'all know that I love Adam Lambert like WHOA, but I'm thinking that at some point soon I'll want to listen to something else. I found a used, but functional iPod on eBay at a relatively cheap price that I'm hoping will hold me over until I potentially get an iPhone next year. But, seriously, what do I need to do to get back in the Electronic Gods' good favor again???

Speaking of electronic gadgets, though, I did order that Flip video camera and it should be arriving this week -- here's hoping it's resistant to this electronics curse I'm suffering under.

:: I got caught up on Friday Night Lights yesterday, and, really, I don't think it's possible for me to love this show any more. Coach Taylor continues to be one of my favorite male characters on t.v. right now. Also, Coach Taylor soaking wet on the sidelines is a beautiful thing! And the Riggins brothers continue to be well intentioned but incredibly stupid and I don't know what it says about me that I obviously have a soft spot for that kind of thing! And I want to be Mrs. T when I grow up. Seriously, she's just awesome in every way. And I'm really liking the diversity in the new characters and I'm enjoying the layers that are slowly being added to these new faces. In short, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

:: Another show that I'm really diggin' is Drop Dead Diva. It's pure fluff, but it's enjoyable fluff. And I love that the main character is plus size, and yet the show isn't treating her or her story lines as if "plus size" is the only or even the main defining characteristic.

:: IN FOUR DAYS I WILL BE GETTING MY GLAM NATION ON!!!!! Louisville this weekend! So exciting!!! *throws glitter*
First of all, why are they so damn short??? You'd think we would have evolved to a regular three-day weekend now. Someone should really get on that.

Anyway, the weekend was full of sports craziness. Like Edwin Jackson's bizarre no-hitter on Friday -- he pitched like utter crap for the first 4 innings, walked 8, and threw almost 150 pitches, and still managed a no-hitter. Against the Rays! Craziness! Insane pitching year aside, it WAS good to finally win a road series. Jeez, D'backs, we might want to try to do this a little more often. Just a thought.

And then there was the horrible World Cup ref-ing. I'm not sure if the bad calls were dispositive, as both England and Mexico didn't really play to win. But, damn, if I can tell they're bad calls -- and I admittedly don't know much more about the game other than the very basics and "oh, pretty boys!" -- then you know it's pretty damn bad officiating. *shakes head* I did enjoy teasing my mom about her crush on Maradona, though. I don't get it, but she obviously had a thing for short Latin me with a tendency toward dramatics and abuse of the Tres Flores hair products. *laughs*

Since I didn't have a computer this weekend, I read (Nora Roberts' "Black Hills") and managed to watch some of the t.v. languishing on my DVR. I got caught up with the Leverage premier, but I didn't watch last night's episode. Hardison is still my favorite geek on TV! *loves* I watched a few of the Supernatural season 5 episodes that I have to watch. I'm still nowhere near done with the season, so I'm still reserving both judgment and discussion. I still need to catch up with Friday Night Lights and Drop Dead Diva, but at least I made a small dent in my unwatched t.v. cache. *g*

Speaking of my laptop, though, my Computer Guy says he should have it back to me by tomorrow. *crosses fingers* I'm still leaning heavily toward a Mac, but I'd really prefer to put that purchase off until next year, so hopefully my laptop still has a little of life left in it.

But, what I am considering buying sooner rather than later is a Flip video cam. Does anyone have one? Since I have The Nieces living with me right now, I think it would be fun to have an easy video recorder to capture their antics. Plus, I'm thinking it would be good to have for all the traveling/concert-going I'll be doing this summer. Thoughts on the Flip?
I'm not even going to get into the rant with the Boss that I now have to put on hold for a week until he comes back from his vacation, except to say that NO, the client is NOT always right; especially when we're talking about criminal defense clients. I think a distinct lack of good judgment can be inferred in the majority of people who have managed to get themselves charged with a crime. It's frustrating in the extreme to have to deal with a Boss who thinks that we should babysit, coddle, and consistently differ to our clients instead of provide them with quality legal service, which often includes telling them what they don't want to hear.

*breathes deep*

Since dwelling on a righteous rant that's been necessarily deferred accomplishes nothing but increasing my frustration and ire, let's do a Happy List instead!

1. Glee!!! Oh sweet baby Jesus, that finale was all kinds of wonderful! Spoilery stuff. ) Gah! I'm gonna miss this show! How are we gonna get by without our weekly dose of television JOY???

2. Nia is once again my anchor of sanity. I finally found a class that's close to work -- I've been looking for something since the class that was on the east side of town got cancelled last year. So I went to class yesterday and discovered a lovely group of women who welcomed me into their dancing community and I danced and got sweaty and laughed and breathed and was blissfully present in my body and it was JUST WHAT MY LIFE NEEDED! So I'll definitely be going back on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I need this.

3. I had a fantastic lunch with [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck at Barrio Cafe today. I had the most delectable garlic shrimp quesadillas. YUM! And the company was even better than the food! Good times!

may ends

May. 31st, 2010 11:03 pm
After feeling like road kill for a good part of last week and most of the holiday weekend, today I woke up feeling human again! Yay! My throat is still feeling a little raw and this annoying cough is still, well, annoying, but other than that I feel good! I literally spent most of Friday and all of Saturday and Sunday sleeping, which was apparently exactly what I needed.

Today I did some shopping, then we went to my aunt's house for a barbecue, some pool time and some yummy watermelon!!! Watermelon means it's officially summer! :)

Other than marathon nappage, my only other accomplishments for the weekend were catching up on Friday Night Lights, watching the Drop Dead Diva marathon yesterday, and reading a good part of the new Nightrunner book. So despite the feeling like crap part, I'm calling it a damn good weekend! *g*

So, all this time doing next to nothing meant I had a lot of time to think of crazy shenanigans I needed to be getting up to once I was back to well. Y'all realize that this is NOT going to end well, right? *g* Anyway, I think I might see about going to Adam's Louisville concert on July 10th. It's on a Saturday. The Saturday after I get done with my July trial, so I will definitely be needing the break. Plus I have friends in Louisville that I haven't seen in way too long. So, um, yeah, anyone feel like a weekend trip to Louisville??? *bats eyelashes*

Speaking of soliciting partners in crime glitter, J won't be able to make the Denver concert after all, so we have a ticket to sell and, while I'll go either way, a traveling buddy would be nice. Anyone interested in a weekend jaunt to Denver in July? *beams*

Also, this may not be amusing to anyone other than me, but I just caught my brother singing "Whataya Want From Me"!!! *laughs and laughs*

So, how did everyone enjoy their long weekend? I'm hoping y'all managed to do exactly what you needed to this weekend, even if it WAS sleeping for three days straight! *mwah*


May. 21st, 2010 05:26 pm
I watched the Bones finale last night and it made my heart hurt! Why must they keep doing that??? And while I love the dance between Bones and Booth, I do hope they find a way to move that story forward next season. Sexual tension without ever getting to resolution is just, well, tense! Make them happy already!

I also watched the Castle finale from earlier in the week when I was apparently unconscious because I didn't even realize I had missed it until yesterday! Ow! Another heart hurter! But, really, this show is delightful. I love the relationship between Castle and his daughter, Alexis. And I love the way he goes from awesome dad, to flirty cad, and back again. And I love the way the secondary characters are starting to get rounded out and how Castle has built a relationship not only with Beckett but with the whole team. Esposito is my FAVORITE! I'm really looking forward to how this show will develop in its third season. And Nathan! I'm gonna miss Nathan Fillion on my t.v. screen every week!

Aaaand, I just realized that I don't have icons for either of these shows. I must correct that!
Hello, Thursday! Damn, you got here quickly. I'm still trying to dig my way out of the chaos that 2 sick days created on my desk.

But I'm distracting myself with the pretty boys from Glee. Yesterday it was Matt Morrison's ridiculously lickable abs and today it's Mark Salling delicious ARMS!!! *bites lip*


And, I'm also greatly amused by his gooftastic facial expressions. *g* )

These are apparently from Mark's recent GQ photo shoot. Dear media, please keep taking lovely pictures of the pretty Glee boys!

Speaking of happy-making t.v. shows, season two of Drop Dead Diva premiers on June 6th! This show is DELIGHTFUL and I can't wait to have it back on my t.v.

OMG, and about those t.v. shows that are back on my t.v., FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IS AIRING ON NBC!!! I did not KNOW this until last Friday when it suddenly showed up on my DVR. How did I not know this??? Y'all have been slacking on your flist duties by not bringing this very important news to my attention! *glares* Apparently it started running the week before that, but since the space on my DVR was full, I didn't realize I had missed the first episode until I was half way through the second and COMPLETELY LOST! *laughs* But I caught got caught up, and oh my ra, I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't wait to get to know the new characters, and Coach Taylor continues to be one of the hottest men on the planet and his wife is one hell of a fierce and sexy bitch! *loves and loves*

Ok, and while many most of you don't care, I'm still gonna flail a bit about Adam's upcoming tour. We finally have dates for his L.A. and San Diego shows. He's playing in L.A. on July 25th and San Diego on the 30th. Which means I'll now be flying from San Francisco (where my mom and I will be catching his show on Friday the 23rd and then sticking around the city on Saturday to do fun touristy things!) to L.A. on Sunday for his show that night and then flying home on Monday morning. It also means that I'll be missing Kris Allen's show here in Phoenix on the 25th. Sorry, Pocket Idol! I really DO want to see you play live some day, but, as everyone knows, Adam is a toppy bastard and a girl's gotta have her priorities. *g*

Sooooo, this is what that last week in July is looking like: my mom and I will fly to San Francisco on Friday afternoon for the show that night and we'll kick it in the city on Saturday, on Sunday I'll fly to L.A. for that show; I'll then be flying home Monday morning and going straight to the office; then I'm flying back to California on Tuesday afternoon for the two OC Fair shows, flying back home on Thursday morning; and then again (probably, as I haven't yet worked out these details) flying out to San Diego on Friday afternoon for that show, and then flying home on Saturday morning to be here for the Lady Gaga show that night! *tries to breathe* OMG this is insane! *laughs* But I can't wait!
I have at least half of Season 5 of "Supernatural" sitting on my DVR unwatched. I haven't deleted them because I've been waiting for the end of the season and my flist's reaction to decide whether I'm going to watch them and probably even whether I'm going to stick around for the 6th season. I wanna love this show again and at least see it through the five seasons we all hoped we'd get back in season 1, but I'm wary. So, dear flist, it's up to you. Yes or no? Were you satisfied with the season finale? Or were you disappointed? Will watching the rest of this season make me want to stick it out for season 6? Is Dean still ridiculously pretty and does Sam still have the sexiest puppy dog eyes ever? Tell me! [I'm not concerned about being spoiled, obviously. *g*]


May. 12th, 2010 02:15 pm
GLEE!!! Dear heavens that show is magic! It's completely geektastic, and while the music is delightful, every one of the characters are flawed and down-right unlikeable sometimes, but then it goes and does something like the scene with Kurt and his dad and I'm just completely UNDONE! And I think what it is about this show is that while we don't go breaking into song at every turn, the show is just so HUMAN, with all the messy and glorious aspects of humanity. Plus singing! :) And, um, Puck, in a fedora, singing jazz. Yeah, that boy can stay. *g*

And I'm also ridiculously excited about seeing the live tour this weekend!
Why is it that the weekends go by so quickly and an equal 48 period between Monday and Tuesday can drag on at least 3 times as long??? I believe that the science with regard to weekend time is broken. Someone should really fix that. *nods*

Although I did manage quite nicely to do just about nothing this weekend. I even passed up the baseball game yesterday in favor of staying home and doing laundry. Um. Perhaps that should worry me. But, really, an entire weekend of staying home and doing nothing more taxing than laundry was fabulous!

And despite the mountains of work on my desk this morning (hello quickly approaching deadline, icu!) I have been greatly amused by several things. First, this! Chad Michael Murry wrote a book! Well, a graphic novel actually. And he's planning a book tour! CMM at a Costco book section near you! *laughs and laughs* Oh, Chad! You amuse me so!

Also amusing (in a batshit crazy sort of way) are all the Adam Lambert fans who are incensed that they could not get in to see him perform at G-A-Y in London this weekend. You know, because middle-aged straight women have no reason to expect that they'd have a difficult time making the door at a private gay men's club. What??? No, really, what the ever loving fuck??? What part of Private Gay Men's club was not clear??? So, instead of reading the sign on the door (the one that said Private Gay Men's Club!!!) these women decided to twitter-storm Adam's band with their online gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands until the media picked it up and rightly mocked them. Dear Fandom: Your entitlement issues are showing once again! It's really not sexy. But I do think that witnessing that scene outside the club would have been HYSTERICAL!

Let's see, what else? Oh, yes, [livejournal.com profile] azewewish broke the unhappy news that Legend of the Seeker had been cancelled. Sadness! Where will I get my weekly fix of leather-clad hot chicks and Craig Horner's abs of doom???

But, in happier news, Kris Allen will be opening for some of the Barenaked Ladies' summer tour dates, including their July 25th Phoenix show!!! I can has Pocket Idol!!!!! *twirls* Which now means that this same week in July will include Kris, Adam, and Lady Gaga!!!! Fabulosity times three!!!!

So, what's awesome, or crazy, or amusing in your Monday?
Glee!!!!!! Last night's episode was fabulous! Is Idina Menzel's character going to be recurring? Because that would be sort of awesome. I am SO looking forward to next week's Madonna episode though! And even though I loved last night's Glee, my favorite part was the last four minutes. This is fantastic!!!

Oh, man, Sue Silvester is my favorite snarktastic, fabulously fierce bitch ever!!!!!

So, um, yeah, I guess I'm all aboard the Glee train after all. You can probably ignore all earlier comments about me not being able to get into it. *sheepish*

This probably means that I should get me some Glee icons. Does anyone have Glee icon finding suggestions for me?

I watched more T.V. last night that I normally do, because there was no way I was going to miss Adam on American Idol. Adam's advice was spot on. Unfortunately, too many of the contestants didn't listen to him. The performances were flat, uninspired, BORING. I was unimpressed. BUT, Adam was pretty! So there was that. And, I'm pretty sure Ryan Seacrest was high. Seriously, WTF was that??? Adam though!!! Yeah, I think I'll just keep focusing on the positive. *g* And tonight he performs! As Rhyan says, "MORE A-LAM!" *beams*

You know what else? Hot baseball players!!! I kinda really like hot baseball players! I bet y'all didn't even know that about me, right? *g* And while I'm by no means a Dodgers' fan, I do appreciate the hot boys in Dodger blue. GQ did a piece on Matt Kemp and, dear gods, that boy is lookin' good. *bites lip*


And how is it that I didn't know he had such delicious ink on his arms??? Good gods, I hope Rihanna is appreciating the hell outa that! Here, have some more of Matt's smokin' hot arms! )

Also, while we're on the topic of baseball, I'm expecting my boys to pick it up in Chavez Ravine tonight. Yesterday's performance was just unacceptable. Please do be doing better, boys.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post (which I think is a running theme here!), but I thought it expressed really well my perspective on health and weight loss and my Take Care of Me focus: My Relationship With Food: A Reflection of Self.
The betterness continues, which is exceedingly happy-making because I was quite done with feeling the like undiluted misery. It's also happy-making because it means that I will be taking my measurably less-sick self over to Mill Avenue after work to catch The Daylights show!!! Exciting indeed!

I know I'm late with the flaily-ness, but OMG WHITE COLLAR!!!!!!!! The season finale was so good! Neal and Peter and Elizabeth continue to be made of so much awesomeness, I can hardly take it! And, GAH, that last scene KILLED me! Oh, boys! *loves and loves* I'm so far behind on life, do we know if it's been renewed for a second season? Please someone tell me there will be more Neal and Peter and Elizabeth in my future!!!

Speaking of things which are awesome, have y'all seen these smokin' hot pics of Alexander Skarsgard in the L.A. Times Magazine??? Jfc. How is it possible that he seems to just get hotter and hotter??? Eventually you'd think that he'd max out the sexiness quotient, but that day has obviously not arrived.

Before I get back to my seemingly endless To Do list, let's talk about baseball for a minute. First the good: it is fantastic to see that Conor Jackson is back and looking healthy and strong again, after going down hard almost all last season with a nasty case of Valley Fever. I missed his hotass self on the field and I'm very happy that he's back! Also of the good, my bb Chris Snyder hit a home run in today's game! He's going to have to battle for game time, so this makes me more happy than it probably would if we didn't have an idiot for a manager who doesn't seem to understand the importance of a smart defensive catcher. Annnnyway. Yay, Chris! :) Of the not so good: Brandon Webb. He's likely to start the season on the DL. This is very much No Bueno! Been there, done that, had the craptastic season to prove it. We do not a repeat, thankyouverymuch. So frustrating! Especially since it seems to be more of mental thing at this point rather than a physical impairment. Dear Brandon, please to be getting your shit together. Sooner rather than later would be most helpful.

Alrighty then. Aren't y'all glad baseball is back??? Yeah, I knew you missed my baseball related ramblings. *g*



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