Yesterday morning I met [ profile] zoniduck, [ profile] llandaffaz, and several other local Adam fans to discuss ways in which we can help the efforts of 1n10, a great organization, providing much needed resources, support and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth here in the Valley. We're putting together Adam-related and other items for the silent auction that will take place at 1n10's annual fundraising Fresh Brunch next month.

We're also working to fill a couple of tables at the brunch. I'll be there! If you can, consider buying a ticket to attend 1n10's Fresh Brunch or buying a ticket for a young LGBTQ person to attend. (If you do buy a brunch ticket, make sure to note in the "Additional Information" box that you'd like to be seated at an Adam fans table or give my name directly, so that we can track the impact we can generate as a group.)

It was great to meet some other local Adam fans. It was also especially nice that the Executive Director of 1n10 came by to meet us and give us more information about the organization. I was glad to be able to talk to him about ways in which I can be involved beyond what we're doing as Adam fans, and I'm so excited about working with this organization!

It was a good morning. (Until I got home and saw the news.)

In unrelated news, except for the way in which it provided a very needed distraction this weekend, holy smokes, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is fucking brilliant!!! Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late in realizing this, but between having to wait for it to come out on DVD and not having many kid-free moments in which I could watch it, I only got around to watching the entire season this past week and finished it today. Jfc. It's brutal and raw and holds absolutely nothing back. The characters, all of them, are complicated and compelling. And, damn, I haven't had that much sheer gorgeousness, naked gorgeousness at that, on my screen in a long time! And the way the season ended? GodDAMN. That took balls.

I'm sad that Andy Whitfield wont be back for a second season (good thoughts to him on the personal battle he's facing), but the rest of the cast was so brilliant and the writing team incredible, that I'm totally looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a second season and to the Gods of the Arena prequel. This is just some damn good television!

Let's see, what other happier parts? Oh, yeah. Football! Although, really, I was not particularly pleased with a lot of the outcomes. The Saints managed to lose to the Seahawks. Yeah. The damn, losing record, hugely inconsistent Seahawks. *shakes head* I would have liked Vick and the Eagles to have played deeper into the playoffs, if nothing else just to piss off the haters. Of the good, though, there won't be any more Peyton Manning in my post-season and Jason Taylor looked deliciously happy when the Jets pulled off their win. So, I'm calling this a happy part of the weekend! :D

So, how 'bout all of you? Tell me about your happier parts! (Ooohh, that sounded dirty! *g*)

Nov. 15th, 2010 11:32 am
I spent most of Saturday and Sunday selling all the extraneous stuff in my life to strangers, otherwise known as a garage sale. And, the lesson learned, from that experience? It's a hell of a lot of work to sell your crap to strangers, so next time I'm donating it all and saving myself the complete exhaustion and regaining those 2 days of my life! But, on the bright side, I did get rid of a whole hell of a lot stuff. So there's that.

This weekend I also managed to get caught up with some of my shows. Hawaii Five-O is still ridiculously happy-making. Talk about eye-candy, man. Everything and everyone on that show is just so damn pretty! I'm still loving Steve and Danny's chemistry and I love that the show is giving us more layers to Kono's and Chin Ho's characters. And I mentioned the pretty, right? Yeah, just a lot of pretty happening there.

The A-List New York continues to be my guilty pleasure, only, you know, really without the guilt. These boys are ridiculous and fabulous and such bitchy drama queens! They are HIGHLY entertaining! And I recently heard that LOGO was going to start casting for an A-List L.A.!!! How fabulous would that be? And how much would I love to see Cheeks in something like that?!!! Please, Universe, make that happen! *prays*

And, seriously, I have no words for how much Sons of Anarchy continues to just blow me away! That show!!! *loves and loves*

Other than selling my stuff to strangers and catching up on my DVR'd shows, I also spent a good part of yesterday watching football, and cringing at the complete mess that is the Cardinals football team, and just shaking my head at that crazy finish in the Jags/Texans game, and staring at Mike Tomlin being all intense and hot on the Steelers' sideline, and thoroughly enjoying Tom Brady's ridiculously long hair and scruffy look, and thinking that he should really get pissed and yell more often because goddamn his already high quotient of hotness increases exponentially when that happens.

So, now that the weekend is over and we're doing this whole Monday thing again, how 'bout a happy list to start this week off right? Yeah, that sounds like the thing.

[ profile] wendy has put together a thoroughly awesome mix of self-empowerment songs, songs of the "I am amazing just the way I am variety." Good music, great message!

♥ In about an hour and a half, I get to have lunch with the lovely [ profile] llandaffaz before she flies off to far away corners of the world again. Tacos! And tequila! And awesome friends! \o/

♥ There is some fantastic live music and time with awesome friends to look forward to this week with Bruno Mars on Saturday with [ profile] zoniduck and Jerrod Niemann on Sunday with [ profile] ladymairwen! Both are sure to be good times!

Ok, now it's your turn! What's happy-making in your world today? *chin hands*

ETA: OMG!!! How did I forget to mention this! Sutan Amrul, Adam's insanely talented make-up artist, has been cast as a contestant in season 3 of RuPual's Drag Race!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAJA IS FABULOSITY PERSONIFIED!!!!! January 24th! *marks calendar*


Oct. 10th, 2010 03:13 pm
Today is 10/10/10, which, in Roman numerals is XXX. There obviously should be a hell of a lot more porn in this day! *nods*

Instead of porn, though, there's sports. Lots of sports. Kind of of schizofrenic sports watching today with my remote control getting a hell of a workout switching between the Cards/Saints game and the Braves in Game 3 of the NLDS.

Max Hall made his first NFL start today as the Cardinals QB. Cool random fact: Max Hall was QB at the same high school I graduated from, Mt. View in Mesa, Arizona. Sure, he took the field as a Toro 12 years after I was there (criminey I'm OLD!), but still, the connection makes me particularly fond of the kid even if he was the reason that Matt Leinart finds himself on Houston's sidelines this season. And he did manage to quickly figure out something that Derek Anderson never did: find Larry Fitzgerald, he's your man. Max found his man. In fact, Max/Larry might be my new NFL OTP. *g* And even though the Saints are playing the Cardinals, I was happy to see Jeremy catch for a TD. I can't help it! His little post-TD grin is adorable!!! *loves*

I skipped out on a family birthday party thing today because there was no way I was going to miss either this football game or today's baseball games. The delightful added benefit to that is that I am currently enjoying having the house all to myself this afternoon! BLISS!

Hope everyone out there is having a great Sunday and props to you if you're enjoying a little extra porn on this XXX day! *g*
Yesterday was another Not Good Day in a week full of Not Good Days. But at least now I don't have to manage the family drama in any official capacity. Doesn't make it any less heart-breaking or rage-inducing, or any number of emotions in between, but at least I don't have to be all lawyerly while still trying to keep a grip on my own emotional roller coaster. /cryptic venting

Thankfully there was Girls' Night last night with [ profile] zoniduck and V. It was perfectly lovely and distracting and exactly what I needed. Finally watched Inception and it completely blew my mind. I need to go back and read reactions and discussions on my flist now that I've watched it. And I really need to watch it another 2 or 3 or half a dozen times to try to wrap my brain around it. But, mind-blowingness aside, that was a hell of a lot of pretty on that screen! Good gods. *bites lip* Yeah, totally and beautifully distracting.

After the flick we went to Zinburger for some yummy food and milkshakes and girl talk and it was awesome.

And today, there's football on my t.v.!!! I wish I'd had the Saints/Falcons geme, and, sorry [ profile] azewewish, but I wish the Saints could have pulled off the W in overtime, but at least it was a good game. And now I've got the Cardinals keeping it hot against the Raiders. It's damn good to see Beanie Wells back on the field, even though he's obviously still favoring the knee. But, damn, this QB situation is not good. Anderson has zero finesse on his pass, his pass selection is crap, he panics under pressure, and he's found no rhythm with Larry who's really the only one that's going to save his sorry ass. Ugh. Somehow the Cards are still up, but seriously man, why the hell did anyone ever think that Anderson was a good idea???

See, though? Even when I'm bitching about it, football is still wonderfully distracting! *g*

So, whatcha all doing on this Sunday? Come on. Distract me with your awesome Sunday-ness!
I have mentioned that I am just NOT a morning person, right? Well, apparently the Bossman hasn't gotten that memo, because he keeps insisting on scheduling me to do these morning radio interviews. I had to get up at the asscrack of dawn today, after a hearty 3 1/2 hours sleep, to drag myself to the radio station before heading in to the office. *whimpers* Today is going to be rough, man.

On the bright side, though, the radio interview went well. I managed to string my words together into coherent sentences, in Spanish no less, even though I was tragically under caffeinated. Go me! I now have MOAR COFFEE, an egg and ham bagel sandwich, and an exceptionally early start to my week, so life is definitely looking up!

The weekend was also lovely. On Saturday I finally made it to the dance fitness studio I've been talking about going to for months and I loved it! You gotta know that I'm going to completely jive with any place that has THIS as their mission statement: to help women discover their inherent beauty and express themselves in harmony with who they are as a fabulous, unique individual. LOVE IT! I got a membership and I will definitely be making classes there a regular part of my week.

Sunday was all about football. Man, did y'all see that Cardinals/Packers game??? It was INSANE! It was one hell of a game in the very best sense of the word, although the stress of watching it may well have shaved several years of my life. Dear gods, they were KILLING me! I'm thrilled that my boys pulled it out in the end. [ profile] coolwhipdiva, you need to get you trash-talkin' skills sharpened up, since next week it'll be your Saints against my Cardinals! Bring it, bb! *g*
Happy Monday, everyone! It's a new week. A clean slate. What are we gonna do with it??? I say let's rock the hell outa it! *beams*

Before I get to this week's plans, though, let me tell y'all about my awesome weekend. I spent Saturday with The Nieces, teaching them the finer points of power shopping! It's never too early to develop the skills necessary for effective retail therapy. *g* I managed to get Rhyan's Halloween costume (she's going to be the most adorable Tinkerbell ever!) and to find all of the accessories I needed for my vintage get up. Yay! Lots of shoe, clothes and toy purchases later, we dragged ourselves home and put two very exhausted girls to bed. It was a good day!

On Sunday I got to have brunch with one of my oldest friends on the planet! I hadn't seen Sara in over five years and yet we picked back up as if we had just seen each other last week! We talked and laughed and talked some more -- it was SO good to reconnect.

And, as a nice bonus, I found a great new (or new to me) place for brunch -- The Farmhouse in Gilbert. The food was so yummy! Plus Mimosas made with fresh squeezed OJ! Delish!

The rest of Sunday was all about sports. It was nice to see the Cardinals play the way I know they can. And having Matt Hasselbeck on my t.v. screen was not bad either. Especially as he was pissed off through most of the game and that boy just gets exponentially hotter when he's angry. *g* Matt Leinart took a few snaps and he's looking damn fine too. And how awesome was it to see the Phillies hand the Dodgers their collective asses? Very awesome, I tell you! Shane Victorino you continue to be made of awesome -- you, your HRs, and your adorable dimples can definitely stay!

Anyway. As I was saying, I'm planning on rocking the hell outa this week. Or, at a minimum, not allow myself to be pwned by it, like I have been lately. Baby steps, and all. Work is likely to be busy, as I've got depositions and deadlines and all manner of things on my to do list. But! On the bright side, it'll only be a four day week for me as I jet off to L.A. on Friday for what is sure to be a fantabulous weekend with my girls! *bounces* So, whatcha say? Shall we make it a good one? :)
The Nieces wore me the hell out yesterday. Now I remember why I don't have children. I love 'em like crazy, but damn was I ever ready to turn them back over to their parents.

Today I slept it and it was GLORIOUS! And then I spent the rest of the morning watching football. Exactly as it should be for a September Sunday. *nods* Speaking of football, it was nice to see that the Cardinals remembered how to play the game. Last week was a disaster, but Kurt was connecting on everything to everyone today, and they kicked so much ass that even Matt Leinart got some playing time! Poor Matt. *laughs* But what the hell was up with Captain Hotass??? Seriously, Tommy, baby, what was that? *shakes head*

Now I've got Big Ben on my screen, which is never a bad thing. Other than football, today is going to be about getting some things done around the house, which while not nearly as awesome as football, necessary nonetheless. But, definitely more on the awesome side of things, I've got tickets to the Pink concert tonight!!! WooHoo!!! \o/

Speaking of awesome things, last night Cassidy Haley did a live stream last night where he played a new song, did an acoustic version of "Whiskey in Churches," and STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS BABY BLUE UNDERWEAR!!! It was FABULOUS!!! He and his friend, Rawn the Adorable Accordion Player, were precious and chatty and possibly drunk and then he just stripped down to his underwear! How can you not love this boy??? If you missed it, I'm so sorry for your life!!! But you can see the archived version [HERE].
  • [ profile] annkiri is a GODDESS.

  • Stubb's barbecue was unimpressive. We're still in search of the best barbecue in Austin.

  • Amy's ice cream, however, was DELICIOUS. The concept of ice cream mixed with alcohol is BRILLIANT!!!

  • [ profile] soylahtayplease gave us the grand tour of her new working digs. Beautiful place. Interesting art. Yummy lunch served in the dining space.

  • The plane ride here broke my suitcase. But now I have a shiny new suitcase!

  • Retail therapy was had. It was good.

  • I did mention that [ profile] annkiri is a goddess, right? Well, it's definitely worth mentioning again. A GODDESS, people.

  • The Magic 8 Ball application on the iPhone is an excellent way to make all your important decisions!

  • The orchestra of very drunk older men playing their imaginary instruments along to the music on stage was the BEST PART of our night on 6th Street. Imaginary triangle playing FTW!!!

  • An amazing time was had with Texas Boy.

  • THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!! And, it gets even better. I get both my teams on February 1st with a Steelers/Cardinals show down!!! *flails wildly* I have no idea how I'll resolve the internal conflict about who to cheer for, but for now I'm just very happy that I'll have that particular dilemma.

  • [ profile] annkiri and [ profile] soylahtayplease helped me cheer on my teams as we camped out at a local sports bar all day yesterday. It was a blast!

  • Today I caught up on some of my missed sleep. Which meant that we missed the Nia class that we had planned on going to. But oh my gods how I needed the sleep! Plans for later include My Bloody Valentine at the Drafthouse, and dinner at Magnolia. Good times!
This weekend was comprised of about 15% housecleaning and other necessary tasks, 5% of getting ready for my Austin trip, 5% Golden Globe watching, and approximately 75% of FOOTBALL!!! It was excellent.

In football news, first, as we all should know by now, the Cards pulled out a wholly unexpected win yesterday. And today the Eagles beat the Giants, so not only will this be a Manning-free Super Bowl (!!!), but the NFC Championship game next weekend will be here. I, however, will be watching from Austin. *g*

And in even more football awesomeness, THE STEELERS WON!!! It was a great game, and Ben was fantastic, and Willie had a great game, and Hines still fills me with glee every time he smiles! Oh, yeah. And Mike Tomlin was once again DISTRACTINGLY HOT LIKE BURNING on the sidelines!

Ben and Mike. )

I don't think I have a whole lot to say about the Golden Globes other than Kate Winslet is a goddess, Salma Hayek has the best rack in Hollywood, Gerard Butler looked damn good, and while I don't normally find Colin Farrel hot, I thought he was smokin' tonight.
- Even though the day was a typical December Sunday full of laziness and football, I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished, including conquering a mountain of laundry, finally getting my holiday cards written out and ready for mailing, and cooking up a delicious pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup.

- We shall not speak of the Cardinals, but it was good to see the Steelers pull out today's win and Matt Cassell take the Patriots to a win after the personally tragic week he's had.

- This has cracked my shit up all day:


*laughs and laughs* He threw a SHOE at him! Twice! I think that journalist pretty adequately expressed the WORLD'S sentiments about Shrub. *laughs more*

- A certain Texas Boy is still making me ridiculously gleeful. I don't even KNOW. *shakes head* But, yes, happeh-making.
~ The weekend was lazy and relaxed and absolutely perfect.

~ I've been in a mood to cook. I think it has something to do with the cooler temperatures. I've been making a different soup at least once a week. Last week I also made gumbo, and it turned out delicious. Today I whipped up some baked garlic chicken and cheesy creamed spinach, both of which were also quite tasty!

~ I'm finally almost all caught up with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. I really love how she keeps layering her mythology so that each book is fresh and interesting. I just started Acheron. And while I'm really looking forward to reading Ash's story, it's so sad. I'm finding it difficult to read more than a few pages before I need a break to think about something happy. 728 pages with happy breaks...this may take a while.

~ Thanksgiving this year will be in Superior at my great aunt's. My great aunt has been very sick and no one really expects her to be around next year. So the entire extended clan (probably close to 70 people in all) will be getting together on Thursday. You have no idea how terrifying obnoxious loud annoying chaotic AWESOME we can be when we're all under one roof! It'll be epic! And possibly emotionally scarring. *laughs*

~ Dear Cardinals: Please remember that the point of an on-side kick is to RETAIN possession of the ball. Unimpressed, ME. In better football news, though, Matt Cassel had one hell of a day. As did Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Nicely done, Matts! \o/

~ In decidedly NO GOOD news, my neck is stiff and sore and very painful! Ouch! I think the culprit is likely all the time spent on the laptop, but I don't really see a solution for that other than just completely ignoring my work for a few days. What I could really use is a massage, but I will probably have to settle for a heating pad and some ibuprofen. *sadface*
Mmmm. Soup. As soon as the heat breaks and it starts feeling like fall something less hot than hell, I start craving soup. Last week I made two batches of Caldo the Queso, which is Spanish for cheese soup, but in actuality it's more like potato and cheese soup. Yummy! And today I made a huge batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup. Oh, man, this stuff is DELICIOUS! They are both super easy to make, chalk full of good-for-you veggies, and absolutely yummy!

Other moments of brilliance uncharacteristic productivity this weekend have included grocery shopping yesterday and today feeling the undeniable need to organize my books. Yeah, I don't even know. But it was driving me crazy that my books were in such disarray, on various bookshelves and assorted piles throughout the house, and in no particular order. It was seriously offending my inner anal-retentive crazy person Virgo. So I spent several hours this afternoon organizing my books, by genre and then alphabetically by author, cleaning off shelves, setting aside bags full of paperbacks for trade/giveaway. I'm not quite done, but I have made huge amounts of progress and I feel very accomplished. And happier about my world now that my books are in order! (I did mention that inner crazy person, right?) The next step will be to catalog them so that I know what I have, but I like to break my insanity down into manageable parts. *g*

I've also watched some baseball this weekend. I'm sure no one is surprised. After this weekend, though, I'm no longer speaking to the Cubs. *glares in the general direction of Chicago* I am, however, expecting the Phillies to do right by me next week and take care of the Dodgers. *crosses fingers* Speaking of disappointing sports news, though, what the hell, Seahawks??? You boys planning on, you know, actually playing football any time this season? Sheesh. It was good to see both the Cardinals and the Pats get wins today though. And Ben on my screen is always nice. :)

And you? How was your weekend? *is curious*
Well, I don't have my tat yet, but I did meet with the artist and he's working up a couple of sketches. He thinks he can have them done for me tomorrow or Tuesday, so I should be able to get it done this week. Exciting!

While I waited to speak with the artist last night, I watched him work on this guy who had an amazing tattoo outlined on his chest that they were coloring in yesterday. Hot. Both the guy and the tat. He reminded me of a slightly younger Chad Michael Murray. He had another tattoo up the side of his torso, a rope with knots spaced through it. It was pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome. Have you read this conversation between Barack Obama and Jed Bartlet? Hilarious!

Anyway. I'm enjoying my Sunday, watching my D'backs take on the Rockies. They finally broke that on-the-road losing streak and they're looking really good today with good stuff from Dan Haren and an actual offensive game. Which, you know, is kinda helpful in winning baseball games. *g*

Speaking of Sunday sports: Patriots defense, WTF??? I'm unimpressed.

Plans for the rest of this Sunday include some house cleaning, as I got a nifty new floor sweeper that I need to break in. (I'm SO easily amused. *g*)I also need to get a workout in now that I'm not feeling like death. And I'll probably catch up on Sons of Anarchy and the Sarah Connor Chronicles a bit later. How's your Sunday?
I had such a fantastic weekend in L.A. with my girls!!! The drive home, though, was the complete opposite of fantastic. OMG traffic sucked so hard!!! It was a snarly, barely moving mess until I was nearly in Palm Springs and it added over two hours to my drive time. Grrr.

Now that I am finally home though, I'm completely hyped on all the caffeine I drank to keep myself awake thought that mess and I can't sleep! *bounces* So, instead of getting any much needed sleep before work starts kicking me in the ass very early in the morning, I'm going to tell you all about my AWESOME weekend and make y'all insanely jealous of the fact that I got to spend four and a half days with some of the most fabulous women on the planet! \o/

Is it any wonder I want to move to L.A.??? )
It sure as hell wasn't a pretty win, but the Patriots pulled it out over the Chargers to win the AFC Championship and secure their ticket to Arizona in two weeks for the Super Bowl.


Patriots, AFC Champs! )

Next stop: Super Bowl!!!
I've been a good girl this year. Mostly. (Shut up. There's absolutely NO evidence to the contrary.) And, apparently, there is a Santa Claus and the big man in red has taken note of my good behavior, because today's Patriots/Dolphins game featured several instances of Jason Taylor getting up on Tom Brady. *sigh* So much pretty. [ profile] technosage, [ profile] idiosyncratic and I watched the game at sports bar, and I think that the guys in the table in front of us probably wondered why, while we were obviously cheering the Pats on, we'd erupt in loud cheers of unadulterated GLEE whenever Jason would get a hand on Tom. *g*

(Does it actually need to be said that, yes, the Pats did indeed win. Which, you know, YAY!)

The day of football also included Matt Hasselbeck being all scruffy and hot (and winning, which, you know, is also important *g*), and several shots of Matt Leinart looking like an adorable goofball on the Cardinal's sideline. Yes, Christmas did in fact come early and Santa delivered a lot of HOT men on the football field.

* * *

Also, a bit late but, blessings of the returning Light to all those who mark the Solstice. Mine was quiet, but good. I'm looking forward to the longer days and the "fresh start" feel of the seasons moving from dark to light.

* * *

In other good holiday news, I've got all my shopping and wrapping done. \o/ I've gone grocery shopping and the only thing left to do is bake a few batches of cookies, which I'll do tomorrow morning. After that, it's nothin' but holiday movies, spiked egg nog, yummy tamales, and, of course, my crazy family. Good times!
Ok, first, that plan for kicking my ass out of my holiday doldrums? Yeah. *looks sheepish* That hasn't gone so well. I still don't have a tree up, nor have I done any holiday baking, and, despite countless slothful hours spent in front of the t.v., we haven't watched a single holiday movie. *hangs head in shame* I did manage to brave the crowds at the mall yesterday for several hours and got a good deal of my holiday shopping done. So, that's something I guess.

But, despite the abject failure of my plan, I do have something that may just propel me into a fit of pure holiday cheer...Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Cookies!!! OMG!!! These things are so delicious! They are like the perfect marriage of Oreo and Thin Mint. YUMMY!!!

Ahem. Ok. So, the holiday cheer plan didn't work out as planned, so instead I've been enjoying a day of football and sloth. Seriously, I have barely moved from this chair all day. And while Jo may have an excuse for hanging out on the couch all day, I'm making no excuses for my sloth. Nope. Just gonna accept it and enjoy the hell outa it. We have more snacks than the two of us can possibly eat. And we have the aforementioned scrumptious candy cane cookies. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing anything else today.

On the football front, most of the games that I wanted to watch weren't aired here. We watched as the Cardinals decided that the playoffs weren't really that important, as they played like shit today. Oh, home team. *shakes head* We were, though, treated to a couple of pretty shots of a scruffy Matt Leinart on the sideline. What? I'll take my pretty anywhere I can find it.

There was much screaming and perhaps even some tears when the final score of the Dolphins' game scrolled across the screen. A WIN!!!!!!! In honor of Miami's first win of the season: here, have some Jason Taylor Hotness. )

Also, both Ben and Matt had losses today. And, while that's a shame, this picture of Matt made me laugh:

I bet not even Ben knew he could twist himself into that position. )

ETA: I'm blaming my forgetfulness on the sugar rush of the candy cane cookies. I meant to START this entry with the really important news of the day: TODAY IS [ profile] way2busymom's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! B, you are fabulous and I am forever grateful to [ profile] technosage for dragging you out to Nashville because, Steve, Jerrod, and tequila shots in dixie cups not withstanding, meeting you was definitely the best part of that trip! I hope your day was fantastic and that the year ahead brings lots of love and laughter your way!
- After the food-fest that was Thanksgiving, I hopped a plane on Friday afternoon to L.A. for some quality Hooker time.

- Friday night [ profile] azewewish, [ profile] idiosyncratic, [ profile] editorzon and I went to the Down show. Jo and her bum ankle were safely ensconced with Stacey in the owner's box, while Brenda and I enjoyed the show from the floor, on the barricade, and about this >.< close to Phillip's Arms of Porn and Cock of Awesomeness. It was, in a word, FANTASTIC! Best. Time. Evar.

- After the show there was a middle of the night breakfast and hilarious conversation. Hash browns, too much coffee, and slashy talk at 4:00 a.m., good times.

- Saturday was made of LAZINESS, with quiet hang-out time at Casa Hooker. [ profile] coolwhipdiva joined us for a movie and pizza night. Love Actually is officially my first holiday movie of the season, and it's definitely one of my favorites.

- Sunday was for football, as it should be. The flight home was wonderfully stress-free -- no lines to speak of, no significant delays. In all, much easier than I expected. I got home just in time to catch the Pats/Eagles game. I enjoyed the fact that it actually was a football game. And, obviously, I enjoyed having Tom Brady on my screen. 'Cause, you know, he's a Hot Ass.

Good music, Phil's Arms of Porn, the always delightful company of my Hookers, quiet relaxing time, movie nights, football. In sum, the weekend ROCKED!



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