Apr. 4th, 2011 05:22 pm
Mercury went retrograde last Wednesday. My Blackberry started showing signs of impending death on Thursday. Coincidence? I think not. Unfortunately my Blackberry is out of warranty, so if it dies it's staying that way. I guess this gives me the excuse I've been looking for to finally get an iPhone.

Seriously, though, Mercury Retrograde, can you not fuck with my laptop until I'm employed? My bank account would really appreciate that small mercy.

ION, I saw "Rango" yesterday. Why didn't anyone tell me I should not attempt that sober??? Seriously, I cannot be expected to handle an animated lizard's existential crisis while having one of my own without an adequate amount of alcohol first!!! The froyo afterward went a long way toward restoring my zen, though. Which is good, because those things that a good frozen yogurt can't fix require me winning the lottery, and I'm not sure if I can really count on that happening any time soon. :/
Seriously, check out this super hot, crazy talented chick and try not to be smitten:

Boombox Series // Jessie J from on Vimeo.

Love her! And I can't wait for her album to drop next month!
+ My car has apparently been brought back to life and I will get it back today!

- $8,800 worth of repairs, tho.

+ All but $800 of that repair bill is covered under warranty!

- Epically bad timing on the $800 out of pocket.

+ Another 10,000 4,200 (!!!) miles and I would have been having to foot the entire bill. Timing is perhaps perfect after all. (Holy moly, that was excellent timing!)

- Didn't score pre-sale tickets for Adam's L.A. show today.

+ I'll try again on Friday when they go on general sale. And if that doesn't work, there's always StubHub. *determined*

+ I got my Venomous Villains MAC products in the mail today and I love them!

- Rhyan has already appropriated my Cruella lipgloss. Little stinker.

* I'm making jambalaya for dinner!!! Yum!

- *misses New Orleans*

- The new tattoo is starting to get itchy.

+ New tattoo!!! :D

+ October baseball has started! Congrats to the Rangers on the first win of the post-season!

+ The Saints are in town on Sunday against the Cardinals. I really want to go to the game!

- $800 repair bill means I probably shouldn't be spending on a ticket to a football game. :/

+ It's finally starting to feel like Fall around here!

+++ More + than - on this list = A GOOD DAY! :)
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] editorzon!!! I hope your day was FABULOUS and full of glitter, glam, champagne, and rock and roll! And I hope that the year ahead brings all kinds of love and laughter and success beyond your wildest imagination because no one deserves it more than you, baby! I love you and I'm truly blessed to call you my friend! *mwah*

2. I had two interviews today, and I think they both went pretty well, and hopefully they were all suitably wowed by my brilliance and charm! *g* The first one was especially intriguing to me and I'd love to see that develop into something. I don't want to say too much until I know if it's going to turn into something, but, please to be keeping your fingers crossed and the good-job-gettin' mojo flowing.

3. I'll be scheduling my next tattoo tomorrow and I'm super excited about new ink!!! :D

4. I had a completely random and unexpected, but still really awesome, phone call from the Texas!Boy this weekend. We had a great conversation and I really do hope we can get back to friends, because I do have a good time with him. Plus, it was wonderfully distracting at at time when I really needed a distraction.

5. I finally watched the rest of season 5 of Supernatural, and, I gotta say, the show redeemed itself for me at the end and I was completely satisfied with the way it wrapped the story arc. Back on the Sam & Dean train, I watched last week's episode, hoping for good things. I was underwhelmed. The best I can say is that Jensen and Jared are still very pretty to look at. While I'm never one to underestimate the entertainment value of a pretty face on my screen, hopefully they'll figure out who to make something of season 6 other than "oh, look, Jared and Jensen are still indeed hot."

6. Reese's Pieces are happy-making. :D

7. Lady Gaga announced a San Diego date for the 2011 leg of Monster Ball! March 29th at the Viejas Arena. And, even betterer! Scissor Sisters is supposed to be opening for her next year!!! [ profile] _lisalisa_ and I are looking in to getting tickets, if anyone else is interested in possibly joining us, tickets go on sale October 1st. Lady Gaga! Scissor Sisters! This is going to be fantabulous!

8. Phoenix AIDS Walk this weekend!

9. Dancing with the Stars producers can continue to put Rick Fox in sleeveless shirts all the time! Dear gods that man has beautiful arms. *bites lip*


- Trainer!Joe kicked my ass yesterday and is scheduled to do so again in about 30 minutes.

- This weekend I MUST get my taxes done. This may require a bit of creative accounting. I probably should hire an actual professional to do this next year.

- I still haven't seen "Stop Loss." I am not pleased.

- My niece is visiting this weekend, which always means pancakes for breakfast. \o/

- I have tickets to Tuesday's Diamondbacks game against the Dodgers. This makes me happy!

- Other things on Saturday's To Do List include a bit of shopping, laundry, and catching up on "New Amsterdam" episodes.
OMG I can't seem to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes! Plus, it's GORGEOUS outside and I really don't want to be in my window-less office. *is distracted* This does not bode well for my productivity this afternoon. Also, it means that this post is going to be all over the place, just like my brain!

* * *

I'm amused. And by "amused" I mean just a shade this side of annoyed and kind of embarrassed for others. So, there was a recent blog post over at Christian Kane's MySpace announcing all kinds of happenings including the fact that the music is now going to be marketed under Christian's full name rather than "Kane." No one's really surprised, right? The amusing part is, again in the "no surprise" category, the reactions being posted to that announcement. Seriously, people, I'm sure no one gives a damn if you think the name change is a bad idea. Also, I'm quite certain that Steve is a big boy and quite able to look out for his own interests without your help. And that anyone would have the audacity to actually say any of those things on a musician's site is, well, amusing in that "OMG I'm so embarrassed for you," kind of way -- kind of like when you see some chick walk out of the bathroom with her skirt caught up in her pantyhose and you wonder if you should say something or just let her walk away with her, ahem, issues showing. So, yeah: hey fandom, pull your skirt out. Your entitlement issues are showing.

* * *

Jason Taylor admits to always wanting to learn to tango...because he thought it was sexy! Hee!!! I'm probably gonna make y'all crazy with my growing squeefulness over Jason's dancing debut next week. But, seriously, I'm so excited!!! Is it March 17th yet???

(Also, I need a Jason Taylor icon.)

* * *

I am so very annoyed with a certain prosecutor today. We had two telephonic interviews scheduled, which is the main reason I'm sitting in the office rather than outside enjoying this beautiful day. But she apparently didn't think these were that important because she blew them off without so much as a phone call or email to let me know she couldn't do them. I am NOT pleased. *scowls*

* * *

I have a coupon for a free lunch at Zoës Kitchen. Since I apparently don't have interviews after all, I think I shall go get lunch. Plus, there is something inherently happy-making about a free lunch!
- How in the hell does someone sit down to take a shit or a piss and then just decide not to get up from the pot FOR TWO YEARS??? This both baffles and amuses to extraordinary degrees.

- In a prime example of my inimitable GRACE and POISE, I was walking downtown today on my way to court, on a perfectly smooth and even sidewalk, without a crack or rock or obstacle of any kind in sight, when I, for no apparent reason whatsoever, CAME CRASHING TO MY HANDS AND KNEES!!! *facepalm* Thankfully I was on a back street so no one witnessed my spectacular fall. Also, thankfully, my phone suffered the worst of the damage. I am though, without doubt, the Queen of Klutz.

- Today was beautiful and I didn't feel like being cooped up in the office (and I really didn't have anything urgent on my schedule), so I ditched work and went to a spring training game! Being your own boss is pretty damn awesome sometimes!!! I went to watch the Giants and the Padres, because the Giants' ballpark is pretty close to my office. And I scored an awesome seat just 3 rows back from the Giants' dugout. I'm happy to report, [ profile] _lisalisa_, that your boys looked good with a 11-5 win over San Francisco. Also, there were lots of HOT men this time, both on and off the field! Definitely a much better way to spend a spring afternoon than behind a desk doing research. *nods*

- While I'm speaking of baseball, the Dodgers are playing a few games here next week, so there shall be at least several more spring training games before March is up! YAY!!!

- And now, some mid-week HOTNESS: Jason Taylor's Dancing with the Stars Promo Pic )
- I made a client cry today. This is indicative of how my entire day went. Long before we hit noon I really wanted to call a do-over. I am so very glad that tomorrow is Friday.

- Let's face it, this is not L.A., and us Phoenicians are just not used to having film crews taking over our city. There's been a crew filming gods only know what in downtown all week, closing down streets, taking over parking lots. This is highly disruptive to my daily existence. They can go away any time now, kthx.

- I bought an awesome, commercial grade treadmill today. I'll be picking it up tomorrow. And then I'll have no excuse not to get up off my ass on a regular basis and do some cardio. \o/ Also, I'm "auditioning" new trainers. Trainer!Boy just doesn't have time in his schedule any more, and I've not clicked with any of the other trainers at the gym. It's also possible that my standard for trainers is completely skewed because of EPHT. *g* While I don't have any illusion that I'll get lucky enough to land a crazy hot stripper/porn star/trainer, I am hoping to find someone I can work with outside of the gym, either at home or at whatever facility they use, at least a couple of times a week. *crosses fingers*

- I turned on the television tonight and happened to catch Riley Smith's C.S.I. episode. Hi, Riley! :)

- I'm still working my way through One Tree Hill. So, color me boggled when Pete Wentz shows up on my screen half way through season 3. Cooking. And making out with Peyton. And sharing eyeliner moments with the girls. *looks askance at the screen* Why is bandom intruding on my Chad Michael Murray fannish glee???

- My mom recently bought a juicer and she's been going a little crazy juicing everything. Today she made me a pear/apple/orange/carrot/celery concoction that was unexpectedly delicious. Apparently the juice possibilities are endless.

- Down posted a new picture today from the New Orleans show. Philip is looking especially HOTASS in this one. )



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