Yesterday morning I met [ profile] zoniduck, [ profile] llandaffaz, and several other local Adam fans to discuss ways in which we can help the efforts of 1n10, a great organization, providing much needed resources, support and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth here in the Valley. We're putting together Adam-related and other items for the silent auction that will take place at 1n10's annual fundraising Fresh Brunch next month.

We're also working to fill a couple of tables at the brunch. I'll be there! If you can, consider buying a ticket to attend 1n10's Fresh Brunch or buying a ticket for a young LGBTQ person to attend. (If you do buy a brunch ticket, make sure to note in the "Additional Information" box that you'd like to be seated at an Adam fans table or give my name directly, so that we can track the impact we can generate as a group.)

It was great to meet some other local Adam fans. It was also especially nice that the Executive Director of 1n10 came by to meet us and give us more information about the organization. I was glad to be able to talk to him about ways in which I can be involved beyond what we're doing as Adam fans, and I'm so excited about working with this organization!

It was a good morning. (Until I got home and saw the news.)

In unrelated news, except for the way in which it provided a very needed distraction this weekend, holy smokes, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is fucking brilliant!!! Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late in realizing this, but between having to wait for it to come out on DVD and not having many kid-free moments in which I could watch it, I only got around to watching the entire season this past week and finished it today. Jfc. It's brutal and raw and holds absolutely nothing back. The characters, all of them, are complicated and compelling. And, damn, I haven't had that much sheer gorgeousness, naked gorgeousness at that, on my screen in a long time! And the way the season ended? GodDAMN. That took balls.

I'm sad that Andy Whitfield wont be back for a second season (good thoughts to him on the personal battle he's facing), but the rest of the cast was so brilliant and the writing team incredible, that I'm totally looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a second season and to the Gods of the Arena prequel. This is just some damn good television!

Let's see, what other happier parts? Oh, yeah. Football! Although, really, I was not particularly pleased with a lot of the outcomes. The Saints managed to lose to the Seahawks. Yeah. The damn, losing record, hugely inconsistent Seahawks. *shakes head* I would have liked Vick and the Eagles to have played deeper into the playoffs, if nothing else just to piss off the haters. Of the good, though, there won't be any more Peyton Manning in my post-season and Jason Taylor looked deliciously happy when the Jets pulled off their win. So, I'm calling this a happy part of the weekend! :D

So, how 'bout all of you? Tell me about your happier parts! (Ooohh, that sounded dirty! *g*)
Ok, I'll warn y'all up front, if you are in possession of a heart, which I'm pretty sure y'all are, this will likely make you cry like a baby who just wants his mommy.

This "It Gets Better" video is from televangelist Oral Roberts' gay grandson. Yeah. I didn't know he had a gay grandson either. Apparently he had a gay son too. Ronald David Roberts committed suicide in 1982, just after coming out. This video is a letter to "Uncle Ronnie."

The text at the beginning of the video. )
Today I wore a purple shirt when I went to the post office; my Twitter and Facebook feeds were awash with purple avatars; across the country people joined together in various ways in support of anti-gay bullying efforts. And yet, just last night in the midst of all this solidarity in purple, anther young man took his life. Obviously, all of the purple in the world is not going to solve this problem.

But, if enough people tell them that it gets better and if enough people work at making it better, then it will get better.

I loved Adam's "It Gets Better" video because not only does he deliver that message, but he also reminds the listener that they each have the power to make it better:

Also, I Aftermath is THE perfect song to accompany this message:

In the last few days my news and Twitter feeds have been tragically full of news about gay teens taking their lives after suffering anti-gay bullying at school. This breaks my heart. But the fact is that this isn't news; not in the sense that it is a new or recent phenomenon. I guess I can take some comfort in the mere fact that these boys' tragic stories did actually make my news feed. Maybe as a society we are becoming more aware of the problem? *hopes*

I hate that feeling of sad hopelessness that I get whenever I read about the Seths and the Ashers and the Tylers of our world. I'm a doer. I want to DO something. But other than to do my best to be a better human being and to teach those other/younger human beings within my circle of influence to be better human beings, it often seems as if there's damn little I can do. But then I remember that sometimes the best thing I can do is to empower others to DO. So today I took some of that sad hopelessness and channeled it into something more positive by donating to the Trevor Project. You can even text TREVOR to 85944 to make a $5 donation. It's doing something. More, it's enabling those better equipped to do something.

I know things are difficult economically for a lot of people -- believe me, I know. But if you can find even $5 to spare -- heck, that's a latte! -- I encourage you to donate. In memory of Seth, Asher, and Tyler and all of the other young men and women who have felt so alone and misunderstood and unloved and unsupported that they couldn't see a way out, make sure that they have a safe-haven to go to, so that someone can remind them that it will get better. We can all help to make it better.

Also, if you haven't, check out Dan Savage's It Gets Better project on YouTube. Messages of hope. There can never be too many of those.
My mom and I are again walking in the Phoenix AIDS Walk this coming Sunday, October 3rd. I've been distracted by life's recent series of craziness and haven't given this the attention it deserves, but there's still a few days left, time enough to make a difference! Phoenix AIDS Walk benefits the Aunt Rita's Foundation, which in turn funds 19 Valley agencies providing services and programs to prevent HIV/AIDS and assisting those living with the disease. My contribution page is HERE. Any contribution, no matter the amount, makes a difference!

[I know that some of y'all are also making similar walks in your respective communities in the near future. I haven't kept track of contribution pages, but if you will leave me a link here, I will happily pitch in what I can to your efforts!]


Sep. 2nd, 2010 01:49 pm
Wow. I really have no idea what happened to August. Considering I've been doing practically nothing at all for the past month, you'd think that time would at least slow down a little bit. Apparently not.

Speaking of doing nothing at all, I'm finding it strange and a bit stressful. I can't really seem to be able to just enjoy the absence of a huge To Do list. This is very annoying. I'm sure that when I'm again drowning in files and cases and clients, I will regret not having fully appreciated the down time. :/

The job search is moving forward. I have an interview this afternoon. Wish me luck!

I'm trying to stay open to all possibilities. Thinking about non-traditional jobs and how my legal experience can be leveraged in different ways. I'm also trying not to constrain myself geographically. Open to possibilities. That's been my mantra. Hopefully the right possibility will present itself soon.

Between the job search and travel, September is going to be busy, even without work-required To Do list. This weekend is San Diego. I get home on Monday and on Wednesday I leave again for my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness! By the time I've left a trail of glitter through several states, half of September will be gone.

I had wanted to go to the Feast of Persephone Fall Equinox weekend at Diana's Grove, but I think I'll just have to see where the employment issue stands when I get back from vacation before I make a decision on that.

Ok, so. That's what September is looking like. What's in store for all of you?

ION, on the whole LJ/Facebook/Twitter cross-posting debacle, I'll just say that I will not be cross-posting any of my content here to either of those places. I can't control what anyone else is doing, but will say that I prefer if you don't cross-post any of your comments to my entries and if you must, that you'd have the courtesy to let me know. I'm not particularly worried about it, and I'm not jumping the LJ ship. My online and real life identities aren't particularly distinct to begin with, and I try to live by the rule that I don't post anything online that I'm not willing to be made public anyway (I've also given up any notion of running for public office or aspiring to the federal bench, because I refuse to be sufficiently circumspect now to stand up to that kind of scrutiny in the future). I also fully expect that my flist can be trusted not to violate any trust. And I think that LJ will come up with an opt out soon. But in the mean time, this seems to be an effective work-around.

Ok, so that's that.

What else is happening??? Despite having tons of time to hang out online, I'm feeling weirdly disconnected from everyone and everything. Connect with me, people!!! Tell me what's happening in your world! What's shiny and new in your fandom? What exciting things are you doing? Baseball! Fall t.v. premiers! New pictures of pretty boys! I wanna know all about it!
If it weren't for the lack of fire and brimstone, I'd swear I was living in hell. You know, if I believed in hell. Seriously, though, it's 111 degrees outside. That's downright inhospitable. I've been drinking water all day and no matter how much I drink I can't seem to stay hydrated. I'm a parched, sweaty, irritable mess right now. :/ But, on the plus side, I did escape the office early today for a dentist appointment and now I'm home, so at least I can be a parched, sweaty, irritable mess while in my pajamas instead of a suit!

So, Emmy nominations? I was happy to see Glee get so many nods, and I was thrilled to see Kyle Chandler's and Connie Britton's sheer awesomeness finally acknowledged, but what the hell is with Friday Night Lights not getting the nomination for best drama? And True Blood did? Really??? And a big ol' NADA for Sons of Anarchy or Katie Segal??? *boggles* But, plus side! YAY Kyle and Connie and Glee!!!!!

A definite plus for today was the ruling by a federal judge in Massachusetts finding that the federal definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman, as codified in the Defense of Marriage Act, is unconstitutional. The irony is that this decision is from a Nixon appointed judge. And he based his ruling on federalism grounds, finding that DOMA encroaches on the state's right to determine marriage. As my former Ninth Circuit co-clerk put it: I love it when federalism turns around and bites Christian Conservatives in the ass! :D

Also: 48 hours in the Countdown to Glam!!!! PLUS! PLUS! PLUS!!!!!! *g*

Ok, I'm going to go drink more water and sit in front of a fan. I hope y'all are keeping cool today!
A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served in our military. May the day come soon, when they ALL get the same respect.

Aids Walk

Sep. 4th, 2009 12:23 pm
I will be walking in Phoenix's 2009 Aids Walk on October 4th. Funds raised by AIDS Walk 2009 support these 16 agencies providing HIV Prevention as well as health care and social services to people infected with and affected by HIV. My donation page is here. Every little bit helps! Let's make a difference!

ETA: If for some reason the link to my donor page doesn't work, you can access it by entering my Walker ID #: W57542.
Should you ever, for whatever reason, find yourself with a book that has been partially or completely submerged in water, or, really, any other liquid substance, do not, under any circumstances, attempt to accelerate the natural drying process by placing said wet book in a device otherwise used for cooking purposes, such as, for example, a microwave oven.

Should you choose to not heed my warning, the disastrous results will likely look something like this. )
From [ profile] morrigandaughtr: My writing mentors, who kick ass and take initials, are teaching these highly sought-after workshops for the first time in years. If you are wanting to break into writing, or even just seriously thinking about becoming a writer, or are in a place with your writing where you want more information about writing fiction professionally, these are for you.

(AKA the Kris and Dean Show)

Taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

About Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith )

About the workshop. )
1. If you're like me and love the Body Butters from Bath & Body Works, you'll love them even more at only $5! Apparently they are changing their packaging design, so the old products are on sale for $5, while they last. The clerk seemed to think it was an in-store only special, but you might be able to find the same deal on-line. Anyway, yummy smelling body butters for $5 bucks! Yay!

2. Speaking of bargains, I got two super cute hoodies for less than $5 each! I thought I was getting them on sale for $19.99 and I was pretty damn happy with them at that price, but then they rang up at under $5 and suddenly I loved them so much more!

3. I thought I had passed on all my unused BPAL imps, but today I found another handful. If you want some miscellaneous imps, let me know and I'll send them to the first 3 who claim them. I get to clean out my junk drawer and you get a some smelly surprises in the mail! (Um. That sounded much better in my head...but I think you get the picture.)
There are protests against Proposition 8 (and similar measures in other states) planned nation-wide this Saturday, November 15. Find one near you: Join The Impact.

Speaking of Proposition 8, I was disappointed (read: annoyed and angered) at the immediate finger pointing toward the increased numbers of black and Latino voters, blaming them for the passage of Prop. 8. I was digging up facts to post my own rant about this, but [ profile] ethrosdemon has already said everything I was thinking and she's helpfully linked to stats that clearly show how full of shit this argument really is. As I'm generally lazy, instead of writing out my own rant, I'll just point y'all to what she said (it's smart and right on point) and use all the time I just saved uploading music! It's a win-win!

Here you go. The first dozen songs on today's random music shuffle:

Lady Antebellum: Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Jason Manns: Breathe In Breathe Out
Steve Carlson: Be My Baby
Anna Nalick: Breathe (2AM)
Corinne Bailey Rae: Breathless
James Otto: Just Got Started Lovin' You
George Michael: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Prince: Somewhere Here On Earth
Norah Jones: I've Got To See You Again
Katie Melua: Shy Boy
Cowboy Mouth: Crazy 'Bout Ya
Neko Case: Things That Scare Me
Keith Olberman's Special Comment on the passage of Proposition 8:

While I usually agree with him, I often find him bombastic and annoying, but tonight he was brilliant, sincere, and absolutely right on.
As a matter of context: my extended family members are, for the most part, conservative Republicans. As you can probably imagine, election years make for really interesting holidays and family events. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what I'd like to say to them today. Whether it was the fever, the wine, the Tylenol PM, or the echoes of Barack's speech running through my head, I simply could not go back to sleep until I got up wrote out my thoughts. I thought I'd share them here as well.

Barack Obama is OUR President. )
This is quite possibly the LOOONGEST Monday in recent history. There was tons of work to get through (and there still is) as I'm trying to ramp back up from vacation. On the plus side, though, I had a new, super cute dark pink swing jacket to wear to court today! I'm quite certain I looked stunning! *g*

This evening I spent several hours at the local Dem headquarters making calls, making sure voters knew where their polling place was at, and that everyone had a ride to the polls. It's pretty awesome to talk to so many people who are really excited about voting tomorrow. Spanish speaking voters are always so happy to get someone who can give them the information they need in their own language. Which makes the effort feel significant. And the place was swarming with volunteers tonight! We were spilled out in to the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in any strip of real estate we could find, with our cell phones, busily making calls! It's so cool to see such a ground effort for Obama here in McCain's home state. Exciting!

I'm now distracting myself from the alternating excitement and terror over the election by watching football. The Steelers are just owning the Redskins. But, oh, Ben. Why you gotta go and get yourself hurt? *sadface* I'm happy to report, however, that Hines still has the most stunning smile ever! *pets him*

Tomorrow I'm planning on being at my polling location when the polls open at 6 a.m. Dear gods, that's SO EARLY! *weeps* But my court schedule tomorrow is so screwy, that I don't want to risk getting back on this side of town too late. As soon as I've cast my ballot, I will hie myself off to Starbucks for much needed caffeine fortification. (Free coffee!!! \o/)

Speaking of free shit for voting, Babeland has a free Maverick sleeve or a bullet vibe for you tomorrow if you vote. Sadly, the free sex toys are only available at Babeland's New York or Seattle stores. But, regardless, is this not the coolest voting freebie EVAR???

Ok. Eight hours 'til the polls open here. *breathes deep and crosses fingers*

(And, yes, I did just quote ABBA. What? This election has me STRESSED. Don't judge me!)
I know we're all politically aware, active participants in our own democracy around here. And that it doesn't take a free cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream to get us to do our civic duty. But, since we are all going to make our voices heard on Tuesday anyway, a free celebratory donut is a nice bonus! *g*

I voted! Gimme my free stuff! )
Some days I no matter how many phone calls I make or how many emails I send or how many different ways I try to get through the piles of crap on my to do list all I manage to do is spin my wheels and get absolutely nothing done except to get supremely frustrated. Thankfully, this is NOT one of those days. Today I have blazed my way through most of my "to do" list. There is still a trial file in complete disarray on my table just begging for some organization, but other than that everything that I hoped to get done today is done and it's not even 4:30! Today I obviously ROCK!

What doesn't rock, though, is the sad news that there is clear-cut logging decimating the land bordering Diana's Grove. I haven't been able to make it to the Grove this year, and frankly I don't know if I will until after any future move to L.A., but that land is still very much at the heart of my spiritual community. That clearcutting happens at all is tragic, that it's happening around the Grove makes me both unbearably sad and angry. I'm deciding how I can help, but the least I can do is spread the word and hopefully bring some awareness to an important environmental issue.

Gah! Now I need something HAPPY to think about! I know! BASEBALL!!! Tomorrow! Allie and I have tickets to the afternoon D-Backs game, so I'll be playing hooky from the office and going to the ballpark instead! \o/


Jun. 6th, 2008 03:52 pm
My trainer is a sadistic bastard. "This is going to be fun," he says. His idea of fun? Over 30 minutes of back-to-back ab exercises. This was after a full cardio and lower-body workout. I suspect that it will hurt to breathe tomorrow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Since I worked out hard I'm now giving myself permission to put the work away, relax, and watch the Diamondbacks' game! \o/ Let's hope for a better series in Pittsburgh than they had in Milwaukee, which I don't even want to talk about. *shakes head*

Speaking of baseball, sort of, have y'all seen this t.v. spot? I don't know anything about the organization itself, but the commercial is one of the BEST THINGS I've seen on t.v.!!! It makes me smile every time! :D
- Weekends should always be three days long. *nods* Mine has been quietly productive. The piles of laundry invading my bedroom are slowly being conquered! \o/

- Naturally there was lots of baseball to be watched with the D'backs @ Braves series. Highlights so far include: Doug Davis coming back from his cancer fight and getting the win on Thursday and Eric Byrnes hitting his first career grand slam yesterday. Byrnes looked as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning coming in to home. Go Eric!

- Trainer!Boy lost his studio space, so he's now coming out to clients' homes for workouts. Great workouts on Friday and Sunday and another one planned for this afternoon! My ass and quads are definitely feeling all those squats and lunges today.

- Other than the workout, today's plans include an afternoon barbecue in order to take advantage of what has been unusually cool weather 'round these parts for the end of May. Mmmm...steak and potato salad and watermelon! Also on the agenda is more laundry and a good deal of work that needs to get done before I can hie off to L.A. on Wednesday.

- In keeping with the day, [ profile] coolwhipdiva has pointed out this site. Regardless of my opinions about the war or the administration who still has our troops in harms way, I will always support the men and women who serve in the military. And while they always have my good thoughts and prayers, seems like a good way to tangibly show that support.

- Hope y'all are enjoying your day!



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