|1| Friday I went to the D'backs/Astros game with some folks from work. My boys won! Good times!

|2| Also on Friday we got a keg refrigerator for the office. *laughs* I love my job!!!

|3| I had to drive out to Lake Havasu City yesterday for a client meeting. Seven hours of driving there and back for an hour and a half meeting. So I've really only had half a weekend. Ugh.

|4| In addition to completely killing my Saturday, yesterday's client meeting also resulted in a speeding ticket from BumFuckNoWhere, Arizona. I'm seriously unimpressed with my Saturday.

|5| I managed to fuck up my shoulder and neck. Ow!!! And the worst part is, I don't even know what I did! *facepalm* I had a session with The Trainer today; he came over and we worked on stretching it out, but I still couldn't manage to get through a work out. It's ibuprofen and the heating pad for me today. Gods I feel old.

|6| Apparenlty, I have a twitter. Follow me! Resistance is obviously futile. *beams* So, um, let me know if you're there so that I can follow the minutia of your day too! Also, tell me who I should be following -- if my phone is going to buzz all day long I might as well be really entertained!

|7| You're probably thankful surprised that this entry is devoid of any mention of Adam Lambert. Not to worry! I've got a picspam coming up soon! I know you're as excited as I am!!!
Highlights, in no particular order:

- Sleeping in! OMG I needed that!

- Getting my ass righteously kicked by my trainer. I had been a slug for almost 2 weeks, so the workout was long over due and today's sore ass and thighs are well-deserved.

- Scoring AMAZING seats to Wicked in July!!! Last time the production came through town, they sold out in less than 2 hours and I was seriously bummed that I didn't get to see it. So, I was thrilled not only to be able to get tickets this time around, but to get great tickets at that! WooHoo!!!

- Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! [livejournal.com profile] editorzon and I hit Sprinkles yesterday and as we couldn't decide on a flavor, we came home with a dozen cupcakes! Sugar high FTW!!!

- Which brings me to: I HAD [livejournal.com profile] editorzon WITH ME ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!! It was fantastic to spend time talking and catching up and laughing and drinking yummy margaritas and martinis and walking around Old Town Scottsdale and just generally hanging out with one of my favorite people on the planet!!!

Now I have to get ready for court. Closing arguments this morning and then we start this all over again in the second case tomorrow. Fun times. Or, you know, the exact opposite of that! But at least this is my last week of indigent defense work!!! One more week! I can do this! *takes deep breath*

How 'bout y'all? How was your weekend and what's up for you this week? *curious*
Yesterday was the funeral service for my aunt. My family can do nothing in moderation, so the service dragged on for hours. OMG my family cannot shut up! I managed to sing along with some of the hymns and I gritted my teeth through the call to "salvation." But thankfully my niece Rhyan was being squirmy, so I volunteered to take her out and we waited outside the church for the next two hours, by the end I had all the small kids out there with me because it was just too long for them to sit still. After the burial, we all got together for lunch, because we are experts in eating our emotions, and the late lunch then devolved into all night drinking, eating, talking, remembering, and, oh yeah, more drinking. I was exhausted, so I bailed early, and, after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I was in bed before 10. *facepalm* I have no idea what was wrong with me, but I was SO tired.

I slept late and woke up feeling much better, so I think it was just exhaustion on every level. I'm still taking it easy today. My morning coffee has stretched into my early afternoon coffee. I'm watching football and catching up on the interwebs.

Later I think I'll go out and do a bit of holiday shopping. I've managed to get quite a bit of it done online, but I won't be able to avoid the mall entirely. I also need to get my holiday cards bought so that I can actually get them out sometime before the new year. I might do New Year's cards this year to give me an extra week. *nods* At some point this week, I need to get holiday decorations up. Man, why does December not have more weekends in it???
First things first: a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] sabrinagb!!! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are, baby, and that the year ahead brings all kinds of good things your way! *mwah*

I think that vacation wore me the fuck out. I've been able to muster no real energy to do anything. I skipped out on the Halloween party yesterday and instead stayed home to catch up on Supernatural and pass out candy. Today, I've managed half a load of laundry (seriously, I didn't even finish washing it!) and a whole lotta lazing about. I did muster the energy for a good workout, which felt awesome as I hadn't done any strength training in way too long. But other than that, the sum total of my productivity since I got home from New Orleans has been minimal. I'm pretty sure that this bone deep exhaustion is a sure indication that we had one hell of a good time in New Orleans!

Since I have several things that I have to get done tomorrow, including that unfinished laundry, some work projects, and several hours on the Obama phone banks, I'm going to take advantage of what's left of my lazy Saturday and see about getting caught up on Brotherhood!!! Speaking of Brotherhood, season 3 starts tomorrow night! Mmmm...Caffee brothers. *happy sigh*
Mmmm. Soup. As soon as the heat breaks and it starts feeling like fall something less hot than hell, I start craving soup. Last week I made two batches of Caldo the Queso, which is Spanish for cheese soup, but in actuality it's more like potato and cheese soup. Yummy! And today I made a huge batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup. Oh, man, this stuff is DELICIOUS! They are both super easy to make, chalk full of good-for-you veggies, and absolutely yummy!

Other moments of brilliance uncharacteristic productivity this weekend have included grocery shopping yesterday and today feeling the undeniable need to organize my books. Yeah, I don't even know. But it was driving me crazy that my books were in such disarray, on various bookshelves and assorted piles throughout the house, and in no particular order. It was seriously offending my inner anal-retentive crazy person Virgo. So I spent several hours this afternoon organizing my books, by genre and then alphabetically by author, cleaning off shelves, setting aside bags full of paperbacks for trade/giveaway. I'm not quite done, but I have made huge amounts of progress and I feel very accomplished. And happier about my world now that my books are in order! (I did mention that inner crazy person, right?) The next step will be to catalog them so that I know what I have, but I like to break my insanity down into manageable parts. *g*

I've also watched some baseball this weekend. I'm sure no one is surprised. After this weekend, though, I'm no longer speaking to the Cubs. *glares in the general direction of Chicago* I am, however, expecting the Phillies to do right by me next week and take care of the Dodgers. *crosses fingers* Speaking of disappointing sports news, though, what the hell, Seahawks??? You boys planning on, you know, actually playing football any time this season? Sheesh. It was good to see both the Cardinals and the Pats get wins today though. And Ben on my screen is always nice. :)

And you? How was your weekend? *is curious*
Well, I don't have my tat yet, but I did meet with the artist and he's working up a couple of sketches. He thinks he can have them done for me tomorrow or Tuesday, so I should be able to get it done this week. Exciting!

While I waited to speak with the artist last night, I watched him work on this guy who had an amazing tattoo outlined on his chest that they were coloring in yesterday. Hot. Both the guy and the tat. He reminded me of a slightly younger Chad Michael Murray. He had another tattoo up the side of his torso, a rope with knots spaced through it. It was pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome. Have you read this conversation between Barack Obama and Jed Bartlet? Hilarious!

Anyway. I'm enjoying my Sunday, watching my D'backs take on the Rockies. They finally broke that on-the-road losing streak and they're looking really good today with good stuff from Dan Haren and an actual offensive game. Which, you know, is kinda helpful in winning baseball games. *g*

Speaking of Sunday sports: Patriots defense, WTF??? I'm unimpressed.

Plans for the rest of this Sunday include some house cleaning, as I got a nifty new floor sweeper that I need to break in. (I'm SO easily amused. *g*)I also need to get a workout in now that I'm not feeling like death. And I'll probably catch up on Sons of Anarchy and the Sarah Connor Chronicles a bit later. How's your Sunday?
Thing 1: So last night we had a bit of rain. Before I went to bed I noticed that it was still coming down steadily and that the lightning show was pretty spectacular. I thought: Cool. I mean, we certainly can use all the precipitation that the monsoon season can bring our way. But, apparently, it was more than your average desert thunderstorm. Hurricane-force winds??? WTF? Roofs were ripped off buildings, trees uprooted, power lines downed, the ASU football team's practice dome completely demolished. And here I thought it was just a bit of rain and a pretty light show. *shakes head* (Obviously, I'm fine, my home is fine, my family is fine -- thankfully the storm seems to have happened all around us.)

Thing 2: I wasn't sure that I was going to get the Supernatural Season 3 DVD right away. I knew I'd get it eventually, but I wasn't really in a big hurry, y'know? But now I learn that the DVD box sets sold at Best Buy come with a miniature '67 Impala! A mini-Metalicar!!! I'm all over that! *is 12*

Thing 3: Although I'm super bummed that I'm not going to L.A. this weekend, I am pretty damn excited about this weekend's baseball. My family is awesome and got me tickets to all three games of the Diamondbacks/Dodgers series. \o/ And I've got a new camera to stalk take tasteful pictures of my D'backs with. *g* Now if only these boys can remember that they do indeed know how to play good baseball. That would be fantastic.
Well, "festivities" is probably an overstatement. But my weekend, festive or otherwise, certainly is now officially underway. I don't have court tomorrow, and I got all my jail visits done today, so I'm declaring tomorrow a day off! The start of my long weekend has been officially kicked off by the the drinking of rum!!! So, as long as the rum keeps flowing, festivities may happen after all. *g*

I've had [livejournal.com profile] annkiri here for a few days thanks to her car woes. While I'm sorry she's having to deal with the annoyance and expense of car troubles, I am very happy indeed to have had the chance to spend some extra time with her. Tuesday we went to the ball park and enjoyed watching the Diamondbacks beat the Padres from great seats right behind the home dugout. Good times!

Me and Becca after Tuesday's game. )

There shall be MOAR BASEBALL this weekend as I have tickets to both tomorrow's and Saturday's games. Yay!!! \o/

Unrelatedly, I am distressed that I have yet to read any swimmer slash. I know the Hot Boys in Water portion of the Olympics are over, but I still NEED some Michael/Ryan fic. Where is it? Also, this ESPN piece left me hankering for Michael/Ian fic. "I'm happy to help him out if he wants a hand with some of these things," the Aussie said. See? There NEEDS to be fic dammit!

Also apropos of nothing at all, have y'all seen this video of a recent GQ photo shoot of the girls of Friday Night Lights? Smokin' hot! Speaking of FNL, do we have any idea when the new season starts? *wants*

Ok, back to this weekend thing. But first, I need MORE RUM!!!
Today has been made of monumental suckitude. I'm having technical issues like woah with both my t.v. and my laptop. There may or may not be major work changes in the very near future. Any such potential work changes will likely fuck in some way with my plans for a birthday weekend in L.A. later this month, my trip to New Orleans in October, and maybe even my ability to take the California bar exam in February. But all of that is way too stressful to think about tonight when I can't do anything about any of it, so instead I shall tell y'all about my weekend of BASEBALL AWESOMENESS!!!

So, while the series against the Braves, as a whole, was really rough for my Diamondbacks (we only managed one win and lost Orlando Hudson to a broken wrist on Saturday night), we came out of it still a game and a half ahead of the Dodgers (thank you Giants!), and I personally had a blast at the ballpark four days in a row. I love seeing both the D'Backs and the Braves play ball. I got to see my two favorite HOTASS catchers, Chris Snyder and Brian McCann! Not to mention the sex on legs that is Conor Jackson and the always fun to look at Chipper Jones! Brandon Webb pitched a beautiful game on Sunday. We got to enjoy all four games from absolutely phenomenal seats. Seriously, the games were happening literally right in front of us. And, the best part, is that I got to share all the baseball goodness with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!!

See? We're obviously having a blast. And I even got Brenda to don some Diamondbacks gear under her Braves jersey! \o/

Brenda is sporting Dbacks gear under her Braves jersey!  :)

And, because one of the joys of baseball is the really hot men, I give you some of the weekend's eye candy. HOT BASEBALL PLAYERS! )

I have about a billion more pictures from the weekend here. It shouldn't surprise anyone that MANY of those pictures are of Chris Snyder or Brian McCann, or, best of all, Chris and Brian in the same picture! *g*

Now I'm off to engage in some more hot men therapy in the form of the Olympics and, particularly the Chinese mens' gymnastics team and the hot male swimmers!!! \o/


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:12 pm
That's it. Even though it's only a little after 1 p.m., I've had it, and I'm hereby declaring this hellacious week DONE.

So, yes. Weekend!!!!!!! Even better. Baseball weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/ Last night's game was a good time, despite the loss, which I'm blaming on my ill-advised negotiations with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish. I should know better than to jinx a series like that. *shakes head* In any event, it was good baseball. And my seats were spectacular, right next to the Diamondbacks' dugout. It was good to see Chipper on the field during batting practice. Conor Jackson was looking hot as hell, as per usual. Stephen Drew's defensive game was on fire. And, because Bob Melvin obviously loves me, he put Chris Snyder in for Miguel Montero in the 9th, so that I could see him take an at bat!!! \o/

And the baseball awesomeness continues tonight with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish and our seats on Brian McCann's lap right next to the visitor's dugout so that she can see her boys up close. *g*

In other news, it seems as if the greatly anticipated reunion of Christian Kane and Steve Carlson will NOT be happening after all. At least it won't be happening next weekend in Arizona. The artist Christian was opening for canceled his show. *sadface*

And in much more disturbing news (at least much more disturbing to ME): Heather, the girl who's been doing my hair for over five years, has decided not to come back to Arizona. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had been living in Portland for the past two years and traveling to Arizona once a month to see to all her Arizona clients, but I guess this got to be too much, so she's not coming back. This is horrible!!! *wails* I made an appointment with the girl that my mom's been seeing for about as long, so I'm hoping all will be well in the end. But me and my hair are going to miss Heather!!!

Ok. I'm off to do a bit of house cleaning before it's time for MOAR BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul. 6th, 2008 03:00 pm
Long weekends are made of so much WIN! The 4th at the ball park was great, despite the loss to the Padres that we're still not talking about. Baseball, military tributes, family, fireworks. Perfect 4th celebration. My mom has decided that this is her new 4th tradition. Ha! She even got invested enough in the game to cuss out the home plate umpire when she thought he made a bad call. *g*

Yesterday was pure laziness. Reading, movie watching, napping. I finally watched Fight Club. Yeah. I have no idea how I had gone so long without watching it. It was good stuff, though.

I also managed to do a fine damn job of pissing off my aunt when she came over for dinner last night. She may not be speaking to me right now. *shrugs* She should know better than to use completely offensive, homophobic language in front of me. It's not as if we haven't had this argument before. She knows damn well that I call my family on this kind of shit. Oh, well. She'll get over it eventually. Sadly, she won't be changing her mind or her language any time soon, so it's an argument that's destined to repeat itself.

Today has been slightly more productive with laundry and house stuff getting done. And both work and a work out on the "to do" list for later. But first there's baseball. Finally my Diamondbacks are playing some ball, just in time to avoid the sweep by the Padres. *crosses fingers* Speaking of baseball, congratulations to Brandon Webb and Dan Haren for their All Star picks. Also, new D-backs icons make me HAPPY! :)
For being a super short week (seriously, I only worked 3 days!), it sort of sucked all over the place. So, even though it's only 3:45, I am declaring this week OVER and the holiday weekend here! \o/

Plans for the weekend include:
- Taking Miss Rianna to see Wall-E. Possibly this evening.
- Working out, both with and without Trainer!Boy.
- Going to see the Diamondbacks and the Padres play tomorrow. Baseball on the 4th of July! What can be better? Plus. BONUS! Fireworks enjoyed from the lovely coolness of the air-conditioned ball park! \o/
- Catching up on reading and some new DVDs that have recently arrived, including this George Michael documentary!
- Laundry and packing. I'm heading to L.A. again next week, so it would be helpful to have clean clothes to re-pack in my suitcase that never seems to get put away.
- Some unavoidable work. Mostly, so that I don't feel like a completely irresponsible slacker when I take off again on Tuesday.
- Lots of relaxing, napping, and sleeping in. Oh, yeah. And staying as cool as possible despite the 110 blazing degrees outside.
*wipes brow* Five hours of dusting, scrubbing, and mopping and I've finally whipped this place into shape. Now that my house is sparkly clean, I can relax a bit before I have to pick up [livejournal.com profile] azewewish from the airport.

And then tomorrow? Tomorrow we get GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 *bounces* I am so ridiculously excited about this!

But even before George (we're TOTALLY on a first name basis *g*) we've got tons o' fun to pack in to the next 24 hours. So, a little R&R before the good times get rollin' is a good thing.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend, even if you don't have George. *sad for you*
- Weekends should always be three days long. *nods* Mine has been quietly productive. The piles of laundry invading my bedroom are slowly being conquered! \o/

- Naturally there was lots of baseball to be watched with the D'backs @ Braves series. Highlights so far include: Doug Davis coming back from his cancer fight and getting the win on Thursday and Eric Byrnes hitting his first career grand slam yesterday. Byrnes looked as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning coming in to home. Go Eric!

- Trainer!Boy lost his studio space, so he's now coming out to clients' homes for workouts. Great workouts on Friday and Sunday and another one planned for this afternoon! My ass and quads are definitely feeling all those squats and lunges today.

- Other than the workout, today's plans include an afternoon barbecue in order to take advantage of what has been unusually cool weather 'round these parts for the end of May. Mmmm...steak and potato salad and watermelon! Also on the agenda is more laundry and a good deal of work that needs to get done before I can hie off to L.A. on Wednesday.

- In keeping with the day, [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva has pointed out this site. Regardless of my opinions about the war or the administration who still has our troops in harms way, I will always support the men and women who serve in the military. And while they always have my good thoughts and prayers, AnySoldier.com seems like a good way to tangibly show that support.

- Hope y'all are enjoying your day!
  • For starters, weekends are too short. Who decided that two days was enough? I demand a recount!

  • Today has been spent nursing the most wretched hangover I've had since, well, ever. *cries*

  • Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] technosage and I went to see Jerrod Niemann play in Payson. It was a kick ass show! We had a blast. Hence today's hangover. *cries more*

  • The Supernatural season finale has fully restored my love for this show!!! Oh, boys. *clings*

  • The Diamondbacks continue to be awesome! Thursday's game was great, as was seeing Brandon Webb pitch his ninth win. It's also good to see Eric Byrnes break out of his hitting slump. It may have something to do with the fact that he ditched "Lose Your Love" as his theme song. *laughs*
I'm still down with the plague, but I'm hoping that another few days of rest, hot tea, and orange juice will fix me up.

Last night I dragged myself out for the Diamondbacks game, because not even the plague could keep me away. Sadly, the D-backs were playing just as wretchedly I was feeling. It was just not Micah's night, and it seemed that everyone else was playing just slightly off kilter. It was a gorgeous night for a baseball game, though. And it's always a good time to hang out and catch up with Allie. And, bonus, the fireworks after the game were pretty cool. So, despite the hacking cough and the disappointing loss, it was all good.

Today I got to watch the game from the comfort of my couch as I'm not moving from this spot until I'm feeling human again. The Diamondbacks were back on top of their game, with a 10-4 win over the Mets. This brings Brandon's wins to 7 out of 7 starts this season. Wow. And Augie Ojeda was on FIRE, man, with 6 RBIs. Great game.

Also, if you're wondering about the title, let me just say that Eric Byrnes has the best theme song ever! *laughs*

In non-baseball ramblings, I need to get better NOW because there's a lot going on in May. I'm taking my mom and nieces to high tea at the Phoenician on Friday for an early Mother's Day celebration. Rianna is supper excited to get all dressed up and have a "grown up" tea party! And then next Saturday we're having one of my family's Carne Asada and Margaritas parties. Y'all are more than welcome to join the festivities! There's also more baseball later in the month. \o/ And on the 17th Allie and I are driving up to Payson to hear Jerrod Niemann play. There shall be much drunken debauchery!!! And, listen up L.A. chicas, I just saw that Steve is playing at Hotel Cafe on the 30th. A weekend show! I'm thinking I need to plan a trip that weekend. y/y???

Um. I think that's all I got. I am, however, going to blame the rambling, slightly incoherent nature of this post on the vast amounts of cough medicine currently floating around in my system.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Come and tell me all about it!


Apr. 27th, 2008 01:12 pm
Still feeling pretty much like death warmed over. But at least I've been able to feel miserable while on my couch and doing nothing requiring more energy than operating the remote control. I've caught up on Battlestar Galactica (so. much. love.) and New Amsterdam (I'm bummed that it probably won't be back *sadface*), I've watched a few episodes of Brotherhood (the Caffee brothers own my soul!!!), I spent a good portion of yesterday watching the NFL draft, I've read more than I normally have the luxury to, and now I'm watching the Diamondbacks and Padres do their thing and hoping that Brandon Webb can keep his streak going. I may try to work up the energy to do something productive later on -- like laundry or paying bills -- but right now that seems entirely too daunting. Tea and baseball and lying about are all I can manage this afternoon.
No tequila and mariachi music for me this weekend. I woke up feeling like roadkill, so I decided to take it easy on me and stay home this weekend. My big plans for the weekend now include Chinese delivery for dinner, catching up on Battlestar Galactica, mainlining the second season of Brotherhood, drinking lots of tea, and SLEEPING. OMG, I feel as if I can sleep for DAYS!
Thing the First: NEW SUPERNATURAL TOMORROW!!!!!!!! *bounces* I miss the Winchester boys saving people, hunting things, and just being AWESOME! Oh, show, please to be bringing back the awesometasticness that made me love you in the first place.

Thing the Second: Friday Night Lights, Season 2, is now available on DVD!!! I've ordered mine from Amazon and I'm waiting impatiently for it to arrive so that I can roll around in FNL goodness for days 'n' days. ♥

Thing the Third: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be back for a 13-episode second season!!! And Brian Austin Green will be back as a series regular! All of which reminds me that I still need to watch the last 4 (or 5?) episodes. But Fox doesn't seem to be streaming them any longer. Anyone know where I can find downloads, or do I have to wait until the DVD comes out in August? Also, anyone have recs for SCC fic?

Thing the Fourth: I simply COULD NOT wait until the August season two DVD release for more of the Caffee brothers. So I'm currently downloading the second season of Brotherhood from iTunes!!! \o/ TOMMY!!! MICHAEL!!! Your hotass selves will soon be on my screen again!!! *joy*

Thing the Fifth: The Diamondbacks are having a great April with a 15-5 record in the first 3 1/2 weeks of the season! Go D-backs!!! Also, Doug Davis seems to be on the mend after his April 9th surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid, taking to the cage for some batting practice this week. Go Doug!!! And next week there shall be MOAR BASEBALL with [livejournal.com profile] technosage when the D-backs take on the Mets!!! Go us!!!

Thing the Sixth: Jared Padalecki in a tank top!!!!!! OMGZ, how so BURNING HOT Jared??? *bites lip*

Thing the Seventh: I'll be in Tucson this weekend to get my dose of latino culture at the International Mariachi Conference. Listening to mariachi music always makes me want to drink tequila. *shrugs* I don't even know. It's like a genetic tick that goes into hyper-drive whenever the music starts. So, you know, a whole weekend of mariachi music and the resulting tequila can get very, very interesting. *g*

That's a lot of happy-makin' things!!! *twirls*
I really wanted to choke all of my clients this morning. First, I get a call at 6:30 in the freakin' morning from one client informing me that she won't be in court because she's on the way to the ER with her kid. Ok. These things happen. I can explain all this to the court and probably get a continuance. But I'm really ill-equipped to deal with a hysterical, pregnant mom with a sick kid on the way to the ER who is convinced that she's going to be arrested in the hospital waiting room before I've had any coffee. Then I had a morning full of whiny clients with huge entitlement issues who are convinced that it's my job to make their every wish and want materialize because apparently they think I'm their fairy godmother instead of their criminal defense attorney! They're all damn lucky I didn't stab them with my magic wand pen!

Ok. Now that I've got that out of my system, on to happier things! Like BASEBALL!!! [livejournal.com profile] technosage and I went to our first game of the regular season last night to see the Diamondbacks take on the Dodgers. The D-backs won, 10-5. It was awesome to see Doug Davis pitch such a strong game on his last outing before undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer tomorrow. What a trooper, man. Hopefully his recovery will be a speedy one and we'll see him on the mound again later in the season.

Also awesome were our seats along the first base line in a section of the ballpark where we had wait service!!! Seriously! What's more awesome than a baseball game where a waiter brings your beer and nachos to your seat??? I can think of very little more awesome than that, except maybe if the waiters were hot and shirtless. *nods* There was also plenty of eye candy courtesy of one Conor Jackson on first base. Damn that boy is pretty. And, as Allie so artfully puts it, he's prodigiously furnished as well. *g* In sum, the evening was made of awesome and we had a blast!

In other happy flavored news, I'm currently busy packing because tomorrow morning I'll be heading to California for three harrowing fun-filled days at Disneyland with my niece, Rianna, and her cousin, Carissa. Thankfully, my mom is coming with me to help me run herd over the little ones. I happen to be one of those adults who really love Disneyland, so I'm actually looking forward to this trip. But I've also done this with Rianna before so I know exactly how EXHAUSTING all this fun will be! [livejournal.com profile] azewewish will be joining us at Disneyland on Saturday and on Sunday we'll be meeting up with Brenda and [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva for the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. It's my mom's birthday on Sunday, so I think the Gospel Brunch will be a fun way to celebrate. So, a fun and busy weekend ahead! Yay!!!



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