Cowboy Mouth: [ profile] llandaffaz and I went to see Cowboy Mouth Saturday night at The Compound. Holy hell! They KILLED it!!! It was flat out FUN! So much screaming and dancing and jumping -- by the time their nearly 2 hour set was over I had lost my voice, was drenched in sweat, and was happier than I'd been in a long time. Seriously, these guys know how to bring the good times; if you get the chance to see them live, don't pass it up.

Cowboy Mouth also made me totally miss New Orleans. This blasted job situation needs to resolve itself soon, because there really does need to be a trip to New Orleans some time this year.

Football: I really hold no love for the Jets, and I think Mike Tomlin is all that is hot and amazing, and I love Hines Ward and his ridiculous smile, and I think Troy Polamalu and his ridiculous hair are wonderful; Ben Roethlisberger, however, is on my shitlist and it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a good season for him to redeem my now very low opinion of him. Plus, Jason Taylor! I really wanted Jason Taylor to finally get to play in a Super Bowl. *sadface* So while I'm happy enough for the Steelers (mostly the aforementioned Coach of all Hotness, Hines and his adorable smile, and Troy's hair *g*) it wasn't really the outcome I was hoping for. *ducks from [ profile] azewewish and [ profile] idiosyncratic* In any event, this is going to make for a good Super Bowl match up, so there's that.

T.V.: Hawaii Five-O continues to bring the eye candy and snarky partner banter. This continues to make me happy. I'm easy like that. *g*

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premiered this weekend and, while Andy Whitfield is definitely missed, it looks promising. There was plenty of crazy fight scenes and spurting blood and gore, and of course there was no shortage of sex and half naked gladiators. All of which make for A+ television as far as I'm concerned. (We've established that I'm easy like that, right? *g*) I was also intrigued by some of the new characters introduced and I'm interested to see what happens to them (presumably something bloody and fatal, since they didn't make it to the first season). So, yeah, while this is obviously a stop-gap, it seems as if it will at least be an entertaining one.

In T.V. to look forward to news: The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, featuring Raja aka Sutan Amrull aka Adam Lambert's wickedly talented friend and make-up artist!!! I can't wait to see Raja be all fierce and fabulous on my television screen!

Other Good Things Happening This Week: Nia class tonight! Volunteering with 1n10 again tomorrow night! Spring Awakening on Thursday!

Also, since I'm in the "I'm missing New Orleans mood" thanks to Cowboy Mouth, I think I'll make some delicious jambalaya for dinner tonight. Nom nom nom!

So, yeah, that's my good stuff happy list for Monday. What's good in your world this week?
Yesterday morning I met [ profile] zoniduck, [ profile] llandaffaz, and several other local Adam fans to discuss ways in which we can help the efforts of 1n10, a great organization, providing much needed resources, support and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth here in the Valley. We're putting together Adam-related and other items for the silent auction that will take place at 1n10's annual fundraising Fresh Brunch next month.

We're also working to fill a couple of tables at the brunch. I'll be there! If you can, consider buying a ticket to attend 1n10's Fresh Brunch or buying a ticket for a young LGBTQ person to attend. (If you do buy a brunch ticket, make sure to note in the "Additional Information" box that you'd like to be seated at an Adam fans table or give my name directly, so that we can track the impact we can generate as a group.)

It was great to meet some other local Adam fans. It was also especially nice that the Executive Director of 1n10 came by to meet us and give us more information about the organization. I was glad to be able to talk to him about ways in which I can be involved beyond what we're doing as Adam fans, and I'm so excited about working with this organization!

It was a good morning. (Until I got home and saw the news.)

In unrelated news, except for the way in which it provided a very needed distraction this weekend, holy smokes, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is fucking brilliant!!! Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late in realizing this, but between having to wait for it to come out on DVD and not having many kid-free moments in which I could watch it, I only got around to watching the entire season this past week and finished it today. Jfc. It's brutal and raw and holds absolutely nothing back. The characters, all of them, are complicated and compelling. And, damn, I haven't had that much sheer gorgeousness, naked gorgeousness at that, on my screen in a long time! And the way the season ended? GodDAMN. That took balls.

I'm sad that Andy Whitfield wont be back for a second season (good thoughts to him on the personal battle he's facing), but the rest of the cast was so brilliant and the writing team incredible, that I'm totally looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a second season and to the Gods of the Arena prequel. This is just some damn good television!

Let's see, what other happier parts? Oh, yeah. Football! Although, really, I was not particularly pleased with a lot of the outcomes. The Saints managed to lose to the Seahawks. Yeah. The damn, losing record, hugely inconsistent Seahawks. *shakes head* I would have liked Vick and the Eagles to have played deeper into the playoffs, if nothing else just to piss off the haters. Of the good, though, there won't be any more Peyton Manning in my post-season and Jason Taylor looked deliciously happy when the Jets pulled off their win. So, I'm calling this a happy part of the weekend! :D

So, how 'bout all of you? Tell me about your happier parts! (Ooohh, that sounded dirty! *g*)
My last Monday of 2010 was mostly spent doing laundry and packing and getting ready for our Disneyland trip. Rianna is super excited. Rhyan can pretty much care less. :/ In fact, Rhyan is such a little grumpypants and total homebody, that I wouldn't be surprised if the little stinker insists that she wants to go hooooome when we're in the middle of the happiest damn place on Earth! I'll be heartbroken, but not surprised.

Anyway, laundry and packing happened. So did taking down the Christmas tree, which was a bit sad-making. But, at least we won't have to deal with it when we get back home next weekend.

Today was also the last Monday night football game of 2010, and godDAMN that was a nail-biter! The Falcons and the Saints played one hell of a gritty, intense game. I was happy, though, to see the Saints pull out the win and secure their return to the playoffs! Geaux Saints!!! (Um, sorry <lj user="azewewish"! :/ )
Adam Lambert finally announced a date for an L.A. show!!!!! It's about damn time! I've been waiting for this since the start of Glam Nation. It will be December 16th at Club Nokia. Which likely means a GA show, but I'm ok with that. It also means something in the neighborhood of 2,300 maximum capacity, so I'm anticipating tickets to sell out pretty damn fast. Still no word on whether there will be a VIP M&G package sold for this show, but I think the chances are good that there will be. Again, I'm sure it will sell out in a flash. In any case, AN L.A. SHOW!!!! I will SO be there! Who's with me??? *beams*

Speaking of Adam, as we do around here *g*, there was a gorgeous new picture floating around me twitter feed this week: Seriously, Adam, how so damn pretty??? )

AND, sticking to a theme here, he added "Broken Open" to his set in Osaka, Japan today. I love that song, and I haven't heard it live since Fantasy Springs, and Gridlock before that.

Broken Open )
*loves so hard*

Ok, so, there are other things I wanted to talk to y'all about, but then Adam announced his L.A. date and sort of ate my brain. I'd say sorry, but, I'm really not. *g* So, I'll talk about those other things quickly, in a list! Because lists are fun!

> My car is in ICU, or, rather, the shop. I still don't know what the problem is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever it is it won't break the damn bank.

> No news on the job search front. :( I'm trying to stay positive, but, truthfully, it's hard. I'm realizing how much of my self-worth is tied up with my work. There are thoughts and feelings there that I need to sit with, unpack, and write about. And, I will at some point. But, yeah, hard.

> I was too wiped out after the AIDS Walk yesterday, so I rescheduled my tattoo appointment to tomorrow. But, tomorrow there shall be new ink! This makes me happy!

> Dave Grohl, you are fabulous!!! Haha! That cracked me up so hard!

> There's been fabulous T.V. to talk about, like Hawaii Five-O and Sons of Anarchy! And there has been sports stuff to talk about, like yesterday's meltdown by the Cardinals, and how well the Texans are looking, and Jeremy Shockey being fabulous, and the Braves making the playoffs, and my Diamondbacks' giving Kurt the job for next year. But I'm going to have to talk about all of that later, because right now I have to go watch me some Monday night football and then Dancing With The Stars! *laughs* Yes, this lineup pretty sums up the wide range of shit that I find entertaining!
Yesterday was another Not Good Day in a week full of Not Good Days. But at least now I don't have to manage the family drama in any official capacity. Doesn't make it any less heart-breaking or rage-inducing, or any number of emotions in between, but at least I don't have to be all lawyerly while still trying to keep a grip on my own emotional roller coaster. /cryptic venting

Thankfully there was Girls' Night last night with [ profile] zoniduck and V. It was perfectly lovely and distracting and exactly what I needed. Finally watched Inception and it completely blew my mind. I need to go back and read reactions and discussions on my flist now that I've watched it. And I really need to watch it another 2 or 3 or half a dozen times to try to wrap my brain around it. But, mind-blowingness aside, that was a hell of a lot of pretty on that screen! Good gods. *bites lip* Yeah, totally and beautifully distracting.

After the flick we went to Zinburger for some yummy food and milkshakes and girl talk and it was awesome.

And today, there's football on my t.v.!!! I wish I'd had the Saints/Falcons geme, and, sorry [ profile] azewewish, but I wish the Saints could have pulled off the W in overtime, but at least it was a good game. And now I've got the Cardinals keeping it hot against the Raiders. It's damn good to see Beanie Wells back on the field, even though he's obviously still favoring the knee. But, damn, this QB situation is not good. Anderson has zero finesse on his pass, his pass selection is crap, he panics under pressure, and he's found no rhythm with Larry who's really the only one that's going to save his sorry ass. Ugh. Somehow the Cards are still up, but seriously man, why the hell did anyone ever think that Anderson was a good idea???

See, though? Even when I'm bitching about it, football is still wonderfully distracting! *g*

So, whatcha all doing on this Sunday? Come on. Distract me with your awesome Sunday-ness!


Jan. 29th, 2010 03:15 pm
There has been a great deal of fabulosity lately, but first a few less than fabulous things:

- Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL today after a 12-year career. Man, I'm gonna miss him. He's been such a huge part of the Cardinals franchise and its turnaround. And he's just a damn good guy and there's just not enough of those in this world. All the best to you, Kurt. May you find nothing but success and happiness in whatever the next 12 years bring your way.

- Did I really read that they're doing a 6th season of Supernatural??? Man, if that's the case, then I think I'm just done. I mean, I've barely been able to muster up enough interest to watch this season (I still haven't watched last week's or this week's episodes!) and I am SO not entertained by Kripke's tumbling of the fourth wall anymore, but if on top of that they brought on the damn apocalypse and they're still not going to wrap this damn thing after 5 like they've said ALL ALONG, then I just don't think I have it in me to care anymore! Ugh. Supernatural, why did you kill my love for you??? We had such a beautiful thing going and now you've gone and tainted it!

Ok, but what of all that fabulosity I mentioned?

Well, let's start with Cheeks' new music video for Instant Gratification. I'll just say this: I highly suggest that you not press play until you're either very drunk or very stoned. I am firmly convinced that this would have been the most BRILLIANT thing ever, if only I'd waited to watch it when I was high!

Now that you didn't listen to me and played that anyway, am I right or am I right? Wouldn't that be just the most amazing thing ever if you watched it stoned??? Oh, Cheeks, baby, you amuse me so. Never stop. *g*

Also, have a mentioned this one dude named Adam??? Yeah, probably not. *g*

Well, anyway, today is his birthday!!!! 28 years old young FABULOUS! And, it's only fitting that on his birthday, we managed to secure OMFG SUCH AMAZING SEATS for his show next month!!!!!!! It was a concerted effort by a lot of truly amazing people. But tickets have been purchased, rooms booked, and next month we will be ROCKING THE HELL OUTA THE DESERT!!!! My mom is even going with me and she's so excited about it! And two of the girls from work are going with me too! It's gonna be a ROADTRIP!!! Off the fuckin' chain!!! *bounces*

Whew. There's been a great deal more fabulosity in the past 48 hours, but I'll just have to tell y'all about later. All that awesomeness is a bit exhausting. But SO worth it!
What's crazier than "manic"? Fucking insane? Yeah, that's a hell of a lot more accurate. Jeezus, this day was nuts. But on the plus side, the new attorney that I'm training in the criminal defense side of things is really impressing me -- he hustles, retains a lot of information, and asks really good questions. All of which sparks a glimmer of hope deep in my soul that one day soon I won't be as buried on that half of my practice.

So, enough of my whininess, let's talk about happier things. Like how the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl!!!!!!! Dear gods that game was insane! What a nail-biter! I was so glad to see the Saints pull out the win though. And I'm thrilled that Jeremy Shockey will have the opportunity to actually play in the big game and earn that ring the way I'm sure he wishes he could have two years ago. He looked SO happy! And it was just awesome to see the franchise and the city get that moment! Geaux Saints!

Also definitely in the happy column: White Collar!!!!!!!!! Eeee!!! I was about four episodes behind, but I finally got caught up this weekend and OH MY HEART!!! Can Neal and Peter BE any more adorable together??? *heart eyes* And how kick awesome is Elizabeth??? Very. She is VERY kick awesome! Seriously, THIS SHOW FILLS ME WITH SUCH GLEE!!!

Future happiness: I won three [ profile] help_haiti auctions. Which means that there will soon be delicious fic (possibly, maybe of the Adam/Tommy variety *twirls*) from [ profile] linaerys, [ profile] janescott and [ profile] ruby_fruit!!! And I get to blame it all on philanthropy! Win/Win!!!

(Hmmm...I don't seem to have a White Collar icon. I really need to correct this. In the meantime I'll use an Adam/Tommy icon in anticipation of all those awesome fics. *g*)


Jan. 17th, 2010 07:56 pm
I was going to write a whole post on my weekend, which, by the way, does NOT consist of three days off of work. *weeps*

But, really, my entire weekend consisted of football. No, really, that's it. My Cardinals lost spectacularly to the Saints on Saturday. Which, really, based on how they played this weekend, and even last week, they did not deserve to be playing any more post-season football. I still, however, would have preferred an actual game as opposed to the trouncing they got. On the plus side, there was a whole lot of pretty on my screen on Saturday! *bites lip* In any event, now that my boys are out, I'm fully expecting the Saints to go all the way. And I really wanted the Chargers to win today, because I thought Phillip Rivers would be a much better match against Peyton Manning. And, dammit, someone needs to make sure I have a Manning-free Super Bowl. Now the job falls to little Mark Sanchez, whose mustache looks ridiculous when he's wearing his helmet and you can't see the scruffy beard that goes with it. My Manning-free Super Bowl hopes are in the hands of a rookie with bad facial hair, who doesn't seem to remember that he really is pretty damn good until the second half of a game. This does not bode well. *shakes head*

Ahem. So, yeah. Most of you don't give a damn about any of that, right? Let me make it up to you with this ADORABLE White Collar vid. If I weren't already sold on the awesomeness of this show, this vid would have my watching in a heartbeat!

I have mentioned that I am just NOT a morning person, right? Well, apparently the Bossman hasn't gotten that memo, because he keeps insisting on scheduling me to do these morning radio interviews. I had to get up at the asscrack of dawn today, after a hearty 3 1/2 hours sleep, to drag myself to the radio station before heading in to the office. *whimpers* Today is going to be rough, man.

On the bright side, though, the radio interview went well. I managed to string my words together into coherent sentences, in Spanish no less, even though I was tragically under caffeinated. Go me! I now have MOAR COFFEE, an egg and ham bagel sandwich, and an exceptionally early start to my week, so life is definitely looking up!

The weekend was also lovely. On Saturday I finally made it to the dance fitness studio I've been talking about going to for months and I loved it! You gotta know that I'm going to completely jive with any place that has THIS as their mission statement: to help women discover their inherent beauty and express themselves in harmony with who they are as a fabulous, unique individual. LOVE IT! I got a membership and I will definitely be making classes there a regular part of my week.

Sunday was all about football. Man, did y'all see that Cardinals/Packers game??? It was INSANE! It was one hell of a game in the very best sense of the word, although the stress of watching it may well have shaved several years of my life. Dear gods, they were KILLING me! I'm thrilled that my boys pulled it out in the end. [ profile] coolwhipdiva, you need to get you trash-talkin' skills sharpened up, since next week it'll be your Saints against my Cardinals! Bring it, bb! *g*
The Nieces wore me the hell out yesterday. Now I remember why I don't have children. I love 'em like crazy, but damn was I ever ready to turn them back over to their parents.

Today I slept it and it was GLORIOUS! And then I spent the rest of the morning watching football. Exactly as it should be for a September Sunday. *nods* Speaking of football, it was nice to see that the Cardinals remembered how to play the game. Last week was a disaster, but Kurt was connecting on everything to everyone today, and they kicked so much ass that even Matt Leinart got some playing time! Poor Matt. *laughs* But what the hell was up with Captain Hotass??? Seriously, Tommy, baby, what was that? *shakes head*

Now I've got Big Ben on my screen, which is never a bad thing. Other than football, today is going to be about getting some things done around the house, which while not nearly as awesome as football, necessary nonetheless. But, definitely more on the awesome side of things, I've got tickets to the Pink concert tonight!!! WooHoo!!! \o/

Speaking of awesome things, last night Cassidy Haley did a live stream last night where he played a new song, did an acoustic version of "Whiskey in Churches," and STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS BABY BLUE UNDERWEAR!!! It was FABULOUS!!! He and his friend, Rawn the Adorable Accordion Player, were precious and chatty and possibly drunk and then he just stripped down to his underwear! How can you not love this boy??? If you missed it, I'm so sorry for your life!!! But you can see the archived version [HERE].
Congratulations to Coach Tomlin Hotass, Ben Roethlisberger, and the Steelers on their 6th Super Bowl championship!!!

And a HUGE congratulations to my Cardinals for a great season and one hell of a game tonight! Regardless of today's outcome, I'm so fucking proud of them!

And, DAMN, could we have gotten a better Super Bowl game!
Where the hell did Saturday go??? *looks around suspiciously* Seriously, I have no idea what happened to this day.

I do know that my hair looks fantastic. I got a long over due hair cut and color yesterday and it's looking shiny and bouncy and wonderful right now! *flips hair*

I also know that I just spent about a billion dollars for the privilege of practicing law for the next year. *grumbles* I've come to hate the first day of February because that's when my bar dues come due; and another brutal reality of solo practice is that there is no one to pay those for me anymore. I think I miss having my employer pay those dues almost as much as I miss having an IT department on 24 hour call. *grumbles more*

In less grumbly news, I met with a new trainer today and I think I'm going to like working with him. Today was just an introductory type meeting, but it went well, and he seems to get what I need from a trainer; we've got a workout scheduled for Monday, so I'll see how that goes. I'm hopeful though!

Also, SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! In about 16 hours!!! I've got a huge crock of chili simmering, tons of game food, and plenty of margarita makings! We're ready for some football!!!
I hear that winter is putting a smack down on a good part of the country. Thankfully that is not the case here. Outside my window it's a lovely day -- sunny and 58 degrees. I hope that all of you that are dealing with ice and snow today keep warm and stay safe.

In other news, yesterday was the circus fondly known as Super Bowl Media Day. In case it's somehow unclear, allow me to offer pictorial evidence of why I'm so freakin' excited about Sunday's game. The boys of Super Bowl XLIII )

So, yes. I'm very excited about Sunday's game. I'm sad that I can't be in L.A. watching it with my girls. Sadder still as the trial that was keeping me in town got continued today, but now I have people coming over for a Super Bowl party, so I still can't go. *pouts*

Anyway, to vary our sports-related squee today, there are now only 16 days, 17 hours, and 57 minutes until pitchers and catchers report!!! Baseball season is coming!!!

Speaking of pitchers and catchers, there's a video of a recent interview with my favorite hotass catcher, Chris Snyder, here. He's adorable! *smishes*

Also, as soon as the Super Bowl is over and the football season officially closed, I'll probably be posting some pictures of the many Hot Men of MLB in order to get us all ready for the baseball season. I'm sure y'all can't wait. *g*

And now I'm off to scrounge up some lunch before Trainer!Boy gets here to give me a long overdue ass kicking.
  • [ profile] annkiri is a GODDESS.

  • Stubb's barbecue was unimpressive. We're still in search of the best barbecue in Austin.

  • Amy's ice cream, however, was DELICIOUS. The concept of ice cream mixed with alcohol is BRILLIANT!!!

  • [ profile] soylahtayplease gave us the grand tour of her new working digs. Beautiful place. Interesting art. Yummy lunch served in the dining space.

  • The plane ride here broke my suitcase. But now I have a shiny new suitcase!

  • Retail therapy was had. It was good.

  • I did mention that [ profile] annkiri is a goddess, right? Well, it's definitely worth mentioning again. A GODDESS, people.

  • The Magic 8 Ball application on the iPhone is an excellent way to make all your important decisions!

  • The orchestra of very drunk older men playing their imaginary instruments along to the music on stage was the BEST PART of our night on 6th Street. Imaginary triangle playing FTW!!!

  • An amazing time was had with Texas Boy.

  • THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!! And, it gets even better. I get both my teams on February 1st with a Steelers/Cardinals show down!!! *flails wildly* I have no idea how I'll resolve the internal conflict about who to cheer for, but for now I'm just very happy that I'll have that particular dilemma.

  • [ profile] annkiri and [ profile] soylahtayplease helped me cheer on my teams as we camped out at a local sports bar all day yesterday. It was a blast!

  • Today I caught up on some of my missed sleep. Which meant that we missed the Nia class that we had planned on going to. But oh my gods how I needed the sleep! Plans for later include My Bloody Valentine at the Drafthouse, and dinner at Magnolia. Good times!
This weekend was comprised of about 15% housecleaning and other necessary tasks, 5% of getting ready for my Austin trip, 5% Golden Globe watching, and approximately 75% of FOOTBALL!!! It was excellent.

In football news, first, as we all should know by now, the Cards pulled out a wholly unexpected win yesterday. And today the Eagles beat the Giants, so not only will this be a Manning-free Super Bowl (!!!), but the NFC Championship game next weekend will be here. I, however, will be watching from Austin. *g*

And in even more football awesomeness, THE STEELERS WON!!! It was a great game, and Ben was fantastic, and Willie had a great game, and Hines still fills me with glee every time he smiles! Oh, yeah. And Mike Tomlin was once again DISTRACTINGLY HOT LIKE BURNING on the sidelines!

Ben and Mike. )

I don't think I have a whole lot to say about the Golden Globes other than Kate Winslet is a goddess, Salma Hayek has the best rack in Hollywood, Gerard Butler looked damn good, and while I don't normally find Colin Farrel hot, I thought he was smokin' tonight.
Way to go Cardinals!!! They beat the Carolina Panthers tonight, 33-13, and advance to the NFC Championship game next week. Man, what an amazing win! Everyone and their grandmother had counted the Cardinals out of this game. But they just dominated, forcing turnovers, balancing the running and passing games, shutting down their offense, and Larry Fitzgerald was ON FIRE!

And, I'm pretty sure that 99% of you can care less about any of that. *g* So, let's move on to the show and tell portion of this post, shall we?

This guy? The one making the amazing catch in a sea of defenders? That would be Larry Fitzgerald.


I'd also like to point out that, in addition to having amazing hands, Larry has an exceptional ass.

Allow me to share more of Larry's, um, talents. )

I'm particularly fond of Larry in glasses. Sexy! )

Edgerrin James is also quite talented. )

So, yes. Now that I've given all of you several reasons to cheer along: Go Cardinals!!! \o/

Go Cards!!!

Jan. 3rd, 2009 10:44 pm
Holy hell. The Cardinals won! Yeah. I'm as surprised as the rest of the world.

But, holy hell!!! THE CARDINALS WON!!!


Um. Sorry, [ profile] azewewish.

I had never been to a professional football game before, and OMG THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! The stadium was rockin'! Everyone stood and screamed and cheered and waived their white towels the whole game through. My ears are still ringing! That was probably as loud as some metal shows I've been at. We had great seats, too. Good times, man. Damn good times.

As I do, I took pictures! )
:: I thought this idea was pretty cool. (It's called The Mayfly Project and it's a challenge to sum up the year just past in exactly 24 words.) Brevity, it turns out, is challenging. But, here it is; 2008 in 24 words:

Rianna five; Rhyan born. New Orleans!!! Great friends – Good times! BASEBALL!!! Work dissatisfaction. Lots of travel. More sex! Connections made; relationships ended. Obama! Zestful.

:: NFL playoffs start tomorrow!!! I'm ridiculously excited about going to my first NFL game! *bounces* Speaking of football related awesomeness, there are some great icons of this year's playoff teams here.

:: I try and almost always fail at keeping track of the books I read each year. Which is why I was very excited to discover Goodreads. This site may be yesterday's news to the rest of the world, but it's shiny and new to me! I'm not sure if I'm actually going to invest the time to input my entire library, but what I would like to do with it this year is use it to track what I read and to get reading recommendations from others. So, if you're on Goodreads and would be willing to share what you're reading, friend me! *beams*
I made significant progress in organizing MY LIFE today. Well, not my entire life. But my work life is quite a bit more organized. There is still quite a ways to go, and, more than digging through the pit of chaos that is my home office, I need to work on developing PROCESSES for staying organized (without a secretary - organization was so much simpler when I had a support staff *sighs*). But the fact that tonight I can see significant portions of my desk and that most of my files are neatly labeled and that the piles of paperwork have been sorted and that I have sticky notes (bright pink ones!) on all the files indicating the next case management steps MAKES ME EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY!

You know what else is making me exceedingly happy tonight? Chris Snyder will be with the D'backs for at least the next three years!!! CHRIS!!! *so much love* And he's mine a Diamondback until at least 2011! *glee*

And since we're on the topic of all things awesome, I will be going to the Cardinals/Falcons playoff game on Saturday!!! Playoffs are a rare thing for the Cardinals. As I told my brother, we may be in our 50s the next time this opportunity rolls around again. *laughs* So I'm pretty damn excited to be going to the game. It should be fun!

Also awesome: I will be meeting [ profile] ladymairwen for lunch tomorrow and a good ol' gab session. Yay! After that I have a client meeting before I call it a New Year's holiday. My New Year's celebration shall consist of fancy desserts from AJ's, and Chinese food delivery, and a bottle or so of wine, and lazying about in PJs watching movies until the New Year! Perfection! How will you be ringing in the new year?
- Even though the day was a typical December Sunday full of laziness and football, I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished, including conquering a mountain of laundry, finally getting my holiday cards written out and ready for mailing, and cooking up a delicious pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup.

- We shall not speak of the Cardinals, but it was good to see the Steelers pull out today's win and Matt Cassell take the Patriots to a win after the personally tragic week he's had.

- This has cracked my shit up all day:


*laughs and laughs* He threw a SHOE at him! Twice! I think that journalist pretty adequately expressed the WORLD'S sentiments about Shrub. *laughs more*

- A certain Texas Boy is still making me ridiculously gleeful. I don't even KNOW. *shakes head* But, yes, happeh-making.



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