Oct. 1st, 2010 03:05 pm
October already??? How the heck did that happen? Seriously, this year is just zooming by. But, I do gotta say that I'll be happy to see summer and its hellish temps gone. Please to be bringing on Fall now, Mother Nature!

I've been cranking out the resumes and werking the job search this week. And, seriously, this shit is exhausting. It's just damn tiring to be "selling" yourself all the time! Yes, I'm fabulous, now hire me dammit! *sigh*

In betterer news, the Phoenix AIDS Walk is this Sunday and now not only is my mom walking with me *loves* but my 7 year old niece, Rianna, is also walking! She told me today that she's invited to a birthday party on Sunday, but she'd rather do the AIDS Walk with me because that's more important. So proud of her!

In other Octoberish news, I really want to go see this burlesque show! They have a show on Saturday and then a Halloween show on October 30th. Any locals wanna go with me?

Also, relevant to none of the above, I really want a Datman T-shirt!!! Jeremy Shockey tweeted about getting a new Datman shirt because he had worn his old one out with too many washings! Haha! He's fabulous! So is that t-shirt! *wants*
New Orleans was AMAZING!!! From the meet and greet to our great seats to the incredible energy, this show will forever be one of my favorites.

This was the first of three M&Gs. Adam was incredibly charming and affable. And gorgeous. Dear gods, that man is beautiful! The set up for the M&G was kind of strange; we were literally lined up in a hallway backstage. And while this was probably the most awkward and rushed of the three M&Gs, it was still a lovely experience. I introduced myself and thanked him for taking time to meet with us. He was completely charming; no matter how brief your conversation with him is, he has a real talent for focusing on whoever he's talking to and making you feel as if he's truly listening and connecting. I had him sign a New Orleans shot glass (this will later become a theme of our M&Gs), which prompted a great exchange about tequila. *g*

Me & Adam! )

[livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva and I had seats in the pit, first row, center. Awesome! There were several feet, though, between the two pit rows and the stage, so when Allison took the stage, everyone in those first two rows were allowed to rush the stage. I still ended up dead center with just one person in front of me. Which was again, awesome! I actually preferred not being right up against the stage, because (1) I had room to dance (this is very important! *g*) and (2) instead of Adam looking right down to the top of your head, being a foot or so back from the stage allowed for a better angle and a hell of a lot more eye contact. Really, really awesome! We all know the man has an impressive package, and if y'all know me at all you know that I appreciate an impressive package *g*, but I loved being able able to make eye contact, repeatedly, during the entire set, rather than being eye level with his crotch the whole time!

Since this was NOLA, I was kind of expecting the show to be something special, and it really was. The band all came out wearing Mardi Gras masks and Adam started out "Voodoo" with a skull-capped voodoo stick.


Glam Nation in the Big Easy )

Adam and the band and the dancers were just on fiyah in New Orleans! You could tell they were all having a hell of a time and just feeding off the great energy of the crowd. It was obvious that they were all expecting something special from this show, just as all of fandom had been looking forward to a New Orleans Glam Nation stop ever since Adam talked about it being the inspiration for the show. My tenth Glam Nation show in the Big Easy was truly something special!

cause it's voodoo, voodoo, voodoo...under your spell )


Aug. 31st, 2010 12:28 pm
♦ This weekend I'm off to San Diego for my cousin's wedding. I can always count on this particular branch of the family to throw one hell of a party when they marry off one of their daughters. So while I'm glad she's happy and all (blah, blah, blah) what I'm really looking forward to is (1) the opportunity to break out some fabulous formal wear and (2) the open bar!!! *g*

♦ In 8 days I will embark on my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness!!! 3 cities, 4 Glam Nation shows, and 8 fantabulous days filled with several of my most bestest friends and as many damn good times as we can pack into a vacation!!! I cannot wait!

♦ I got a new camera for the trip! While I love my camera with the magical zoom lens, it's a bit unwieldy in crowded spaces like concerts. So I got a tiny camera that fits into the palm of my hand! Or my pocket! It's so small and shiny! )

What is the key to wearing black tie well? Go commando underneath. It adds an air of mystery. Oh, Matt Bomer. I do love you so! I also love Neal a lot. And Peter. And Mozzie. I miss Elizabeth though. There needs to be more Smokin' Hot Mrs. Suit in my White Collar. But, overall, this show entertains me immensely! *loves*

♦ Speaking of immensely entertaining: Kurt Warner is going to dance in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars!!! *laughs and laughs* Oh, Kurt. Also, apparently you can't put Baby in a corner anymore. *g* I'm kinda looking forward to this show now!

♦ I'm again walking in the AIDS Walk Phoenix on October 3rd. I realize that times are tough out there, but any contribution, no matter the amount, really does make a difference. If it's your will, you can donate to my AIDS Walk efforts here.

Pretty! And sparkly! )
My ability to thoroughly procrastinate even when I have very little that I actually have to do is really quite remarkable. So, in the hopes of finding a job sometime before we slide into Fall, I gave myself a stern talking to yesterday and determined to treat the search for a job like a job. So far so good. We may actually see something resembling progress before I go trotting off on vacation in two weeks.

Which reminds me, IN TWO WEEKS I'LL BE IN HOUSTON!!!!!!! I'll have me the lovely [livejournal.com profile] annkiri (who I may refuse to let go of)! And we'll be hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] shutyourface and [livejournal.com profile] eckerlilas (fangirling FTW)! And we'll be glamming and glitterfying and SEEING ADAM LAMBERT STRUT HIS STUFF RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails*

And then after leaving a glittery wake all over Houston, I'll be flying to New Orleans where I will be meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva and [livejournal.com profile] azewewish and then we will proceed to get up to all kinds of shenanigans and probably varying degrees of trouble for the next four days!!!! Bourbon Street! Delicious food! Lots of alcohol! Hot men! More alcohol! Beignets! Fabulous music! More hot men! *g*

NOLA shenanigans will also include another Adam Lambert show and passes to a pre-show meet and greet!!!!!!! *flails again*

And then! Oh, yes, there's more! And then, assuming I've survived the sheer level of awesomeness of those 5 days, I will be flying to Atlanta where I'll meet up with [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz for TWO MORE GLAM NATION SHOWS AND M&Gs ON BOTH DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I'll be sharing the same air with Adam 3 times in 4 days!!! *hyperventilates*

*laughs* Truth be told I'm facepalming a bit over that, especially since two of those M&Gs are on back to back days. But, the second Atlanta show is general admission, and the VIP meet and greet package comes with early admission, which was completely worth every penny to me separate and apart from getting to see Adam one more time. Barricades, bb! \o/


And you know what else is all kinds of glittery awesomeness? TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! *beams*

And now I think it's time for a nap! Man, unemployment kinda rocks. *g*
Today's happiness, let me tell you about it! *g*

First, last night there was this:


Thank you, boys, for the epic degrees of fanservice you are dishing up on this tour. Please feel free to lick each other any time the mood strikes. *g*

And then there are the plans for N'awlins shenanigans in September that are underway! I managed to put all my lawyerly skills to bear and persuade [livejournal.com profile] azewewish to join me and [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva for said shenanigans. Or, you know, NOT REALLY. Because, really, she did not put up much resistance. *g* But, OMG, New Orleans, and Adam, and Adam and Tommy licking each others' faces, and Saints football, and Jeremy Shockey's abs and ink, and beignets, and ME AND MY GIRLS RAISING HELL IN N'AWLINS!!!!! I might be a little bit excited about this. *g*

And then there's all the World Cup related excitement. I, sadly, missed this mornings amazing U.S. win because I had to be in court. Nevertheless, GO USA!!! I hope those boys are celebrating properly, which, you know, should include lots of post-game adrenaline fueled sex. *g*


More awesome picspam of pretty boys celebrating (sadly NOT with hot, post-game adrenaline fueled sex) HERE. (Link courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] mistresscurvy.)

But the HAPPIEST part of today involves one adorable and ridiculously hot POCKET IDOL!!! KRIS!!!!!! Tonight! I'll be skipping out of work early to drive down to Tucson with [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz and [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck. We plan on getting lost on the way to the Rialto (dear gods, I've never managed to make it there without getting lost and then accidentally finding it!), and then we plan on stalking accidentally running into Kris and the band (what? it totally could happen by coincidence! *g*), and then we plan on ROCKING OUR FACES OFF at the show!!! Good times, people, this is sure to be damn good times.


Jun. 1st, 2010 01:43 pm
Nearly half of 2010 is gone! How in the hell did that happen so quickly???

Does anyone do mid-year reassessments? What have I done this year? What do I still need to do? What changes have worked? What needs tweaking?

No? Just me then. :) Virgo with Libra rising -- this should not come as a surprise to anyone! *laughs*

Anyway, in thinking about all those things and how my word for the year, PUSH, has shaped 2010 so far and what still needs pushing in the second half of the year, I've been considering taking a Landmark class later this year, either in August or October. But before I do, since my flist is an amazing group with a wide variety of interests and experiences, I thought I'd check in with y'all to see if anyone has ever worked with Landmark and has any thoughts or experiences to share. What do y'all think? *curious*

So, June. Right now, this month feels like a 30 day delay between now and all the glittery good times scheduled for July. But that's unacceptable! Must live in the moment! So we gotta make June rock all on its own!

For starters, Miike Snow is in concert this Saturday at The Clubhouse. I have NO idea how to pronounce their name, but I like to think of them as so cool they need an extra "i"! *g* Also, their music is freakin' fantastic! So, who wants to join me on Saturday??? *beams*

This month also has Pocket Idol!!! [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck and I are trekking to Tucson on the 23rd to see Kris Allen do his thang at the Rialto Theater. Exciting!!! There's still room in my car if anyone wants to join us! *tempts*

So, yeah, let's do this thing, June! *resolves to make it a damn good month*

Ok, so looking past June for a moment, there was a recent interview with Adam where he talks about opening his show with "Voodoo" and how he decided to have that sort of be the theme of Glam Nation, a voodoo, New Orleans kinda vibe. Which has led to speculation that perhaps he'll close the tour in New Orleans, or at the very least, have a show there. Which leads me to think that there must be a New Orleans trip in my near future!!!! Hookers, what do y'all think? It's been waaaay too long since we were last in NOLA, and this seems like the perfect reason to correct that! Y/Y/Motherfucking YES????

And, also, THIS!


[Bigger here.]

Unf. Seriously, though, how is he so fucking fabulous??? Lee Cherry took that photo, by the way, which just goes to prove, yet again, that Adam has the most amazingly talented friends.

Ok, I've rambled long enough. Now I wanna hear about you! Tell me what's happening in your JUNE!
Ok, so the Universe was looking out for me today. Normally Twitter is blocked at work, so I check it on my phone during the day. But this week, my Blackberry has been a little bitch and I haven't had a network connection for the past three days. For some reason, though, our firewalls were down today, which meant I could get on Twitter and happen to catch the breaking news that ADAM WILL BE DOING A SHOW IN PALM SPRINGS NEXT MONTH!!!!

OMFG!!! So, yeah, ROAD TRIP TO PALM SPRINGS FEBRUARY 27TH!!!!!! [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ and [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva are meeting me there! And we'll be meeting up with some other fans! And, and, AND!...ADAM!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited about this! You don't even know! There's room in my car if anyone wants to join in on the glittery shenanigans! Just sayin'.

Also of complete awesomeness today, I snagged tickets to see Daughtry when they play Glendale in April!!! And tentative plans are in the works for trekking to New Orleans in April the weekend Cassidy is slated for his NOLA shows!!! Awesome music FTMFW!!!

And, since today is apparently not being done being awesome, I'm getting ready to escape the office for a bit to meet up with a friend who I haven't seen in just way too damn long.

Goodness abounds! *g*
What's crazier than "manic"? Fucking insane? Yeah, that's a hell of a lot more accurate. Jeezus, this day was nuts. But on the plus side, the new attorney that I'm training in the criminal defense side of things is really impressing me -- he hustles, retains a lot of information, and asks really good questions. All of which sparks a glimmer of hope deep in my soul that one day soon I won't be as buried on that half of my practice.

So, enough of my whininess, let's talk about happier things. Like how the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl!!!!!!! Dear gods that game was insane! What a nail-biter! I was so glad to see the Saints pull out the win though. And I'm thrilled that Jeremy Shockey will have the opportunity to actually play in the big game and earn that ring the way I'm sure he wishes he could have two years ago. He looked SO happy! And it was just awesome to see the franchise and the city get that moment! Geaux Saints!

Also definitely in the happy column: White Collar!!!!!!!!! Eeee!!! I was about four episodes behind, but I finally got caught up this weekend and OH MY HEART!!! Can Neal and Peter BE any more adorable together??? *heart eyes* And how kick awesome is Elizabeth??? Very. She is VERY kick awesome! Seriously, THIS SHOW FILLS ME WITH SUCH GLEE!!!

Future happiness: I won three [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auctions. Which means that there will soon be delicious fic (possibly, maybe of the Adam/Tommy variety *twirls*) from [livejournal.com profile] linaerys, [livejournal.com profile] janescott and [livejournal.com profile] ruby_fruit!!! And I get to blame it all on philanthropy! Win/Win!!!

(Hmmm...I don't seem to have a White Collar icon. I really need to correct this. In the meantime I'll use an Adam/Tommy icon in anticipation of all those awesome fics. *g*)
So, it seems as if an army of contagions stealthily entered and marched through my home last night, because everyone in the household woke up feeling like various degrees of crap. Blerg.

Suffice it to say, I wasn't feeling particularly sparkly today. But then Cheeks tweeted a serious of shiny things and replied to one of my tweets and suddenly I'm sparkling harder! *beams*

Also, in reading coverage of the Prop 8 trial, this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside: Ms. Perry, a 45-year-old child services professional who brought the case with her partner, Sandra B. Stier, 47, and a male couple, recounted how she had slowly fallen in love with Ms. Stier. “I remember thinking that she was the sparkliest person I’d ever met,” Ms. Perry said, drawing giggles from the packed courtroom. N'awwwww x a billionty!!!!!! ♥

I like the record that these attorneys seem to be developing, one that covers both the personal side of the issue and the quantifiable harms of having to endure this kind of inequality through the experts they say they're going to put on. This case is going to be all about the record developed. And even though the trial court case is just the first step in what will be a long process, I do wish the Supreme Court would not have put the kibosh on the live streaming. I have no idea what irreparable harms they were imagining, and, more than anything, what an amazing educational opportunity for this country wasted, man. *shakes head*

Anyway, back to more sparkly things, Cassidy Haley has announced some tentative dates for his upcoming tour!!!

Two things of note: first, holy sparkly disco balls, he's playing both Phoenix AND Tucson!!!!!!!! Eeeeee!!!!! Just so you know, Arizona peoples, I'm expecting to see y'all there! And anyone who wants to roadtrip-it down to Tucson, just let me know and we will make this happen!

The second thing, and [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva and I must share a brain because we had this thought virtually simultaneously, he's playing a weekend in New Orleans! And you know we were just lookin' for an excuse a good reason to plan the 2010 Hooker New Orleans Partay Weekend of Ultimate Debauchery!!! What? Of course that's the official name! *g* April 23rd and 24th, bitches! NOLA! Cassidy! Hooker shenanigans! Let's make this happen!!!!

Also, I need an icon that says "Sparkle Harder." Who's gonna make me one? *bats eyelashes*

outa steam

Sep. 29th, 2009 08:18 pm
Man, I'm wiped. I went in to the office today around mid-morning and managed to make it to 4:30 before I completely ran out of steam. I'll probably do the same tomorrow -- go in, but for only whatever part of the day I can manage. I've really got too much work not to, and, as long as I don't push it, I think it's actually good for me to get up and do something. For now, though, I'm not moving from this couch unless the damn house is on fire!

All in all, though, today was definitely a step forward in the getting-better plan! Yay! And I think all this progress call for a HAPPY LIST! \o/

:: I think we are finally done with the million degree weather! Today was supposed to be the last triple digit day of the year. Nighties and eighties, here we come! I'm breaking out the sweaters now!

:: I won the auction for Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD, an exclusive one off CD of his unreleased material!!! I'm ridiculously excited about this! I cannot even tell you. I can't wait to hear what's on this thing! (Although we shall not speak about what I was willing to bid for this thing. I'm going to blame it on the residual effects of all the narcotics I've been on.)

:: I had THE best peach for lunch today. It was huge, and juicy, and DELICIOUS! Yum!

:: [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva rocks my world! First there was the lovely vase of cheerful flowers and get-well wishes that arrived on Saturday. So pretty! And then today I came home from work to find yummy smelly stuffs from her for my birthday! J, baby, that was perfect! I love that scent so much! THANK YOU!!! *mwah*

:: The day got about a million times better this evening when I was able to have a lovely and long over due phone chat with [livejournal.com profile] editorzon! Love you, baby, and I can't wait to see you soon!

:: Speaking of seeing awesome peoples soon, I think I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend in October! Hookers, I understand there are some Halloween plans at Cicada Club in the works? Count me in! *beams*

*sighs happily* That's a good deal of happy-makin' for one day.

And, for some added miscellany, y'all remember those pictures of Adam Lambert in New Orleans, right? Well, a few more have cropped up. And Adam and his adorable boyfriend are still adorable. And amusing. Despite the unfortunate facial hair and questionable fashion choices. But the lesson I think we all should learn from these pictures has nothing to do with shaving practices, Just For Men hair dye, or shirts with sleeves. No, I think what we've all learned is that 98% of [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai members need to step away from the computer and TAKE A DAMN VACATION TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I was appalled at how many people had no idea what Adam meant when he twittered about the Big Easy! Or who couldn't recognize Pat O'Brien's by the drinks on the table or who had no idea what a hand grenade was!!! Seriously, people, y'all need to get out more! *laughs*

Ok, I'm going back to slothful recovery now. Hope y'all are having a good week!
Seriously. How is it April already??? How is it even possible that 2009 is 1/4 of the way over??? That right there is the biggest April's Fools joke of all. *shakes head*

But, the AWESOME part of it being April is that baseball is right around the corner!!! *bounces* I am SO ridiculously excited about Opening Day!!!

In preemptive celebration of the start of the season, I'm going to try to find some time to do another Hot Men of MLB picspam this week. I totally had good intentions about doing them throughout Spring Training, but somehow the entire month of March (and, really, the first quarter of 2009) completely got away from me.

Speaking of various craziness, I am not going to comment further on all the Danneel related insanity in Supernatural fandom, other than to say that if you found yourself cut from my flist in the past 48 hours, you might want to reacquaint yourself with reality where we usually try to practice common courtesy and a basic level of common sense. Jeezus, fandom, way to bring the crazy. *shakes head*

On to happier things, shall we? Tonight I'm going to see Rianna in her first school play. Her stage debut is as an elephant, trunk and ears and all. *laughs* Never fear. There will be plenty of future blackmail pictures to share!

And, speaking of foolishness, even though I'm in the middle of a job search during what is the worst economic climate of recent memory, and I just got back from a week-long vacation, and it's still months away, I am already planning what is now the annual trek to New Orleans in October! N'awlins shenanigans are already in the works!!! *glee* Who wants to join me? *tempts*
In less than 24 hours I will be in New Orleans for six fun-filled days with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish, [livejournal.com profile] editorzon, and [livejournal.com profile] dellastarr!!! We have awesome VIP tickets to the Voodoo Music Experience where we shall listen to tons of great music and ogle lots of hot men! There will most definitely be all sorts of shenanigans and good times WILL be had!

But first I have to pack. :( I've been so productive today, tearing my way through my "to do" list, but I still haven't packed a thing. I do, though, know pretty much what I'm taking, or so I tell myself so that I can sit here and watch Game 1 of the World Series instead. *g*

And, as we were talking about New Orleans, here have a smokin' hot picture of Philip Anselmo! What??? It's totally related! :) This is from last night's Metallica w/ Down show in Glendale, Arizona, which I sadly did not go to because they wanted a small fortune for tickets.


There are more really great pics from the show here.
I overslept today. Thankfully I didn't have to be in court this morning. But it did take far more coffee than usual to get me functional.

Also, there was apparently an uninvited guest in my bed last night. I'm fairly certain there was a spider-creature making itself at home in my bed and on my body as I have a row of about six bites across my stomach and several more on my legs. I am itchy and most displeased! :(

And to add to today's displeasure, I seem to have tweaked the left side of my back. I did nothing to logically warrant this kind of pain! Crap. It even hurts to breathe. And turning my upper body is entirely out of the question. *looks for heating pad*

Bug bites and back spasms not with standing, I have a hefty "to do" list to get through today, that includes wrapping up several work projects before my trip.

Which brings me to the happy portion of this post: TWO DAYS UNTIL NEW ORLEANS!!! Man, am I ever looking forward to this trip. Six days in New Orleans with awesome friends, great music, and as much alcohol as we can manage! Good times indeed!

Speaking of good times, it sounds as if everyone had just that at WinCon last weekend. Awesome! I hear that next year's WinCon will be in Denver. Denver! I'd love to visit Denver. I just might have to go. *nods*

What else? Oh, yes. Mongol is now out on DVD. I absolutely LOVED this movie and I can't wait until my DVD arrives so that I can watch it again!
- Court this morning was inordinately quick and hassle-free. I approve!

- Since I was done with court so early, I stopped by my local Democratic headquarters and spent the rest of the morning making calls. It was fun to see the range of people there this morning volunteering. And while most calls on a Monday morning go unanswered, I did have really good conversations with about a dozen different people. I'll definitely be working phone banks again the weekend before the election.

- As I was being incredibly productive, I also got some grocery shopping done today. For the record: the fresh made tzatziki and red pepper hummus from Fresh & Easy grocery stores are DELICIOUS!!! Better even than Trader Joe's. Mmmmm.

- But because it is Monday, there is a measure of suckitude. I won't go in to it except to say that sometimes some of my clients make me want to howl a banshee-like scream of pure rage! Why do I do this again???

- In better news, The Nieces are due here any minute. This evening shall be full of crazy girl-child shenanigans and many squishy hugs! ♥

- Also, I'LL BE IN NEW ORLEANS ON THURSDAY!!!!! *flails*
- Congratulations to National League Champions the Philadelphia Phillies!!! *pops champagne and throws confetti* Also, I think I'm smitten with Shane Victorino. He was miked in yesterday's game and he's just adorable and funny and self-effacing and, well, ADORABLE! *g*

- OMG!!! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY WE WILL BE IN NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!! *spazzes* I have approximately two million things to do before then, including a mile-long work related "to do" list. But, I don't care because in exactly 7 days there shall be musical merry-making, drunken revelries, and all sorts of fun-filled shenanigans!!!

- Fuck you very much Senator McCain and your air quote disdain for women's health. (At this point of the debate my rage was maxed out, so I watched baseball and the adorable Shane Victorino instead.)

- I'm getting my hair cut this evening! Not a moment too soon. *studies split ends*

- Today I'm celebrating a slightly belated Love Your Body Day. What is Love Your Body Day? )

So, today I'm going to love my body exactly as it is. Today, because I love my body, I'm going to care for it by feeding it nutritional and delicious food, by being active, by giving it the rest it needs, and by treating it to loving and pampering care. Today I'm going to think and speak well about my body. Who's gonna join me in loving your bodies today? *beams*
Thing 1: It's Friday!!! Superfluous, I know. But, still, Fridays always deserve several exclamation points. Most especially Fridays before a three-day weekend!!!

Thing 2: Last night's Supernatural episode. )

Thing 3: How AWESOME was Game 1 between the Phillies and the Dodgers??? Very, I say -- very awesome! Also awesome is wrapping up my day early so that I can watch Game 2, which, by the way, the Phillies just took a 4-1 lead in the bottom of the 2nd. Go Phillies!!! \o/

Thing 4: I found a super-cute top today for my New Orleans trip -- for only $7.50!!! Bargain!

Thing 5: Speaking of Thing 4...ONLY 13 DAYS UNTIL NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I can hardly wait!!!

Thing 6: Way to go Connecticut Supreme Court!!! It's always a GOOD DAY when equal rights for ALL comes out the victor!
My day can REALLY use a Happy List, so here we go:

1. This video of Aussie Grandmas performing a Sex Pistols song cracked my shit up! )

2. While we're YouTube-ing it: This video of Ellen and Portia's wedding had me tearing up. Love in all its forms will ALWAYS make the Happy List!!! )

3. I've got plans to go see Lady Antebellum tomorrow night!!! I'm ridiculously excited about seeing this group play! Don't judge. I grew up in a small, rural Arizona town -- country music is as much a part of my musical DNA as are Spanish boleros and 80's pop. I can STILL feel you judging but I don't care, it's still happeh-makin'!!! *beams*

4. My t.v. and DVR are full of new shows!!! I'm watching this week's One Tree Hill now (I ♥ Q so much! *sobs*), next up is True Blood (obviously work is NOT on this evening's agenda) and tonight there shall be Sons of Anarchy!!! Hot men on motorcylces with lickable tattoos! I definitely approve!

5. Only 43 days until NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!!!! *bounces* Man, I can't wait! Awesome music and N'awlins style shennanigans aside, I am MOST looking forward to time with [livejournal.com profile] editorzon, [livejournal.com profile] azewewish, and [livejournal.com profile] dellastarr. I miss my girls! *squishes*
The Deities of Music have smiled upon me! Twice!!!

VIP passes to see Nine Inch Nails at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIN in New Orleans!!!!!!!! VIP passes for the entire weekend!!!!!! New Orleans during Halloween!!!!!!!! With [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And more bounty from the Music Gods: tickets to see George Michael next month from the 11th row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails wildly*
I'm still pretty much feeling like ass, but I'm bored with my own misery so instead of continued bitching and moaning, I bring you Monday's AWESOMENESS:

1| Equal Parts Hot Cinnamon Tea + Equal Parts Tequila + Lime Juice to Taste = BEST COLD REMEDY EVAR!!! This was my grandfather's cure all, and it's pretty much been my saving grace the past three days. I'm not sure whether it works miracles or, you know, just makes you pass out after a while, but either way it works for me!

2| Jason Taylor continues to be HOT LIKE THE FIRE OF A MILLION SUNS!!! )

3| Jared looks HOT in a tank top too! )

4| NIN in New Orleans in October headlining the Voodoo Music Experience!!! I am SO there!!!
OMG, people, I am in New Orleans!!! The weather is great (a bit humid and cloudy and just enough rain to make my hair do crazy things!) and everyone has fantastic accents and the people are super friendly (oh, HI, hello cute guy with the kisses and the hugs!) and the food is delicious and the alcohol is plentiful!!! I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!

Brenda and I got in around 3 this afternoon and we promptly set about exploring the French Quarter and eating yummy food and finding real, grown up alcohol! Now we're re-grouping and getting ready to go out to see Down play and wax rhapsodic about Philip's Arms of Porn and Cock of Awesomeness! After which I'm sure there shall be more of that plentiful alcohol and all wicked good times we can squeeze into this night!

Did I mention that I LOVE NEW ORLEANS?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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