Apr. 4th, 2011 05:22 pm
Mercury went retrograde last Wednesday. My Blackberry started showing signs of impending death on Thursday. Coincidence? I think not. Unfortunately my Blackberry is out of warranty, so if it dies it's staying that way. I guess this gives me the excuse I've been looking for to finally get an iPhone.

Seriously, though, Mercury Retrograde, can you not fuck with my laptop until I'm employed? My bank account would really appreciate that small mercy.

ION, I saw "Rango" yesterday. Why didn't anyone tell me I should not attempt that sober??? Seriously, I cannot be expected to handle an animated lizard's existential crisis while having one of my own without an adequate amount of alcohol first!!! The froyo afterward went a long way toward restoring my zen, though. Which is good, because those things that a good frozen yogurt can't fix require me winning the lottery, and I'm not sure if I can really count on that happening any time soon. :/
Last night my mom and I stuck with tradition and went to a Christmas night movie. The only requirement for our Christmas movies is that they need to be happy-making, so we saw Tangled and it was indeed happy-making! So cute! But now I totes want to hear Darren Criss covering this song!!! )

Since this post is supposed to be about cheer, let me show you some of what's been bringing me all kinds of cheery thoughts the past few days. *g* Not surprisingly, this holiday cheer is really Darren Criss cheer! )

Speaking of holiday cheer, if you haven't yet please tell me what charity you would like for me to make a holiday donation to! (Yes, I'm going to keep bugging y'all about this until you do it! *beams*) This post and all the holiday charity giving has been incredibly happy-making. Thank y'all for bringing the holiday cheer with me! :D

You know what else has made me very happy? This stunning NOH8 photo of Tommy Joe Ratliff!!! )

Holy moly! Only 5 more days of 2010 left! Me, my mom, and The Nieces leave for Disneyland on Wednesday and that's where we'll be ringing in the New Year. I can't wait!!!

I've also been thinking about what word I'm going to pick for 2011. I have a few ideas, but haven't settled on my word yet. I love reading about others' experiences with their words though. My word in 2010 was PUSH, and I think it shaped my year in some interesting ways. It was definitely a year of pushing boundaries and exploring edges and walking into previously untrodden territory, some of it good and some of it less so. I'll definitely be unpacking that more as I think about my word for 2011. Has anyone else picked a word for 2011? Or does anyone have an experience to share about their 2010 word? I'd love to hear your stories! *chinhands*
I think I was a little too ~enthusiastic during my boxing session with the Trainer yesterday, as I can't seem to move my neck or my right shoulder today. Ow! So, the whole not being able to move thing has given me the excuse to be completely lazy today and it's been wonderful to spend my Saturday morning in bed!

Last night my mom and I went to see Burlesque and it was quite unexpectedly wonderful! I went to see it because, come on, this is me, I'm not gonna pass up the chance to see Cher and Christina on screen together; plus I knew I could count on some awesome vocals if nothing else. But it really did exceed my expectations. Christina and Cher both looked gorgeous (although, someone should have fed Christina a sandwich during filming because damn the girl was skinny). They had really good chemistry together. And, sweet jam on crackers, both of them sounded phenomenal! Stanley Tucci was fantastic -- love him so much! Cam Gigandet was very pretty and not half bad in the acting department, mainly because all he had to do was make heart eyes at Christina; Kristen Bell and Julianne Hough were both better than expected (and, was it just me, or does Kristen Bell in dark hair look a hell of a lot like Sophia Bush???). The musical numbers were all spectacle and lights and fantastic costumes and make-up and just so much FUN! The plot was completely cheesy and predictable, but I didn't even care about that because the whole thing was just such eye and ear candy! I was thoroughly entertained! And, I really want this soundtrack now!
The awesome thing about being unemployed? Mondays don't suck nearly as hard as when you need to crawl out of a weekend and into a Monday morning at the office. Silver linings, man! :D

So, since I'm doing the non-suck version of a Monday, I'm gonna talk about sparkly things! *beams*

For instance, the lovely weekend I just had! On Friday I went to see The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 with V on the huge Cine Capri screen! I loved it! I was so damn impressed with Daniel's, Emma's, and Rupert's acting too.

On Saturday I went to Bruno Mars' show and he was AMAZING (just the way he is! *g*) No, really, he killed it. If you get a chance to see him live, I highly recommend that you do.

And then, to cap off a weekend of musical awesomeness, I was able to go see Jerrod Niemann's show last night and it was so much fun! (I'll probably make a post about the show later, but the short version was: damn good times!)

But, wait! There are even MOAR SPARKLY THINGS!!!

✶ The PTB at Glee recently announced that the Glee Live show will hit the UK in the summer with the full cast, plus Darren Criss (Blaine) and Chord Overstreet (Sam). Which is awesome, but since I'm not in the UK not particularly awesome for me. But, and this is the sparkly part, they also hinted at good news for the U.S. coming soon! I'm choosing to believe that this means another Glee Live tour in the U.S. next summer!!! *bounces* Seriously, this show was pure JOY and if it tours again anywhere within a reasonable air fare, I'm totes there!

✶ Speaking of shiny Glee related news, I got my tickets for Darren Criss's show in L.A. at The Roxy on December 18th!!! That's the same night of Monte Pittman's show, but since Darren goes on earlier, I think that with a bit of fancy driving we can totally make both shows. That's the plan, anyway. Two Adam Lambert shows, Monte's solo show, and now Darren's show!!! There will be so much musical fabulosity packed into this trip to L.A.!!!

NIN's remastered re-issue of Pretty Hate Machine is going to include a cover of Queen's 'Get Down, Make Love'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can preview the LP, including the cover of "Get Down, Make Love" at that link. Sweet jam on crackers, I need this in my life now!!!

This AMAZING fanvid of Adam Lambert set to Scissor Sisters' Filthy Gorgeous is one of the best things to happen in my life!!!! )

*fans self* (And, bonus!sparkle, I'm going to see the Scissor Sisters in April in Atlanta!!!!!!!!)

Debauched!Adam is my favorite! )

✶ So, Johnny Weir is judging that new Skating with the Stars show??? Gods, that show looks as if it's going to be painful to watch. But I sort of feel compelled by Johnny's sheer fabulosity to make some room for it on my DVR. *laughs*

✶ I had an awesome workout with my trainer this morning. But I'm pretty sure that if I don't get up and take some ibuprofen now, I may not be able to move soon. *hurts so goooood*
Yesterday was another Not Good Day in a week full of Not Good Days. But at least now I don't have to manage the family drama in any official capacity. Doesn't make it any less heart-breaking or rage-inducing, or any number of emotions in between, but at least I don't have to be all lawyerly while still trying to keep a grip on my own emotional roller coaster. /cryptic venting

Thankfully there was Girls' Night last night with [ profile] zoniduck and V. It was perfectly lovely and distracting and exactly what I needed. Finally watched Inception and it completely blew my mind. I need to go back and read reactions and discussions on my flist now that I've watched it. And I really need to watch it another 2 or 3 or half a dozen times to try to wrap my brain around it. But, mind-blowingness aside, that was a hell of a lot of pretty on that screen! Good gods. *bites lip* Yeah, totally and beautifully distracting.

After the flick we went to Zinburger for some yummy food and milkshakes and girl talk and it was awesome.

And today, there's football on my t.v.!!! I wish I'd had the Saints/Falcons geme, and, sorry [ profile] azewewish, but I wish the Saints could have pulled off the W in overtime, but at least it was a good game. And now I've got the Cardinals keeping it hot against the Raiders. It's damn good to see Beanie Wells back on the field, even though he's obviously still favoring the knee. But, damn, this QB situation is not good. Anderson has zero finesse on his pass, his pass selection is crap, he panics under pressure, and he's found no rhythm with Larry who's really the only one that's going to save his sorry ass. Ugh. Somehow the Cards are still up, but seriously man, why the hell did anyone ever think that Anderson was a good idea???

See, though? Even when I'm bitching about it, football is still wonderfully distracting! *g*

So, whatcha all doing on this Sunday? Come on. Distract me with your awesome Sunday-ness!
:: Watermelon for lunch! Summer in a bowl!!!

:: Screening of La Mission later tonight with a Q&A after with the Bratt brothers!

:: Tickets to see In The Heights next weekend! With Lin-Manuel Miranda joining the tour in Tempe!!!

:: Adam in Phoenix on August 1st!!! *flails wildly* (Or so the Tour T-shirt of Unconfirmed Knowledge says.)

:: THIS!!! *loves and loves*
For some reason I was up and ridiculously AWAKE at 6:30 this morning. While some of you may have purposefully been up at that time to watch the French Open final, that wasn't my plan for today. Rafa is very pretty, but I don't even understand tennis, so really I would have preferred to have slept in. My brain had other plans. Like cleaning out a closet and purging my wardrobe! You are SO fired, brain!

In funner times, I was finally able to go watch Robin Hood last night and I LOVED IT! Russell was fantastic; Kate was just fierce; and the chemistry between the two of them was sizzling. Kevin, Scott, and Alan just ran away with every one of their scenes! So much fun to watch! Visually it was just plain PRETTY. I don't understand all the criticism over the re-telling. It's a MYTH. Myths are meant to be retold and re-storied with each new telling. That's why they survive and remain relevant. *shakes head* Anyway, I was thoroughly entertained. And, you know, Russell in leather pants is NEVER a bad thing. *g*

Today's plans include getting some laundry done, a now much needed nap, and a massage this afternoon! A truly excellent Sunday, even if it did start too damn early.


Jun. 5th, 2010 04:49 pm
It's officially summer: 105 right now and heading to 110 by Monday. I have mentioned that I live in hell, right?

But I've managed to avoid the heat by staying inside and finishing up "The White Road," Lynn Flewelling's latest Nightrunner book. Oh, man, I love her characters so much! I love that not only do we get Alec and Seregil and that she's consistently added new and interesting layers to her two main characters -- Alec as a "dad" this time was fascinating, as was watching Seregil deal with his feelings about that! -- but that she also writes great secondary characters who she manages to make complex and fascinating even while they're not in the forefront. I loved getting a whole book with Micum and it was just fascinating to watch Rieser develop into a layered and interesting character. In sum, I loved the book!

I'm going to spend the rest of this Saturday avoiding the heat by heading to a nicely air conditioned movie theater and watching "Robin Hood." What's everyone else up to today?


Mar. 18th, 2010 06:13 pm
:: I miss my laptop so much! *cries* My Computer Guy says he can make it live again and that he may even be able to save my music files, which makes me happy. But he's been working on it all week, and I probably wont have it back until next week, and life is simply BLEAK without it!

:: On the bright side, having no laptop has meant that I finally got around to reading the Percy Jackson series of books. Well, starting them anyway. I'm on the second one. They are so much fluffy FUN!

:: I also watched the movie last weekend and found it quite enjoyable. Brain candy FTW!

:: I'm cutting out of the office relatively early tonight in order to meet up with [ profile] llandaffaz at a nifty new tequila bar. Mmmm...tacos and tequila! That sounds like my kinda place! Plus, awesome company!!! Good times tonight!
I'm home again!!! Did ya miss me? *g* I had a fabulous time in L.A., and I miss my girls like WHOA, but it's also good to be home. There's no way I can recap the weekend, and I've already posted about the first part of the weekend, so let's just hit some of the other highlights:

- AVATAR!!! Amazing! It's just visually stunning and emotionally satisfying piece of art! Seriously, go watch it. And I can promise you you'll want to do it again. I know I do.

- HOOKER HOLIDAY PARTAY!!! [ profile] azewewish cooks a mean paella! And Love Actually is one of the best holiday movies ever! There was also plenty of egg nog with extra nog, and there were gifts exchanged, but mostly, there was much enjoyment of the lovely company!


- LADY GAGA!!! JFC that was RIDICULOUS! It was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to! She is just fucking fierce, and her voice is incredible, and visually it was stunning (I seriously lost count of the number of wardrobe changes she had), and her dancers were amazing (and OMG, so HOT!). The energy in that place! Incredible! She performed for two solid hours, and the entire time every single person was on their feet and dancing. Seriously, she blew my fucking mind! It was AH-MAY-ZING!!!

- DAS TEKNO!. Ok, so most of you will probably not know who the hell I'm talking about, and really, that's ok. But for those who follow Cheeks' and Cassidy's antics, Das is a total sweetheart! Before Gaga took the stage he tweeted that he had talked his way in to the pit. Lisa and I were just six rows from there, so I looked over and, yup, there he was! A couple of @replies later and he's telling me to come down to meet him, so I did. We chatted for a bit and took a picture (which he'll be sending me once he gets back into to town), but we were annoying the security chick, so I went back to my seat. He was super nice, though! And didn't seem nearly as high as his tweets normally make him out to be! *laughs* And then, because apparently L.A. really is the smallest damn town ever, after the show we went to K24 to grab a bite to eat and who walks in but Das and his friend! We hugged and said hi again and waxed rhapsodic about the show and, again, he was just really sweet. It was, admittedly, a little bizarre to have Das Tekno repeatedly appear in my Lady Gaga experience. But, somehow, bizarre is probably fitting. *g*

And the best part of the weekend:

- MY GIRLS!!! Y'all are the most incredible, kick-ass women, and I count myself blessed to be in such stellar company and to call you all my friends, and more, my sisters. *hugs*

So, yes, L.A. was fantastic. I can't wait to go back for NYE!!!
It's been a lovely weekend, although I still maintain that two days is just too short for a proper weekend.

On Friday I took Rianna to see The Princess and the Frog. I loved it! I'm pretty sure the six year old Niece Child liked it too. *g*

Yesterday, my family got together to celebrate my cousin's wedding. She got married a couple of weeks ago in Maui. So, naturally, we had a luau. In December. During the two and half weeks a year that it's actually cold in Arizona. *laughs* Yeah, that's how my family rolls. It was fun, though. With enough fires and heaters and alcohol, you could hardly feel the cold. *g*

Today was spent hanging with The Nieces, wrapping holiday presents, watching some football, and getting stuff done around the house. It was mellow and mellow was exactly what I needed.

Now, how 'bout some holiday cheer? It's George Michael singing December Song. And, really, I don't care if he's stoned more often than not, or if he still has a penchant for indiscretions that, are, well, less than discreet, he will always be George Fucking Michael who can out-sing just about everyone and completely owns a stage and is still one of the most entertaining performers ever. In other words, I <3 him. *g*

Also, just because I want to close some tabs, have some fic recs! )
Ok, where the hell did September come from??? Seriously, I was just making my list of all the things to do in August, and here it is September already! Craziness!

So, due to the Arizona court system fucking with my life, I had to cancel my trip to L.A. this weekend. *sadface* And, wouldn't you know it, the day after I cancel my flight the court finally gets around to vacating the hearing that they insisted I needed to be at on Friday afternoon. Fuckers. But, while I'll miss seeing my girls this weekend, I think it worked out for the best. California is damn hot right now, and I've got plenty of damn hot to deal with here. Plus, Trent Reznor is apparently sick as a dog and canceled tomorrow night's show. There's still no word on whether or not it'll be rescheduled, but even if I had been able to go this weekend, there would have been no NIN show for me.

Instead of L.A. and Trent, this weekend is going to be spent recovering from the insanity of August and hopefully catching up on on the movies I've missed and the massive amounts of t.v. sitting on my DVR. I haven't watched Harry Potter yet!!! How is this even possible??? I don't even know what else I've missed, I just know that I haven't been to the movies in approximately forever!

What else? Oh, yes. This morning I did my first radio interview. First billboards and now radio. I'm not sure I signed up for this. But, in any event, the interview went really well, which probably means that my boss will ask me to do it again. *facepalm*

So, September is shaping up to be a busy work month. Which makes sense, since last month was full of all kinds of non-work related shenanigans. What's happening for y'all?
* I went to see Terminator Salvation )

In short, I'm a very happy Terminator fan! Also, in case it wasn't clear, Sam Worthington is HOT LIKE FIRE!!! And he'll soon be on our movie screens baring a good part of his very fine ass in a short skirt as Perseus in the Clash of the Titans remake! You can check out some early pics of this awesomeness here! *glee*

* These pictures of President Obama and Hines Ward making care packages for the troops filled me with GLEE!!! Seriously, the combined power of their smiles should be classified as a WMD!

* I'm still seriously jonesing for more Star Trek. I'm hoping I can get to the movies again sometime this weekend, but I'm also wanting some older Trek. I can't decide whether to buy the first season of Deep Space Nine, which I missed a great deal of when the series aired, or whether I want to buy and re-watch all of Next Generation first. Decisions!

I also waded through a lot of bad Trek fic this past week, but I did manage to find a few gems:

You're welcome. *g*

* So, this is the part of the entry where I confess my shame. We all know that I've loved Adam Lambert since his AI audition. (FYI: The part where I regularly watch American Idol is NOT the shameful part. Just so you know.) I think he's hugely talented and I can't wait until he starts making lots of amazing music! I also think he's gorgeous and confident and thus sexy as hell and I hope he's having lots of fabulous sex with equally gorgeous boys now that he's got some time to do something other than sing.

None of this is news. My inexplicable shameful joy is in how much I find myself loving watching Adam TOGETHER with Idol winner, Kris Allen!!! They are adorable together!!! They seem to have developed a genuine friendship and they can't seem to do an interview without gushing about the other one and they are touchy and huggy and silly and just wonderful together! I dare you not be be completely charmed! )

More proof of that Kris/Adam is PURE JOY!

Seriously, I don't even know where this came from! I was NOT shipping these two. Until I totally was. *facepalm*

(I could, however, do without the ridiculous smooshed name. Kradam. *hates*)
Thing 1: It's official. I live somewhere south of Hell. Dear gods, it's hot outside! Scorch your eyeballs, burn your skin, make you sweat like that disgusting Axe commercial and make you want to hibernate until Thanksgiving kind of hot.

Thing 2: Star Trek!!! I saw the new movie yesterday and I LOVED IT!!! It wasn't perfect (can we flesh out our villains a bit more, please???), but it was DAMN GOOD and it made me want MOAR!!! I want this reboot to be prolific! And I want to go back and re-watch TOS, and the movies, and Next Generation, and all the DS9 I missed!!! And I want Trek fic!!! Where's the fic, people??? *grabby hands* Ahem. As I was saying, I liked it. *g*

(I also note that I need some Star Trek icons. Where are they???)

Thing 3: Castle got renewed. This is good. Bones got renewed for TWO seasons. This is very good. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles got axed; and Dollhouse got another season. This is not only bad, very, bad, but downright incomprehensible. As much as I wanted to like Dollhouse and have continued to "give it one more week," and even though Tahmoh Penikett's bare chest goes a long way toward making me a fan of any show that's willing to give his hotass plenty of screen time, the show continues to underwhelm me. T:SCC on the other hand, has been consistently excellent. FOX's scheduling choices continue to confound me. *shakes head*

Thing 4: I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life at court this morning waiting for the court to get it's act together so that my client could be arraigned. Neither of these things happened, and I'll have to trek out to the wilds of Apache Junction again sometime soon once the court can find the complaint that it should have had in the file this morning. The only good part of this morning was that I discovered that my client is as avid a baseball fan as I am, so we spent the better part of those 2 1/2 hours talking baseball!


May. 1st, 2009 11:15 am
Swine flu Unidentified Craptasticness: I still has it. My head feels as if its been stuffed with cotton. Yuck.

Supernatural: \o/

New Job: I start on Monday! WooHoo!!!

Dreamwidth: I'm jessipsaloquitur. But it's just a backup. I have no plans to either leave LJ or to cross-post.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: I'll be seeing it later today. Yay!

Economic Stimulus: I have some serious shopping plans for this afternoon. New job means an excuse for new work clothes!!! *polishes credit cards*

Baseball: Dear Bullpen: Please to be getting your shit together. No love, Me. Max Scherzer, however, was awesome.

May 1: Blessed Beltane, to those who mark the day. May your dreams and desires find fertile ground this summer!
It was ridiculously impossible to get tickets to this thing. I don't care how hot this cast is, I was NOT going to spend my weekend in line in order to be able to see them in person.

The fact remains, though, that Hugh Jackman, Liev Schrieber, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Kitsch are less than three miles from my house right now!!! You can practically feel the ambient temperature grow exponentially HOTTER with all the sexy men in the neighborhood! See what I mean? *bites lip*


Also, hello there, Mr. Jackman. How so damn hot???

A few more pictures from tonight's premier. )
Happy Saturday, everyone! It's sunny and beautiful outside. Such a gorgeous day calls for a Happy List!

1. I had a lovely night with The Lovely Nieces last night. I took them to see Monsters v. Aliens, and while Rhyan was only interested in eating fistfuls of popcorn (seriously, she dug into the bag of popcorn with BOTH HANDS!), Rianna really liked the movie. Good times!

2. I just had a kick-ass workout with the Trainer Dude that included about 20 minutes of new boxing combinations. I feel fierce! \o/

3. Watching some of the NFL Draft. Seriously, can Mark Sanchez be any more adorable??? I think the title of Best Dimples of the NFL has just passed from Hines Ward to Mark!

4. Baseball tonight!!! I'll be heading out to Chase Field soon to see the D'backs and the Giants. Randy Johnson is starting for the Giants. It still makes me weep a little on the inside to see him in black and orange, but it'll be good to see him do his thing. Seriously, though, my boys need to get it together already. *shakes head* I'm sure that me being there cheering them on will make ALL the difference today! *beams*
:: I watched For Love of the Game last night (LATE last night), while I was doing my last minute trial prep. I love that movie so much!!! No matter how many times I watch it, I still WEEP through the last third of the show! It just so perfectly captures everything I love about baseball. *sigh* So good. And it's apparently cathartic as well, because I felt far less stressed after my movie-induced cry.

:: Today wasn't quite the train wreck I was expecting it to be. But the best news of all is that my only two weeks, only two weeks... mantra will soon be only one week, only one week.... Yay!!!

:: My D'backs are off to a really rough start. They've managed to win only one out of three in their first three series at home. They're in San Fransisco tomorrow night and I'm really hoping the change of scenery will do them good. Please do not be breaking my heart this season, boys!

:: In significantly more awesome baseball news, Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle! Ian Kinsler did too! AND went 6 for 6!!! That's some phenomenal baseball!!!

:: I'm reading Hood and so far I'm really liking it!

:: New Bones tonight!!! I've really started to love this show! I may have to do some catch-up watching of past seasons this summer.

:: I get [ profile] editorzon on Sunday!!! There shall be drinking, and talking, and laughing, and all manner of shenanigans! Good times!
I saw Watchmen on Friday. *flails* ) And now I can't wait to see it again next week on an IMAX screen!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Rhyan at the park. She was at her most adorable, loving being the center of attention. I encouraged her to smear her birthday cake all over her cute face! And she loved it! Fun times!

Today I decided to skip the spring training game as I have far too much to do around the house -- some cleaning as I'll have company next weekend (Spring Training Weekend!!!), some long over due laundry (yay for working plumbing!!!), getting my writing sample cleaned up (clerkship interview soon!!!).

I'm also catching up on some missed t.v. I just watched the last two episodes of Legend of the Seeker. Oh, Richard, and your awesome abs! Please keep taking off your shirt as often as possible! With thanks, Me.

And then there's Dollhouse. I'm still thoroughly unconvinced about this show. It's creepy. Not in a good way. And I'm not sure that even the hotness of Tahmoh Penikett can overcome the creepiness factor for me to keep watching. I'll give it one more week, but it may be getting the old DVR-axe soon.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is what I'm now getting caught up on. I thought "Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep" was just odd. *shakes head* I'm up to Ourselves Alone )

So, what are y'all doing on this Sunday afternoon? *curious*
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and warm and PERFECT, so I decided to enjoy the outside awesomeness and head out to the Desert Botanical Garden for the Chihuly: The Nature of Glass exhibit. It was AMAZING! Such brilliant colors and fantastical shapes. It was the coolest thing to be walking along in the desert, with it's muted greens and grays, and then to suddenly spot a brilliant shot of color among the cactus. It was just beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the pretty glass sculptures. )

And one of me getting sunburned! )

So after enjoying the pretty glass, I spent the rest of the day with the Jonas Brothers. *facepalm* I had promised my niece, Rianna, that I'd take her and her cousins to see the movie. So, like the awesome aunt that I am, I did. Let me just say that I get major Tía brownie points for sitting through almost 2 hours of the Jonas brothers in 3-D. The only way that those two hours could have been even mildly enjoyable NOT ANNOYING is with a hell of a lot of alcohol in my system. Sadly, all I had available to me was a diet Coke and some Red Vines. Caffeine and sugar were not helpful to the situation! The girls loved it though and I obviously lived to tell the tale, so all turned out well in the end.

Now I'm catching up on some t.v.: Sarah Connor Chronicles, what the hell was that? Friday Night Lights, thank you for continuing to be made of all that is awesome! Dollhouse, hm, I didn't hate you as much this week as I did the last two weeks; perhaps I'll not delete you from my DVR just yet. Leverage, I miss you already - please come back to me soon!!!



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