Sep. 2nd, 2010 01:49 pm
Wow. I really have no idea what happened to August. Considering I've been doing practically nothing at all for the past month, you'd think that time would at least slow down a little bit. Apparently not.

Speaking of doing nothing at all, I'm finding it strange and a bit stressful. I can't really seem to be able to just enjoy the absence of a huge To Do list. This is very annoying. I'm sure that when I'm again drowning in files and cases and clients, I will regret not having fully appreciated the down time. :/

The job search is moving forward. I have an interview this afternoon. Wish me luck!

I'm trying to stay open to all possibilities. Thinking about non-traditional jobs and how my legal experience can be leveraged in different ways. I'm also trying not to constrain myself geographically. Open to possibilities. That's been my mantra. Hopefully the right possibility will present itself soon.

Between the job search and travel, September is going to be busy, even without work-required To Do list. This weekend is San Diego. I get home on Monday and on Wednesday I leave again for my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness! By the time I've left a trail of glitter through several states, half of September will be gone.

I had wanted to go to the Feast of Persephone Fall Equinox weekend at Diana's Grove, but I think I'll just have to see where the employment issue stands when I get back from vacation before I make a decision on that.

Ok, so. That's what September is looking like. What's in store for all of you?

ION, on the whole LJ/Facebook/Twitter cross-posting debacle, I'll just say that I will not be cross-posting any of my content here to either of those places. I can't control what anyone else is doing, but will say that I prefer if you don't cross-post any of your comments to my entries and if you must, that you'd have the courtesy to let me know. I'm not particularly worried about it, and I'm not jumping the LJ ship. My online and real life identities aren't particularly distinct to begin with, and I try to live by the rule that I don't post anything online that I'm not willing to be made public anyway (I've also given up any notion of running for public office or aspiring to the federal bench, because I refuse to be sufficiently circumspect now to stand up to that kind of scrutiny in the future). I also fully expect that my flist can be trusted not to violate any trust. And I think that LJ will come up with an opt out soon. But in the mean time, this seems to be an effective work-around.

Ok, so that's that.

What else is happening??? Despite having tons of time to hang out online, I'm feeling weirdly disconnected from everyone and everything. Connect with me, people!!! Tell me what's happening in your world! What's shiny and new in your fandom? What exciting things are you doing? Baseball! Fall t.v. premiers! New pictures of pretty boys! I wanna know all about it!


Jul. 6th, 2010 03:21 pm
I had a lovely holiday weekend. I drove down to Tucson for the 4th and spent the day splashing around in the pool, eating yummy food, and drinking delicious adult beverages with the familia. I also got a much needed hair cut from my cousin, who set up the back porch as an outdoor salon and styled and cut just about everyone's hair, all while wearing a bikini and high heels. She has an excellent rack so I think that this would make for a very lucrative business idea! Hell, I'm her cousin and so not interested in her rack in any prurient sense, and still tipped her well for the value added service. *g*

I was offline all weekend, so I'm probably behind on everyone and everything. If something terribly exciting and/or important happened in your life in the past five days, please do let me know.

Otherwise, it's occurred to me that there are a variety of assorted things that I've yet to ramble about here, so I think I'll do that now.

:: Last Thursday the D'backs (finally!) fired A.J. Hinch as Manager and GM Josh Byrnes. If you've not picked up on my deep and abiding hatred for A.J. you've just not been paying attention. I literally let out a whoop of joy when I got the text about the firings. A.J. should never have been managing a major league team and we shouldn't be keeping around a GM who thought that hiring him was a good idea. So, yeah, I'm pretty damn happy that they're both gone. I think Kurt Gibson was the right choice for interim manager and I'm curious to see what the franchise decides to do going forward. No matter what they do, I don't think it's possible to make a worse choice than A.J. Of course, getting rid of the faux-manager and the idiot GM in no way is going to solve all of this team's problems. Let's face it, we're a fucking mess. But it's certainly a good start, and I'm glad to see the D'backs ownership finally make that move.

:: I'm not sure what it is with me and technology lately, but the Electronic Gods seem to be angry with me. First it was my laptop that had a complete meltdown. Almost $200 and two weeks later, and it's finally back and in working order. Then today I discover that my iPod has apparently suffered some type of stroke. It's still playing, but my screen is completely out and the menu function doesn't work; so I can only play what I was playing when it was last working properly. Now y'all know that I love Adam Lambert like WHOA, but I'm thinking that at some point soon I'll want to listen to something else. I found a used, but functional iPod on eBay at a relatively cheap price that I'm hoping will hold me over until I potentially get an iPhone next year. But, seriously, what do I need to do to get back in the Electronic Gods' good favor again???

Speaking of electronic gadgets, though, I did order that Flip video camera and it should be arriving this week -- here's hoping it's resistant to this electronics curse I'm suffering under.

:: I got caught up on Friday Night Lights yesterday, and, really, I don't think it's possible for me to love this show any more. Coach Taylor continues to be one of my favorite male characters on t.v. right now. Also, Coach Taylor soaking wet on the sidelines is a beautiful thing! And the Riggins brothers continue to be well intentioned but incredibly stupid and I don't know what it says about me that I obviously have a soft spot for that kind of thing! And I want to be Mrs. T when I grow up. Seriously, she's just awesome in every way. And I'm really liking the diversity in the new characters and I'm enjoying the layers that are slowly being added to these new faces. In short, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

:: Another show that I'm really diggin' is Drop Dead Diva. It's pure fluff, but it's enjoyable fluff. And I love that the main character is plus size, and yet the show isn't treating her or her story lines as if "plus size" is the only or even the main defining characteristic.

:: IN FOUR DAYS I WILL BE GETTING MY GLAM NATION ON!!!!! Louisville this weekend! So exciting!!! *throws glitter*
1. Thank you all for the yummy suggestions for what to do with my abundance of apples! Such delicious options! I'll definitely be trying the apple cake once it's not a billion degrees here. I took some of your suggestions and combined them to create what turned out to be a very yummy Apple Granola Salad! I cored and cut up 6 apples, squeezed some lemon juice on them to keep them from browning, added a handful of green grapes and another handful of red grapes, about a 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt, a little Splenda, and about 3/4 cup of homemade granola. It turned out fantabulous! And it was even better the second day once the honey in the granola had mixed in and the granola had softened a bit. Next time I might add some cranberries, raisins, or even pineapple chunks. But, in all, very YUM!

2. My Computer Guy is doing the last minute wellness checks as I type. I should have it back and functional by the time I leave the office tonight. This is very happy-making! Laptop, I've missed you! *clings*

3. Since February I've lost 35 pounds as a result of my Take Better Care of Me plan! I went shopping this past weekend and learned that I've dropped two pant sizes. Go me!!! Taking better care of me is definitely resulting in a healthier and happier ME!!! Yay! :D

4. I have some Adam Lambert Glam Nation concert tickets to re-sell: 2 tickets to the San Diego show on July 30th (Main Floor, Left Center, Row J) and 1 ticket to the July 28th Costa Mesa show (Section 1, Row F). If any of you know of anyone looking for tickets, send them my way. :)

5. The countdown to glam is now at 11 days!!! *bounces*
After four days the caffeine withdrawal headache seems to finally be losing steam. I'm going ahead and claiming my victory now! \0/ (This does mean I can have coffee on Saturday morning, right? *g*)

The (awesomely caffeinated) weekend is just around the corner. I've got tickets to Sunday's D'backs game. This will be my first game of the season and on one hand I'm SO excited about getting back to the ball park and seeing my boys and BASEBALL!!!! On the other, dear gods, my D'backs are just a hot mess right now. Well, that's not entirely fair, they aren't all falling apart. The offense is clicking a hell of a lot better this season and they've done an amazing job battling back from early deficits. Now, if only the bullpen can figure out how NOT to blow a freakin' lead in the 9th, that would be just awesome. So frustrating! Dear Mr. Closer, giving up the lead with 5 runs in the 9th is NOT IN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION!!!

*deep breath* Ok. So, how 'bout we talk about things that don't make me want to tear out my hair in frustration? Like the fact that I scored a ticket to Adam's show in Orange County in July!!!!!! We will NOT discuss how much I had to pay for said ticket. Nor will we discuss my insane willingness to fly to California for a mid-week concert and then have to fly right back the next day because that's also the same weekend that I have Lady Gaga tickets! *laughs* But, just imagine the sheer amount of GLITTERY FABULOUSNESS that week is going to involve with Adam on Wednesday and Lady Gaga on Saturday!!!! Is it possible to OD on glittery fabulousness? Oh, well. I'm willing to risk it! *g*

I have approximately 40 dozen fics to rec, but I think I'll do that in a separate post.

I also haven't seen the Madonna Glee episode yet, so I have to delay my flail over that until this weekend. I haven't checked, but I'm assuming my DVR cut off the last scene too, so I'm waiting until it re-airs on Friday to see it.

I feel like eating watermelon. Someone please carry the watermelon! *g*


Apr. 20th, 2010 05:41 pm
Ugh. No, really, UGH! I'm on Day 2 of my No Coffee Except on the Weekends Plan. It's been a rough two days!

Most mornings I don't even have time to enjoy my coffee. I'm in such a rush to get out the door that I gulp it down just so that I can avoid the mid-afternoon caffeine withdrawal headache. Now that I'm doing a much better job of eating breakfast, I don't really need the coffee to get me going. So I thought I'd break myself of the habit and only drink it when I actually have time to enjoy it.

Which, as a theoretical plan goes, sounds pretty damn good. The actual implementation of that plan has been significantly more challenging. I've had a nasty headache going on about 24 hours now. Even worse, though, I'm just a cranky bitch. But I figure that I've made it through two days of this bitchfest, or more precisely, everyone around me has made it through two days of my bitchfest, I might as well just push through the rest of the week. I reserve the right to be spectacularly cranky until Saturday morning when I can linger over my coffee though.

On the bright side though, because seriously I have GOT to find a bright side to this freakin' day, The Boss just handed me two tickets to tonight's Suns playoff game. So, yeah, there is that.

I'm going back to being annoyed with the rest of the caffeinated world now.
*waves* Did y'all miss me? Because I missed you!!!!

With my laptop down for a much needed overhaul for the better part of a week and a half and working being somewhere between batshit crazy and criminally insane, I've barely been online for days. I'm woefully behind on what has been happening in all of your lives and with all the other fabulous people who fill my life with glittery goodness. *woe*

But, my laptop has come back to me!!! It's all shiny and super fast now! I will have to reload a crapton of stuff, but my bb is back! *clings*

I did have a fantabulous weekend, though, with [ profile] editorzon. It was so good to spend some time catching up, and talking about all manner of things both silly and serious. We hit the taco and tequila bar on Monday night and drank our way through a decent portion of their tequila menu, while laughing ourselves silly over dancing Jonas Brothers and talking endlessly about our respective sparkly fascinations. It was good times!

You know what else is good times? Kilts!!! Boys in kilts are one of my favoritist things ever!!! Adam was recently in Edinburgh. In a kilt! A glamkilt, of course!

The Glamkilt! )

So, as I was saying, KILTS!!! The fabulosity that is the glamkilt then spawned this post with all manner of boys in kilts! (WARNING: While completely awesome, that post is also quite NSFW. Just so you know. *g*) Please feel free to spam me with additional evidence of the fact that boys in kilts are awesome! It's possible that I'm still not convinced. *shifty eyes*

Did I mention that I missed, y'all? It was horrible to be so disconnected for so long! Now that I'm back, I want to talk to all of you, and hear all about what has been happening in your worlds, and what has been making you happy or sad, although I hope there hasn't been to much of that. So, to assuage my abandonment issues, I'm going to shamelessly steal thankfully borrow something that [ profile] wendy posted today:

I think I know my flist pretty well. So, I challenge you to tell me TWO THINGS about yourself that I don't already know. Can you do it?

Tell me things, people!!! *beams*


Jan. 15th, 2010 09:28 pm
Ok, so y'all really didn't think that this day would pass without me talking about it, right? What??? You mean ALL of you don't know exactly what made this day a Day of Glittery Sacredness??? Heathens! I will pray for you. *g*

So, for you less than sparkly people, today was the day that Adam Lambert's video for "Whataya Want from Me" premiered. (And, for the record, that spelling will never not make me cringe a little on the inside.) Now, not everyone has loved it. I, however, think it's a piece of emotastic, gorgeous awesomeness!

No, really, it's so angst-ridden, ridiculously EMO (all caps are completely appropriate). And that, the over-the-topness, is SO Adam.

I also really love the second person point of view through the camera lens. It's at once intimate and intrusive; and I think the ambiguity and space for various interpretations is PERFECT for this song.

Plus, how can you not love something that ends with this shot???

Jfc, Adam!!! How so ridiculously pretty???

And while I love the video with every fiber of my inner emo heart, this hilarious review by [ profile] bexless cracked my shit up!

Also, I realize that I've posted nothing but Cassidy or Adam stuff for the last few days, so here's a quick recap of ME: work kicked my ass this week, possibly related to the fact that I've been sickly for days; there was ridiculous drama with a co-worker which I have since requested that The Bossman deal with because, frankly, I don't get paid enough for that shit; it's tragic beyond words that I've found myself too busy for sex -- I seriously need to reevaluate my priorities; I started WW again this week, but so far have not actually journaled a damn thing (oops!); I've somehow turned Rhyan into a huge Adam fan -- whenever she hears him or sees a picture of him she yells "A-lam, A-lam" (Ds still elude her *g*); having the extended family here is going fairly well, at least so far -- also, my room is my haven; my plans for the weekend can basically be summarized like this: FOOTBALL!!!
So, anyone know where the hell this week went? I've been trying to get myself organized, get a few old projects wrapped up, get a plan in place for tackling some of the other things coming up; you know, generally start the year off on the right foot. But somehow the week has been swallowed up in the craziness of just doing what it takes to barely keep on top of everything. Gah! I need another week before we get 2010 truly underway!

To add a little chaos on top of the craziness, my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces moved in this past weekend. Eventually I'm sure we'll settle into a routine and some degree of organization, but right now it's just INSANE.

Although I'll hopefully soon be too busy to be caught up in the chaos of home, as I'm planning to get back to Nia next week and will also be starting some dance fitness classes at this awesome studio that I've been wanting to try for a while. Go me!!! I'm also starting the process for joining the faculty at the University of Phoenix as an adjunct professor in their criminal justice program. I think this will be a perfect way to start building up my resume on the teaching front, while still being flexible enough not to interfere with my desire to continue having a LIFE. So, you know, win/win!!! \o/

ION, Das Tekno finally got his pictures from the Lady Gaga concert in L.A. last month up. And here's the picture of me and Das before the show! )

And, because there is never a bad time for pretty, nearly naked boys, here's Cassidy Haley's latest picture:

Goddamn the boy is pretty! This gorgeous boy is going to be gracing J's Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness in just a few weeks! Y'all are very welcome. *g*
Cheek's twittered this today: Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. -- Dr. Seuss. And, truly, that's all it took to make my day a million times better than it would have otherwise been! <3 I am the ME-est ME there can possibly be!!!

I spent way too much time today trying to buy presale tickets to Lady Gaga's L.A. show only to finally discover that the presale code only worked for single ticket purchases! WTF??? In what universe does that make any sense? *shakes head* Hopefully I'll still be able to snag decent tickets tomorrow morning when the general sale starts.

I finally received Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD of unreleased material that I won in auction earlier this month. I've only had the chance to listen through it once, but it includes four totally new (new to us) songs, a completely different version of Daylight Breaks, acoustic versions of Fly and Burn, and a remix of Whiskey in Churches that he did especially for meeeee!!!!!! The previously unheard songs have a totally different feel to them -- much more electric/dance. And the alternate version of Daylight Breaks is all kinds of awesome! And the Whiskey remix wins in every possible way!!! LOVE IT!

And, completely eschewing any attempt at a segue: Work was nuts today, but it wasn't the whirl of chaos that it's been the past few days and I felt as if I had my footing again. Which was good. Also good was the fact that today was my Friday and I have a long weekend in L.A. with the most awesomest of people and all kinds of good times to look forward to!

Oh, yeah, way to go, Angels!!! I'm glad they decided to make this a series. Now let's just hope they've got two more wins in them. *crosses fingers*

I'm off to finish packing now. And working on that being the ME-est ME I can be thing. Hope y'all are busy being yous too! *g*
:: Work is still very much kicking my ass this week, and that's likely not to change until October. But I have dark chocolate brownies in the oven, so all is right with my world!

:: [ profile] _lisalisa_ will be here this weekend for a last baseball HOORAH before the regular season wraps up. Baseball AND Lisa!!! It will be a FABULOUS weekend! It needs to be Friday now!

:: Yesterday I was watching "Hoarders"; I feel so well-adjusted in comparison. Seriously, if you ever feel as if you don't have your shit together, watch that show. It's also great motivation to clean out a closet and throw some shit out, just to be on the safe side.

:: So I just realized that I'll have to endure Kanye West if I want to see Lady Gaga on this coming tour. This is NOT happy making. I would LOVE to see Lady Gaga. I think she's brilliant and outrageous and I can only imagine that her live performance would be off the chain. But Kanye? Seriously??? I have to decide whether my love for Lady Gaga outweighs my contempt for Kanye. What a dilemma!

:: Blessed Equinox! Happy Fall! Now that it's officially Autumn, my grocery store needs to get with the program and star carrying my absolute favorite, most delicious ever Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer!
This week at work totally kicked my ass. But as of Monday we have a law clerk starting who will be entirely at my disposal, to get discovery on my large litigation cases organized and to do all my research/writing projects. Basically, a minion! *rubs hands together* Also, there's a very good chance that the case scheduled to go to trial on the 21st will settle. Which means I will get two weeks of my life back, and I will be significantly less stressed. All of this is good news!

And despite the fact that work is currently kicking my ass, I feel as if I'm sufficiently settled in that I can start thinking about adjunct teaching positions. The Boss Man is totally supportive of this plan, and I think it would be good both for me and for the continued branding efforts of the firm for me to start building up some academic credentials. So, that's what I'm going to do. *nods* 'Cause, you know, a part-time teaching job on top of a 50+ hour work week sounds like a great plan. :P

I woke up ridiculously early today to go pick up produce from the co-op I recently joined. Dude. That was A LOT of fruits and veggies! For $15 I got a huge basket of locally grown fruit and another of vegetables -- easily twice that value if bought at the store. An economically and environmentally sound choice! This pleases me. :)

Probably a significantly less economically sound decision would be season tickets to the Diamondbacks' 2010 season. But, OMG, WANT!!! *grabby hands* I went out to the ballpark yesterday, for a brief tour and to meet with one of the sales folks. In addition to getting to hang out and watch BP, I also found the PERFECT seats. Sadly, I don't have almost $6000 lying around at the moment. It might be do-able though, if I could split the season 3 or 4 ways. Anyone on my flist interested in something like that? *hopes*

So, what's everyone doing today? I have a workout with the trainer this afternoon. I had to cancel our mid-week session, due to the aforementioned work-related ass-kicking, so I'm looking forward to today's workout. Then tonight I'm joining some of the girls from work for the Ricardo Arjona concert. Good times!
So, someone (*cough*[ profile] azewewish*cough*) wanted me to post about something other than Adam Lambert. Seriously. What is wrong with some people? *shakes head*

Apparently, "LIFE IS GOOD," lacked sufficient details to be considered a substantive post. I thought it was both accurate and succinct. But, whatever. Here, for my friends who are less entranced by the shiny boy than I am, are some of the accompanying details:

:: Work is still going really, really well. Three months in and I'm still firmly convinced that this was the right move for me. Bossman is giving me a ton of responsibility and, based on what he's said, is really wanting me to take a prominent role in the growth and sustainability of the practice. We've just launched a new marketing campaign featuring yours truly and the other senior attorney in the office. What's really cool is that we're the only firm in the Valley who features female attorneys in our marketing. I'm really proud of this.

:: A huge factor in the LIFE IS GOOD situation is that I can definitively say that right now I have the best work/life balance that I've ever had since I started practicing law. I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME that is! Definitely a big part of what I was going for when I chose "harmony" as my word for this year.

:: The Trainer is still regularly kicking my ass, and I sort of love it. The boxing is SO cathartic, and, now that I think about it, probably a factor in the great sense of balance I'm enjoying right now. I'm still looking to add in some dance or some regularity with Nia into my routine, but, one step at a time, you know? Also on the health and wellness front, I decided I needed a little more mindfulness in my nutritional choices, so I rejoined Weight Watchers -- two weeks and 4 pounds down! Go me!

:: The summer is at the miserably hot stage around here (I am SO over 115 degree days), but at least it's moving quickly. July is almost over. Geesh! When did that happen??? August is going to be a whirlwind. I'm heading to L.A. mid-August for a birthday weekend with my L.A. girls and then some vacay time with my family in San Diego. The following weekend [ profile] hewet_ka_ptah will be here for some birthday celebrations. And then the weekend after that...well, let's just say that there are some glittery shenanigans afoot and I'm ridiculously excited about it! *g* Labor Day weekend (technically September, but it feels like part of the whirlwind), I'm heading back to L.A. to catch NIN in concert. Eeee!!! So many Good Times ahead! In between all that, I've got a birthday, a trial to prepare for, several family things planned, and, you know, LIFE to attend to. Whew. That's a crazy month coming up!

:: Since this is the extended Life is Good post, we shall not speak of The Boy, who flaked like a bad case of dandruff. Whatever, man. You gotta bring a helluva lot more than he seemed to have in order to keep my interest. Moving on. Life IS good, after all. *g*

:: We're also not going to speak of the RAGE that I feel over the D'backs' Faux Manager's decision to start Miguel Montero instead of Chris Snyder behind the plate. What the ever loving fuck??? Sure, Miguel's had a hot streak at bat, but, call me crazy, but isn't it kind of important for your catcher to be able to make the throw to second? Or call a smart game so that your depleted pitching staff doesn't run up its pitch count in less than six innings? Or, you know, have ANY defensive value at all? Argh! I, just...RAGE!!!!!

*deep breaths* Life is good, life is good, life is good.... Ok. That's better.

So, now that y'all got some of the deets, I wanna know what's good in your life too! Share with me, bbs!

Also, I'd like to point out that there is no mention of one Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce in this post. You happy now, [ profile] azewewish? :P
- Court this morning was inordinately quick and hassle-free. I approve!

- Since I was done with court so early, I stopped by my local Democratic headquarters and spent the rest of the morning making calls. It was fun to see the range of people there this morning volunteering. And while most calls on a Monday morning go unanswered, I did have really good conversations with about a dozen different people. I'll definitely be working phone banks again the weekend before the election.

- As I was being incredibly productive, I also got some grocery shopping done today. For the record: the fresh made tzatziki and red pepper hummus from Fresh & Easy grocery stores are DELICIOUS!!! Better even than Trader Joe's. Mmmmm.

- But because it is Monday, there is a measure of suckitude. I won't go in to it except to say that sometimes some of my clients make me want to howl a banshee-like scream of pure rage! Why do I do this again???

- In better news, The Nieces are due here any minute. This evening shall be full of crazy girl-child shenanigans and many squishy hugs! ♥

- Also, I'LL BE IN NEW ORLEANS ON THURSDAY!!!!! *flails*
Thing 1: So last night we had a bit of rain. Before I went to bed I noticed that it was still coming down steadily and that the lightning show was pretty spectacular. I thought: Cool. I mean, we certainly can use all the precipitation that the monsoon season can bring our way. But, apparently, it was more than your average desert thunderstorm. Hurricane-force winds??? WTF? Roofs were ripped off buildings, trees uprooted, power lines downed, the ASU football team's practice dome completely demolished. And here I thought it was just a bit of rain and a pretty light show. *shakes head* (Obviously, I'm fine, my home is fine, my family is fine -- thankfully the storm seems to have happened all around us.)

Thing 2: I wasn't sure that I was going to get the Supernatural Season 3 DVD right away. I knew I'd get it eventually, but I wasn't really in a big hurry, y'know? But now I learn that the DVD box sets sold at Best Buy come with a miniature '67 Impala! A mini-Metalicar!!! I'm all over that! *is 12*

Thing 3: Although I'm super bummed that I'm not going to L.A. this weekend, I am pretty damn excited about this weekend's baseball. My family is awesome and got me tickets to all three games of the Diamondbacks/Dodgers series. \o/ And I've got a new camera to stalk take tasteful pictures of my D'backs with. *g* Now if only these boys can remember that they do indeed know how to play good baseball. That would be fantastic.
Yesterday: In one word, MISERABLE. It was Office Moving Day -- a billion and three degrees, furniture that weighed slightly more than a fuckton, and my loser cousin bailing on me with the moving help, which meant that it was just me and my brother doing the heavy lifting. And, for reference, the loser cousin who bailed? That would be the same loser cousin who's criminal case I'm currently handling, for FREE. *hates* The only positive thing about yesterday? A very YUMMY mango smoothie for breakfast lunch dinner the only damn thing I had time to eat all day.

Today: Longest freakin' Monday in recent history of bad Mondays. Ugh. I can do without the 4 a.m. start times and the scheduled end-to-end days, thank you very much. But I did manage to squeeze in about 3 days worth of work in to today, including settling or almost settling five cases. I rock! \o/

Tomorrow: High potential for AWESOMENESS. I get [ profile] annkiri here for an overnight pit stop some time in the afternoon. BECCA!!! And then we'll head over to the ballpark for the Diamondbacks/Padres game. BASEBALL!!! Tomorrow will definitely not suck. *g*

In other news:

- The work mess is still not unfucked. I'm hoping to have more answers tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

+ I just received a FABULOUS gift basket from [ profile] erianne1 filled with homemade soap, bath stuffs, lotion, lip balm and candle! It all smells yummy and I can't wait to dig in! Thank you, Angi!!! ♥

- Either the air conditioner or the fan or maybe both in my Trooper seem to be crapping out. The timing couldn't possibly be worse. I'm afraid to even imagine what this is going to cost. *stabbity*

+ My mom is AWESOME!!! For many reasons, but more recently because she's buying me my airline ticket to New Orleans for my birthday! New Orleans is still a go!!! \o/

+/- Generation Kill is still some of the best television I've seen! But next week is the last episode and I'm kind of sad about that.
Dear gods. This week has dragged on SO slowly. Work is progressing at a good pace and I've been able to get quite a bit done, but for whatever reason this week has seemed so sluggish. I did catch a bit of a break work-wise today by being relieved of duty with regard to a particularly problematic client. Which also means that I get my October back instead of it being consumed by what was going to be a long (at least 3 weeks) and likely horrifying trial.

And despite the slow pace, tomorrow is in fact Thursday, which, importantly in my part of the world, means the start to an awesome baseball weekend!!! \o/ I've got tickets to all four games of the Diamondbacks' series against the Braves and I'm SO looking forward to the time at the ball park! I'm hoping to get done with court and jail visits and the piles of paperwork on my desk early enough tomorrow to make it in time for batting practice.

Other tidbits for this forever-long week include:

- Generation Kill fic is slowly starting to make it's way to my flist. This is exceedingly happy making!!! Possibly my favorite so far: Home, Fick/Colbert (set after the events on the show) by [ profile] wrenette.

- While football normally doesn't make a significant blip on my sports radar until after October, Sports Center is telling me that Brett Favre has been traded to the Jets. Hrm. That's really all I have to say about that. Hrm.

- Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be playing a closeted gay man in Ang Lee's "Taking Woodstock." With Liev Schreiber as a transvestite! And Emile Hirsch! The amount of AWESOMENESS in this one announcement is, well, AWESOME!!!

- Strangely, the venue where Christian Kane (and, apparently, Steve Carlson) will be opening next week for country artist Chris Cagle has stopped selling tickets for the show. The site says only "Sale Stopped." Yesterday when I checked availability they seemed to have plenty of open seats, so I'm not really sure what the "stopped sale" means. I'm telling you, this whole thing is wrought with strangeness. *boggles*

- 20 days until my birthday!!! I'm of the firm belief that one ought to celebrate their own entrance into this world for not just a day but for their entire birth month. *nods* So, I'm officially on Birthday Month Revelry!!! \o/

- The workout with Trainer!Boy today included a good deal of boxing. It was one hell of a workout, but, man, did it ever feel good. Beating the shit outa something is better than therapy! *is fierce*
Comic Con, or maybe just all the travel this month, has really kicked my ass. I've been having to forcibly drag myself through this week. Thank the gods tomorrow is Friday. I have some serious plans for sleeping in and laying about this weekend. *nods*

I've got piles of work to do tonight, but at least I get to do it while watching the Diamondbacks play. They seriously have to make a good showing in this series against the Dodgers. I just tasked [ profile] sabrinagb with cheering loudly for my boys, so I'm sure that my presence by proxy will make all the difference in getting this series off on the right foot. *g* Speaking of baseball, today was full of some shocker trades. I can't even imagine the BoSox without Manny. *shakes head*

What else? Oh, yes. [ profile] annkiri was here for a brief pit stop yesterday and we had a lovely dinner. She'll be back in a few weeks on her way back to Texas, just in time to join me to see Christian Kane play out in Queen Creek. Yeah. I have no idea why he's playing in Queen Creek, but apparently he is. I've never heard him play, so I'm kinda looking forward to it. Plus? I get Becca for a few days!!! \o/

Now, though, there's D-Backs baseball on my screen, so I'm outa here. :)
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] idiosyncratic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the year ahead brings lots of happiness your way, baby! *mwah*

- My clients are idiots. This is reconfirmed on an almost daily basis. Most of them deserve exactly what they get. A few of them are despicable in every way and I wouldn't let them near anyone I held dear. But some of them? Some of them really break my heart. I know. I'm a sap.

- The All-Star Game yesterday was a great one. Excellent pitching. Some fabulous defensive plays. Really fun to watch. But I'd sort of like to see the National League win, you know, like once every decade or so! *shakes head*

- After the late finish of the All-Star game last night, I stayed up even later watching George Michael: A Different Story. I had to watch it on my laptop because I'm an idiot and didn't realize I was buying a Region 2 DVD. But even on my tiny laptop screen it was awesome and made me love George even more!!! *draws sparkly hearts*

- I get [ profile] editorzon later today!!! *bounces* I'm so excited! And tomorrow we're catching a midnight showing of The Dark Knight!!!! *bounces more*

- I really want to watch "Generation Kill." I also want to be able to keep up with "Brotherhood" next season. I think this means I need to get both HBO and Showtime. Soon. Like this afternoon.

- There's lots of baseball lined up this weekend. On Friday night I'm taking the familia out to the game -- my mom, my brother, my SIL, Rianna and Rhyan. Rhyan will be taking in her first baseball game at 4 months!!! And Rianna is very excited both that she gets to wear her new game shirt and that there will be fireworks after game. I'm just hoping the Diamondbacks can remember that they did have an offensive game once upon a time. On Saturday [ profile] technosage and I will be taking in the second game of the Dbacks/Dodgers series. There will be Bob Melvin bobble heads involved! *glee*

- Next week is Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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