Yesterday morning I met [ profile] zoniduck, [ profile] llandaffaz, and several other local Adam fans to discuss ways in which we can help the efforts of 1n10, a great organization, providing much needed resources, support and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth here in the Valley. We're putting together Adam-related and other items for the silent auction that will take place at 1n10's annual fundraising Fresh Brunch next month.

We're also working to fill a couple of tables at the brunch. I'll be there! If you can, consider buying a ticket to attend 1n10's Fresh Brunch or buying a ticket for a young LGBTQ person to attend. (If you do buy a brunch ticket, make sure to note in the "Additional Information" box that you'd like to be seated at an Adam fans table or give my name directly, so that we can track the impact we can generate as a group.)

It was great to meet some other local Adam fans. It was also especially nice that the Executive Director of 1n10 came by to meet us and give us more information about the organization. I was glad to be able to talk to him about ways in which I can be involved beyond what we're doing as Adam fans, and I'm so excited about working with this organization!

It was a good morning. (Until I got home and saw the news.)

In unrelated news, except for the way in which it provided a very needed distraction this weekend, holy smokes, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is fucking brilliant!!! Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late in realizing this, but between having to wait for it to come out on DVD and not having many kid-free moments in which I could watch it, I only got around to watching the entire season this past week and finished it today. Jfc. It's brutal and raw and holds absolutely nothing back. The characters, all of them, are complicated and compelling. And, damn, I haven't had that much sheer gorgeousness, naked gorgeousness at that, on my screen in a long time! And the way the season ended? GodDAMN. That took balls.

I'm sad that Andy Whitfield wont be back for a second season (good thoughts to him on the personal battle he's facing), but the rest of the cast was so brilliant and the writing team incredible, that I'm totally looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a second season and to the Gods of the Arena prequel. This is just some damn good television!

Let's see, what other happier parts? Oh, yeah. Football! Although, really, I was not particularly pleased with a lot of the outcomes. The Saints managed to lose to the Seahawks. Yeah. The damn, losing record, hugely inconsistent Seahawks. *shakes head* I would have liked Vick and the Eagles to have played deeper into the playoffs, if nothing else just to piss off the haters. Of the good, though, there won't be any more Peyton Manning in my post-season and Jason Taylor looked deliciously happy when the Jets pulled off their win. So, I'm calling this a happy part of the weekend! :D

So, how 'bout all of you? Tell me about your happier parts! (Ooohh, that sounded dirty! *g*)
So this morning I woke up to the nice little surprise of having no voice whatsoever! Ack! I do not approve! I need to be able to talk!!! Yesterday I had a horrible sore throat, but I chalked it up to allergies, even though the sore throat seemed to laugh at the multiple Benadryls I threw at it. And then this morning, POOF, no voice! Plus, the added fun of a hacking cough! Good times! Or, you know, NOT! So, since I couldn't talk, and, really, TALK is what I do a lot of at work, I decided to work from home. Silently. And grumpily. Because I want my voice back!!!

I refuse to let this ruin my weekend in L.A.! *stubborn*

ION, This isn't funny, Jeremy! You better get be ok, dammit! And, Jason, please to be taking better care of your boy!.
I was just looking at the Cactus League Spring Training schedule. Hush. It was a completely legitimate use of work time since it was for planning a firm outing in March to a ball game. But it made me realize that BASEBALL TIEMS are nearly here!!! *bounces* So, my baseball peeps, are we doing a Spring Training Baseball Weekend this year? *hopes* Anyone else wanna join me for some baseball in March?

Speaking of baseball, the Diamondbacks are having their annual Fan Fest thingy on Saturday (yes, I'm pretty sure "thingy" is in the official name). I thought about taking Rianna and Rhyan because they'd get a kick out of running around on the field, but now I'm reconsidering. Mostly because Rhyan has been so sick I doubt she'd be up for running around the field on Saturday, but also because the D'backs have announced the players who will be appearing on Saturday and they don't include Chris Snyder!!!! This fills me with so much rage!!! I hate that our faux manager has decided to play Miguel over Chris mostly because I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that Chris was Bob Melvin's boy. Seriously, Miguel could not find second base on a throw from home if his very life depended on it! Yeah, he got hot at the plate last season, and I get that we need the offense, but sonovabitch can we at least recognize that we need a catcher who can call a smart game and be at least marginally solid defensively??? So. Much. RAGE!!!

*breathes* Ok, I need to think about happy and amusing things now. Like how there was a Jason Taylor look-alike attorney in court this morning who was completely rocking the shit outa the suit he was wearing and who was completely distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing! *bites lip* Or like the fact that we are going to a drag show on Saturday because apparently nothing says Happy Valentines Day like pretty boys in dresses! *g*

Speaking of pretty boys in women's clothing, did y'all see these AMAZING pictures of Adam's pretty little bassist, Tommy, from their vacation in Cabo?

First, yes, apparently Adam takes his "straight" bassist on vacation with him. Either Tommy's straight is of the incredibly bendy variety, or Adam's decided that he needs a pet straight boy. Either way, their antics fill me with GLEE!

Second, yes, Tommy is in fact rocking a white lace corset and a black tutu. And a parasol. On a boat. In Cabo. Because this all MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!! *laughs*

Third, Tommy IS in fact a very, very pretty boy:

Oh, boys! Never stop being THIS awesome!
This week has not been easy. I'm definitely ready for it to be over. But, even so, there have been good things, small rainbows among the rain.

:: I made a large pot of gumbo from Thanksgiving's left over turkey and it's DELICIOUS! How did gumbo end up being my comfort food of choice???

:: While today was insanely busy, with crazy clients, back-to-back court hearings, difficult negotiations, and no time for lunch, I did manage to squeeze in time for a Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha and it was SO GOOD! It was like Christmas in a cup! Mmmmm.

:: [ profile] idiosyncratic wrote this Jason Taylor/Jeremy Shockey bit and it made me insanely happy!

:: I've got the most amazing friends ever! *loves*

:: Disneyland in only 15 days!!! Which also means a trip in to L.A. to catch Steve Carlson's show and, most importantly, to see my girls!!! I can't wait!!!
- WTF Arizona weather??? It was 110 fucking hot degrees on Monday! Today? A cool and cloudy 74. Tomorrow it's supposed to be even cooler (70) and rainy. That's a 40 degree difference in 3 days!!! Craziness, I tell you!

- Yesterday's Super Shopping Spree with [ profile] technosage proved successful, if completely exhausting. We quite literally shopped 'til we dropped! Yay for lovely new clothes!!! \o/

- Despite his song choice for his last dance number, Jason Taylor is apparently not yet "Going to Miami." A "frosty" relationship between Jason and team management seems to be putting it nicely, no?

- In other sports news, Doug Davis is returning to the Dbacks' rotation this week having seemingly made a full recovery from thyroid cancer. Way to go Doug!!! And, man, it's tough to be a Padre these days. That's a hell of a lot going wrong in a couple of at bats. *HUGS [ profile] _lisalisa_* Also, [ profile] azewewish, what's with Brave's fans stumbling drunkenly to their deaths at Turner Field??? That's awful!

- I may have been unwillingly enticed into kinda really liking David Cook. I blame it on my mother who insists on watching American Idol. But, seriously, he's adorable!!! And, surprisingly, possibly even quite talented. But, more importantly, ADORABLE!

- But David Cook's adorableness was not the best part about being forced by my mother to watch American Idol too lazy to look for the remote control. The best part? GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah. I have no idea what the hell he's doing on AI. But whatever. He was fantastic!) OMG why isn't it June 22nd yet??? I want to go sit in my seat on the 11th row NOW!

- I have a session with Trainer!Boy this afternoon who is now coming to my house to train! How fantastic is that?

- Significantly less fantastic, however: I can't get in to see the girl who cuts my hair until June 24. *woe*

Ok. That's all the brain confetti I have for the moment. Although I do have thinky thoughts on the recent misogyny discussions that will probably continue to plague me until I write them down. So I may do that. Later, though. Because right now I have work to do and people to defend and a living to earn.
Ok. Quiz time. What's HOTTER than Jason Taylor in a wife-beater? In reality, very little. Except maybe Jason Taylor in a wife-beater that is then RIPPED OFF OF HIM!!! GODDAMN *bites lip*

Also, his song choice is HILARIOUS!!! *laughs and laughs*
There was quite a bit of talk on tonight's Dancing with the Stars about the "sweet friendship" Jason Taylor has developed with fellow competitor Cristian de la Fuente. Jason calls Cristian his "boy." I am quite sure that Jeremy is not amused.

But Jeremy has to appreciate how SMOKIN' HOT Jason looks in that suit! DAMN. )
- NIN offers its new record, The Spin, available for free download. Trent says: thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me.

- Jason Taylor: I'm serious about acting some day.

- We're getting Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! The Phoenix-Scottsdale store opens tomorrow. I'm SO there!

- Steve Carlson's new CD, Stripped Down, is now available for purchase here.

- Finally, a question for any of you that have seen Iron Man. My niece, Rianna, wants me to take her to see it. I, of course, REALLY want to see it. But is it appropriate for a five year old?

ETA: Thank you all for the feedback. There was no talking her into another movie, so, ultimately, I left the decision to her parents, who gave it a green light. And, while she closed her eyes at some of the more violent scenes and probably didn't fully follow the storyline, she stayed with it the entire time, no fidgeting or restlessness. Her assessment at the end: that was awesome!!! I, naturally, FUCKING LOVED IT!!!
Just watched this week's Dancing with the Stars. And, sure enough, Jason Taylor is still smokin' hot.

I'm completely baffled, though, about what in the hell possessed his professional dance partner to make him get a spray on tan!!! I kid you not. Jason Taylor. One of the most gorgeous black men on the planet. In a tanning booth. *boggles*

But, the upside to this craziness, is that we get him shirtless! And HOT. Did I mention that he's HOT??

Your Weekly Jason Taylor HOTNESS )
I'm still pretty much feeling like ass, but I'm bored with my own misery so instead of continued bitching and moaning, I bring you Monday's AWESOMENESS:

1| Equal Parts Hot Cinnamon Tea + Equal Parts Tequila + Lime Juice to Taste = BEST COLD REMEDY EVAR!!! This was my grandfather's cure all, and it's pretty much been my saving grace the past three days. I'm not sure whether it works miracles or, you know, just makes you pass out after a while, but either way it works for me!

2| Jason Taylor continues to be HOT LIKE THE FIRE OF A MILLION SUNS!!! )

3| Jared looks HOT in a tank top too! )

4| NIN in New Orleans in October headlining the Voodoo Music Experience!!! I am SO there!!!
It was brought to my attention last week that I failed to adequately highlight the HOTNESS that is Jason in a wife-beater. So as to not be remiss again, let me say upfront that the rehearsal footage features JASON IN A WIFE-BEATER LOOKING HOTTER THAN THE SUN!!! *bites lip* Also, Jason seems very happy in his pants while dancing the cha-cha-cha this week. *g*

Also, Jason Taylor in a Cowboy's uniform. )
That's how my dance instructor always described the rumba, and that's certainly true when Jason Taylor dances it.

Damn. Just DAMN. *melts*
Jason Taylor danced the Viennese Waltz this week on Dancing With The Stars and it should not come as a surprise to anyone that it was SCORCHING HOT! Seriously, BURNING. The Viennese Waltz is supposed to be all romance and grace, and this is, but they also managed to make it sexy as hell.

And, BONUS, Jason in medieval garb! This show really, really loves me! *g*
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that, despite being dead tired from a weekend of non-stop Good Times, and wanting desperately to go to bed the moment I got home, I instead stayed up to watch Dancing with the Stars. Jason was once again made of HOT and AWESOME. He danced the jive, and while the judges didn't score him as high as last week, I thought he was great. You can decide for yourself:

One thing that is indisputable though is that those pants really love his ass! Also, SUSPENDERS!!! So. Fucking. Hot. And he's adorable doing the lip syncing at the beginning of the number. In conclusion, I love him and want to climb him like a tree. *g*

While were on the topic of hot football players jiving, Matt Leinart has apparently doing some *ahem* jiving of his own recently. And there are pictures to prove it. )

The local media and sports commentators have been absolutely BRUTAL toward Matt about these pictures: he's a role model and should not be behaving himself like this, he doesn't deserve the starting QB position because he's irresponsible and parties too much, he obviously doesn't even WANT it if this is the way he's acting, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Here's the thing, though: it's the off season, it's not as if he's shirking his professional responsibilities; this was a party in his own home; and he's doing absolutely nothing illegal in those pictures. So, really, what's the big fucking deal??? These oh so scandalous pictures have demonstrated that (a) Matt is HOT; (b) Matt is male; (c) Matt likes beer; and (d) Matt likes young hot chicks - lots of them. Why the outrage??? Didn't we know all of this before?


Mar. 24th, 2008 08:42 pm
Jason Taylor shakes his thang with the mambo in this week's Dancing with the Stars:

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how fantastic his ass looks in those black pants? Damn. Just DAMN.

Also, it would be remiss of me if I failed to mention that Edyta looks smokin'. Dear gods, that woman's body is incredible.
At least according to Jason Taylor on tonight's season premier of Dancing with the Stars. Jason is such a HOTASS -- even in a sparkly shirt! And I'm pretty sure that Jeremy gave him the pink tutu!!! *laughs and laughs*

And OMG he can FOXTROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did so well! And looked so damn HOT doing it!

Jason Taylor ballroom dancing is SO going to be my HAPPY PLACE for a very long time!!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

May you have love that never ends,
lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
and may God send many blessings to you!

I got my Irish on early with a Flogging Molly show last night. But before I mention how FANTASTIC the show was, let me say, for the record, that [ profile] technosage has lost any and all cool points that she may have once possessed. The plan was to meet for dinner on Mill and then head across the river to see the show. The first part went as planned. The second part? Not so much. Y'all must join me in endlessly mocking Allie for completely wussing out at the last minute, at the very door to the venue, with her ticket in hand... but instead of going in and rocking out to the great music, she decided to GO HOME AND SLEEP!!! *headshake* Yeah. I don't even know what to say about that.

So, anyway. I was not deterred. I went to the show without her and I had a great time!!! They rocked the shit out it for almost 3 hours! They played a bunch of their older stuff, plus several songs off the new CD. The crowd was amazing. Everyone was just in that happy, St. Patrick's day mood, so it was more like a big party than a concert. The place was full of hot guys in kilts or shirtless or both with an awesome array of tattoos on display! In all, it was a BLAST!

Thankfully I didn't have court this morning, so I was able to sleep in. I did, however, meet up with a new trainer who I really liked. His name is Joe and he's a writer/actor/trainer. I guess if I can't find a stripper/porn star/trainer, at least I found someone who has a sufficiently interesting combination of professions that we have a lot to talk about during out work outs! Plus, he's young and hot so there's plenty of eye candy too. What? These things are important. A trainer is probably the most serious relationship that I'm willing to commit to right now, so it's important that we click. And we did. So I'm really looking forward to getting back on a regular training schedule.

In other important news: Tonight is Jason Taylor's dancing debut with "Dancing With the Stars"!!! *bounces*
OMG I can't seem to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes! Plus, it's GORGEOUS outside and I really don't want to be in my window-less office. *is distracted* This does not bode well for my productivity this afternoon. Also, it means that this post is going to be all over the place, just like my brain!

* * *

I'm amused. And by "amused" I mean just a shade this side of annoyed and kind of embarrassed for others. So, there was a recent blog post over at Christian Kane's MySpace announcing all kinds of happenings including the fact that the music is now going to be marketed under Christian's full name rather than "Kane." No one's really surprised, right? The amusing part is, again in the "no surprise" category, the reactions being posted to that announcement. Seriously, people, I'm sure no one gives a damn if you think the name change is a bad idea. Also, I'm quite certain that Steve is a big boy and quite able to look out for his own interests without your help. And that anyone would have the audacity to actually say any of those things on a musician's site is, well, amusing in that "OMG I'm so embarrassed for you," kind of way -- kind of like when you see some chick walk out of the bathroom with her skirt caught up in her pantyhose and you wonder if you should say something or just let her walk away with her, ahem, issues showing. So, yeah: hey fandom, pull your skirt out. Your entitlement issues are showing.

* * *

Jason Taylor admits to always wanting to learn to tango...because he thought it was sexy! Hee!!! I'm probably gonna make y'all crazy with my growing squeefulness over Jason's dancing debut next week. But, seriously, I'm so excited!!! Is it March 17th yet???

(Also, I need a Jason Taylor icon.)

* * *

I am so very annoyed with a certain prosecutor today. We had two telephonic interviews scheduled, which is the main reason I'm sitting in the office rather than outside enjoying this beautiful day. But she apparently didn't think these were that important because she blew them off without so much as a phone call or email to let me know she couldn't do them. I am NOT pleased. *scowls*

* * *

I have a coupon for a free lunch at Zoës Kitchen. Since I apparently don't have interviews after all, I think I shall go get lunch. Plus, there is something inherently happy-making about a free lunch!
- How in the hell does someone sit down to take a shit or a piss and then just decide not to get up from the pot FOR TWO YEARS??? This both baffles and amuses to extraordinary degrees.

- In a prime example of my inimitable GRACE and POISE, I was walking downtown today on my way to court, on a perfectly smooth and even sidewalk, without a crack or rock or obstacle of any kind in sight, when I, for no apparent reason whatsoever, CAME CRASHING TO MY HANDS AND KNEES!!! *facepalm* Thankfully I was on a back street so no one witnessed my spectacular fall. Also, thankfully, my phone suffered the worst of the damage. I am though, without doubt, the Queen of Klutz.

- Today was beautiful and I didn't feel like being cooped up in the office (and I really didn't have anything urgent on my schedule), so I ditched work and went to a spring training game! Being your own boss is pretty damn awesome sometimes!!! I went to watch the Giants and the Padres, because the Giants' ballpark is pretty close to my office. And I scored an awesome seat just 3 rows back from the Giants' dugout. I'm happy to report, [ profile] _lisalisa_, that your boys looked good with a 11-5 win over San Francisco. Also, there were lots of HOT men this time, both on and off the field! Definitely a much better way to spend a spring afternoon than behind a desk doing research. *nods*

- While I'm speaking of baseball, the Dodgers are playing a few games here next week, so there shall be at least several more spring training games before March is up! YAY!!!

- And now, some mid-week HOTNESS: Jason Taylor's Dancing with the Stars Promo Pic )
I've been a good girl this year. Mostly. (Shut up. There's absolutely NO evidence to the contrary.) And, apparently, there is a Santa Claus and the big man in red has taken note of my good behavior, because today's Patriots/Dolphins game featured several instances of Jason Taylor getting up on Tom Brady. *sigh* So much pretty. [ profile] technosage, [ profile] idiosyncratic and I watched the game at sports bar, and I think that the guys in the table in front of us probably wondered why, while we were obviously cheering the Pats on, we'd erupt in loud cheers of unadulterated GLEE whenever Jason would get a hand on Tom. *g*

(Does it actually need to be said that, yes, the Pats did indeed win. Which, you know, YAY!)

The day of football also included Matt Hasselbeck being all scruffy and hot (and winning, which, you know, is also important *g*), and several shots of Matt Leinart looking like an adorable goofball on the Cardinal's sideline. Yes, Christmas did in fact come early and Santa delivered a lot of HOT men on the football field.

* * *

Also, a bit late but, blessings of the returning Light to all those who mark the Solstice. Mine was quiet, but good. I'm looking forward to the longer days and the "fresh start" feel of the seasons moving from dark to light.

* * *

In other good holiday news, I've got all my shopping and wrapping done. \o/ I've gone grocery shopping and the only thing left to do is bake a few batches of cookies, which I'll do tomorrow morning. After that, it's nothin' but holiday movies, spiked egg nog, yummy tamales, and, of course, my crazy family. Good times!



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