I have LOTS of things I want to talk to y'all about today, like some fic pet-peeves, and how Lady Gaga is making me eye-roll so hard it's starting to hurt, and Cheeks' hilarious remix of her new single, and the Grammys, and how ridiculously HOT Adam looked at the Grammys, and the new (wet & shirtless!) pictures of Darren. Yeah, lots of things, that I'll get to later today.

First, though, let me tell you about all the amazing things I've been learning...from drag queens. I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race this season, because Sutan Amrull, Adam's amazing make-up artist, also known as Raja, is competing. Raja is fabulous and I'm thoroughly enjoying the show. I wasn't expecting, however, all the valuable life wisdom there was to glean from beautiful drag queens! Seriously, y'all. These queens are amazing and have a thing or two to teach the world about being fierce and fabulous and courageous and authentic and funny. And, yeah, I'm a little bit in love with all of them. *g*

One of the things that Rupaul does in every episode is he reminds the girls that "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" This is TRUFAX, people. True fucking facts.

And last night, as I was up all night, again, hacking up a lung and basically not being able to BREATHE (ugh. I'm so OVER being sick!), I thought about that and realized that I haven't been doing a very good job of loving myself lately. Admittedly, it's ~challenging to feel love for yourself, for your body, when it feels as if it's betrayed you by throwing out the welcome mat for every germ and virus that comes knocking at the door.

But that's the thing, right? Love, all love including self-love, is forged and made a real and solid and lasting thing, not by its expression when it's easy, but by what it does and says when it's NOT easy to love.

So, today, I'm going to work on loving myself better. *nods* This will be my Valentine's to myself. <333

This is how I'm going to start.... )

Happy Valentine's Day to MEEEEEEE!!!! <333

And, you know, if anyone would like to join me in a self-love orgy (mmmm...sounds dirty! *g*) in the comments, please feel free to do that! Tell me three things you love about you, three awesome things about yourself, and three ways you're going to love yourself this week! Let's make it a lovefest!!! Because in the immortal words of RuPaul, if you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else? *mwah*
The random Jimmy Hendrix lyric in the title is courtesy of ADAM LAMBERT COVERING "PURPLE HAZE" IN HIS PARIS SHOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Yes, that news was totes caps worthy. *g* Oh, and, of course, he sang "scuse while I kiss this guy" instead. Haha! I love his crazy-ass self so damn much! I'm sure there will be vids shortly, so, you know, if you're as ridiculously excited as I am about Adam covering "Purple Haze" (and about Monte shredding like a mofo playing Hendrix), then check back here later for the video links.

Other random awesomeness for the day includes the following:

1. I had a great workout with my trainer this morning. It was freakin' ass-early in the morning, but it had been way toooo long since I'd worked out hard, and I gotta say, it felt damn good! Here's to being fierce and strong and healthy again!!! *fist pumps*

2. I started a Tumblr blog yesterday. Obviously I have too much time on my hands. *laughs* But I really don't know what to do with it or who to follow. So, audience participation time again! Two things. First, follow me! *bats eyelashes* And, second, link me to your favorite tumblrs! Ready? GO! :D

3. Have you heard the soundtrack for Burlesque yet? I loved it! Cher and Christina both sound AMAZING!!! Tracks 7 and 8 are particularly fabulous!

4. Have I mentioned lately how much I freakin' love Hawaii Five-O? Seriously, it's like candy! Without the calories! Sweeeeet! And this promo for the show is all kinds of FABULOUS!!!

But, they're right. It's not a bromance. Steve and Danny are LIFE PARTNERS!!! <333

5. I don't really have a 5, but I'm reserving this spot for the "Purple Haze" vids. Somewhere in France I'm sure there are dedicated fangirls berating their slow internet connections as they furiously work to upload their video treasures. And gods bless 'em.

ETA: Purple Haze vids have hit the web!!! EXCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THAT GUY!!!!! )

Don't forgot though, peeps, I need your Tumblr love and wisdom! *chin hands*
Ok, so just in case you've been living under a cozy rock for the past two years, let me just say that this job market truly sucks big, hairy, sweaty monkey balls. I've pretty much resigned my self to the fact that this situation is highly unlikely to change until after the first of the year. Even the few firms and companies that were hiring have put any of those efforts on hold through the holidays. So, what this means, other than the fact that my bank account is going to be a bleak wasteland for a while, is that I have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. And, quite frankly, this having nothing to do business is driving me INSANE! Seriously, I'm going nuts!

So, for the sake of my sanity and because y'all love me, I need your help! Suggestions, ideas, plans, projects! Give 'em to me!!! I've already contacted my local Pride office to volunteer, but they're sort of slow too until after the holidays. Other volunteer suggestions? Project ideas? Hobbies? TV shows to watch? Books to read? Origami instructions? OMG, anything!!! *desperate*

*deep breaths*

Ok, despite the above, or maybe because of the above, I'm really working on this whole "stay positive" mindset. Sparkling harder, and all that. So, here are some happy, sparkly things about my Wednesday.

✶ I decided to get back on track with the Take Better Care of Me Plan, so I got in touch with my trainer and we have an appointment for him to kick my ass a workout tomorrow morning! Also, I few months ago my SIL dropped my scale and broke it, and since I didn't have a scale, my mind somehow translated that into permission to not be accountable for my nutritional decisions at all. Not good, brain, not good at all! But, I've now replaced my scale and, as of today, I'm again journaling my nutritional intake. Accountability FTW!!!

✶ I was going to warn for TMI on this one, but, who am I kidding? This is me we're talking about! Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a new vibrator today! What??? This is totally a better plan for feeling better about my life than that half gallon of chunky chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer! Taking Better Care of Me Plan, indeed! *g*

✶ I'm making plans to go see the Scissor Sisters' show in Atlanta at The Tabernacle next April! I really want to see them and they aren't doing any solo shows near me, and a group of East Coast friends were planning on going, and I'm totes doing this as a show of faith that this whole job situation will be resolved in awesome fashion by that time! *nods* So, anyone want to come with? *bats eyelashes*

Adam's Acoustic Live EP drops on December 6th!!! *flails* I'm SO happy that we're getting an acoustic version of Aftermath!!! And Soaked!!! Also, the cover is ridiculously awesome!!! )
1. Thank you all for the yummy suggestions for what to do with my abundance of apples! Such delicious options! I'll definitely be trying the apple cake once it's not a billion degrees here. I took some of your suggestions and combined them to create what turned out to be a very yummy Apple Granola Salad! I cored and cut up 6 apples, squeezed some lemon juice on them to keep them from browning, added a handful of green grapes and another handful of red grapes, about a 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt, a little Splenda, and about 3/4 cup of homemade granola. It turned out fantabulous! And it was even better the second day once the honey in the granola had mixed in and the granola had softened a bit. Next time I might add some cranberries, raisins, or even pineapple chunks. But, in all, very YUM!

2. My Computer Guy is doing the last minute wellness checks as I type. I should have it back and functional by the time I leave the office tonight. This is very happy-making! Laptop, I've missed you! *clings*

3. Since February I've lost 35 pounds as a result of my Take Better Care of Me plan! I went shopping this past weekend and learned that I've dropped two pant sizes. Go me!!! Taking better care of me is definitely resulting in a healthier and happier ME!!! Yay! :D

4. I have some Adam Lambert Glam Nation concert tickets to re-sell: 2 tickets to the San Diego show on July 30th (Main Floor, Left Center, Row J) and 1 ticket to the July 28th Costa Mesa show (Section 1, Row F). If any of you know of anyone looking for tickets, send them my way. :)

5. The countdown to glam is now at 11 days!!! *bounces*
World Cup: What the hell is that annoying buzzing noise??? I drives me insane! No, like, really, I will go on a murderous rampage if I have to continue listening to that brain piercing droning. So, unless I want to cut my soccer fannishness short only 2 days into World Cup play, I think I'll have to start making prodigious use of the mute button. But in less grumptastic World Cup musings, dear gods, Tim Howard, thank you for gracing my television screen with your unbelievable hotness today. You can definitely stay. *g*

Reading: I'm reading Josh Lanyon's "The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks." I continue to love his characters like Dean loves pie! They are quirky and insightful and smart and interesting and flawed and just completely CHARMING!

Feathers: In addition to several gorgeous feather necklaces and hair accessories, made by the lovely and talented Chantala, I now also have a completely fabulous blue and black feather boa! *laughs* It is both awesome and ridiculous! I now need someplace equally awesome and ridiculous to wear said feather boa!

Workout: My trainer kicked my ass today and I'll probably be terribly sore tomorrow, but for now I just feel the good kinda tired.

That about covers my Saturday. It's been relaxing and lovely. Just as Saturdays should be.
First, this:


This means I've eaten mindfully and intentionally for 100 days! Go me!!! \o/

Second: This commercial is adorable. It makes me want to go order a Big Mac (or is that a Royale in France?) just to let McDonald's know how wonderful I think their commercial is. But then I'd have to eat that Big Mac. Intentionally and mindfully, of course, but that won't preclude the indigestion, so I think I'll just send McDonald's an email instead. *g* Big Mac or no Big Mac, this commercial is heartwarming! (This blogger thinks it's adorable too, and that Bill O'Reilly is crazy, but I'm sure y'all already knew that second part.)

Third: World Cup HOTNESS!!! This and this both make very helpful addenda to The Non-Football Fan's Guide to the World Cup, or What to do When You're Only Here for the Hot Men. I think I could really become a fan of this sport!
Let's talk about ME! *beams*

First, work has been kickin' my butt, but despite the months of 10-12 hour days, I'm still feeling fairly positive about it. Yeah, I don't even know. But I'm having FUN doing my job again and that's pretty awesome.

Second, in case y'all didn't know this, I ROCK! *g* That's true for a lot of reasons, but at the moment I'm referring to me rockin' the Take Better Care of Me Plan that is still going fantastically, if imperfectly, well. Not only have I been eating mindfully and journaling all my food for over 2 1/2 months, but I've also managed to lose 27 pounds. I could definitely be more consistent with the exercise portion of the Take Better Care of Me Plan, but I'm working on it and, more importantly, I'm not beating myself up over the imperfections. So, um, GO ME!!! \o/

Third, I've been making some summer travel plans and other plans for Fun Things To Do this summer, and I'm super excited for what's ahead!

Summer Fun )

And, here are some other fabulously sparkly tidbits for our Friday:

>> Russell Crowe and his Merry Men singing Beautiful Girls:

This brightened my whole day yesterday! And, to make it even more fantastic, according to his Twitter, they repeated this performance on the Spanish Steps in Rome later that day! *loves and loves* Can we get those damn TOFOG dates now!

>> Photos from the set of Adam Lambert's music video shoot for If I Had You where he invited all of his magical friends to take part in the all night party a la Burning Man video. Cheeks! Cassidy! Alisan! Rahab! And practically all the Zodiac cast! Eeee!!! So many fabulous people! I cannot wait to see this video!

>> Meet Adam and do good! Charity auction of an Adam Lambert concert and meet & greet to benefit City of Hope. I'm SO tempted!
Man, it's gorgeous outside. I wish I could drag my stacks of files outside to enjoy the sunshine. I should take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts, because it won't be long now before I'm complaining about Arizona's hellish summer heat. Sadly I'm stuck in my office looking at the lovely day happening outside my window.

But even though I can't play in it, the sunshiney awesomeness happening outside has me in a great mood! Or maybe that's the coffee I had this morning in an otherwise coffee-less couple of weeks? In any event, I AM HAPPY! And, because I'm awesome like that, I'm gonna share my happy mood with y'all. *beams*

Happy Thing The First: Strawberries! Yummy ripe strawberries! I've got a whole little basket full of them to munch on throughout the day and they taste like the sunshine outside my window. Delish!

Happy Thing The Second: Shoes! Shiny new shoes! I just got these and I love them! I also got two other pairs for work that are quite lovely. But, OMG, I love that first pair so much!

Happy Thing The Third: Baseball! Well, specifically, Chris Snyder!!! I'm not talking to my D'backs until they crawl their way back over .500, but my bb Chris is another story. He's smokin' hot with his bat right now (3-run HR yesterday!) and I'm so incredibly proud of him. And, seriously, if they start talking about trading him again, I will NOT be responsible for my actions. But we're talking happy, so, CHRIS!!! *loves*

Happy Thing The Fourth: Awesome music happenings! While I'm still more than a little frustrated that they haven't announced Adam's full tour schedule, tickets for his second OC show go on pre-sale tomorrow. And more Adam is always a good thing! Also, in case anyone missed the memo, Adam is cute. Just ask Rhyan who crawled next to me last night and demanded to watch Adam videos and then informed me that "A-lam is cute!" *g* Even though she's just two, she certainly knows her cute.

A-lam IS cute! )

Yup, definitely cute. Or, you know, FUCKING GORGEOUS! But if the two year old comes out with "A-lam is fucking gorgeous!" her parents may not be happy with me. So, we'll just stick with "A-lam is cute." *g*

Speaking of the pretty, dear gods, Adam's bassist Tommy is ridiculously pretty! )

The happy-making musical happenings continue: I also scored tickets to see Kris Allen when he opens for Barenaked Ladies here in July! Pocket Idol!!! I'm kind of ridiculously excited about finally getting to see him perform live!

And since they added a second Glee Live show, I was able to get tickets for me and my mom as her Mothers' Day present. GLEE!!! So very happy-making!

And more! [livejournal.com profile] without_me was able to score tickets for us to see The Wall in November! Yay!

*breathes* OMG so much awesome music in my future!!!

And if all that wasn't enough musical awesomeness, today Trent Reznor announced the release of a new song with his new band How To Destroy Angels and it's hauntingly beautiful! I didn't even realize he was making new music, but apparently he is, and it's amazing!

ETA: More How To Destroy Angels! )

Happy Thing The Fifth: ME!!! *beams* I'm gonna brag on myself for a moment. Because I can. *g* And also because these are definitely part of the happy. First, my online food journal informed me today that I've logged on for 65 days in a row. That means that for the past 65 days I've been eating mindfully. For the past 65 days I've made conscious, deliberate decisions about what to feed my body; for the most part those have been healthy choices, but even when they haven't been, I've been aware of them and accountable for them. That right there is success! Second, I don't think I've mentioned this here, but last Friday I had my one year review. Holy cow, it's been a year! But, more importantly, it's been a damn good year! My review was positively glowing and came with a very nice raise and plans for long-term success and reward here. Job satisfaction is definitely happy-making!
Glee!!!!!! Last night's episode was fabulous! Is Idina Menzel's character going to be recurring? Because that would be sort of awesome. I am SO looking forward to next week's Madonna episode though! And even though I loved last night's Glee, my favorite part was the last four minutes. This is fantastic!!!

Oh, man, Sue Silvester is my favorite snarktastic, fabulously fierce bitch ever!!!!!

So, um, yeah, I guess I'm all aboard the Glee train after all. You can probably ignore all earlier comments about me not being able to get into it. *sheepish*

This probably means that I should get me some Glee icons. Does anyone have Glee icon finding suggestions for me?

I watched more T.V. last night that I normally do, because there was no way I was going to miss Adam on American Idol. Adam's advice was spot on. Unfortunately, too many of the contestants didn't listen to him. The performances were flat, uninspired, BORING. I was unimpressed. BUT, Adam was pretty! So there was that. And, I'm pretty sure Ryan Seacrest was high. Seriously, WTF was that??? Adam though!!! Yeah, I think I'll just keep focusing on the positive. *g* And tonight he performs! As Rhyan says, "MORE A-LAM!" *beams*

You know what else? Hot baseball players!!! I kinda really like hot baseball players! I bet y'all didn't even know that about me, right? *g* And while I'm by no means a Dodgers' fan, I do appreciate the hot boys in Dodger blue. GQ did a piece on Matt Kemp and, dear gods, that boy is lookin' good. *bites lip*


And how is it that I didn't know he had such delicious ink on his arms??? Good gods, I hope Rihanna is appreciating the hell outa that! Here, have some more of Matt's smokin' hot arms! )

Also, while we're on the topic of baseball, I'm expecting my boys to pick it up in Chavez Ravine tonight. Yesterday's performance was just unacceptable. Please do be doing better, boys.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post (which I think is a running theme here!), but I thought it expressed really well my perspective on health and weight loss and my Take Care of Me focus: My Relationship With Food: A Reflection of Self.
I have mentioned that I am just NOT a morning person, right? Well, apparently the Bossman hasn't gotten that memo, because he keeps insisting on scheduling me to do these morning radio interviews. I had to get up at the asscrack of dawn today, after a hearty 3 1/2 hours sleep, to drag myself to the radio station before heading in to the office. *whimpers* Today is going to be rough, man.

On the bright side, though, the radio interview went well. I managed to string my words together into coherent sentences, in Spanish no less, even though I was tragically under caffeinated. Go me! I now have MOAR COFFEE, an egg and ham bagel sandwich, and an exceptionally early start to my week, so life is definitely looking up!

The weekend was also lovely. On Saturday I finally made it to the dance fitness studio I've been talking about going to for months and I loved it! You gotta know that I'm going to completely jive with any place that has THIS as their mission statement: to help women discover their inherent beauty and express themselves in harmony with who they are as a fabulous, unique individual. LOVE IT! I got a membership and I will definitely be making classes there a regular part of my week.

Sunday was all about football. Man, did y'all see that Cardinals/Packers game??? It was INSANE! It was one hell of a game in the very best sense of the word, although the stress of watching it may well have shaved several years of my life. Dear gods, they were KILLING me! I'm thrilled that my boys pulled it out in the end. [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva, you need to get you trash-talkin' skills sharpened up, since next week it'll be your Saints against my Cardinals! Bring it, bb! *g*
So, anyone know where the hell this week went? I've been trying to get myself organized, get a few old projects wrapped up, get a plan in place for tackling some of the other things coming up; you know, generally start the year off on the right foot. But somehow the week has been swallowed up in the craziness of just doing what it takes to barely keep on top of everything. Gah! I need another week before we get 2010 truly underway!

To add a little chaos on top of the craziness, my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces moved in this past weekend. Eventually I'm sure we'll settle into a routine and some degree of organization, but right now it's just INSANE.

Although I'll hopefully soon be too busy to be caught up in the chaos of home, as I'm planning to get back to Nia next week and will also be starting some dance fitness classes at this awesome studio that I've been wanting to try for a while. Go me!!! I'm also starting the process for joining the faculty at the University of Phoenix as an adjunct professor in their criminal justice program. I think this will be a perfect way to start building up my resume on the teaching front, while still being flexible enough not to interfere with my desire to continue having a LIFE. So, you know, win/win!!! \o/

ION, Das Tekno finally got his pictures from the Lady Gaga concert in L.A. last month up. And here's the picture of me and Das before the show! )

And, because there is never a bad time for pretty, nearly naked boys, here's Cassidy Haley's latest picture:

Goddamn the boy is pretty! This gorgeous boy is going to be gracing J's Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness in just a few weeks! Y'all are very welcome. *g*
I've been working on a whole attitude adjustment thing, because, quiet frankly, I was getting tired of my own whiny bullshit. So, to kick off the week with a healthier mental space, I'm making me a happy list!

- Egg Nog with Southern Comfort! Is it wrong that this tops my list? Oh, well. It's definitely happy making. It went perfectly with all the decorating and shopping and generally kicking of holiday ass I did this weekend! So yummy!!!

- Snowflake Cookies! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me all the lovely snowflakes. Every time I'd get an email telling me I had a new snowflake it would make me smile. My profile is a blizzard of happiness!

- The Nieces! I got to spend most of the weekend with Rianna and her excitement over the holidays was contagious! She and I have decided that Santa Clause is indeed real! *nods* Also, Rhyan finally learned to say "Tía Gigi" and this fills me with GLEE!!!

- SAMe. I have not even been taking it for a week, but already I feel the difference in my thought patterns. Thank @god for healthier brain chemistry!

- Y'all! It really cannot be said enough: I've got the most kick-awesome friends on the planet! Love you guys like Dean loves pie! *mwah*

- Aces Take Your Time (Adam/Tommy, NC-17): [livejournal.com profile] i_amthecosmos wrote me Adam/Tommy knife-play fic and it's HOT LIKE FIYAH!

- Speaking of happy-making Adam/Tommy fic, how 'bout some Tommy rent!boy fic?!!! For Hire (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) by [livejournal.com profile] jeck7 and [livejournal.com profile] worlddescending. It's a long read, but OMFG so good!

It would also make me very happy if you would let me know if I can send you a holiday card or tell me about your favorite holiday recipe or link me to YOUR wish list! And I'm sure that my happiness is very important to you too. *g* So, go on, do it!

So much happy-making stuff!!! What's on your happy list this week? I wanna know!!!
So, someone (*cough*[livejournal.com profile] azewewish*cough*) wanted me to post about something other than Adam Lambert. Seriously. What is wrong with some people? *shakes head*

Apparently, "LIFE IS GOOD," lacked sufficient details to be considered a substantive post. I thought it was both accurate and succinct. But, whatever. Here, for my friends who are less entranced by the shiny boy than I am, are some of the accompanying details:

:: Work is still going really, really well. Three months in and I'm still firmly convinced that this was the right move for me. Bossman is giving me a ton of responsibility and, based on what he's said, is really wanting me to take a prominent role in the growth and sustainability of the practice. We've just launched a new marketing campaign featuring yours truly and the other senior attorney in the office. What's really cool is that we're the only firm in the Valley who features female attorneys in our marketing. I'm really proud of this.

:: A huge factor in the LIFE IS GOOD situation is that I can definitively say that right now I have the best work/life balance that I've ever had since I started practicing law. I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME that is! Definitely a big part of what I was going for when I chose "harmony" as my word for this year.

:: The Trainer is still regularly kicking my ass, and I sort of love it. The boxing is SO cathartic, and, now that I think about it, probably a factor in the great sense of balance I'm enjoying right now. I'm still looking to add in some dance or some regularity with Nia into my routine, but, one step at a time, you know? Also on the health and wellness front, I decided I needed a little more mindfulness in my nutritional choices, so I rejoined Weight Watchers -- two weeks and 4 pounds down! Go me!

:: The summer is at the miserably hot stage around here (I am SO over 115 degree days), but at least it's moving quickly. July is almost over. Geesh! When did that happen??? August is going to be a whirlwind. I'm heading to L.A. mid-August for a birthday weekend with my L.A. girls and then some vacay time with my family in San Diego. The following weekend [livejournal.com profile] hewet_ka_ptah will be here for some birthday celebrations. And then the weekend after that...well, let's just say that there are some glittery shenanigans afoot and I'm ridiculously excited about it! *g* Labor Day weekend (technically September, but it feels like part of the whirlwind), I'm heading back to L.A. to catch NIN in concert. Eeee!!! So many Good Times ahead! In between all that, I've got a birthday, a trial to prepare for, several family things planned, and, you know, LIFE to attend to. Whew. That's a crazy month coming up!

:: Since this is the extended Life is Good post, we shall not speak of The Boy, who flaked like a bad case of dandruff. Whatever, man. You gotta bring a helluva lot more than he seemed to have in order to keep my interest. Moving on. Life IS good, after all. *g*

:: We're also not going to speak of the RAGE that I feel over the D'backs' Faux Manager's decision to start Miguel Montero instead of Chris Snyder behind the plate. What the ever loving fuck??? Sure, Miguel's had a hot streak at bat, but, call me crazy, but isn't it kind of important for your catcher to be able to make the throw to second? Or call a smart game so that your depleted pitching staff doesn't run up its pitch count in less than six innings? Or, you know, have ANY defensive value at all? Argh! I, just...RAGE!!!!!

*deep breaths* Life is good, life is good, life is good.... Ok. That's better.

So, now that y'all got some of the deets, I wanna know what's good in your life too! Share with me, bbs!

Also, I'd like to point out that there is no mention of one Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce in this post. You happy now, [livejournal.com profile] azewewish? :P
Why do weekends only last 2 days? Really, how is it that we have not figured out to make 3 days weekends standard? It's the 21st freaking century, we should have at a minimum evolved to 3-day weekends. I'm just sayin'.

So, while too damn short, the weekend was still a good one.

I got two killer workouts in with the trainer, on Friday then again on Sunday. He righteously kicked my ass with something like a bazillion squats and lunges and then boxing until I couldn't lift my arms. Good times, man. He suggested hot/cold showers to mitigate against the soreness, which are basically what they sound like, one or two minutes as hot as you can stand the water and then one or two minutes of cold water. The blood moving to the surface and back to your core as the temperature changes is supposed to flush out your muscles and promote faster recovery. Since I woke up feeling as if I had been hit by a truck, I decided to try the hot/cold thing. It turns out that hot/cold showers are a torture method worthy of being added to Dick Cheney's repertoire. Dear gods, that was a whole hell of a lot of NOT FUN. But, it is a very effective form of torture as I'm not nearly as sore as I expected to be! \o/

Saturday was for baseball!!! It turned out to be a great game, with my D'backs pulling out a win over the Marlins. Their success ratio is much higher when I'm actually at the game. Given their record this season, I obviously have slacked in my duty as a fan by not attending enough home games. *shakes head* But, in any case, good times at the ballpark on Saturday! It was Chris Snyder bobble head night, so now I have my bb on my shelf and this makes me exceedingly gleeful!!! Chris is still on the DL, but he did spend a good deal of the game being hot at the top of the dugout steps. We were about five rows behind the dugout, so I practically had Chris right in front of my face! Distracting!!! It also turned out to be Tony Clark's last appearance on the D'backs starting lineup, as he was released yesterday. Tony! I'm gonna miss your tall, dark, bald HOTASSNESS!!! *sadface* I'll get pictures up of Chris and Tony and the rest of the boys later tonight. Oh, boys, please try to get your shit together for the second half. Ever hopeful, Me.

So, let's see what else? This week is going to be busy. Lots happening at work. Plus, the Boss Man just asked if I wouldn't mind being featured in the firm's marketing materials. Naturally I agreed -- what better job security can you ask for than to be the face of the firm? But it means a photo session tomorrow, and before that a trip to the salon for some professional help in the hair and makeup department. And that's all on top of the actual work that has to get done this week! Insanity!

I also want to get back to Nia this week, since they moved it to a slightly later time slot so that I can get there after work now. Excellent! And I discovered this dance studio that's very close to where I live that I really want to try out. Check this out. Doesn't that look cool? Pole-dancing! Burlesque dance class! Bellydance! Yoga fusion! I'm so excited to check this place out! I should be able to get out there on Thursday night. Yay! And tonight I'm going back to Weight Watchers. Time to be more mindful of my nutritional decisions. *firm nod*

So, basically, my plan for the week is to cram as much in as possible! Go me! \o/

And, look at that...I made it through an entire post without talking about Adam Lambert. *g*
This week has been busier than expected. How is it Wednesday already??? In the interest of, well, of me apparently not having enough time for a proper post, this will just be a quick list updatey-thing.

1. We've had a swine flu exposure at work. One of my co-workers was out of town this weekend at a wedding and one of her fellow bridesmaids was diagnosed on Monday with swine flu instead of the wicked hangover she assumed she was suffering from. So now the office is on "swine flu alert." FYI: paper masks are not attractive!

2. I'm attending a criminal defense seminar for the next three days. On the one hand, this is excellent timing as I get to escape the swine flu germs at the office! On the other, three days of legal seminars can potentially induce lethal levels of boredom. Ugh.

3. Due to aforementioned boredom, I coerced [livejournal.com profile] hewet_ka_ptah into getting a Twitter account so that she could entertain me. Sadly, she failed at being adequately entertaining today. I am optimistic, though, that she will step up tomorrow and amuse me. If, however, she again falls short, I thankfully have Adam Lambert who is always shiny and awesome! (Adam on Twitter! *glee*)

4. Speaking of His Awesomeness, a picspam of his freckley fabulousness is still in the works. I did mention the super busy-ness of this week, right?

5. My trainer righteously kicked my ass this evening! For serious, I don't think there's a part of my body that is not sore. Also, FYI: hot trainer sporting wood during your training session? Distracting!
Wow. This week just flew by. It was good though. Or mostly good. Let's discuss the good first, shall we?

First, the Awesome New Job is still AWESOME! I'm digging into to some really interesting cases, with all the responsibility and autonomy that I was promised. I'm getting to know my co-workers and my initial impression that these are folks who I'll like working with is holding true. We have lunch together as a firm on Fridays, and last night after work we all hung around having a beer! So, while everyone is expected to work hard (I didn't leave the office before 7 this week), everyone also works together and gets along, and I still think this was the perfect move for me! Yay!

Second, Supernatural rocked my world this week! I don't even want to talk about it until after the finale, but I'm so glad that the creative team aren't pulling any punches so far.

Third in the "good" column, I just had a kick ass workout with The Trainer Man. With being sick last week, and the new job this week, I hadn't had a training session in going on two weeks. Now that I have a better idea of what my schedule is going to look like, I'm hoping to bump things up to two sessions a week soon. Getting my LIFE back on a semi-predictable schedule makes me happy!

Finally, of the good, I'm getting ready to head down to Tucson for a Mothers' Day Shindig with La Familia! Yummy food, copious amounts of margaritas, and fun times by the pool! PLUS, I'll also get to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] hewet_ka_ptah who I haven't seen in approximately an eternity! Good times!!!

Of the not so good this week is the complete clusterfuck that is the D'backs front office and the new coaching team. *shakes head* Firing Bob Melvin was bad enough, although somewhat understandable given the crappy start the team has had this season. I still think, though, that given the success he's had with this very same team the past two seasons, they owed it to him to at least give him to the All-Star break to see if he could turn things around. But whatever. The team sucks, someone has to go. I get that. What I completely don't get is their decision to replace Bo-Mel with A.J. Hinkle who has ZERO managerial experience AT ANY LEVEL (but who does happen to be BFFs with GM Josh Byrnes). Even more incomprehensible, is that they thought it was a good idea to give this completely untried, inexperienced, newbie A THREE YEAR CONTRACT!!! WTF???? It's one thing if you want to shake things up, try something new, get some fresh blood in with an unconventional managerial choice; it's a whole other thing to tie your experiment down to a three year agreement! Seriously, I can't even begin to wrap my head around this. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks Josh Byrnes has lost his mind. That Dilbert-speak? How is that supposed to translate to better baseball??? Seriously, man, the mind just boggles.

I'm not even going to get into the Manny fiasco. Inexcusable, man. Completely inexcusable.

So, apparently all my bad news this week centered around baseball. *laughs* In good baseball news, though, I was at the Awesome New Job exactly 2 1/2 days before I had convinced everyone that a firm field trip to a home game was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in the near future! With the D'backs crazy schedule, it looks as if won't happen until the Astros series in June. But, YAY! MOAR BASEBALL!!! ([livejournal.com profile] editorzon is right: no one is safe from the Baseball Borg!)

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Much happiness and love to all the moms on my flist! *mwah*
Happy Saturday, everyone! It's sunny and beautiful outside. Such a gorgeous day calls for a Happy List!

1. I had a lovely night with The Lovely Nieces last night. I took them to see Monsters v. Aliens, and while Rhyan was only interested in eating fistfuls of popcorn (seriously, she dug into the bag of popcorn with BOTH HANDS!), Rianna really liked the movie. Good times!

2. I just had a kick-ass workout with the Trainer Dude that included about 20 minutes of new boxing combinations. I feel fierce! \o/

3. Watching some of the NFL Draft. Seriously, can Mark Sanchez be any more adorable??? I think the title of Best Dimples of the NFL has just passed from Hines Ward to Mark!

4. Baseball tonight!!! I'll be heading out to Chase Field soon to see the D'backs and the Giants. Randy Johnson is starting for the Giants. It still makes me weep a little on the inside to see him in black and orange, but it'll be good to see him do his thing. Seriously, though, my boys need to get it together already. *shakes head* I'm sure that me being there cheering them on will make ALL the difference today! *beams*
Why can't days like today come with a pause button? Seriously, all I need is 15 minutes to catch my breath and come up with a plan for getting through the rest of this day. But instead this day just keeps coming right at me without even slowing down as it runs right over my sanity.

I just took a good look at my schedule, and even though I KNEW this, I hadn't really taken the time to actually process the fact that I will be starting a new trial EVERY MONDAY for the next 3, possibly 4, weeks!!! Egads!

So, yes, stress thy name is ME!!! Which is why it was a good thing to spend my lunch hour working out with the new trainer!boy. Putting on the boxing gloves and just whaling on the pads does wonders for my disposition! Perhaps I have some anger issues. Or maybe the thwap of the gloves making solid contact just appeals to some sadistic corner of my heart. I'm not sure what it is, I just know that I'm a happier person once I get to hit things! *evil grin*

Let's see, what else? Last night I made a delicious pot of gumbo for dinner, and this time I didn't screw up the roux, so it's all thick and yummy and even better as left overs! Mmmmm...can it be dinner time, now? Also, my house still smells like smoke from my mom's book burning adventures the other day. Every time we use the microwave, the smell just gets horrific all over again. Anyone know how to get burned book smell out of the microwave? (Because I'm sure this kind of thing happens to you ALL the time!)

In baseball news (because baseball news is important to my LIFE!) I watched most of Alex Rodriguez's press conference today. Now, we all know that I'm not really a Yankees fan, nor am I really an A-Rod fan, but I do have to say that he managed to earn some respect from me today with his candor. As my grandmother would say, te valiste, Señor Rodriguez, bien hecho. And, whatever goes down in the clubhouse, well done to his teammates for standing with him. Now, can we all report on something else this Spring Training, please? *hopes*

In VERY EXCITING news, President Obama will be less than 2 miles from my house tomorrow morning!!!!!!!! *flails* In much less exciting I news, I will be in court rather than basking in his awesomeness. *sadface* I kid you not, the school that he's speaking at tomorrow morning is less than 2 miles down the road. He will be so close!!! And I, sadly, will be so far away. Life is so unfair!!! *woe*

Well, I guess I took my 15 minutes anyway. Unfortunately, instead of coming up with a plan for the rest of the day, I instead screwed around on LJ. Go me!
1. I managed to make it through the day and NOT stab my client! No, really, this was an ACCOMPLISHMENT! But, even better, was the TWO HOUR NAP I took when I got home!!!

2. Light rail employees were giving out Valentine's day cards and chocolate this morning as we piled on the train for the morning commute. Admittedly, the chocolate kiss wasn't the most nutritious of breakfasts, but it made me SMILE!

3. Today I'm sore from my shoulder blades to my ass and quads, and while soreness isn't normally happy-making, it makes the list because it reminds me of the kick-ass workout I had yesterday with the new Trainer!Boy. So many squats! And boxing! I love the boxing! It's SO cathartic to just hit something!

4. Pitchers and catchers report in 15 HOURS AND 6 MINUTES!!!! Spring training is HERE!!!!!!!!! *flails wildly* Anyone wanna plan on catching some spring training games with me?

5. Lots of awesome new t.v. tonight!!! New Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!!! Friday Night Lights!!! And Dollhouse premiers tonight!!!

In other news, I'm glad to hear that folks are heading out to see Friday the 13th, because I'm all for supporting the boys' work, but I just don't think I can! I barely made it through My Bloody Valentine and that was with food and alcohol at the Drafthouse to distract me from the gore on the screen. I just don't DO horror flicks. So, while I wish him every success, I don't think I'm going to be contributing to that success myself. Sorry Jared! I still love you (even though I really don't like those new pictures of you -- please step away from the eyeliner)!

And, finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] dellastarr!!! ♥ I hope your day was full of things that make you happy and I hope the year ahead bring all manner of unexpected blessings your way!
Today has been insane, with all the busyness, schedule snares, and general badness usually associated with Mondays. It can stop any minute now, kthnx.

In other slightly grumpy news, cut for spoilery Supernatural nattering. )

Since I'm apparently surly despite it being Friday, let me just say that my thighs and ass are so freakin' sore, I'm actually making pained sounds every time I move. Ouch!!! The new trainer dude kicked my ass yesterday with, among other tortures, what today feels like a million squats. Despite today's pain, though, I really liked him. He kept up a really good pace, mixed up the exercises, included a really cathartic boxing session. And did I mention tha part about him kicking my ass? Yeah. That's exactly what I pay a trainer to do. Plus, his sessions are $5 dollers less an hour than the last guy. I think he's a keeper!

Also, I NEED MORE COFFEE!!! Dear gods why do I feel so TIRED and why must this day suck so much??? It's Friday, dammit. It needs to start acting like it! *glares*



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