I've got about a million tabs open, most of which represent other things that I should be doing right now instead of flitting around LJ. But, that's never stopped me before! Plus, I'm in an extraordinarily good mood today, and I want to share my happy with all of you! *beams*

These are some of the things that are contributing to my good mood today:

:: I'll be heading out to 1n10 this evening to help the kids start getting ready for Pride next month. Fun times!

:: Tomorrow night I'm meeting a friend downtown for some long overdue catching up and some St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Really fun times!

:: I'm taking some steps (baby steps, but steps nonetheless) toward doing something more productive with my make-up obsession, other than making large contributions to MAC's and Urban Decay's profit margins. Ok, so now that I say that, I don't know if I've actually talked about that here. Basically, it occurred to me recently, with the helpful insight of some fabulous friends (*cough[livejournal.com profile] editorzoncough*), that (1) doing make-up is something that I really enjoy doing, it's a (much needed) creative outlet, and it's something I'm good at and can get better at; (2) I can give myself permission to pursue this passion as something more than just a hobby; and (3) I don't necessarily have to make a choice between "lawyer" and "artist" (i.e., "responsible" and "dreamer") -- crazily enough I can be both! All of this was, for reasons that I should probably unpack in another post, ridiculously terrifying for me to even admit, much less do anything about. But I've been looking into several different make-up artistry programs, gathering information, and making a plan for making this work sometime this summer. So, um, GO ME! *beams* *is still terrified*

Ok, so, in sum, make-up artistry musings, baby steps forward, all still scary but very happy-making. Moving on. :)

:: I get to see my L.A. girls next week!!! And in 10 DAYS I get to meet Darren Criss!!!!! *flails forever*

:: GLEE!!! Show, you make my heart happy!!! I've got lots of ~feelings about last nights episode, and thoughts, and approximately a billion screen caps, gifs, and videos that I want to post for my future repeated watching and endless enjoyment, but I think I'll do that in a separate post. This show and everything about "Original Songs," though, is definitely a part of today's good mood. *points to icon* So. Much. HAPPY!!!
I had been feeling so much better, and then I randomly woke up feeling like road kill again. I'm not impressed by this turn of events. :/ Especially since I had awesome, happy-making things to flail with y'all about today!

I still want to talk about the awesome, happy-making things, but due to the aforementioned feeling like road kill, I'm going to confine my flail to a list:

- Congratulations, Packers!!! (I still love Mike Tomlin like PIE, and I greatly ~appreciated his hotness on my t.v. screen yesterday, but, man, I really did not want Ben going home with a Super Bowl ring this year.)

- GLEE!!! I loved, loved, LOVED everything about yesterday's episode!

- GLEE!!! (It totes deserves two spots on this list!) I can't wait until tomorrow's Valentine's episode!

- This picture and this picture melt my heart into a big pile of happy goo!

- I have an interview on Wednesday! *fingers crossed*

- My family. <333

- Phil Anselmo and his pet chickens.

- Homemade guacamole.
The absence of a routine has been a hard adjustment; so in an effort to start the weeks off right, I've been doing happy lists on Mondays.

Today has been a truly sucktastic Monday. High stress has resulted in low immunity, hence feeling only slightly more whole than road kill today. So did not need this right now. Wallowing in my own misery and phlegm, I really did not feel like thinking of positive things to put on a happy list today. But I guess that's the whole point, right? Focusing on the good despite feeling not good.

So, yeah, a happy list:

- Yesterday I got a surprise visit from an old friend, Sara, who I've known for over 20 years but whom I rarely see since she lives in Nashville now. It was so great though to go to brunch and spend hours talking and catching up and it truly feeling as if we were just resuming a conversation we started last week, even if it's been more than a year since I saw her last.

- Speaking of my amazing friends, I had a lovely phone chat with [livejournal.com profile] editorzon last night that made me again realize how blessed I am to have such fabulous women in my life. Y'all know who you are! *loves*

- Adam had a birthday on Saturday and there was a photo booth at the party, which meant hundreds of awesome pictures like this to sift through and enjoy: )

- Also, Nyquil and orange juice. Thank all the gods for Nyquil and orange juice.
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day, fellow Americans! I loved waking up to dozens of Dr. King's inspiring words being quoted on my Twitter feed and on Facebook. These are some of my favorites:

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Powerful, inspiring words! What a great way to start a Monday!

So, let's continue this whole Start The Week Off Right trend with a Monday Happy List! :D

Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe last night was adorable and his cast mates were delightful and he gave the most beautiful and heart-touching speech of the evening! )

This photo of Darren Criss and Lauren Potter, the actress who plays Becky, makes my heart go all warm and mushy! )

This is going to happen!!! [GLEE SPOILERS]

♦ Adam Lambert joined forces with charity: water and asked his fans to raise $29,000 for clean water projects for his birthday on January 29th. That goal was reached within five hours!!! He's now upped the goal and as of this morning over $65,000 has been raised! People doing good is definitely happy-making! :D

This was on my Twitter feed this morning:


How would you fill in the blank?
I really need to start every week with a happy list.

★ Greek yogurt with honey. It's so delicious! This morning I added bananas and it was extra delicious! Seriously, Greek yogurt and honey is my new favorite thing in the world!!!

★ Getting job search stuff accomplished. I got a reference to a new head hunter. Between those contacts and things picking up now that we're getting into the new year, I'm hoping to see progress soon. *fingers crossed*

★ Setting up a meeting for tomorrow in order to move forward on plans to get more involved with 1n10. (If you haven't yet, check out the information about the organization and their upcoming Fresh Brunch.)

Darren!!! )

★ You know how I mentioned that I just finished watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, right? Well, I think I found a new girl crush. )
Ok, so just in case you've been living under a cozy rock for the past two years, let me just say that this job market truly sucks big, hairy, sweaty monkey balls. I've pretty much resigned my self to the fact that this situation is highly unlikely to change until after the first of the year. Even the few firms and companies that were hiring have put any of those efforts on hold through the holidays. So, what this means, other than the fact that my bank account is going to be a bleak wasteland for a while, is that I have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. And, quite frankly, this having nothing to do business is driving me INSANE! Seriously, I'm going nuts!

So, for the sake of my sanity and because y'all love me, I need your help! Suggestions, ideas, plans, projects! Give 'em to me!!! I've already contacted my local Pride office to volunteer, but they're sort of slow too until after the holidays. Other volunteer suggestions? Project ideas? Hobbies? TV shows to watch? Books to read? Origami instructions? OMG, anything!!! *desperate*

*deep breaths*

Ok, despite the above, or maybe because of the above, I'm really working on this whole "stay positive" mindset. Sparkling harder, and all that. So, here are some happy, sparkly things about my Wednesday.

✶ I decided to get back on track with the Take Better Care of Me Plan, so I got in touch with my trainer and we have an appointment for him to kick my ass a workout tomorrow morning! Also, I few months ago my SIL dropped my scale and broke it, and since I didn't have a scale, my mind somehow translated that into permission to not be accountable for my nutritional decisions at all. Not good, brain, not good at all! But, I've now replaced my scale and, as of today, I'm again journaling my nutritional intake. Accountability FTW!!!

✶ I was going to warn for TMI on this one, but, who am I kidding? This is me we're talking about! Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a new vibrator today! What??? This is totally a better plan for feeling better about my life than that half gallon of chunky chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer! Taking Better Care of Me Plan, indeed! *g*

✶ I'm making plans to go see the Scissor Sisters' show in Atlanta at The Tabernacle next April! I really want to see them and they aren't doing any solo shows near me, and a group of East Coast friends were planning on going, and I'm totes doing this as a show of faith that this whole job situation will be resolved in awesome fashion by that time! *nods* So, anyone want to come with? *bats eyelashes*

Adam's Acoustic Live EP drops on December 6th!!! *flails* I'm SO happy that we're getting an acoustic version of Aftermath!!! And Soaked!!! Also, the cover is ridiculously awesome!!! )

Nov. 15th, 2010 11:32 am
I spent most of Saturday and Sunday selling all the extraneous stuff in my life to strangers, otherwise known as a garage sale. And, the lesson learned, from that experience? It's a hell of a lot of work to sell your crap to strangers, so next time I'm donating it all and saving myself the complete exhaustion and regaining those 2 days of my life! But, on the bright side, I did get rid of a whole hell of a lot stuff. So there's that.

This weekend I also managed to get caught up with some of my shows. Hawaii Five-O is still ridiculously happy-making. Talk about eye-candy, man. Everything and everyone on that show is just so damn pretty! I'm still loving Steve and Danny's chemistry and I love that the show is giving us more layers to Kono's and Chin Ho's characters. And I mentioned the pretty, right? Yeah, just a lot of pretty happening there.

The A-List New York continues to be my guilty pleasure, only, you know, really without the guilt. These boys are ridiculous and fabulous and such bitchy drama queens! They are HIGHLY entertaining! And I recently heard that LOGO was going to start casting for an A-List L.A.!!! How fabulous would that be? And how much would I love to see Cheeks in something like that?!!! Please, Universe, make that happen! *prays*

And, seriously, I have no words for how much Sons of Anarchy continues to just blow me away! That show!!! *loves and loves*

Other than selling my stuff to strangers and catching up on my DVR'd shows, I also spent a good part of yesterday watching football, and cringing at the complete mess that is the Cardinals football team, and just shaking my head at that crazy finish in the Jags/Texans game, and staring at Mike Tomlin being all intense and hot on the Steelers' sideline, and thoroughly enjoying Tom Brady's ridiculously long hair and scruffy look, and thinking that he should really get pissed and yell more often because goddamn his already high quotient of hotness increases exponentially when that happens.

So, now that the weekend is over and we're doing this whole Monday thing again, how 'bout a happy list to start this week off right? Yeah, that sounds like the thing.

[livejournal.com profile] wendy has put together a thoroughly awesome mix of self-empowerment songs, songs of the "I am amazing just the way I am variety." Good music, great message!

♥ In about an hour and a half, I get to have lunch with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz before she flies off to far away corners of the world again. Tacos! And tequila! And awesome friends! \o/

♥ There is some fantastic live music and time with awesome friends to look forward to this week with Bruno Mars on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck and Jerrod Niemann on Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] ladymairwen! Both are sure to be good times!

Ok, now it's your turn! What's happy-making in your world today? *chin hands*

ETA: OMG!!! How did I forget to mention this! Sutan Amrul, Adam's insanely talented make-up artist, has been cast as a contestant in season 3 of RuPual's Drag Race!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAJA IS FABULOSITY PERSONIFIED!!!!! January 24th! *marks calendar*
>> #teamfeelingood )

>> [livejournal.com profile] wendy's post of Awesome Exactly as You Are tunes!!! Lot's of fabulous, empowering music there! Go add your favorite I Am Awesome song to the list!

>> Decluttering!!! I'm cleaning out closets and corners and getting ready to sell all the extraneous stuff in my life tomorrow in a yard sale. Yay!

>> Pinkbert! )

>> Darren Criss and the Glee Cast's version of Teenage Dream!!! Happy place! *twirls* Also, [livejournal.com profile] kurt_blaine for all your Kurt/Blaine fannish needs. You're welcome. *g*

Who else is #teamfeelingood with me today? Tell me what's fabulous about your Friday! *beams*

fun friday!

Oct. 8th, 2010 02:59 pm
My very shallow Fun Friday Happy List:

1. Cassidy is making me feel highly patriotic today!

Now don't y'all feel like pledging allegiance now! *g*

2. Pretty boys kissing! This never gets old. And after months of this, Tommy actually 'WOW'-ed after this kiss! )

3. And, with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] azewewish for notifying my of the existence of such hotness, Tim Howard, hot, tattooed goalie for Team USA, naked: )

Fun Friday, indeed! *g*
I'm not even going to get into the rant with the Boss that I now have to put on hold for a week until he comes back from his vacation, except to say that NO, the client is NOT always right; especially when we're talking about criminal defense clients. I think a distinct lack of good judgment can be inferred in the majority of people who have managed to get themselves charged with a crime. It's frustrating in the extreme to have to deal with a Boss who thinks that we should babysit, coddle, and consistently differ to our clients instead of provide them with quality legal service, which often includes telling them what they don't want to hear.

*breathes deep*

Since dwelling on a righteous rant that's been necessarily deferred accomplishes nothing but increasing my frustration and ire, let's do a Happy List instead!

1. Glee!!! Oh sweet baby Jesus, that finale was all kinds of wonderful! Spoilery stuff. ) Gah! I'm gonna miss this show! How are we gonna get by without our weekly dose of television JOY???

2. Nia is once again my anchor of sanity. I finally found a class that's close to work -- I've been looking for something since the class that was on the east side of town got cancelled last year. So I went to class yesterday and discovered a lovely group of women who welcomed me into their dancing community and I danced and got sweaty and laughed and breathed and was blissfully present in my body and it was JUST WHAT MY LIFE NEEDED! So I'll definitely be going back on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I need this.

3. I had a fantastic lunch with [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck at Barrio Cafe today. I had the most delectable garlic shrimp quesadillas. YUM! And the company was even better than the food! Good times!
Awesome things from this weekend, in list form! Because lists make me happy!

- Great workout with the trainer on Saturday!

- Spring cleaned the hell outa my room! (Shush! I know it's nearly summer! It still totally counts!)

- Got tickets for me and my mom to go to Adam's San Francisco show in July!

- Hair cut!!! Shiny and bouncy hair!

- Pedicure on my toes toes! Sparkly toes FTW!

- Shopping spree! Spiffy new suit and other assorted work clothes! AND! Pants that are two sizes smaller than the last time I went shopping! Go me! \o/

- Discovered that I will get to see Kris Allen live this summer after all, as his Tucson show is JUNE 23rd instead of July 23rd! Pocket Idol!!! (Also, [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck has an extra ticket if anyone wants to join us!)

- Totally random but lovely chat with the Texas boy.

- Delicious homemade fruit smoothies!

- Finished reading Josh Lanyon's Strange Fortune and I loved it!!!
Man, it's gorgeous outside. I wish I could drag my stacks of files outside to enjoy the sunshine. I should take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts, because it won't be long now before I'm complaining about Arizona's hellish summer heat. Sadly I'm stuck in my office looking at the lovely day happening outside my window.

But even though I can't play in it, the sunshiney awesomeness happening outside has me in a great mood! Or maybe that's the coffee I had this morning in an otherwise coffee-less couple of weeks? In any event, I AM HAPPY! And, because I'm awesome like that, I'm gonna share my happy mood with y'all. *beams*

Happy Thing The First: Strawberries! Yummy ripe strawberries! I've got a whole little basket full of them to munch on throughout the day and they taste like the sunshine outside my window. Delish!

Happy Thing The Second: Shoes! Shiny new shoes! I just got these and I love them! I also got two other pairs for work that are quite lovely. But, OMG, I love that first pair so much!

Happy Thing The Third: Baseball! Well, specifically, Chris Snyder!!! I'm not talking to my D'backs until they crawl their way back over .500, but my bb Chris is another story. He's smokin' hot with his bat right now (3-run HR yesterday!) and I'm so incredibly proud of him. And, seriously, if they start talking about trading him again, I will NOT be responsible for my actions. But we're talking happy, so, CHRIS!!! *loves*

Happy Thing The Fourth: Awesome music happenings! While I'm still more than a little frustrated that they haven't announced Adam's full tour schedule, tickets for his second OC show go on pre-sale tomorrow. And more Adam is always a good thing! Also, in case anyone missed the memo, Adam is cute. Just ask Rhyan who crawled next to me last night and demanded to watch Adam videos and then informed me that "A-lam is cute!" *g* Even though she's just two, she certainly knows her cute.

A-lam IS cute! )

Yup, definitely cute. Or, you know, FUCKING GORGEOUS! But if the two year old comes out with "A-lam is fucking gorgeous!" her parents may not be happy with me. So, we'll just stick with "A-lam is cute." *g*

Speaking of the pretty, dear gods, Adam's bassist Tommy is ridiculously pretty! )

The happy-making musical happenings continue: I also scored tickets to see Kris Allen when he opens for Barenaked Ladies here in July! Pocket Idol!!! I'm kind of ridiculously excited about finally getting to see him perform live!

And since they added a second Glee Live show, I was able to get tickets for me and my mom as her Mothers' Day present. GLEE!!! So very happy-making!

And more! [livejournal.com profile] without_me was able to score tickets for us to see The Wall in November! Yay!

*breathes* OMG so much awesome music in my future!!!

And if all that wasn't enough musical awesomeness, today Trent Reznor announced the release of a new song with his new band How To Destroy Angels and it's hauntingly beautiful! I didn't even realize he was making new music, but apparently he is, and it's amazing!

ETA: More How To Destroy Angels! )

Happy Thing The Fifth: ME!!! *beams* I'm gonna brag on myself for a moment. Because I can. *g* And also because these are definitely part of the happy. First, my online food journal informed me today that I've logged on for 65 days in a row. That means that for the past 65 days I've been eating mindfully. For the past 65 days I've made conscious, deliberate decisions about what to feed my body; for the most part those have been healthy choices, but even when they haven't been, I've been aware of them and accountable for them. That right there is success! Second, I don't think I've mentioned this here, but last Friday I had my one year review. Holy cow, it's been a year! But, more importantly, it's been a damn good year! My review was positively glowing and came with a very nice raise and plans for long-term success and reward here. Job satisfaction is definitely happy-making!
 Horchata + Coffee = DELICIOUSNESS OVER ICE!!! This is possibly the most fabulous drink combo not involving tequila! So good!!! *slurps*

 MOAR ADAM!!! The official press release on Adam's Glam Nation tour today included a second show in Orange County in July! I'm still hoping that we'll see more dates on the West Coast and maybe even in Phoenix, but until then I'm all for a second OC show!

 I have my plane ticket for L.A. weekend after next!!! I get to see my girls!!! And Creepshow!!! Man, it's been ages (or you know, since February *g*) that I've been in L.A. This trip is essential to my continued state of happiness!!! :)

 Um, my Twitter feed is currently singing "Arthur's Theme." *laughs* Nothing like a little virtual Christopher Cross to brighten you afternoon! You know it's crazy, but it's true! *g*

 Daughtry!!! Tomorrow night!
A List O' Things that are Making Me Particularly Happy this Friday:

[1] Taxes!!! Yeah, I know. Not what you would normally expect to find on a Happy List. But, despite epic degrees of procrastination, I did manage to get my taxes filed before midnight last night. Filed with an hour and 47 minutes to spare, thankyouverymuch! My procrastination skills are finely honed, I tell you! *g* But, even more happy-making than the general yay-they're-done-and-on-time happiness is the fact that not only do I not owe Uncle Sam money this year, I'll actually be getting some of it back! Unexpected play money FTW!!!

[2] Glam Nation Tour!!! Even though we don't have dates yet, we do know what Adam Lambert's summer tour is going to be called. Glam is back motherfuckers!!! And today he announced that Allison Iraheta and Orianthi are going to open for him!!!! So. Much. FABULOUSNESS!!! I don't know much about Orianthi other than she plays a wicked guitar, but ALLISON!!! She's so freakin' talented and I'm crazy excited that she and Adam are going to be touring together! Eeee!!! Dear Adam: You are fabulous and I love you. But please to be giving us tour dates now as I need to PLAN MY LIFE around your tour. Also, that unexpected play money is going to come in damn handy as I expect that even though the recession didn't bankrupt me, Adam's tour just might. Debters' prison will be totally worth it though! *beams*

[3] Puppy!!! I came home from work the other day to find that we had a new member of the household:


This is Jax. He's made of CUTE! Technically he's The Nieces puppy, but since Nieces and Puppy are living in my house, I'm claiming him. *g*
So, yeah, the week has been fairly craptastic. And now it seems as if I managed to catch the latest round of crud, so I'm feeling all sniffly and feverish. But, regardless, I'm determined to be in a better mood, dammit! So, this is me, doing my best to sparkle harder. *g*

Of course, that means a Happy List! \o/

- I've got some truly fabulous, sparkly, purple nail polish on today and just looking at it makes me happier. *stares at sparkly nails*

- My client this morning was so happy and grateful for the work I did on his case. It's pretty freakin' awesome when the work you do really does make a difference in people's lives! Plus he and his partner were simply adorable and I just wanted to keep them in my pocket! ♥

- Apparently Chad Ochocinco will be competing on Dancing with the Stars this season! This just cracks my shit up! *laughs and laughs* Also, Chad is no Jason Taylor. I'm just sayin'.

- In a glee-inducing confluence of fannish obsessions: Adam Lambert is in Australia this week and scheduled to perform at Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras sometime today (tomorrow? -- not sure exactly). And, word on the street is that George Michael will also be there and that the two will meet!!!!!! Eeeee!!! This makes my little fannish heart go all pitter-patter! There had better be pictures of this awesomeness!

- AND!!! And this is the sparkliest of all! Adam's bonus track, "Voodoo," which is available on the international release of For Your Entertainment, hit the web last night and it's FABULOUS!!! Check it out:

Oh, man, I cannot wait to hear that live! (Also, if anyone hasn't found a download link and you want it, hit me up with your email and I'll send it to you.)

ETA: Voodoo lyrics )
March! I'm expecting damn good things from you, primarily less work-related insanity and more general awesomeness. So please do not disappoint. Kthx, Me.

To assist in the general awesome-making that I'm forecasting for this month, let's start things out with a List O' Happy shall we?

:: Glee!!! Specifically, the Glee cast will be doing a four city tour this summer!!! And they're kicking it off in Phoenix on May 18!!! This is VERY exciting! Who wants to go with me??? *bats eyelashes*

:: If you have not yet checked out the video of Adam Lambert jamming a completely kick-ass, musically genius acoustic version of 'Whole Lotta Love' at Saturday's Fantasy Springs show, believe me when I tell you that YOUR LIFE IS INCOMPLETE! Seriously. Go. Now. I'll wait. ... See??? Wasn't that AMAZING! I'm still working on recovering the completely blown pieces of my mind. It's probably a futile effort. I may never be the same.

:: Baseball!!!!!!!! Spring Training starts tomorrow! I probably won't be able to get to a game until Saturday. But, just knowing that baseball is being played makes me HAPPY!

I got word that I got picked in the lottery the D'backs were having in order to purchase tickets for the games against the Yankees this season. I'm sure they will sell out, so I think I'm going to snag my tickets now. Also, I'm considering taking Monday, April 5th off so that I can make it to the afternoon home opener. I have a huge mediation later that week, but if I prep early then maybe I can pull it off. What? This is important!!!

:: Apparently it is Jensen Ackles birthday today. Happy birthday, man! I may have fallen out of love with your show but I still think you're ridiculously pretty and I hope you had a kick ass day!

:: These outtakes of Vanity Fair's interview and photo shoot with Johnny Weir sort of made my day! After the Olympics I have the world championships in Italy and then I’m going to take a vacation to Mongolia because I want to ride a yak. *laughs and laughs* How did I end up fangirling a figure skater??? I live in the motherfucking desert and have never even seen an ice rink in person! Whatever, man. This boy is fabulous and I'm keeping him!
Have I mentioned how delicious the new Starbucks Caramel Brulee Lattes are??? It's been a crazy busy Monday with no time for a lunch break, but this super yummy venti caramel brulee goodness is going a long way toward making up for all that. Delish!

Also of the good today, Muse has announced a Phoenix stop for their spring US tour!!!!!!! *bounces* Y'all know what I'll be doing April 9th! *g* Anyone wanna join me? *beams*

Since this is turning in to a Monday happy list, I'll add a good t.v. night to the list o' happeh makin' things. The Cardinals had better be playing some playoff-worthy football tonight. I'm just sayin'. And then Adam is performing on The Tonight Show! More Adam is never a bad thing!

Also, it totally counts as happeh-makin' that I finally dug out my winter clothes yesterday (ah, the joys of living in Arizona!) and I'm wearing one of my favorite sweaters and scarves today and a cute outfit is always of the good! *preens*

I'm off to wrap up a few more things, before I jet outa here to go home and watch the game! Hope everyone had themselves a damn fine Monday!
I've been working on a whole attitude adjustment thing, because, quiet frankly, I was getting tired of my own whiny bullshit. So, to kick off the week with a healthier mental space, I'm making me a happy list!

- Egg Nog with Southern Comfort! Is it wrong that this tops my list? Oh, well. It's definitely happy making. It went perfectly with all the decorating and shopping and generally kicking of holiday ass I did this weekend! So yummy!!!

- Snowflake Cookies! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me all the lovely snowflakes. Every time I'd get an email telling me I had a new snowflake it would make me smile. My profile is a blizzard of happiness!

- The Nieces! I got to spend most of the weekend with Rianna and her excitement over the holidays was contagious! She and I have decided that Santa Clause is indeed real! *nods* Also, Rhyan finally learned to say "Tía Gigi" and this fills me with GLEE!!!

- SAMe. I have not even been taking it for a week, but already I feel the difference in my thought patterns. Thank @god for healthier brain chemistry!

- Y'all! It really cannot be said enough: I've got the most kick-awesome friends on the planet! Love you guys like Dean loves pie! *mwah*

- Aces Take Your Time (Adam/Tommy, NC-17): [livejournal.com profile] i_amthecosmos wrote me Adam/Tommy knife-play fic and it's HOT LIKE FIYAH!

- Speaking of happy-making Adam/Tommy fic, how 'bout some Tommy rent!boy fic?!!! For Hire (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) by [livejournal.com profile] jeck7 and [livejournal.com profile] worlddescending. It's a long read, but OMFG so good!

It would also make me very happy if you would let me know if I can send you a holiday card or tell me about your favorite holiday recipe or link me to YOUR wish list! And I'm sure that my happiness is very important to you too. *g* So, go on, do it!

So much happy-making stuff!!! What's on your happy list this week? I wanna know!!!

outa steam

Sep. 29th, 2009 08:18 pm
Man, I'm wiped. I went in to the office today around mid-morning and managed to make it to 4:30 before I completely ran out of steam. I'll probably do the same tomorrow -- go in, but for only whatever part of the day I can manage. I've really got too much work not to, and, as long as I don't push it, I think it's actually good for me to get up and do something. For now, though, I'm not moving from this couch unless the damn house is on fire!

All in all, though, today was definitely a step forward in the getting-better plan! Yay! And I think all this progress call for a HAPPY LIST! \o/

:: I think we are finally done with the million degree weather! Today was supposed to be the last triple digit day of the year. Nighties and eighties, here we come! I'm breaking out the sweaters now!

:: I won the auction for Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD, an exclusive one off CD of his unreleased material!!! I'm ridiculously excited about this! I cannot even tell you. I can't wait to hear what's on this thing! (Although we shall not speak about what I was willing to bid for this thing. I'm going to blame it on the residual effects of all the narcotics I've been on.)

:: I had THE best peach for lunch today. It was huge, and juicy, and DELICIOUS! Yum!

:: [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva rocks my world! First there was the lovely vase of cheerful flowers and get-well wishes that arrived on Saturday. So pretty! And then today I came home from work to find yummy smelly stuffs from her for my birthday! J, baby, that was perfect! I love that scent so much! THANK YOU!!! *mwah*

:: The day got about a million times better this evening when I was able to have a lovely and long over due phone chat with [livejournal.com profile] editorzon! Love you, baby, and I can't wait to see you soon!

:: Speaking of seeing awesome peoples soon, I think I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend in October! Hookers, I understand there are some Halloween plans at Cicada Club in the works? Count me in! *beams*

*sighs happily* That's a good deal of happy-makin' for one day.

And, for some added miscellany, y'all remember those pictures of Adam Lambert in New Orleans, right? Well, a few more have cropped up. And Adam and his adorable boyfriend are still adorable. And amusing. Despite the unfortunate facial hair and questionable fashion choices. But the lesson I think we all should learn from these pictures has nothing to do with shaving practices, Just For Men hair dye, or shirts with sleeves. No, I think what we've all learned is that 98% of [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai members need to step away from the computer and TAKE A DAMN VACATION TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I was appalled at how many people had no idea what Adam meant when he twittered about the Big Easy! Or who couldn't recognize Pat O'Brien's by the drinks on the table or who had no idea what a hand grenade was!!! Seriously, people, y'all need to get out more! *laughs*

Ok, I'm going back to slothful recovery now. Hope y'all are having a good week!
Today was a ridiculously long day. Seriously, meetings that are going to last 4 1/2 hours should come with a warning so that I can pack snacks (and extra coffee, lots of coffee!). I'm wiped. So this will be short. Short lists! Because lists make me feel better. :)

The suck:
- meetings that last 4 1/2 hours
- the headache that resulted from a tragic lack of caffeine during said meeting
- the unfortunate state of my "to do" list after a day spent mostly in meetings
- my bb, Chris Snyder placed on the DL *sadface*

The awesome:
- still really diggin' my job
- gorgeous rainbow arching across the sky on my drive home
- conversations with good friends
- making plans with [livejournal.com profile] azewewish to see Down in L.A. in August...Philip!!!!!!!!!!
- Spa Day this weekend -- I cannot even adequately explain how desperate I am for a pedicure.
- looking forward to a weekend in Ojai celebrating J's fabulousness
- this! )



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