:: Darren Criss. Wet and shirtless. Those pictures have totes been my happy place all week.

:: My newest musical obsession is Jessie J. I love her voice! If you haven't yet, check her out. "Do It Like A Dude" and "Price Tag" to get you started on the Jessie J love!

Also, I'd love to know who does her make-up. She always looks AMAZING.

:: I finally scored the Naked Palette from Urban Decay!!! That damn thing has been sold out for approximately forever! But they're available right now directly from Urban Decay, so, you know, go get it!!! (It's also entirely possible that I'm the only one who is ridiculously excited about this. If so, feel free to ignore my make-up related flailing. *g*)

:: I think it's appropriate to re-flail about [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva's awesome ticket mojo in scoring us VIP M&G tickets to the San Diego Glee Live! show because those things sold like hotcakes and are completely sold out before the general sale even starts tomorrow! But we have tickets!!!! *re-flail* :D

:: Speaking of awesome live music, Bruno Mars is touring this summer with Janelle Monae. (Tour dates.) Bruno Mars was absolutely fantastic live when I saw him at Martini Ranch a few months back; and I've heard nothing but amazing things about Janelle Monae's live performances. This should be one hell of a show.

:: Sunday is 1n10's Fresh Brunch!!! Good times for a good cause! There are some amazing Adam-related items up for auction (a Adam fan basket full of great stuff, a Lee Cherry framed picture signed by both Lee and Adam, a signed photo and calendar donated by Adam's mom) -- let me know if you're interested in making an on-line bid and I'll get you the info.

Yay! Fun Friday indeed! Tell me about the fun things in your Friday!

(P.S.: I waiting for news on a job. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it's GOOD news!)
:: How did I not know that Jeremy Shockey was on Twitter??? I randomly ran across his Twitter account today. *follows* And, sweet jam on crackers, how can I possibly love this man any more? His Twitter bio? "Unwavering." That's it. Unwavering. That's how he describes himself! Just that! I'm equal parts amused and charmed!

Jeremy Shockey. Bio: Unwavering. )

:: Speaking of being equal parts amused and charmed, this is what Adam and his Glam Troupe were apparently up to before their last U.S. show at the Puyallup Fair in Washington: Let's play cowboys and Indians! )

:: MAC has this super cool new make-up line called Venomous Villians based on some of Disney villains! I was completely unable to resist the Maleficent eyeshadows and one of the Evil Queen's lipsticks! *grabby hands*

:: While were on the topic of Disney, sort of. My mom and I bought tickets to take Rianna and Rhyan to see Beauty and the Beast next month at Gammage! I absolutely LOVE this production and it will be the girls' first musical theater experience! I am super excited!!!

:: Why must there be all this super cool stuff that I want to buy when I don't have a damn job??? Cassidy Haley just added a hoodie to his Sunshine Rebels collection. *wants* But, you know, I've got Maleficent eyeshadow coming my way, so I'm going to resist the allure of the Rebel Hoodie.

:: I can't be the only one who actually wanted them to do a Christopher Cross number on GLEE, right??? Don't judge me! Christopher Cross brings up lots of childhood memories with my dad for me! :) Other than wanting Christopher Cross, this is what I thought of this week's GLEE ) Oh, and FYI, I really do hope that Brittany does a perform a musical number by Ke$ha next week! *g*


Aug. 31st, 2010 12:28 pm
♦ This weekend I'm off to San Diego for my cousin's wedding. I can always count on this particular branch of the family to throw one hell of a party when they marry off one of their daughters. So while I'm glad she's happy and all (blah, blah, blah) what I'm really looking forward to is (1) the opportunity to break out some fabulous formal wear and (2) the open bar!!! *g*

♦ In 8 days I will embark on my Glamtastic Vacation of Glittery Awesomeness!!! 3 cities, 4 Glam Nation shows, and 8 fantabulous days filled with several of my most bestest friends and as many damn good times as we can pack into a vacation!!! I cannot wait!

♦ I got a new camera for the trip! While I love my camera with the magical zoom lens, it's a bit unwieldy in crowded spaces like concerts. So I got a tiny camera that fits into the palm of my hand! Or my pocket! It's so small and shiny! )

What is the key to wearing black tie well? Go commando underneath. It adds an air of mystery. Oh, Matt Bomer. I do love you so! I also love Neal a lot. And Peter. And Mozzie. I miss Elizabeth though. There needs to be more Smokin' Hot Mrs. Suit in my White Collar. But, overall, this show entertains me immensely! *loves*

♦ Speaking of immensely entertaining: Kurt Warner is going to dance in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars!!! *laughs and laughs* Oh, Kurt. Also, apparently you can't put Baby in a corner anymore. *g* I'm kinda looking forward to this show now!

♦ I'm again walking in the AIDS Walk Phoenix on October 3rd. I realize that times are tough out there, but any contribution, no matter the amount, really does make a difference. If it's your will, you can donate to my AIDS Walk efforts here.

Pretty! And sparkly! )
World Cup: What the hell is that annoying buzzing noise??? I drives me insane! No, like, really, I will go on a murderous rampage if I have to continue listening to that brain piercing droning. So, unless I want to cut my soccer fannishness short only 2 days into World Cup play, I think I'll have to start making prodigious use of the mute button. But in less grumptastic World Cup musings, dear gods, Tim Howard, thank you for gracing my television screen with your unbelievable hotness today. You can definitely stay. *g*

Reading: I'm reading Josh Lanyon's "The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks." I continue to love his characters like Dean loves pie! They are quirky and insightful and smart and interesting and flawed and just completely CHARMING!

Feathers: In addition to several gorgeous feather necklaces and hair accessories, made by the lovely and talented Chantala, I now also have a completely fabulous blue and black feather boa! *laughs* It is both awesome and ridiculous! I now need someplace equally awesome and ridiculous to wear said feather boa!

Workout: My trainer kicked my ass today and I'll probably be terribly sore tomorrow, but for now I just feel the good kinda tired.

That about covers my Saturday. It's been relaxing and lovely. Just as Saturdays should be.
I've been meaning to do this post for a while. All of these products have been rockin' my world lately, so I've been wanting to pimp them out to y'all. And, you know, what better time to talk beauty products than while watching Sunday football? Embrace the paradox, people! *g*

Oooh, Shiny! )

So, yeah, that's the stuff that I'm loving right now. I think the obvious lesson here is that I've been spending way too much time at Sephora. *g*


Sep. 3rd, 2009 07:53 pm
I did a lot of splurging on myself last month. As is only right, I think, for one's birthday. One of the things I splurged on were some Nicolina Royale pieces. Today I received the two necklaces I had ordered. So pretty! )

I love them both! Now I need to go shopping for the perfect outfit(s) to wear them with

(For those of you that think that this post has nothing to do with Adam Lambert, you'd be wrong. Nicolina's work came to my attention because she's designed several of the accessories that Adam wore during Idol and on the tour, including a kick ass leather bondage glove that he work on Good Morning America, proving yet again that all roads lead to Adam. *g*)



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