I'm focusing on the positive, so let's talk about awesome, happy-making things! :D

First awesome, happy-making thing: DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! I got tickets to see him play a show in L.A. on March 26th to benefit the AIDS Project L.A. Awesome music for an awesome cause!!! (There are, by the way, a few tickets still available at that link.)

It's going to be a small show, only 150 tickets being sold. Even better? We ninja-ed tickets a day before they were announced publicly and managed to score MEET AND GREETS WITH DARREN FREAKIN' CRISS!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Even 24 hours later, I can barely contain my flail!

And betterer still? I get to enjoy all this awesome, happy-makingness with mah girls, [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_, [livejournal.com profile] coolwhipdiva and [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!! So. Much. Happy. Making!!!!

This also means that Darren has given me the perfect excuse for a much needed weekend in L.A. So, heads up to my other L.A. chicas, brunch on Sunday, March 27??? Y/Y? *beams*

Second awesome, happy-making thing: Adam Freakin' Lambert! )

My t.v. shows have also been awesome and happy making lately. )

More awesome, happy making: my friend Sara is in town from Nashville and I'll be seeing her tonight. Sara is one of my oldest friends ever and I love that, no matter how much time passes, we can always pick up as if we had just seen each other the day before.

And, finally, awesome, happy-making for my peeps in the Houston and Austin areas: )
I have LOTS of things I want to talk to y'all about today, like some fic pet-peeves, and how Lady Gaga is making me eye-roll so hard it's starting to hurt, and Cheeks' hilarious remix of her new single, and the Grammys, and how ridiculously HOT Adam looked at the Grammys, and the new (wet & shirtless!) pictures of Darren. Yeah, lots of things, that I'll get to later today.

First, though, let me tell you about all the amazing things I've been learning...from drag queens. I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race this season, because Sutan Amrull, Adam's amazing make-up artist, also known as Raja, is competing. Raja is fabulous and I'm thoroughly enjoying the show. I wasn't expecting, however, all the valuable life wisdom there was to glean from beautiful drag queens! Seriously, y'all. These queens are amazing and have a thing or two to teach the world about being fierce and fabulous and courageous and authentic and funny. And, yeah, I'm a little bit in love with all of them. *g*

One of the things that Rupaul does in every episode is he reminds the girls that "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" This is TRUFAX, people. True fucking facts.

And last night, as I was up all night, again, hacking up a lung and basically not being able to BREATHE (ugh. I'm so OVER being sick!), I thought about that and realized that I haven't been doing a very good job of loving myself lately. Admittedly, it's ~challenging to feel love for yourself, for your body, when it feels as if it's betrayed you by throwing out the welcome mat for every germ and virus that comes knocking at the door.

But that's the thing, right? Love, all love including self-love, is forged and made a real and solid and lasting thing, not by its expression when it's easy, but by what it does and says when it's NOT easy to love.

So, today, I'm going to work on loving myself better. *nods* This will be my Valentine's to myself. <333

This is how I'm going to start.... )

Happy Valentine's Day to MEEEEEEE!!!! <333

And, you know, if anyone would like to join me in a self-love orgy (mmmm...sounds dirty! *g*) in the comments, please feel free to do that! Tell me three things you love about you, three awesome things about yourself, and three ways you're going to love yourself this week! Let's make it a lovefest!!! Because in the immortal words of RuPaul, if you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else? *mwah*
Cowboy Mouth: [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz and I went to see Cowboy Mouth Saturday night at The Compound. Holy hell! They KILLED it!!! It was flat out FUN! So much screaming and dancing and jumping -- by the time their nearly 2 hour set was over I had lost my voice, was drenched in sweat, and was happier than I'd been in a long time. Seriously, these guys know how to bring the good times; if you get the chance to see them live, don't pass it up.

Cowboy Mouth also made me totally miss New Orleans. This blasted job situation needs to resolve itself soon, because there really does need to be a trip to New Orleans some time this year.

Football: I really hold no love for the Jets, and I think Mike Tomlin is all that is hot and amazing, and I love Hines Ward and his ridiculous smile, and I think Troy Polamalu and his ridiculous hair are wonderful; Ben Roethlisberger, however, is on my shitlist and it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a good season for him to redeem my now very low opinion of him. Plus, Jason Taylor! I really wanted Jason Taylor to finally get to play in a Super Bowl. *sadface* So while I'm happy enough for the Steelers (mostly the aforementioned Coach of all Hotness, Hines and his adorable smile, and Troy's hair *g*) it wasn't really the outcome I was hoping for. *ducks from [livejournal.com profile] azewewish and [livejournal.com profile] idiosyncratic* In any event, this is going to make for a good Super Bowl match up, so there's that.

T.V.: Hawaii Five-O continues to bring the eye candy and snarky partner banter. This continues to make me happy. I'm easy like that. *g*

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premiered this weekend and, while Andy Whitfield is definitely missed, it looks promising. There was plenty of crazy fight scenes and spurting blood and gore, and of course there was no shortage of sex and half naked gladiators. All of which make for A+ television as far as I'm concerned. (We've established that I'm easy like that, right? *g*) I was also intrigued by some of the new characters introduced and I'm interested to see what happens to them (presumably something bloody and fatal, since they didn't make it to the first season). So, yeah, while this is obviously a stop-gap, it seems as if it will at least be an entertaining one.

In T.V. to look forward to news: The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, featuring Raja aka Sutan Amrull aka Adam Lambert's wickedly talented friend and make-up artist!!! I can't wait to see Raja be all fierce and fabulous on my television screen!

Other Good Things Happening This Week: Nia class tonight! Volunteering with 1n10 again tomorrow night! Spring Awakening on Thursday!

Also, since I'm in the "I'm missing New Orleans mood" thanks to Cowboy Mouth, I think I'll make some delicious jambalaya for dinner tonight. Nom nom nom!

So, yeah, that's my good stuff happy list for Monday. What's good in your world this week?



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