Work has totally been interfering with my internet time this week. Unacceptable. But while busy, things are still really good. We're really putting together a good plan for growing the criminal defense practice; I've got some really challenging litigation cases on my plate; I'm getting to work with and learn from some of the best litigators in the state. And I may even be doing a t.v. spot soon for an "ask the expert" type show on one of the Spanish language stations, but I don't have any of the details yet. Yikes! Sometimes, though, I feel like such a fraud, as if I'm mostly just faking my way through my professional life. I know this really isn't true, but the feeling of "oh, hell, I don't know what I'm doing" is often just below the surface of competency. One of my early mentors once said that this feeling never really goes away, and that it, in fact, helped to keep him sharp, always on his toes. I don't know whether that's true, and I'd rather think that eventually I'll start believing that I know what I'm doing, because I really do, but some days, man, are just duct taped together with a constant mantra of "fake it 'til you make it."

In less weighty musings, can I just say how pleased I am that my D'backs have actually been playing some baseball lately? Mark Reynolds has been freakin' on fire all through this clusterfuck of a season. I'm so happy to see him actually play to his potential. And Conor Jackson is finally starting a rehab stint. Poor baby has been so sick and I'm not sure if he'll be able to salvage anything of this season, but I'm glad to see he's finally on the mend. I may never forgive A.J. the Faux Manager for yanking Chris' starter position, but he did well in calling up Trent Oeltjen from Reno. This kid is amazing! Five games in the bigs and he's got 3 home runs, a handful of stolen bases, spectacular plays in the outfield, 5 RBIs, and a SMILE THAT WILL LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD! )

He's had this big, goofy grin on his face since he was called up. Adorable! And he's got this ridiculously sexy Australian accent! Mmmm, yeah, he can totally stay! *g*

Let's see, what else? Oh, yeah, I finally got caught up on Merlin. Talk about pretty boys who can totally stay! That show is completely ridiculous, but the eye candy is just irresistible!

Since we're on the topic of ridiculously pretty boys (as we often are around here *g*), I'll go ahead and confess that I've been completely charmed by Cheeks (Adam's ex, for those not in the glittery know). Seriously, that boy is too pretty for this world! Add smarts and a sharp sense of humor, and, really, how can you not be charmed???

Hm. This post is sort of all over the place, isn't it? Well, let's keep that up and end with this: OMG ONLY TWO DAYS UNTIL VACATION!!!!!! *flails* I have a million things to do still, but on Friday I get to hit the road for L.A. and an awesome-filled weekend with my girls! I cannot wait!
Well, hello there, JULY!!! You certainly got here fast!

First things first on this hump day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] coolwhipdiva!!! You, my dear, are one of the most fiercely intelligent, graceful, self-assured, driven, got-her-shit-together women I know. You are beautiful, inside and out. I respect and admire you so much and I am blessed beyond words to call you my friend. I can't wait to see you on Friday and to spend an entire weekend celebrating your awesomeness! *mwah*

Entirely related to the above, sometimes I think to myself, damn, how did I ever get so lucky to have such an amazing circle of women that I'm just so blessed to call my friends??? And I don't really know the answer to that, but I'm very damn happy that, whatever the reason, I do have some pretty fucking fabulous friends! *loves you all!*

Also related to the above, I am bailing from this pit of hell we call Phoenix tomorrow afternoon for an awesome weekend in Ojai with my girls, enjoying the cooler temps, lazing about the pool, drinking wine, possibly indulging in a massage, and just generally having an amazing, relaxing weekend celebrating the awesomeness of Ms. J. *g* I cannot wait for this to happen!!! Seriously, just the fact that I get to escape these hellish 108 degree temperatures makes me ridiculously happy. But combine that with a long weekend spent in the most fabulous of company, and I'm positively GIDDY!

In other awesome news, and not coincidentally, also related to the aforementioned fabulosity of my friends, *g* [ profile] azewewish, amazing woman that she is, has scored us VIP tickets to see Down in L.A. in August!!! *flails wildly* The VIP tickets apparently include a meet and great with the band (!!!), photo/autograph and the like, some merch, early admission to the show, as well as admission to the sound check (!!!). And while she mentioned something about introducing me to Philip and his Cock of Awesomeness, I'm pretty sure that the tickets aren't actually that good. *g* Whatever, man. I am stoked for this!!! *glee*

In less awesome news, I had a client call me a fucking bitch and throw a chair at me yesterday. Thankfully there was prison bars and shatter resistant glass between him and me, but it was still scary as hell to watch him completely lose it like that. And in the crazy, mad rush to meet today's disclosure deadline, I've managed to spill my coffee TWICE! The same coffee. Twice! *facepalm* Can I have my long weekend now, please?
This week has been busier than expected. How is it Wednesday already??? In the interest of, well, of me apparently not having enough time for a proper post, this will just be a quick list updatey-thing.

1. We've had a swine flu exposure at work. One of my co-workers was out of town this weekend at a wedding and one of her fellow bridesmaids was diagnosed on Monday with swine flu instead of the wicked hangover she assumed she was suffering from. So now the office is on "swine flu alert." FYI: paper masks are not attractive!

2. I'm attending a criminal defense seminar for the next three days. On the one hand, this is excellent timing as I get to escape the swine flu germs at the office! On the other, three days of legal seminars can potentially induce lethal levels of boredom. Ugh.

3. Due to aforementioned boredom, I coerced [ profile] hewet_ka_ptah into getting a Twitter account so that she could entertain me. Sadly, she failed at being adequately entertaining today. I am optimistic, though, that she will step up tomorrow and amuse me. If, however, she again falls short, I thankfully have Adam Lambert who is always shiny and awesome! (Adam on Twitter! *glee*)

4. Speaking of His Awesomeness, a picspam of his freckley fabulousness is still in the works. I did mention the super busy-ness of this week, right?

5. My trainer righteously kicked my ass this evening! For serious, I don't think there's a part of my body that is not sore. Also, FYI: hot trainer sporting wood during your training session? Distracting!
Thing 1: It's official. I live somewhere south of Hell. Dear gods, it's hot outside! Scorch your eyeballs, burn your skin, make you sweat like that disgusting Axe commercial and make you want to hibernate until Thanksgiving kind of hot.

Thing 2: Star Trek!!! I saw the new movie yesterday and I LOVED IT!!! It wasn't perfect (can we flesh out our villains a bit more, please???), but it was DAMN GOOD and it made me want MOAR!!! I want this reboot to be prolific! And I want to go back and re-watch TOS, and the movies, and Next Generation, and all the DS9 I missed!!! And I want Trek fic!!! Where's the fic, people??? *grabby hands* Ahem. As I was saying, I liked it. *g*

(I also note that I need some Star Trek icons. Where are they???)

Thing 3: Castle got renewed. This is good. Bones got renewed for TWO seasons. This is very good. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles got axed; and Dollhouse got another season. This is not only bad, very, bad, but downright incomprehensible. As much as I wanted to like Dollhouse and have continued to "give it one more week," and even though Tahmoh Penikett's bare chest goes a long way toward making me a fan of any show that's willing to give his hotass plenty of screen time, the show continues to underwhelm me. T:SCC on the other hand, has been consistently excellent. FOX's scheduling choices continue to confound me. *shakes head*

Thing 4: I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life at court this morning waiting for the court to get it's act together so that my client could be arraigned. Neither of these things happened, and I'll have to trek out to the wilds of Apache Junction again sometime soon once the court can find the complaint that it should have had in the file this morning. The only good part of this morning was that I discovered that my client is as avid a baseball fan as I am, so we spent the better part of those 2 1/2 hours talking baseball!
There were several points in this past week when I thought Friday might not actually ever get here. The trial which I had thought we'd be able to wrap up by Wednesday afternoon, did not actually get done until after 4:00 p.m. yesterday. But, thank everything that's holy, we're done. More than that I'm done as an indigent defense attorney.

My mom, who is everything that is awesome, knew how completely stressed out I was over the past two weeks, so she scheduled me for a massage yesterday after I was done in court. After court I made a beeline for the spa and had what felt like THE most glorious hot stone/deep tissue massage in the history of glorious massages! Good gods, I needed that!

I finished the much needed decompression ritual by coming home to rocky road ice cream for dinner and the new Supernatural episode!!!

Speaking of Jump the Shark... )

So, basically, YAY SHOW!!!

Now that the past two hellish weeks are over, I have a whole week off before I start the new job! I have a few administrative things to do in order to finish wrapping up my practice; and I have a whole list of things that have been dreadfully neglected over the past two weeks, like laundry and housecleaning and grocery shopping; but other than that I have nothing that I need to do or no where that I need to be until May 4!!! This is VERY EXCITING for me!!!
Highlights, in no particular order:

- Sleeping in! OMG I needed that!

- Getting my ass righteously kicked by my trainer. I had been a slug for almost 2 weeks, so the workout was long over due and today's sore ass and thighs are well-deserved.

- Scoring AMAZING seats to Wicked in July!!! Last time the production came through town, they sold out in less than 2 hours and I was seriously bummed that I didn't get to see it. So, I was thrilled not only to be able to get tickets this time around, but to get great tickets at that! WooHoo!!!

- Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! [ profile] editorzon and I hit Sprinkles yesterday and as we couldn't decide on a flavor, we came home with a dozen cupcakes! Sugar high FTW!!!

- Which brings me to: I HAD [ profile] editorzon WITH ME ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!! It was fantastic to spend time talking and catching up and laughing and drinking yummy margaritas and martinis and walking around Old Town Scottsdale and just generally hanging out with one of my favorite people on the planet!!!

Now I have to get ready for court. Closing arguments this morning and then we start this all over again in the second case tomorrow. Fun times. Or, you know, the exact opposite of that! But at least this is my last week of indigent defense work!!! One more week! I can do this! *takes deep breath*

How 'bout y'all? How was your weekend and what's up for you this week? *curious*
:: I watched For Love of the Game last night (LATE last night), while I was doing my last minute trial prep. I love that movie so much!!! No matter how many times I watch it, I still WEEP through the last third of the show! It just so perfectly captures everything I love about baseball. *sigh* So good. And it's apparently cathartic as well, because I felt far less stressed after my movie-induced cry.

:: Today wasn't quite the train wreck I was expecting it to be. But the best news of all is that my only two weeks, only two weeks... mantra will soon be only one week, only one week.... Yay!!!

:: My D'backs are off to a really rough start. They've managed to win only one out of three in their first three series at home. They're in San Fransisco tomorrow night and I'm really hoping the change of scenery will do them good. Please do not be breaking my heart this season, boys!

:: In significantly more awesome baseball news, Orlando Hudson hit for the cycle! Ian Kinsler did too! AND went 6 for 6!!! That's some phenomenal baseball!!!

:: I'm reading Hood and so far I'm really liking it!

:: New Bones tonight!!! I've really started to love this show! I may have to do some catch-up watching of past seasons this summer.

:: I get [ profile] editorzon on Sunday!!! There shall be drinking, and talking, and laughing, and all manner of shenanigans! Good times!

*rubs eyes*

Apr. 9th, 2009 06:29 am
More coffee. Stat.

For the second day in a row, I'm up at the ass-crack of dawn in order to prepare for what is sure to be another craptastic morning chock full of unreasonable clients, annoyed judges, and more places to be than one person can possibly manage at once. Do. Not. Want. Can this week be over now please? *begs*

And in other unpleasantness this week, the D'backs managed a complete meltdown in the last two games of the series against the Rockies, our ace pitcher is missing his next start due to shoulder stiffness, and after Opening Day the offensive game has seemed as stale as it did last season. Please, boys, do not be breaking my heart so early in the season! *cries*

But, in happy-making baseball news, Luis Gonzalez was at the ballpark yesterday and is apparently in talks with the front office to be able to retire as a D'back and then join the organization. We ♥ Gonzo!

And apropos of nothing at all, it cracks me up every time I see that pirates have made another CNN headline! I'm sure it's a very serious problem and not really funny at all in actuality, but every time I see another "pirate" headline I can't help but to hum "It's a Pirate's Life for Me" and get an undeniable urge for more rum! *laughs*

Ok. I can't really put this crappy day off any longer. Off to the trenches. Hope y'all are having a good one!
I spent the morning in court trying to figure out my trial schedule for April, given the fact that if things go right at next week's interview, I'll hopefully be working for the court soon and having to withdraw from all of my pending cases. So, after much wrangling and one very unhappy prosecutor later, we decided to schedule one trial for April 6, a second trial on April 13, with the possibility of continuing the earlier trial to the end of the month if I don't get the clerkship. It wasn't until I got home that I remembered that the D'backs' Home Opener is on April 6th. In the afternoon. Right about the time that I'll be picking a jury. *sobs* I really wanted to go to that game! I even have my tickets already! There's the possibility that the April 6th trial will be continued to the end of the month, freeing me up to go to the game, but only if I don't get the clerkship. As much as I love my D'backs and miss baseball like woah and would really love to be at the Home Opener, I still want the clerkship more. I just wish it didn't have to be one or the other! *sadface*

In happier news, though, I get [ profile] _lisalisa_ and [ profile] azewewish in just 3 days for a fun-filled SPRING TRAINING BASEBALL WEEKEND!!!!! *bounces* Despite my best efforts, Saturday's game is going to be the first spring training game I make it to this season. I'm very excited! My girls!!! Baseball!!! Sunshine! Sunburns! Beer! Hotdogs! Hot baseball players!!! So much to be GLEEFUL about!!!!

Other happy things include:

1. Friday Night Lights is possibly getting picked up for TWO MORE SEASONS!!! (Thanks to [ profile] azewewish for the very happy-making heads up.) Seriously, this show remains THE best show on television. If you're not watching it, I can't even begin to fathom why. I will be happy beyond measure if we get it for another two years! Speaking of the awesomeness that is FNL, I finally got a chance to read Scott Porter's blog about Jason's last show and I cried like a crying thing! (Note: link has spoilers up to Episode 3.8.) The episode last Friday shredded me, and then reading about what was happening behind the scenes just had me crying all over again. Gods, I love this show so hard!

2. Nathan Fillion was on my T.V. last night!!! I'm not entirely sure yet what I think of Castle (as with most pilots, I think it needs a few episodes to acquit itself and I'm willing to give it that much before I form an opinion), but I am absolutely certain that Nathan is still inexplicably HOT LIKE FIRE, and I am very happy to have his awesome, quirky face on my television again! Also, bonus Poke from Generation Kill!!! *glee*

3. Apparently Merlin is still in the wings for NBC, and is looking at a late spring call up. *grabby hands*

4. I am oddly intrigued by the premise in Kings, which premiers this Sunday. It's a modern-day retelling of the story of David and Goliath. Restorying biblical mythology with rumored gay characters (reported here) and incredibly hot actors (HELLO Christopher Egan and Sebastian Stan!) -- what's not to love???

I hate leaving a list at 4, but I don't have time for a #5. I have to work on my writing sample, so that I can land that awesome clerkship job, so that I can miss the D'backs' home opener. Yay! With a side order of *woe*.
Seriously. How is it that it's only Tuesday and yet this week already feels at least two days too long???

My jury came back with a verdict late this afternoon. And while I'm completely exhausted, at least now my life gets to go back to normal levels of chaos and stress. Until Monday, that is, when I'm scheduled to start another trial. Ugh.

Tonight I'm watching American Idol while I get some work done, and then I'm squeezing in a short workout before I (hopefully) get to bed at a decent hour. I did mention that I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED, right? Also, don't judge my t.v. watching choices -- reality t.v. is about all my brain can handle at the moment.

So, other than what is apparently a continuation of my piss-poor mood, there are good things happening this week too! Yesterday, my beautiful, baby niece, Rhyan, had her first birthday! Holy moly, where did the last year go??? She's having a birthday party on Saturday and I'm hoping that she will smear cake all over her adorable face!

I'm debating going to a midnight showing of Watchmen on Thursday. On the one hand, WATCHMEN!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, good gods I'm exhausted. I just don't know if I'd be able to stay awake that late! Also, I have NOTHING on my schedule on Friday, so I could always go then.'s a conundrum, for sure.

Also, a plan is finally starting to take shape for my trip to California later this month. Texas Boy and I will definitely be spending a long weekend (March 20-24) in and around SoCal, with a trip to Disneyland and maybe an excursion to San Diego on the agenda! Yay!!! The second part of the trip is less settled. I really want to stick around SoCal the rest of that week, catch up with my L.A. girls, and see some of my Texas girls when they're in town for the SPN convention. But with all the work stuff so up in the air, I just don't know if I'm going to manage it. For now, I'm just going to play it by ear and hope that some things fall in place before then. *crosses fingers*

And now, I really think this day could use a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies. *nods*
Work has me BURIED this week! There are simply not enough hours in the day to do all I need to do. And with trial starting on Monday, and every Monday thereafter until what seems like forever, I feel as if I have this big clock hanging over my head, ticking loudly and reminding me that I'm almost out of time to get shit done! So, I've been working late, prioritizing my various crisis, doing what I can do, and stressing out over the rest. Good times. Or, you know, the exact opposite.

I moved my training session from this afternoon until Saturday, because while I really felt like hitting something, I just didn't have time to workout. But I've decided that since there is no way I can get everything done anyway, I want to do something other than work this weekend. I'm thinking of going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. Costumed knights! Corsets! Jugglers! Mead! Fun times!

On the topic of Fun Times, I think the Texas Boy is going to go to California next month with me for a Disneyland adventure before I meet up with various fen at the SPN convention. Disneyland without a 5 year old in tow! I'm very excited about this! :)

I have a Pitchers' Edition of the Hot Men of MLB in the works, I just don't know when I'll have time to post it. So, in the mean time, some shots of my boys during the first week of Spring Training. )

Ok, this post was all over the place. I'm blaming the scattered brain on the work craziness. Yup. That's it.
Why can't days like today come with a pause button? Seriously, all I need is 15 minutes to catch my breath and come up with a plan for getting through the rest of this day. But instead this day just keeps coming right at me without even slowing down as it runs right over my sanity.

I just took a good look at my schedule, and even though I KNEW this, I hadn't really taken the time to actually process the fact that I will be starting a new trial EVERY MONDAY for the next 3, possibly 4, weeks!!! Egads!

So, yes, stress thy name is ME!!! Which is why it was a good thing to spend my lunch hour working out with the new trainer!boy. Putting on the boxing gloves and just whaling on the pads does wonders for my disposition! Perhaps I have some anger issues. Or maybe the thwap of the gloves making solid contact just appeals to some sadistic corner of my heart. I'm not sure what it is, I just know that I'm a happier person once I get to hit things! *evil grin*

Let's see, what else? Last night I made a delicious pot of gumbo for dinner, and this time I didn't screw up the roux, so it's all thick and yummy and even better as left overs! Mmmmm...can it be dinner time, now? Also, my house still smells like smoke from my mom's book burning adventures the other day. Every time we use the microwave, the smell just gets horrific all over again. Anyone know how to get burned book smell out of the microwave? (Because I'm sure this kind of thing happens to you ALL the time!)

In baseball news (because baseball news is important to my LIFE!) I watched most of Alex Rodriguez's press conference today. Now, we all know that I'm not really a Yankees fan, nor am I really an A-Rod fan, but I do have to say that he managed to earn some respect from me today with his candor. As my grandmother would say, te valiste, Señor Rodriguez, bien hecho. And, whatever goes down in the clubhouse, well done to his teammates for standing with him. Now, can we all report on something else this Spring Training, please? *hopes*

In VERY EXCITING news, President Obama will be less than 2 miles from my house tomorrow morning!!!!!!!! *flails* In much less exciting I news, I will be in court rather than basking in his awesomeness. *sadface* I kid you not, the school that he's speaking at tomorrow morning is less than 2 miles down the road. He will be so close!!! And I, sadly, will be so far away. Life is so unfair!!! *woe*

Well, I guess I took my 15 minutes anyway. Unfortunately, instead of coming up with a plan for the rest of the day, I instead screwed around on LJ. Go me!
Today I was reminded that I do not, in fact, know what it's like to be a black man accused of a crime and tangled up in our seemingly endless and too often unjust criminal justice system. The reminder left me feeling more helpless than I've felt in a long time. And yet, while it's true that there's no way for me to understand, I'm trying to remind myself that what I can do is my best to be an effective advocate. Sometimes, though, work manages to suck the hope right out of my day.

In significantly less bleak news, my schoolgirl crush on President Obama continues unabated. Seriously, whenever I think I can't love him any more, someone goes and posts a picture like this: )

I prefer to think of my unabashed fangirling of our President as patriotic enthusiasm, though. *g*

And, a quick note to local flisters: Super Bowl Party!!! Whether wearing Cardinals red or waving your Terrible Towels, y'all are invited. Ping me if you need an address.
This week has been INSANELY busy. But I can't complain too much because part of the insanity is that I'm trying to get ahead of a couple of projects since I'll be jumping this crazytrain next week for five days in Austin! OMG I can't wait!!!

In other craziness, I burned a huge pot of gumbo last night and this makes me very sad. :( I blame it on the mediocre pot I was using rather than my inattentiveness, but whatever, my gumbo was RUINED. *woe* And as if that weren't bad enough, my house still smells like smoke. Blech.

I have a question for the baseball fans on my flist. Hypothetically, if you were to make a list, possibly with accompanying photographic exhibits, of the Hottest Men of MLB -- (What? It's not as if these lists don't already exist in our heads!) -- who would make your list?

Speaking of hot men (as we do around these parts), not of the baseball playing variety:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian may just be the death of me. )

It was worth sitting through the People Choice Awards if only to see Shemar Moore looking incredibly sexy in glasses. )


Dec. 17th, 2008 09:01 pm
So yesterday's trial didn't happen after all. After a frantic morning of last minute negotiations and motions and wrangling with a hysterical and unreasonable client, we were about to start picking a jury when the prosecutor decided that he didn't want to send a sheriff's deputy to pick up his extremely uncooperative victim and haul her to the court to testify, so instead he dismissed the charges. Sometimes the criminal justice system just spins itself in circles until until everyone on board this crazy ride is ready to throw up. *shakes head* Anyway. At least Ms. Crazypants is no longer my problem to deal with. This is definitely of the good.

Also of the good:

- I have a few things I need to get done tomorrow and then I'll consider myself on vacation until the 23rd!!!

- I've also finished all of my holiday shopping! I need to put some things together and wrap some packages, but I'm otherwise done. (I've also decided that I'm not going to stress about not having any decorations up yet. If it happens before next Wednesday, great. If not, I'm not going to worry about it.)

- I plan on doing some holiday baking tomorrow. Mmmm...cookies!!!

- On Friday I drive to California for a long weekend at Disneyland!!! I am perhaps more excited about this than my niece, Rianna. :D And, in addition to the Happiest Place on Earth, I get the added bonus of seeing most of my Hookers and catching a Steve show!!! It shall be a very good weekend!

I also have a bit of holiday cheer for y'all: Lady Antebellum's Baby, It's Cold Outside. Enjoy!
Today's happeh-making happenings:

1. One of my January trials got continued for two weeks, which frees up January to manageable levels and which may even allow me to take a long weekend out of town mid-month! I think I may be going to visit [ profile] annkiri in Austin! \o/

2. Frosty the Snowman was on t.v. this evening! It's still on of my favorite holiday cartoons!

3. I had a most delicious cream puff for dessert! Yum! It was entirely decadent and scrumptious.

4. A hot aromatherapy bag is currently working it's magic on the tension headache that plagued me all day. *relieved sigh*

5. [ profile] azewewish posted these pictures of Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs this morning and they have definitely been my happy place all day:


More Viggo and Jason HOTNESS under the cut )
Dear gods this day started way too early. I have a motion that I need to file today, before noon as I have an afternoon court hearing, and last night I just ran out of steam sometime after midnight. So I was up again this morning before 6 to finish it. There really isn't enough coffee in the world to make me feel awake enough to deal with this day. *cries*

The motion, though, is coming along nicely. I have just one section that I need to tweak a bit, then a final review before I send it off on the electronic highway for filing. It is, if I may say so myself, a damn fine example of legal writing and persuasive argument. I, quite obviously, rock! *g*

After court today I plan to make a bit more progress on the holiday shopping front, as I will be knee deep in trial prep for most of the weekend. I also need to get caught up on laundry and life in general as next weekend I'll be heading to California with Niece Child the Eldest for a weekend at Disneyland. How is it that December is flying by so quickly??? *boggles*

Any how, I hope y'all are enjoying the hell out of Friday. I especially hope that [ profile] poisontaster is enjoying the hell out of this Friday because this one happens to be her birthday!!! Happiest of birthdays, PT! I hope the day is full of the things that make you happy and that the year ahead brings lots of love and laughter your way! *mwah*
- Court this morning was inordinately quick and hassle-free. I approve!

- Since I was done with court so early, I stopped by my local Democratic headquarters and spent the rest of the morning making calls. It was fun to see the range of people there this morning volunteering. And while most calls on a Monday morning go unanswered, I did have really good conversations with about a dozen different people. I'll definitely be working phone banks again the weekend before the election.

- As I was being incredibly productive, I also got some grocery shopping done today. For the record: the fresh made tzatziki and red pepper hummus from Fresh & Easy grocery stores are DELICIOUS!!! Better even than Trader Joe's. Mmmmm.

- But because it is Monday, there is a measure of suckitude. I won't go in to it except to say that sometimes some of my clients make me want to howl a banshee-like scream of pure rage! Why do I do this again???

- In better news, The Nieces are due here any minute. This evening shall be full of crazy girl-child shenanigans and many squishy hugs! ♥

- Also, I'LL BE IN NEW ORLEANS ON THURSDAY!!!!! *flails*
Yesterday: In one word, MISERABLE. It was Office Moving Day -- a billion and three degrees, furniture that weighed slightly more than a fuckton, and my loser cousin bailing on me with the moving help, which meant that it was just me and my brother doing the heavy lifting. And, for reference, the loser cousin who bailed? That would be the same loser cousin who's criminal case I'm currently handling, for FREE. *hates* The only positive thing about yesterday? A very YUMMY mango smoothie for breakfast lunch dinner the only damn thing I had time to eat all day.

Today: Longest freakin' Monday in recent history of bad Mondays. Ugh. I can do without the 4 a.m. start times and the scheduled end-to-end days, thank you very much. But I did manage to squeeze in about 3 days worth of work in to today, including settling or almost settling five cases. I rock! \o/

Tomorrow: High potential for AWESOMENESS. I get [ profile] annkiri here for an overnight pit stop some time in the afternoon. BECCA!!! And then we'll head over to the ballpark for the Diamondbacks/Padres game. BASEBALL!!! Tomorrow will definitely not suck. *g*

In other news:

- The work mess is still not unfucked. I'm hoping to have more answers tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

+ I just received a FABULOUS gift basket from [ profile] erianne1 filled with homemade soap, bath stuffs, lotion, lip balm and candle! It all smells yummy and I can't wait to dig in! Thank you, Angi!!! ♥

- Either the air conditioner or the fan or maybe both in my Trooper seem to be crapping out. The timing couldn't possibly be worse. I'm afraid to even imagine what this is going to cost. *stabbity*

+ My mom is AWESOME!!! For many reasons, but more recently because she's buying me my airline ticket to New Orleans for my birthday! New Orleans is still a go!!! \o/

+/- Generation Kill is still some of the best television I've seen! But next week is the last episode and I'm kind of sad about that.
How WRONG is it for me to be perving so hardcore over my client's husband??? Husband came to court today to talk to the sentencing judge and I nearly swallowed my tongue when I met him. Military dude with buzzed hair, amazing arms and chest very nicely displayed in a tight t-shirt, and an ass that looked fabulous in jeans! *bites lip*

Speaking of hot men, how much do I LOVE the Olympics??? Did any one else see that Canadian diving duo? Hot like burning! As was Feng Wang of China. *fans self*



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