Man, it's gorgeous outside. I wish I could drag my stacks of files outside to enjoy the sunshine. I should take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts, because it won't be long now before I'm complaining about Arizona's hellish summer heat. Sadly I'm stuck in my office looking at the lovely day happening outside my window.

But even though I can't play in it, the sunshiney awesomeness happening outside has me in a great mood! Or maybe that's the coffee I had this morning in an otherwise coffee-less couple of weeks? In any event, I AM HAPPY! And, because I'm awesome like that, I'm gonna share my happy mood with y'all. *beams*

Happy Thing The First: Strawberries! Yummy ripe strawberries! I've got a whole little basket full of them to munch on throughout the day and they taste like the sunshine outside my window. Delish!

Happy Thing The Second: Shoes! Shiny new shoes! I just got these and I love them! I also got two other pairs for work that are quite lovely. But, OMG, I love that first pair so much!

Happy Thing The Third: Baseball! Well, specifically, Chris Snyder!!! I'm not talking to my D'backs until they crawl their way back over .500, but my bb Chris is another story. He's smokin' hot with his bat right now (3-run HR yesterday!) and I'm so incredibly proud of him. And, seriously, if they start talking about trading him again, I will NOT be responsible for my actions. But we're talking happy, so, CHRIS!!! *loves*

Happy Thing The Fourth: Awesome music happenings! While I'm still more than a little frustrated that they haven't announced Adam's full tour schedule, tickets for his second OC show go on pre-sale tomorrow. And more Adam is always a good thing! Also, in case anyone missed the memo, Adam is cute. Just ask Rhyan who crawled next to me last night and demanded to watch Adam videos and then informed me that "A-lam is cute!" *g* Even though she's just two, she certainly knows her cute.

A-lam IS cute! )

Yup, definitely cute. Or, you know, FUCKING GORGEOUS! But if the two year old comes out with "A-lam is fucking gorgeous!" her parents may not be happy with me. So, we'll just stick with "A-lam is cute." *g*

Speaking of the pretty, dear gods, Adam's bassist Tommy is ridiculously pretty! )

The happy-making musical happenings continue: I also scored tickets to see Kris Allen when he opens for Barenaked Ladies here in July! Pocket Idol!!! I'm kind of ridiculously excited about finally getting to see him perform live!

And since they added a second Glee Live show, I was able to get tickets for me and my mom as her Mothers' Day present. GLEE!!! So very happy-making!

And more! [ profile] without_me was able to score tickets for us to see The Wall in November! Yay!

*breathes* OMG so much awesome music in my future!!!

And if all that wasn't enough musical awesomeness, today Trent Reznor announced the release of a new song with his new band How To Destroy Angels and it's hauntingly beautiful! I didn't even realize he was making new music, but apparently he is, and it's amazing!

ETA: More How To Destroy Angels! )

Happy Thing The Fifth: ME!!! *beams* I'm gonna brag on myself for a moment. Because I can. *g* And also because these are definitely part of the happy. First, my online food journal informed me today that I've logged on for 65 days in a row. That means that for the past 65 days I've been eating mindfully. For the past 65 days I've made conscious, deliberate decisions about what to feed my body; for the most part those have been healthy choices, but even when they haven't been, I've been aware of them and accountable for them. That right there is success! Second, I don't think I've mentioned this here, but last Friday I had my one year review. Holy cow, it's been a year! But, more importantly, it's been a damn good year! My review was positively glowing and came with a very nice raise and plans for long-term success and reward here. Job satisfaction is definitely happy-making!
My list of accomplishments for the weekend is unfortunately much shorter than I would like it to be, but on the plus side, there was a mind blowing Muse concert, some much needed lounging about, time to do some reading, a kick-my-butt-into-next-week workout with The Trainer, and at least some marginal progress on the To Do List. I'm calling it a win!

Among the weekend highlights: I GOT TICKETS FOR THE LADY GAGA SHOW IN JULY!!!! *twirls* Floor tickets sold out within minutes, so I ended up on StubHub. My credit card took a beating, but I was determined to get those damn tickets! *g* (By the way, if anyone is interested in going, I may have a few extra tickets available. Let me know!) Lady Gaga!!! It's going to be insane! I cannot wait!

Speaking of awesome music-related happenings, it looks as if I'll be in L.A. the weekend of May 8th to see MY GIRLS *smishes* and to catch Ely Rise's Birthday Creepshow!!! Exciting! Thank you [ profile] coolwhipdiva! I am so ridiculously looking forward to hearing Ferras live!!! (And also might have made an mildly embarrassing high pitched noise when he re-tweeted my news about going. *facepalm*) I haven't even looked at the rest of the lineup, but I'm sure it will be fabulous! There's more info and tickets HERE.

In baseball news, I am pleased with how the D'backs have started the season. Brandon Webb craziness aside (seriously, Webby, you're mind-fucking yourself -- stop that already!), it's good to see them getting things done offensively. Speaking of finally showing an offensive game, the D'backs are currently leading the Pirates 15-4!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!

And, while an injury is never good news, Miguel Montero managed to fuck up his knee in yesterday's game so this means Chris is back behind the bag!!! So much YES to this! AND he hit his first home run this afternoon! Go Chris! (With the added bonus of this serving as a rather pointed eff-you to Faux-Mgr Hinch for benching him in favor of Miguel's bat!!! *evil laugh*) I'm hoping to be able to get out to the ballpark at the end of the month for their series against the Cardinals and Phillies and I'm super excited that I'll be able to see my bb Chris playing!!! *happy dances*

And then there's THIS. )

*swallows tongue* Jfc, Adam. Kill us why don't you.

Also, I have recs! Lot's of awesome recs! There's even some Jensen in here for my Supernatural peeps. *tempts*

For Your Entertainment )

Ok. I'm off now to make the most of what's left of this Sunday. I hope everyone's weekends have been made of just as much awesome as mine!
The betterness continues, which is exceedingly happy-making because I was quite done with feeling the like undiluted misery. It's also happy-making because it means that I will be taking my measurably less-sick self over to Mill Avenue after work to catch The Daylights show!!! Exciting indeed!

I know I'm late with the flaily-ness, but OMG WHITE COLLAR!!!!!!!! The season finale was so good! Neal and Peter and Elizabeth continue to be made of so much awesomeness, I can hardly take it! And, GAH, that last scene KILLED me! Oh, boys! *loves and loves* I'm so far behind on life, do we know if it's been renewed for a second season? Please someone tell me there will be more Neal and Peter and Elizabeth in my future!!!

Speaking of things which are awesome, have y'all seen these smokin' hot pics of Alexander Skarsgard in the L.A. Times Magazine??? Jfc. How is it possible that he seems to just get hotter and hotter??? Eventually you'd think that he'd max out the sexiness quotient, but that day has obviously not arrived.

Before I get back to my seemingly endless To Do list, let's talk about baseball for a minute. First the good: it is fantastic to see that Conor Jackson is back and looking healthy and strong again, after going down hard almost all last season with a nasty case of Valley Fever. I missed his hotass self on the field and I'm very happy that he's back! Also of the good, my bb Chris Snyder hit a home run in today's game! He's going to have to battle for game time, so this makes me more happy than it probably would if we didn't have an idiot for a manager who doesn't seem to understand the importance of a smart defensive catcher. Annnnyway. Yay, Chris! :) Of the not so good: Brandon Webb. He's likely to start the season on the DL. This is very much No Bueno! Been there, done that, had the craptastic season to prove it. We do not a repeat, thankyouverymuch. So frustrating! Especially since it seems to be more of mental thing at this point rather than a physical impairment. Dear Brandon, please to be getting your shit together. Sooner rather than later would be most helpful.

Alrighty then. Aren't y'all glad baseball is back??? Yeah, I knew you missed my baseball related ramblings. *g*
I was just looking at the Cactus League Spring Training schedule. Hush. It was a completely legitimate use of work time since it was for planning a firm outing in March to a ball game. But it made me realize that BASEBALL TIEMS are nearly here!!! *bounces* So, my baseball peeps, are we doing a Spring Training Baseball Weekend this year? *hopes* Anyone else wanna join me for some baseball in March?

Speaking of baseball, the Diamondbacks are having their annual Fan Fest thingy on Saturday (yes, I'm pretty sure "thingy" is in the official name). I thought about taking Rianna and Rhyan because they'd get a kick out of running around on the field, but now I'm reconsidering. Mostly because Rhyan has been so sick I doubt she'd be up for running around the field on Saturday, but also because the D'backs have announced the players who will be appearing on Saturday and they don't include Chris Snyder!!!! This fills me with so much rage!!! I hate that our faux manager has decided to play Miguel over Chris mostly because I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that Chris was Bob Melvin's boy. Seriously, Miguel could not find second base on a throw from home if his very life depended on it! Yeah, he got hot at the plate last season, and I get that we need the offense, but sonovabitch can we at least recognize that we need a catcher who can call a smart game and be at least marginally solid defensively??? So. Much. RAGE!!!

*breathes* Ok, I need to think about happy and amusing things now. Like how there was a Jason Taylor look-alike attorney in court this morning who was completely rocking the shit outa the suit he was wearing and who was completely distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing! *bites lip* Or like the fact that we are going to a drag show on Saturday because apparently nothing says Happy Valentines Day like pretty boys in dresses! *g*

Speaking of pretty boys in women's clothing, did y'all see these AMAZING pictures of Adam's pretty little bassist, Tommy, from their vacation in Cabo?

First, yes, apparently Adam takes his "straight" bassist on vacation with him. Either Tommy's straight is of the incredibly bendy variety, or Adam's decided that he needs a pet straight boy. Either way, their antics fill me with GLEE!

Second, yes, Tommy is in fact rocking a white lace corset and a black tutu. And a parasol. On a boat. In Cabo. Because this all MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!! *laughs*

Third, Tommy IS in fact a very, very pretty boy:

Oh, boys! Never stop being THIS awesome!
Work has totally been interfering with my internet time this week. Unacceptable. But while busy, things are still really good. We're really putting together a good plan for growing the criminal defense practice; I've got some really challenging litigation cases on my plate; I'm getting to work with and learn from some of the best litigators in the state. And I may even be doing a t.v. spot soon for an "ask the expert" type show on one of the Spanish language stations, but I don't have any of the details yet. Yikes! Sometimes, though, I feel like such a fraud, as if I'm mostly just faking my way through my professional life. I know this really isn't true, but the feeling of "oh, hell, I don't know what I'm doing" is often just below the surface of competency. One of my early mentors once said that this feeling never really goes away, and that it, in fact, helped to keep him sharp, always on his toes. I don't know whether that's true, and I'd rather think that eventually I'll start believing that I know what I'm doing, because I really do, but some days, man, are just duct taped together with a constant mantra of "fake it 'til you make it."

In less weighty musings, can I just say how pleased I am that my D'backs have actually been playing some baseball lately? Mark Reynolds has been freakin' on fire all through this clusterfuck of a season. I'm so happy to see him actually play to his potential. And Conor Jackson is finally starting a rehab stint. Poor baby has been so sick and I'm not sure if he'll be able to salvage anything of this season, but I'm glad to see he's finally on the mend. I may never forgive A.J. the Faux Manager for yanking Chris' starter position, but he did well in calling up Trent Oeltjen from Reno. This kid is amazing! Five games in the bigs and he's got 3 home runs, a handful of stolen bases, spectacular plays in the outfield, 5 RBIs, and a SMILE THAT WILL LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD! )

He's had this big, goofy grin on his face since he was called up. Adorable! And he's got this ridiculously sexy Australian accent! Mmmm, yeah, he can totally stay! *g*

Let's see, what else? Oh, yeah, I finally got caught up on Merlin. Talk about pretty boys who can totally stay! That show is completely ridiculous, but the eye candy is just irresistible!

Since we're on the topic of ridiculously pretty boys (as we often are around here *g*), I'll go ahead and confess that I've been completely charmed by Cheeks (Adam's ex, for those not in the glittery know). Seriously, that boy is too pretty for this world! Add smarts and a sharp sense of humor, and, really, how can you not be charmed???

Hm. This post is sort of all over the place, isn't it? Well, let's keep that up and end with this: OMG ONLY TWO DAYS UNTIL VACATION!!!!!! *flails* I have a million things to do still, but on Friday I get to hit the road for L.A. and an awesome-filled weekend with my girls! I cannot wait!
So, someone (*cough*[ profile] azewewish*cough*) wanted me to post about something other than Adam Lambert. Seriously. What is wrong with some people? *shakes head*

Apparently, "LIFE IS GOOD," lacked sufficient details to be considered a substantive post. I thought it was both accurate and succinct. But, whatever. Here, for my friends who are less entranced by the shiny boy than I am, are some of the accompanying details:

:: Work is still going really, really well. Three months in and I'm still firmly convinced that this was the right move for me. Bossman is giving me a ton of responsibility and, based on what he's said, is really wanting me to take a prominent role in the growth and sustainability of the practice. We've just launched a new marketing campaign featuring yours truly and the other senior attorney in the office. What's really cool is that we're the only firm in the Valley who features female attorneys in our marketing. I'm really proud of this.

:: A huge factor in the LIFE IS GOOD situation is that I can definitively say that right now I have the best work/life balance that I've ever had since I started practicing law. I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME that is! Definitely a big part of what I was going for when I chose "harmony" as my word for this year.

:: The Trainer is still regularly kicking my ass, and I sort of love it. The boxing is SO cathartic, and, now that I think about it, probably a factor in the great sense of balance I'm enjoying right now. I'm still looking to add in some dance or some regularity with Nia into my routine, but, one step at a time, you know? Also on the health and wellness front, I decided I needed a little more mindfulness in my nutritional choices, so I rejoined Weight Watchers -- two weeks and 4 pounds down! Go me!

:: The summer is at the miserably hot stage around here (I am SO over 115 degree days), but at least it's moving quickly. July is almost over. Geesh! When did that happen??? August is going to be a whirlwind. I'm heading to L.A. mid-August for a birthday weekend with my L.A. girls and then some vacay time with my family in San Diego. The following weekend [ profile] hewet_ka_ptah will be here for some birthday celebrations. And then the weekend after that...well, let's just say that there are some glittery shenanigans afoot and I'm ridiculously excited about it! *g* Labor Day weekend (technically September, but it feels like part of the whirlwind), I'm heading back to L.A. to catch NIN in concert. Eeee!!! So many Good Times ahead! In between all that, I've got a birthday, a trial to prepare for, several family things planned, and, you know, LIFE to attend to. Whew. That's a crazy month coming up!

:: Since this is the extended Life is Good post, we shall not speak of The Boy, who flaked like a bad case of dandruff. Whatever, man. You gotta bring a helluva lot more than he seemed to have in order to keep my interest. Moving on. Life IS good, after all. *g*

:: We're also not going to speak of the RAGE that I feel over the D'backs' Faux Manager's decision to start Miguel Montero instead of Chris Snyder behind the plate. What the ever loving fuck??? Sure, Miguel's had a hot streak at bat, but, call me crazy, but isn't it kind of important for your catcher to be able to make the throw to second? Or call a smart game so that your depleted pitching staff doesn't run up its pitch count in less than six innings? Or, you know, have ANY defensive value at all? Argh! I, just...RAGE!!!!!

*deep breaths* Life is good, life is good, life is good.... Ok. That's better.

So, now that y'all got some of the deets, I wanna know what's good in your life too! Share with me, bbs!

Also, I'd like to point out that there is no mention of one Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce in this post. You happy now, [ profile] azewewish? :P
Why do weekends only last 2 days? Really, how is it that we have not figured out to make 3 days weekends standard? It's the 21st freaking century, we should have at a minimum evolved to 3-day weekends. I'm just sayin'.

So, while too damn short, the weekend was still a good one.

I got two killer workouts in with the trainer, on Friday then again on Sunday. He righteously kicked my ass with something like a bazillion squats and lunges and then boxing until I couldn't lift my arms. Good times, man. He suggested hot/cold showers to mitigate against the soreness, which are basically what they sound like, one or two minutes as hot as you can stand the water and then one or two minutes of cold water. The blood moving to the surface and back to your core as the temperature changes is supposed to flush out your muscles and promote faster recovery. Since I woke up feeling as if I had been hit by a truck, I decided to try the hot/cold thing. It turns out that hot/cold showers are a torture method worthy of being added to Dick Cheney's repertoire. Dear gods, that was a whole hell of a lot of NOT FUN. But, it is a very effective form of torture as I'm not nearly as sore as I expected to be! \o/

Saturday was for baseball!!! It turned out to be a great game, with my D'backs pulling out a win over the Marlins. Their success ratio is much higher when I'm actually at the game. Given their record this season, I obviously have slacked in my duty as a fan by not attending enough home games. *shakes head* But, in any case, good times at the ballpark on Saturday! It was Chris Snyder bobble head night, so now I have my bb on my shelf and this makes me exceedingly gleeful!!! Chris is still on the DL, but he did spend a good deal of the game being hot at the top of the dugout steps. We were about five rows behind the dugout, so I practically had Chris right in front of my face! Distracting!!! It also turned out to be Tony Clark's last appearance on the D'backs starting lineup, as he was released yesterday. Tony! I'm gonna miss your tall, dark, bald HOTASSNESS!!! *sadface* I'll get pictures up of Chris and Tony and the rest of the boys later tonight. Oh, boys, please try to get your shit together for the second half. Ever hopeful, Me.

So, let's see what else? This week is going to be busy. Lots happening at work. Plus, the Boss Man just asked if I wouldn't mind being featured in the firm's marketing materials. Naturally I agreed -- what better job security can you ask for than to be the face of the firm? But it means a photo session tomorrow, and before that a trip to the salon for some professional help in the hair and makeup department. And that's all on top of the actual work that has to get done this week! Insanity!

I also want to get back to Nia this week, since they moved it to a slightly later time slot so that I can get there after work now. Excellent! And I discovered this dance studio that's very close to where I live that I really want to try out. Check this out. Doesn't that look cool? Pole-dancing! Burlesque dance class! Bellydance! Yoga fusion! I'm so excited to check this place out! I should be able to get out there on Thursday night. Yay! And tonight I'm going back to Weight Watchers. Time to be more mindful of my nutritional decisions. *firm nod*

So, basically, my plan for the week is to cram as much in as possible! Go me! \o/

And, look at that...I made it through an entire post without talking about Adam Lambert. *g*
:: Not having to wake up with an alarm at very early in the morning!

:: A great workout with the Trainer, including lots of cathartic hitting of things! \o/

:: First taste of watermelon this summer! Yummy!

:: Good conversations that lead to much needed clarity and possible new solutions! Effective communication skills FTW!

:: Amazing friends that love and support me in a myriad of ways! ♥ ♥ ♥

:: Much overdue good baseball playin' by my boys and finally a game in the "win" column! (Bonus!Grand Slam by my CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
This is a pleasant Monday morning, despite the fact that there is seemingly not enough caffeine in the world to make me feel fully awake. I've had twice my normal caffeine intake and I still feel as if my brain is wrapped in a fog. Weekend road trips wreck havoc on my ability to function come Monday.

Despite the OMGSOSLEEPY-ness of this morning, the day is a good one and the weekend was fun. Got to spend some time with the extended Familia, and it was for the most part blessedly drama-free. Also got to spend some time with [ profile] hewet_ka_ptah and that was fabulous. There was lots of yummy good food, and lazy-times in the pool, and silliness with The Awesome Nieces, and it was good.

This week is already crazy-busy, but I'm still enjoying the Awesome New Job enough that I don't even mind the craziness! I'm sure that'll pass soon enough, but for now I don't even have work-related bitchiness to report. *beams*

I also just picked up tickets for me and [ profile] azewewish for the D'backs/Braves series later this month, so the plan for an awesome baseball weekend in the near future is making me happier than normal for a Monday morning!

I'm debating whether or not to go to Texas for Memorial Day weekend. On the one hand, I've already got my plane ticket. On the other hand...well, "the other hand" is an annoyance that I'd rather not stain this otherwise pleasant Monday with...but I just don't know what to do! *ponders*

I'm also not going to sully this good day with my thoughts on new D'backs manager Hinch's announcement that Chris Snyder and Miguel Montero are going to be splitting catching duties. I'm sure y'all can guess what I think of this, right?

Moving on. It's a good Monday, people! I'm going to go grab something for lunch and then be a busy bee this afternoon! How 'bout y'all? What's your Monday looking like?
Today was made of sunshine and baseball and margaritas and ice cream! In other words, it was an awesome day!!! My Aunt H and I headed downtown late this morning to see the noon D'backs/Cubs game. I love afternoon games. It feels as if I'm playing hooky on life when I'm at a ball game during working hours, even though I'm technically on vacation this week. Illicit baseball FTW!

It was a gorgeous day too; sunny and warm and PERFECT and the roof on Chase Field was open to all the loveliness outside (thank goodness for sunscreen and baseball caps, though!).

Doug Davis pitched seven great innings, holding the Cubs to just two hits and no runs. A combination of the Cubs being a mess and the D'backs finally remembering that an offensive game is helpful to getting the W, resulted in a 10-0 win. Yay! \o/ It was a fun game to watch, plus the Cubs fans sitting near us were hilariously drunk without being obnoxious. So we were well entertained!

Pictures of hot baseball players. As we do, 'round these parts. *g* )

And then this evening we went to Baskin Robbins for $0.31 scoops of ice cream. It was a fundraiser event for local firefighter organizations, so in addition to yummy ice cream there were also lots of yummy lookin' firefighters around! Double win!!!

In all, this was a most excellent Wednesday! *g*


Apr. 28th, 2009 10:01 am
:: For being a vacation day, yesterday was remarkably productive. I transferred all my remaining active files and wrapped up a few loose ends; all I have left to do is to pack up my files for storage and I'll be officially done with solo practice! I even managed to get some grocery shopping in yesterday! Go me! \o/

:: The D'backs played a fantastic baseball game yesterday and beat the Cubs 7-2. They were definitely firing on all cylinders! Dan Haren pitched a fantastic complete game. They were aggressive on the bases with five stolen bases. We finally gave our pitching staff some run support. The offensive game was just working in a way it hasn't all season -- Chris Snyder got his first home run of the season, everyone was putting on good ABs, even Dan Haren got himself a 2RBI double! Mostly, though, you could tell they were relaxed and just having FUN. This is how they need to be playing!

:: Today's agenda includes some housecleaning, a significant amount of lazing about, catching up on some reading, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, and the making of yummy chicken cheese enchiladas! Staycations FTW!!!

:: Tomorrow, while the majority of the world is working, I shall be at the afternoon D'backs/Cubs baseball game!!!
Friday my brother, mom, Rianna, Rhyan, and I all went to the D'backs/Dodgers game. The girls were all decked out in their D'backs gear. The cameraman loved Rhyan and Rianna because we were on the jumbo tron 5 times during the course of the game! Seriously, every time I looked up, there we were. It was a bit disconcerting after a while. Rianna, of course, thought it was the coolest thing ever. And Rhyan was just busy lapping up all the attention she could from everyone around us. Good times!

Family night at the ballpark! )

It was a good game, with the D'backs winning it 9-4. In the first week of season, the only two games that the D'backs have won have been the two games that I've been at. Obviously, I NEED to be at the ballpark more often! For the good of the team, of course. *g*

We had great seats, just behind the home dugout. So, naturally, I took lots of pictures. Although I didn't take as many as I normally would have, as I was trying to keep up with a very wiggly 1 year old who was hamming it up for the jumbo tron!

Hot baseball players!!! )

Saturday was spent working. I'm going to be in trial for the next two weeks, staring Tuesday, so I spent most of the day at the jail going over last minute details with my client. For the record, spending the afternoon at the county jail is NOT my idea of a fun Saturday! It was an awesomely rainy and cloudy day, too -- the kind where you just want to curl up with a good book and laze about the house. We don't get very many of those 'round these parts, so it felt like a wasted opportunity. *shrugs* Oh, well. You do what you gotta do.

Today, however, was significantly better as I decided to ignore work for most of the day! We celebrated Easter in our non-religious, candy-filled way at a park. Lots of good food, kiddos having fun with their Easter egg hunt, more desserts than should be legal. Good times! :)

Rianna and Rhyan in their pretty Easter dresses! )

I hope y'all had a great weekend too!
[ profile] wendy sent me some surprise!happy day thoughts this morning, and I think they worked, because today turned out much more pleasant than I was expecting. The craptastic morning in court that I was anticipating was certainly busy but went much smoother than I had thought it would.

Then I indulged in a MUCH needed nap this afternoon, and I felt about 200% less crabby after ward. Yay for sleep! Plus, my back which has been a ball of painful spasms all week, has felt really good today. Yay for painlessness!

I also received a whole bunch of books that I recently ordered from Amazon, including the first two books of the King Raven Trilogy. New books make me happy!!! \o/

I spent the afternoon getting quite a bit of work done, while I enjoyed the free MLB Extra Innings baseball coverage that's gracing my t.v. this week. I got to watch the Rangers take the Indians, and there was just SO MUCH PRETTY involved in that baseball game! Ian Kinsler was on fire, man. And, Grady mustered the power of the dimples for a very nice two run homer in the 3rd. Josh was HOT as only Josh can be. And, while Salty wasn't playing, he was lookin' mighty fine just sitting in the dugout! *g* And, proving why I could never buy the Extra Innings subscription and still expect to have any sort of life that wasn't watching baseball, I also watched the Padres pull off a nice win over the Dodgers. *laughs* Man, if I had all this baseball on my screen all the time, I'd never get anything done!

Speaking of baseball, as we do 'round these parts, I'm taking Rianna to her first game of the season tomorrow night. It'll be a family night at the ballpark, with me, my brother, my mom, Rianna and even Rhyan, who is sure to terrorize anyone sitting near us! *laughs*

And since there will be more baseball tomorrow, I thought I should post my pictures from the Home Opener )
Oh, man, I really missed baseball! Please don't ever leave me again! *clings*

Ahem. So, yes, the D'backs Home Opener was made of AWESOME with a side of FANTABULOUS!!!!!! We beat the Rockies 9-8, in what turned out to be a really great slug-fest. I have about two million pictures, or perhaps just slightly less than that, that I will post as soon as I find my USB cable. *searches in vain* Unsurprisingly, I have lots of great shots of Chris Snyder (who is looking especially HOT this year). I also took a bunch of pictures of Stephen Drew, Eric Byrnes, Augie Ojeda, and Rockies' catcher Chris Ianetta, with several of my flisters in mind.

Some of the day's highlights:

- A touching pre-game tribute to Marquis Cooper, with his dad and local sportscaster, Bruce Cooper, throwing out the first pitch. *sniff*

- Garlic fries and cold beer!!! Yum!

- Muhammad Ali in the crowd.

- Felipe Lopez, our new second baseman, hitting a home run during his first at bat. And then repeating the feat in the 4th inning from the other side of the plate. He can stay! *g*

- Tony Clark's two home-runs, also from opposite sides of the plate, something that major league baseball hadn't seen since 2000 and never before on Opening Day. Go boys!!!

- Chad Tracy also hit one out and Chris Snyder had a lovely RBI double.

- It was great to see Eric Byrnes on the field. I missed his crazy hair and his even crazier theme song!!! *sings I just wanna use your love* Also, his team pictures look as if they were ripped from his 70's porn star portfolio. They are hysterical!!!

- By some miracle of divine benediction, Conor Jackson has somehow gotten HOTTER since September! I don't understand how this is possible either!!!

- CHRIS SNYDER!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ (That doesn't really need any further explanation, does it? *g*)

In conclusion: BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life is complete.
We paid homage by trekking out to the wilds of Surprise, Arizona, obtaining the appropriate adult beverages, and slathering on plenty of sunscreen. And the Baseball Gods were pleased, for, lo, they smiled upon us and bestowed on us their abundant favor.

In other words, it was an FANTASTIC weekend of baseball, and good friends, and lovely sunshine, and hot men, and cute college boys, and MOAR BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ profile] _lisalisa_ and [ profile] azewewish arrived on Friday evening, and after more than an hour of untangling ourselves from the most horrendous airport traffic I've ever had the misfortune to have to navigate, we made our way to Tempe for some yummy Mexican food, really good margaritas, and a lovely evening of talking, laughing and generally getting caught up. Later we came back and watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Damn. This show does not disappoint.

Anyway. Baseball. On Saturday we headed out to the Spring Training complex in Surprise -- dear gods, it was far. But we made it and got to see my Diamondbacks break out some whoop ass all over the Kansas City Royals. Man, I had missed my boys and it was damn good to see them on the field. Mah BOYSSSS! )

And then after the game the Baseball Gods were benevolent and gifted us with the unexpected bonus of hot college baseball players a college baseball game! The ASU team was playing a series against the University of Kansas Jayhawks and for some reason they were playing out in Surprise instead of on campus. So, naturally, we stuck around to watch the game. Which, incidentally, involved the unavoidable watching of the hot college ball players. What??? We couldn't help it! They were right there! And hot. And, oh gods, so young. *facepalm* And while I'm not admitting to anything, there may have been pictures taken (um, lots of pictures taken *blushes*) of one of the most perfect asses we have ever seen gracing a pair of baseball pants. If the Baseball Gods truly do love us, this boy will indeed make it to the show one day so that we can freely perv over his beautiful backside. But, yes, the college ball players were a lovely surprise in what was already a great day of baseball!

Sunday found us back in the wilds of Surprise for a game between the Texas Rangers and the San Diego Padres. We had awesome seats just behind home plate, which meant we were in the shade and didn't need to lather on the sunscreen. A spring training weekend with no resulting sunburn! Win!!!

There was so much pretty on the field. [ profile] azewewish is right. The Rangers have THE hottest top of the line-up in the major leagues. I didn't get any great pictures of Michael Young or Ian Kinsler (a down-side to being behind the net), but I did get some pretty good shots of Josh Hamilton and his Tatted Arms of Awesomeness! Hello there, Josh! )

In addition to being hot and just a little bit crazy, we discovered that Josh Hamilton is also UTTERLY CHARMING! He stood out by the first base line for the last four innings of the game signing autographs and taking pictures and making himself completely accessible to his fans and just generally being an adorable goofball! I was thoroughly charmed by him and even though he's kind of crazy in his religious fervor, I am such a fan of one Mr. Josh Hamilton now!

I'll also mention that the lovely college boys were again playing after the spring training game, but we had to be grown ups and catch flights and so we weren't able to stay. But were were sorely tempted! Also, I'm pretty sure it was Satan himself announcing the game yesterday, as he kept mentioning, like EVERY FIVE MINUTES, that the pretty college boys would be playing. I'm not sure where we found the willpower to resist, but as everyone made their flights home, we somehow managed. *g*

So, yes, in all it was a great baseball weekend, good times with great friends, lots of baseball, and unexpected blessings from the Baseball Gods!
Work has me BURIED this week! There are simply not enough hours in the day to do all I need to do. And with trial starting on Monday, and every Monday thereafter until what seems like forever, I feel as if I have this big clock hanging over my head, ticking loudly and reminding me that I'm almost out of time to get shit done! So, I've been working late, prioritizing my various crisis, doing what I can do, and stressing out over the rest. Good times. Or, you know, the exact opposite.

I moved my training session from this afternoon until Saturday, because while I really felt like hitting something, I just didn't have time to workout. But I've decided that since there is no way I can get everything done anyway, I want to do something other than work this weekend. I'm thinking of going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. Costumed knights! Corsets! Jugglers! Mead! Fun times!

On the topic of Fun Times, I think the Texas Boy is going to go to California next month with me for a Disneyland adventure before I meet up with various fen at the SPN convention. Disneyland without a 5 year old in tow! I'm very excited about this! :)

I have a Pitchers' Edition of the Hot Men of MLB in the works, I just don't know when I'll have time to post it. So, in the mean time, some shots of my boys during the first week of Spring Training. )

Ok, this post was all over the place. I'm blaming the scattered brain on the work craziness. Yup. That's it.
On the off chance that my frequent and excited babble over Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder hasn't made it abundantly clear, let me just state for the record that, yes, it's true, I've got a massive thing for catchers! I don't know if it's because good catchers are smart, and I'm a sucker for a smart man, or if it's the amazing thighs and ass that come of all those hours squatting, but whatever the reason I love me some hotass catchers!!! ♥ So, since catchers and pitchers report this week (!!!), today's installment of The Hot Men of the MLB features HOTASS CATCHERS!!! )

It's sometimes hard to see the man buried underneath all of that catcher's equipment, so I hope y'all can now better appreciate the sexiness that can be found behind home plate! *g*

If you missed the earlier edition of "The Hot Men of MLB," volume 1 is here.

And finally, if you're like me and you've found yourself lamenting the fact that April is still almost two months away, you might like these 'Is it April yet?' icons by [ profile] awkwardiconic. I have the feeling that I'll be using them a lot between now and Opening Day.
It was awesome to be back at Chase Field, even if there was no actual baseball happening. My mom, my aunt and I went downtown for FanFest today and we had a great time.

I saw my bb, Chris, and it filled me with GLEE!!!

I missed seeing his FAAAAACE!!! )

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to get a good view of the ink on Chris' forearm. He's always wearing this black sleeve thing during games and the tat just peeks out enough to tease me and make me CRAZY! But today I got a pretty clear view of the ink!!! )

Probably the coolest thing (other than Chris and his ink) was getting to tour the clubhouse.

Pictures of the inner sanctum. )

So much fun! But now I'm missing baseball even more. Can it be Opening Day now, please???

In a sort of related note, we rode the lightrail downtown for the first time today. I'm really impressed with how smoothly the whole thing runs. I can't wait to be able to take the lightrail to ball games instead of contending with traffic and parking and not being able to drink more than one beer!
I hear that winter is putting a smack down on a good part of the country. Thankfully that is not the case here. Outside my window it's a lovely day -- sunny and 58 degrees. I hope that all of you that are dealing with ice and snow today keep warm and stay safe.

In other news, yesterday was the circus fondly known as Super Bowl Media Day. In case it's somehow unclear, allow me to offer pictorial evidence of why I'm so freakin' excited about Sunday's game. The boys of Super Bowl XLIII )

So, yes. I'm very excited about Sunday's game. I'm sad that I can't be in L.A. watching it with my girls. Sadder still as the trial that was keeping me in town got continued today, but now I have people coming over for a Super Bowl party, so I still can't go. *pouts*

Anyway, to vary our sports-related squee today, there are now only 16 days, 17 hours, and 57 minutes until pitchers and catchers report!!! Baseball season is coming!!!

Speaking of pitchers and catchers, there's a video of a recent interview with my favorite hotass catcher, Chris Snyder, here. He's adorable! *smishes*

Also, as soon as the Super Bowl is over and the football season officially closed, I'll probably be posting some pictures of the many Hot Men of MLB in order to get us all ready for the baseball season. I'm sure y'all can't wait. *g*

And now I'm off to scrounge up some lunch before Trainer!Boy gets here to give me a long overdue ass kicking.



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