The national tour of "Spring Awakening" is playing at Gammage this week for two nights. My mom and I caught last night's show, and, holy hell, it completely blew my mind! I don't even know if I can coherently express how freakin' amazing this was. The music! The cast! The set design! Ahhhh!!!! No. Words. I might need to see it a few dozen more times before my words work again. Just, if you can, go see it. (My L.A. girls: it'll be playing at the Pantages in a few weeks. Go! Go! GO!!!)

Other fabulous things about this Friday:
♒ A Cassidy Haley sex tape. No, really.
This interview with Darren Criss. Delightful!
Pictures of Adam at Disneyland with Sauli looking ridiculously happy. :D

Now you go. Tell me what's fun and fabulous about your Friday! Or your weekend! Or your LIFE!!!

fun friday!

Oct. 8th, 2010 02:59 pm
My very shallow Fun Friday Happy List:

1. Cassidy is making me feel highly patriotic today!

Now don't y'all feel like pledging allegiance now! *g*

2. Pretty boys kissing! This never gets old. And after months of this, Tommy actually 'WOW'-ed after this kiss! )

3. And, with thanks to [ profile] azewewish for notifying my of the existence of such hotness, Tim Howard, hot, tattooed goalie for Team USA, naked: )

Fun Friday, indeed! *g*
Monday is being an obstructionist bitch, and I can't watch this a 100 times like it so deserves to be watched, or flail over all the magical people partying like it's the last day of Burning Man on my computer screen, or squee over the outfits and the makeup and the general FABULOUSNESS of this video. But I'm putting it here so I can come back and do all those things later, but also so that y'all can do all those things too! Watch this people! Spot the Cheeks! Did you see Cassidy? How 'bout Alisan? And Allison??? They're all there! And more!!! And Adam looks and sounds amazing! Eeeee!!! I love this video!

I didn't actually get lost on my way back from L.A. It's just that this week has been certifiably insane, and I haven't had a spare moment to come here and properly exclaim over my fantastic weekend!

[ profile] coolwhipdiva and I co-hosted an early Mardi Gras party on Saturday, together with hurricanes (dear heavens, the rum consumed!), jambalaya (J outdid herself! so yummy!), lots of beads (although there weren't nearly enough accompanying bared boobs *sadface*), king cake direct from NOLA (I'm pretty sure [ profile] azewewish is now tasked with throwing the next bash), good times with a whole bunch of truly amazing friends, and the awesome music of one Cassidy Haley! It was a blast! As you can clearly tell from this hilarious picture:

Obviously the rum was flowing freely! )

And then Cassidy showed up and proceeded to rock the hell out of The Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness.

He sang several songs off of "Little Boys and Dinosaurs," including Burn, Whiskey in Churches, and Daylight Breaks He also played some of his new material that will be on the CD that's slated to release next month -- The Spindle and Foolish Boy. I probably won't remember his full set, but I know he also did This Time and Dying to Live and his newest Cheesy Love Song, which I'm not sure if that's what it's really called, but it was fantastic!

He was AMAZING live! I am more excited than ever for his new CD and upcoming tour!!!

Also, just for the record, Cassidy is very, very pretty. And he has incredibly white teeth. *g*

Moar Cassidy! )

In addition to being amazingly talented and just really fucking pretty, Cassidy it turns out is just a lovely person, so nice and personable. He is ridiculously charming!

Here's me, being ridiculously charmed by Mr. Haley! *g*

One of the guests also video recorded most of Cassidy's set. She's unfortunately turned off the embedding code, but you can see them [HERE].

ETA: Vids now embedded. )

In addition to fabulous Mardi Gras festivities, on Sunday we got together for a Super Bowl party at Casa Hooker. It was amazing beyond my ability to adequately describe to watch the Saints win that game, AND to watch it with my girls! We screamed our throats raw, and there were more than a few tears shed. Sean Payton has balls of steel, man; and Jeremy looked SO happy *pets*; and Drew is just too awesome for this world! It was, in short, AH-MAY-ZING!

The entire weekend, in fact, was AWESOMER!
I haven't done a Things Wot Make Me Happy post in a while. So that's what this is going to be.

Work has been crazy busy this week, and I've been in court every day (that's not the happy-making part), but at least it's made the week go by quickly! Which means (THIS would be the happy-making part *g*) that Friday and L.A. and time with my girls and Cassidy playing The Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness and Mardi Gras shenanigans and the Super Bowl and all the other fantastic things about this weekend are all that nearer to BEING MINE!!!!! *grabby hands*

Ahem. So, speaking of grabby hands (and happy-making of course), I dare you not to wanna just touch (or lick -- yeah that would definitely work too) when you see THIS! )

Dear heavens, Mr. Lutz, I highly approve of this new gig of yours. Please feel free to strip down to your underwear anytime the mood strikes. Especially when there's a camera around to capture the moment. *g*

Finally, I've got some fic recs for you! I've had these tabs open for nearly forever, because I've been meaning to rec them and just hadn't had the time to do it. But, these are all great reads and definitely in the happy-making category:

All Kris/Adam with a cameo by Tommy. Where the hell is all my Adam/Tommy fic??? Someone please get on that. STAT. )

OK. Now I can close all those tabs and y'all can thank me later for all the time you're going to waste today reading awesome fic! *beams*


Feb. 1st, 2010 01:00 pm
It's already been determined that this month is going to be FABULOUS, so it's been rechristened "fabruary." *g*

Speaking of fabulous, did y'all see Lady Gaga's performance with Elton John at the Grammy's last night? AH.MAY.ZING!

Pink's performance was absolutely incredible too. )

And that's basically all I have to say about the Grammy's. At least all I have to say that's positive. Other than, Adam looked GORGEOUS and SHINY!

But, forget the Grammy's and the fact that apparently our musical standards are being set by 13 year old girls, can we talk for a moment about THIS:

This is apparently a newly unearthed Adam/Brad picture that is quite possibly THE HOTTEST THING EVER! Good godDAMN. *bites lip*

Here's another because they are just too pretty not to share. )

But, seriously, those two were just so freakin' hot together. Also, is someone writing the Adam/Brad/Tommy threesome fic after Monte's tweet on Saturday??? Please tell me this is happening.

Ok. I have to run to court in about two minutes. So, I leave y'all to discuss the crazy levels of sexy and hot and dear gods, YES in these pictures. This week is kind of nuts for me, but I don't mind so much as Friday I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend of Mardi Gras style shenanigans which will include Cassidy Haley playing in the Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness (OMGYAY!!!! *twirls*) and football style shenanigans with a Super Bowl Party at Casa Hooker (Geaux Saints!)!!! See? I told you this month was going to be fabulous!!!

sick day

Jan. 19th, 2010 10:58 pm
I've pretty much been feeling like crap all week. Yesterday I skipped out of the office a few hours early to come home and faceplant on my bed, where I didn't move until about two this afternoon. My throat still feels as if someone took a grater to it and I'm sporting one hell of an annoying cough, but at least the fever and raging headache are both gone. Which is good, because I seriously don't have time for this shit.

All of the crazy weather that hit L.A. earlier is now making a muddy mess of my backyard. So, on a sick and dreary day, how do I decide to entertain myself? I decide it's a good time to finally watch Milk. Dear gods, I did not have the emotional fortitude for that today! Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was fantastic. I, however, was a complete wreck. The high fever might have had something to do with that though. *g*

In less dreary news, did y'all see Adam Lambert on Oprah today? Seriously, that boy is gorgeous. And he charmed the pants off of Oprah. Well, not literally. *shudder* But she was obviously delighted by him. As well all are, dear Oprah, as we all are.

Vids of Adam's Oprah performances. Mainly for MY entertainment. *g* )

Ok, moving on now.

So, all my L.A. chicas, Cassidy Haley is playing at the Viper Room on Friday. I'm kinda counting on y'all to go and TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!! And someone tell me again why I don't live in L.A. yet??? Oh, yeah, that pesky bar exam thing. Blah. Professional licensing requirements. So annoying!

But I digress. Cassidy Haley. This Friday, January 22nd, in the downstairs lounge of The Viper Room, at 8 p.m.; tickets are $7 at the door. L.A. represent!

Since we're on the topic of live music, what the every loving fuck is with Muse and their apparent determined refusal to announce an L.A. show??? They announced a few more dates today, NONE of which included L.A. or anywhere in SoCal! They're headlining Coachella, which is all well and good, but there are few things I'd like to do LESS than sweat my way through a music festival in the middle of the damn desert! They did announce a Vegas show on April 10th, that is currently under serious consideration. I'd still like to go to New Orleans later that month to see Cassidy, so I'll have to see if I can make both work. But, really, Muse, why the scorn for L.A.??? *baffled*

And since I'm going to blame the after effects of the fever for the incoherency of this post anyway, let's clear out some of my tabs and do some fic recs, shall we? *g*

  • Hush (Adam/Tommy; NC-17) by [ profile] cjmarlowe. CJ wrote this for ME!!! As part of the amazing fandom fundraising efforts for Haiti this week. And, dear heavens, this is just HOT. It's a gagging fic, which isn't always my thing, because I'm all about the filthy talk, but, yeah, um, she really makes it work. Hot. I mentioned that, right?

  • Only Take What You Can Carry (Adam/Kris, NC-17) by [ profile] seperis. Man, this fic takes you on a ride. And, really, that's the only way to describe it. It was a long, winding, fantastic trip. Sometimes I thought I knew where we were going; sometimes I was a little lost and disoriented; but I was ALWAYS completely entranced by the trip.

  • Hot Mess (Adam/Tommy, NC-17) by [ profile] janescott. Tommy in a silk teddy. Do you really need to know more? Yeah, I didn't think so. *g*

  • Brand New Shoes (Adam/Kris, R) by [ profile] jerakeen. I've been doing some catching up on some of Jerakeen's fics that I somehow missed, so y'all might have already read this. But it was new to me, and I loved it!

  • That Old Black Magic (Adam/Kris, PG-13) by [ profile] jerakeen. Another new to me fic. This is just fantastic, though. She spins out a long and thoroughly satisfying story that is just magic.

  • La Mer (Adam/Kris, NC-17) written by [ profile] jerakeen for [ profile] reel_idol. Um, mermaids??? Yeah, I didn't think so either. But, it was Jerakeen, and as you can tell from this list alone, I tend to love just about everything she writes, so I gave it a shot. And I'm glad that I did because it was DELIGHTFUL!

So, yeah, sleep, read fic, and watch movies that made me cry. That about sums up my week so far. How's you're week going? *g*
First, if you haven't yet checked out Cassidy Haley's video for "Daylight Breaks"...well, why in the hell haven't you??? It's GORGEOUS! It's heartbreaking and sexy and visually stunning. Check it out [HERE].

Second, this one's for all the writers on my flist. Especially all you writers with a latent and yet unrealized desire to write a graphic novel. Don't look at me like that! I know you're out there!

So, yes, YOU! Cassidy Haley is taking writing samples until Monday to find a writer to pen a graphic novel starring him. As a superhero. In space. With the Sunshine Rebels as his crime fighting team. With fashion-forward superhero costumes and disco balls.

Well. I don't really know if those are the specs. But he is looking for writers to pen a graphic novel. Here are his tweets on the whole thing. ) So, yeah, all you super talented writers should apply. He's made of awesomeness covered in shiny sexy sprinkles! And he's a sweetheart to work with! Plus, writing Cassidy as a superhero in space!!!! What's not to love about that???

And, third, WHY DO I NOT HAVE A CASSIDY HALEY ICON???? Oh. My. Gawd. This is tragic! *runs off to find an icon*
Cassidy Haley released his video today for "Daylight Breaks." Seriously, y'all this video is STUNNING. Watch and be blown away!

And if you like what you see (and, really, Cassidy is gorgeous and this video is smokin' hot, so how can you NOT like what there's to see???), then check out Cassidy's upcoming tour dates and be sure to catch a show near you!
So, it seems as if an army of contagions stealthily entered and marched through my home last night, because everyone in the household woke up feeling like various degrees of crap. Blerg.

Suffice it to say, I wasn't feeling particularly sparkly today. But then Cheeks tweeted a serious of shiny things and replied to one of my tweets and suddenly I'm sparkling harder! *beams*

Also, in reading coverage of the Prop 8 trial, this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside: Ms. Perry, a 45-year-old child services professional who brought the case with her partner, Sandra B. Stier, 47, and a male couple, recounted how she had slowly fallen in love with Ms. Stier. “I remember thinking that she was the sparkliest person I’d ever met,” Ms. Perry said, drawing giggles from the packed courtroom. N'awwwww x a billionty!!!!!! ♥

I like the record that these attorneys seem to be developing, one that covers both the personal side of the issue and the quantifiable harms of having to endure this kind of inequality through the experts they say they're going to put on. This case is going to be all about the record developed. And even though the trial court case is just the first step in what will be a long process, I do wish the Supreme Court would not have put the kibosh on the live streaming. I have no idea what irreparable harms they were imagining, and, more than anything, what an amazing educational opportunity for this country wasted, man. *shakes head*

Anyway, back to more sparkly things, Cassidy Haley has announced some tentative dates for his upcoming tour!!!

Two things of note: first, holy sparkly disco balls, he's playing both Phoenix AND Tucson!!!!!!!! Eeeeee!!!!! Just so you know, Arizona peoples, I'm expecting to see y'all there! And anyone who wants to roadtrip-it down to Tucson, just let me know and we will make this happen!

The second thing, and [ profile] coolwhipdiva and I must share a brain because we had this thought virtually simultaneously, he's playing a weekend in New Orleans! And you know we were just lookin' for an excuse a good reason to plan the 2010 Hooker New Orleans Partay Weekend of Ultimate Debauchery!!! What? Of course that's the official name! *g* April 23rd and 24th, bitches! NOLA! Cassidy! Hooker shenanigans! Let's make this happen!!!!

Also, I need an icon that says "Sparkle Harder." Who's gonna make me one? *bats eyelashes*
So, anyone know where the hell this week went? I've been trying to get myself organized, get a few old projects wrapped up, get a plan in place for tackling some of the other things coming up; you know, generally start the year off on the right foot. But somehow the week has been swallowed up in the craziness of just doing what it takes to barely keep on top of everything. Gah! I need another week before we get 2010 truly underway!

To add a little chaos on top of the craziness, my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces moved in this past weekend. Eventually I'm sure we'll settle into a routine and some degree of organization, but right now it's just INSANE.

Although I'll hopefully soon be too busy to be caught up in the chaos of home, as I'm planning to get back to Nia next week and will also be starting some dance fitness classes at this awesome studio that I've been wanting to try for a while. Go me!!! I'm also starting the process for joining the faculty at the University of Phoenix as an adjunct professor in their criminal justice program. I think this will be a perfect way to start building up my resume on the teaching front, while still being flexible enough not to interfere with my desire to continue having a LIFE. So, you know, win/win!!! \o/

ION, Das Tekno finally got his pictures from the Lady Gaga concert in L.A. last month up. And here's the picture of me and Das before the show! )

And, because there is never a bad time for pretty, nearly naked boys, here's Cassidy Haley's latest picture:

Goddamn the boy is pretty! This gorgeous boy is going to be gracing J's Living Room of Acoustic Awesomeness in just a few weeks! Y'all are very welcome. *g*
Cheek's twittered this today: Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. -- Dr. Seuss. And, truly, that's all it took to make my day a million times better than it would have otherwise been! <3 I am the ME-est ME there can possibly be!!!

I spent way too much time today trying to buy presale tickets to Lady Gaga's L.A. show only to finally discover that the presale code only worked for single ticket purchases! WTF??? In what universe does that make any sense? *shakes head* Hopefully I'll still be able to snag decent tickets tomorrow morning when the general sale starts.

I finally received Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD of unreleased material that I won in auction earlier this month. I've only had the chance to listen through it once, but it includes four totally new (new to us) songs, a completely different version of Daylight Breaks, acoustic versions of Fly and Burn, and a remix of Whiskey in Churches that he did especially for meeeee!!!!!! The previously unheard songs have a totally different feel to them -- much more electric/dance. And the alternate version of Daylight Breaks is all kinds of awesome! And the Whiskey remix wins in every possible way!!! LOVE IT!

And, completely eschewing any attempt at a segue: Work was nuts today, but it wasn't the whirl of chaos that it's been the past few days and I felt as if I had my footing again. Which was good. Also good was the fact that today was my Friday and I have a long weekend in L.A. with the most awesomest of people and all kinds of good times to look forward to!

Oh, yeah, way to go, Angels!!! I'm glad they decided to make this a series. Now let's just hope they've got two more wins in them. *crosses fingers*

I'm off to finish packing now. And working on that being the ME-est ME I can be thing. Hope y'all are busy being yous too! *g*
I'm still trying to wash out the bad taste from yesterday's complete failure of a day. So, what's better for happy-makin' purposes, than a Hot Guy Post?!!!

Does this really need any commentary? Other than ASDKFJLKDJF!!!!!!!1!!!!!

There's a super huge version of this pic if anyone wants poster-sized Pocket Idol hotness [HERE].

Cassidy Haley posted new pictures recently. )

And, to round out our Happy Makin' Hot Guy Post, Adam's video for Time for Miracles is out. I approve of post-apocalyptic, grunge!Adam!!!

Time For Miracles

Adam Lambert | MySpace Video

outa steam

Sep. 29th, 2009 08:18 pm
Man, I'm wiped. I went in to the office today around mid-morning and managed to make it to 4:30 before I completely ran out of steam. I'll probably do the same tomorrow -- go in, but for only whatever part of the day I can manage. I've really got too much work not to, and, as long as I don't push it, I think it's actually good for me to get up and do something. For now, though, I'm not moving from this couch unless the damn house is on fire!

All in all, though, today was definitely a step forward in the getting-better plan! Yay! And I think all this progress call for a HAPPY LIST! \o/

:: I think we are finally done with the million degree weather! Today was supposed to be the last triple digit day of the year. Nighties and eighties, here we come! I'm breaking out the sweaters now!

:: I won the auction for Cassidy Haley's "Nostalgia" CD, an exclusive one off CD of his unreleased material!!! I'm ridiculously excited about this! I cannot even tell you. I can't wait to hear what's on this thing! (Although we shall not speak about what I was willing to bid for this thing. I'm going to blame it on the residual effects of all the narcotics I've been on.)

:: I had THE best peach for lunch today. It was huge, and juicy, and DELICIOUS! Yum!

:: [ profile] coolwhipdiva rocks my world! First there was the lovely vase of cheerful flowers and get-well wishes that arrived on Saturday. So pretty! And then today I came home from work to find yummy smelly stuffs from her for my birthday! J, baby, that was perfect! I love that scent so much! THANK YOU!!! *mwah*

:: The day got about a million times better this evening when I was able to have a lovely and long over due phone chat with [ profile] editorzon! Love you, baby, and I can't wait to see you soon!

:: Speaking of seeing awesome peoples soon, I think I'll be heading to L.A. for a weekend in October! Hookers, I understand there are some Halloween plans at Cicada Club in the works? Count me in! *beams*

*sighs happily* That's a good deal of happy-makin' for one day.

And, for some added miscellany, y'all remember those pictures of Adam Lambert in New Orleans, right? Well, a few more have cropped up. And Adam and his adorable boyfriend are still adorable. And amusing. Despite the unfortunate facial hair and questionable fashion choices. But the lesson I think we all should learn from these pictures has nothing to do with shaving practices, Just For Men hair dye, or shirts with sleeves. No, I think what we've all learned is that 98% of [ profile] ontd_ai members need to step away from the computer and TAKE A DAMN VACATION TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I was appalled at how many people had no idea what Adam meant when he twittered about the Big Easy! Or who couldn't recognize Pat O'Brien's by the drinks on the table or who had no idea what a hand grenade was!!! Seriously, people, y'all need to get out more! *laughs*

Ok, I'm going back to slothful recovery now. Hope y'all are having a good week!
The Nieces wore me the hell out yesterday. Now I remember why I don't have children. I love 'em like crazy, but damn was I ever ready to turn them back over to their parents.

Today I slept it and it was GLORIOUS! And then I spent the rest of the morning watching football. Exactly as it should be for a September Sunday. *nods* Speaking of football, it was nice to see that the Cardinals remembered how to play the game. Last week was a disaster, but Kurt was connecting on everything to everyone today, and they kicked so much ass that even Matt Leinart got some playing time! Poor Matt. *laughs* But what the hell was up with Captain Hotass??? Seriously, Tommy, baby, what was that? *shakes head*

Now I've got Big Ben on my screen, which is never a bad thing. Other than football, today is going to be about getting some things done around the house, which while not nearly as awesome as football, necessary nonetheless. But, definitely more on the awesome side of things, I've got tickets to the Pink concert tonight!!! WooHoo!!! \o/

Speaking of awesome things, last night Cassidy Haley did a live stream last night where he played a new song, did an acoustic version of "Whiskey in Churches," and STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS BABY BLUE UNDERWEAR!!! It was FABULOUS!!! He and his friend, Rawn the Adorable Accordion Player, were precious and chatty and possibly drunk and then he just stripped down to his underwear! How can you not love this boy??? If you missed it, I'm so sorry for your life!!! But you can see the archived version [HERE].
If you have no idea who these boys are, no worries, just enjoy the pretty and move along. For the rest of you...*flais*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Scandalpants! )
I'm on my third day of nearly complete sloth and it's been heavenly. Other than a workout with the trainer that kicked my ass into next week and a visit last night with The Nieces, I've done nothing this weekend other than watch t.v. and read fic. Which is exactly what I was aiming for after last month's craziness.

So, I have some pretty boys to share with y'all today, because I'm a giver like that. *g* But before we get distracted by the pretty, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you that have donated to the Phoenix Aids Walk. Y'all seriously ROCK MY WORLD!!! There's still time, so if you want to help out, and really, any little bit helps, then you can go [here] to my donation page.

Ok. I promised pretty boys. [ profile] arabella_hope posted this picture of Kris the other day and I really have no idea how I had missed this! Cute boy in really, really tight pants!!! )

Y'all remember Cassidy Haley, of the Whiskey In Churches video that I posted a few weeks ago, right? Well here's the video for his song Little Boys and Dinosaurs. It's fantastic!

Little Boys and Dinosaurs )

And, if it isn't entirely obvious from his music videos (which, really, are you just NOT paying attention???), Cassidy Haley is DAMN HOT!

*bites lip* )
So many pretty boys! And they're all so shiny and talented! And, did I mention, PRETTY? Distracting!

Shiny Exhibit #1: Adam Lambert. (No one's surprised by this, right?)

Adam took some pictures. They are at once ridiculous and ridiculously hot!

Feathers! And armor! And SPRAWL!!! There is no bad here!

But, wait! There is MOAR!!!

*bites lip* )

* * *

Shiny Exhibit #2: Cassidy Haley.

Cassidy Haley, the very talented designer of Adam's Skingraft jacket of Ultimate Fierceness, is also a talented musician. He recently released an EP called Little Boys and Dinosaurs. I downloaded it from iTunes and I've been listening to it almost non-stop all day. I LOVE IT! He's got a great sound -- the rhythms are catchy, the lyrics are good. It's solid music!

And Cassidy is definitely not hard to look at. Here's his video for Whiskey In Churches. It's all kinds of sexy!

the devil's more my style at night )

* * *

Shiny Exhibit #3: Brad Bell/Cheeks.

So, for those of you whose fannish experience hasn't revolved around Adam Lambert for the past several months, Brad, also knows as Cheeks, is Adam's ex-boyfriend. The one of the now infamous boy-kissing pictures that surfaced during Idol. Yeah. That one. Adam knows how to pick 'em pretty. Also, Cheeks is all kinds of FABULOUS in his own right. In fact, I may be equally as smitten with Cheeks as I am with Adam. Crazy! I know! But he's smart and snarky. A winning combination! Plus, pretty. I did mention pretty, right? Y'all should be sensing a theme here. *g*

Well, Cheeks is also getting ready to release an EP -- Glambition, due out on September 1st. But today he released the first single, Down Low, together with a video. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm not sure I loved it as much as I loved Cassidy's stuff. It's mostly danceable fluff. But, it's Cheeks! And like I already said, I'm smitten with his little glittery self! So, naturally, there's some inherent fabulousness here. Especially in the video. Seriously, this thing is just a shade this side of soft porn.




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