:: Work is still very much kicking my ass this week, and that's likely not to change until October. But I have dark chocolate brownies in the oven, so all is right with my world!

:: [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_ will be here this weekend for a last baseball HOORAH before the regular season wraps up. Baseball AND Lisa!!! It will be a FABULOUS weekend! It needs to be Friday now!

:: Yesterday I was watching "Hoarders"; I feel so well-adjusted in comparison. Seriously, if you ever feel as if you don't have your shit together, watch that show. It's also great motivation to clean out a closet and throw some shit out, just to be on the safe side.

:: So I just realized that I'll have to endure Kanye West if I want to see Lady Gaga on this coming tour. This is NOT happy making. I would LOVE to see Lady Gaga. I think she's brilliant and outrageous and I can only imagine that her live performance would be off the chain. But Kanye? Seriously??? I have to decide whether my love for Lady Gaga outweighs my contempt for Kanye. What a dilemma!

:: Blessed Equinox! Happy Fall! Now that it's officially Autumn, my grocery store needs to get with the program and star carrying my absolute favorite, most delicious ever Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer!


May. 1st, 2009 11:15 am
Swine flu Unidentified Craptasticness: I still has it. My head feels as if its been stuffed with cotton. Yuck.

Supernatural: \o/

New Job: I start on Monday! WooHoo!!!

Dreamwidth: I'm jessipsaloquitur. But it's just a backup. I have no plans to either leave LJ or to cross-post.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: I'll be seeing it later today. Yay!

Economic Stimulus: I have some serious shopping plans for this afternoon. New job means an excuse for new work clothes!!! *polishes credit cards*

Baseball: Dear Bullpen: Please to be getting your shit together. No love, Me. Max Scherzer, however, was awesome.

May 1: Blessed Beltane, to those who mark the day. May your dreams and desires find fertile ground this summer!
It's really a damn good thing that this weekend had an extra day in it, since I managed to accomplish absolutely NOTHING with my Sunday! *facepalm* My biggest accomplishment for the day was to make cheesy garlic bread for lunch! Mmmmm. Cheesy, garlic-y goodness! There was also left over spaghetti involved, but, really the highlight of my day was the cheesy garlic bread.

Other than that I watched movies (Freedom Writers, Bobby, and A Mighty Heart, all of which I hadn't watched before and enjoyed greatly), and read, and managed to (just barely) avoid a house fire.

Today, however, has been significantly more productive. I've got chicken cooking that will later become gumbo. My room is about half clean and my laundry is about half done, which means that I can see the floor of my room again! (Also, clean sheets on the bed make me want to take a nap!) I've been tweaking my resume and have at least one place that I want to get it out to today. And if this productive streak continues I may even get a jump start on some of this week's work projects. Go me! \o/

Also, apropos of nothing at all, my finger has been doing this strange twitching thing all day. It doesn't hurt, but whenever it's in a certain position (a position, by the way, that it's in often while I'm using the computer) I can't make it stop twitching!!! It's driving me slightly crazy. Or crazier. Whatever. It's annoying me!

And another thing that's annoying me: there are still no pictures from the D'backs reporting to camp! Argh! All of our local sports journalists were focused on the NBA All Star goings-on this weekend, so there has been virtually no reporting from Tucson. I am not pleased. Someone with a camera please get yourself to Tucson Electric Park and get me some damn pictures of CHRIS!!! *begs*

Erm. Ok. So, Happy Presidents' Day!!! What's going on with y'all today?
:: I thought this idea was pretty cool. (It's called The Mayfly Project and it's a challenge to sum up the year just past in exactly 24 words.) Brevity, it turns out, is challenging. But, here it is; 2008 in 24 words:

Rianna five; Rhyan born. New Orleans!!! Great friends – Good times! BASEBALL!!! Work dissatisfaction. Lots of travel. More sex! Connections made; relationships ended. Obama! Zestful.

:: NFL playoffs start tomorrow!!! I'm ridiculously excited about going to my first NFL game! *bounces* Speaking of football related awesomeness, there are some great icons of this year's playoff teams here.

:: I try and almost always fail at keeping track of the books I read each year. Which is why I was very excited to discover Goodreads. This site may be yesterday's news to the rest of the world, but it's shiny and new to me! I'm not sure if I'm actually going to invest the time to input my entire library, but what I would like to do with it this year is use it to track what I read and to get reading recommendations from others. So, if you're on Goodreads and would be willing to share what you're reading, friend me! *beams*
Thing 1: So last night we had a bit of rain. Before I went to bed I noticed that it was still coming down steadily and that the lightning show was pretty spectacular. I thought: Cool. I mean, we certainly can use all the precipitation that the monsoon season can bring our way. But, apparently, it was more than your average desert thunderstorm. Hurricane-force winds??? WTF? Roofs were ripped off buildings, trees uprooted, power lines downed, the ASU football team's practice dome completely demolished. And here I thought it was just a bit of rain and a pretty light show. *shakes head* (Obviously, I'm fine, my home is fine, my family is fine -- thankfully the storm seems to have happened all around us.)

Thing 2: I wasn't sure that I was going to get the Supernatural Season 3 DVD right away. I knew I'd get it eventually, but I wasn't really in a big hurry, y'know? But now I learn that the DVD box sets sold at Best Buy come with a miniature '67 Impala! A mini-Metalicar!!! I'm all over that! *is 12*

Thing 3: Although I'm super bummed that I'm not going to L.A. this weekend, I am pretty damn excited about this weekend's baseball. My family is awesome and got me tickets to all three games of the Diamondbacks/Dodgers series. \o/ And I've got a new camera to stalk take tasteful pictures of my D'backs with. *g* Now if only these boys can remember that they do indeed know how to play good baseball. That would be fantastic.
Yesterday: In one word, MISERABLE. It was Office Moving Day -- a billion and three degrees, furniture that weighed slightly more than a fuckton, and my loser cousin bailing on me with the moving help, which meant that it was just me and my brother doing the heavy lifting. And, for reference, the loser cousin who bailed? That would be the same loser cousin who's criminal case I'm currently handling, for FREE. *hates* The only positive thing about yesterday? A very YUMMY mango smoothie for breakfast lunch dinner the only damn thing I had time to eat all day.

Today: Longest freakin' Monday in recent history of bad Mondays. Ugh. I can do without the 4 a.m. start times and the scheduled end-to-end days, thank you very much. But I did manage to squeeze in about 3 days worth of work in to today, including settling or almost settling five cases. I rock! \o/

Tomorrow: High potential for AWESOMENESS. I get [livejournal.com profile] annkiri here for an overnight pit stop some time in the afternoon. BECCA!!! And then we'll head over to the ballpark for the Diamondbacks/Padres game. BASEBALL!!! Tomorrow will definitely not suck. *g*

In other news:

- The work mess is still not unfucked. I'm hoping to have more answers tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

+ I just received a FABULOUS gift basket from [livejournal.com profile] erianne1 filled with homemade soap, bath stuffs, lotion, lip balm and candle! It all smells yummy and I can't wait to dig in! Thank you, Angi!!! ♥

- Either the air conditioner or the fan or maybe both in my Trooper seem to be crapping out. The timing couldn't possibly be worse. I'm afraid to even imagine what this is going to cost. *stabbity*

+ My mom is AWESOME!!! For many reasons, but more recently because she's buying me my airline ticket to New Orleans for my birthday! New Orleans is still a go!!! \o/

+/- Generation Kill is still some of the best television I've seen! But next week is the last episode and I'm kind of sad about that.
• I'll be attending a legal conference for criminal defense attorneys tomorrow and Wednesday. Fun stuff! Or not. But definitely useful stuff!

• Thankfully all of the judges in the county are attending a judicial conference this week too. So I don't have to be in court until Friday. Yay!!!

• Despite a headache that hasn't let up all day, I buckled down and got a great workout this evening. Now the burn in my biceps and quads has sufficiently distracted me from the pounding in my head. Go me! \o/

• I gave my brother tickets to yesterday's Diamondback's game for Fathers' Day. So he, my sister in law, and Rianna spent the afternoon at the ballpark. Rianna was very excited about getting to wear her D-Backs shirt which for some reason she calls her "game shirt." And she bought me a picture of Conor Jackson. *laughs* She's a girl after my own heart. *g*

• While they were at the game, I got to be Super Tía and babysit Rhyan. Isn't she adorable? )

• I succumbed to [livejournal.com profile] azewewish's pimpage of The Daylights. My CDs arrived today and I can't wait to listen to them!

Coffey is still on Nashville Star and I'm still unimpressed. *shrugs* (And we shall NOT speak of my SHAME about watching this show! *facepalm*)

• There were too long denied I DOs exchanged in California today. Much happiness to all the newly married couples! *throws confetti*
- WTF Arizona weather??? It was 110 fucking hot degrees on Monday! Today? A cool and cloudy 74. Tomorrow it's supposed to be even cooler (70) and rainy. That's a 40 degree difference in 3 days!!! Craziness, I tell you!

- Yesterday's Super Shopping Spree with [livejournal.com profile] technosage proved successful, if completely exhausting. We quite literally shopped 'til we dropped! Yay for lovely new clothes!!! \o/

- Despite his song choice for his last dance number, Jason Taylor is apparently not yet "Going to Miami." A "frosty" relationship between Jason and team management seems to be putting it nicely, no?

- In other sports news, Doug Davis is returning to the Dbacks' rotation this week having seemingly made a full recovery from thyroid cancer. Way to go Doug!!! And, man, it's tough to be a Padre these days. That's a hell of a lot going wrong in a couple of at bats. *HUGS [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_* Also, [livejournal.com profile] azewewish, what's with Brave's fans stumbling drunkenly to their deaths at Turner Field??? That's awful!

- I may have been unwillingly enticed into kinda really liking David Cook. I blame it on my mother who insists on watching American Idol. But, seriously, he's adorable!!! And, surprisingly, possibly even quite talented. But, more importantly, ADORABLE!

- But David Cook's adorableness was not the best part about being forced by my mother to watch American Idol too lazy to look for the remote control. The best part? GEORGE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah. I have no idea what the hell he's doing on AI. But whatever. He was fantastic!) OMG why isn't it June 22nd yet??? I want to go sit in my seat on the 11th row NOW!

- I have a session with Trainer!Boy this afternoon who is now coming to my house to train! How fantastic is that?

- Significantly less fantastic, however: I can't get in to see the girl who cuts my hair until June 24. *woe*

Ok. That's all the brain confetti I have for the moment. Although I do have thinky thoughts on the recent misogyny discussions that will probably continue to plague me until I write them down. So I may do that. Later, though. Because right now I have work to do and people to defend and a living to earn.
  • For starters, weekends are too short. Who decided that two days was enough? I demand a recount!

  • Today has been spent nursing the most wretched hangover I've had since, well, ever. *cries*

  • Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] technosage and I went to see Jerrod Niemann play in Payson. It was a kick ass show! We had a blast. Hence today's hangover. *cries more*

  • The Supernatural season finale has fully restored my love for this show!!! Oh, boys. *clings*

  • The Diamondbacks continue to be awesome! Thursday's game was great, as was seeing Brandon Webb pitch his ninth win. It's also good to see Eric Byrnes break out of his hitting slump. It may have something to do with the fact that he ditched "Lose Your Love" as his theme song. *laughs*
- Coffee is the nectar of the gods. Mmmmm. *slurps*

- I have a long day of jail visits after court this morning. Blerg. It's like descending into the pit of hell. NOT fun times. Please send Sam to save me!

- Speaking of Sam. And Dean. If you read Sam/Dean, then let me rec you the HOTTEST thing I've read in a really long time: On Phthonus' Altar (very NC-17) by [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion. It's a follow up to Phthonus in Lethe. And holy hell is it ever HOT. I can't even bring myself to describe it to you because then I'm going to think about how this fic pushed so many of my kink buttons and my brain is going to melt all over again and I have to be in court in less than an hour and NEED my brain.

- Also speaking of Sam and Dean: Is it Thursday yet???

- I have a baseball game to go to on Thursday night, though. So I'll be watching the SPN finale after the game. Which is good otherwise I'd be on pins and needles over Dean's fate and Sam's probable brokenness and my ability to handle any of it!

- And while I'm on the topic of my t.v. obsessions. I've managed to get my brother hooked on Brotherhood! Ha! I doubt he's as taken with the hotness of the Caffee brothers as I am though. He actually does watch for the plot. *shakes head*

I'm off now to defend the wrongly accused! *laughs* Or something. Have a fabulous Tuesday, people!
- NIN offers its new record, The Spin, available for free download. Trent says: thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me.

- Jason Taylor: I'm serious about acting some day.

- We're getting Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! The Phoenix-Scottsdale store opens tomorrow. I'm SO there!

- Steve Carlson's new CD, Stripped Down, is now available for purchase here.

- Finally, a question for any of you that have seen Iron Man. My niece, Rianna, wants me to take her to see it. I, of course, REALLY want to see it. But is it appropriate for a five year old?

ETA: Thank you all for the feedback. There was no talking her into another movie, so, ultimately, I left the decision to her parents, who gave it a green light. And, while she closed her eyes at some of the more violent scenes and probably didn't fully follow the storyline, she stayed with it the entire time, no fidgeting or restlessness. Her assessment at the end: that was awesome!!! I, naturally, FUCKING LOVED IT!!!
I'm really supposed to be working, but I seem to have misplaced my motivation. So how 'bout some quick bullet points on the day?

  • I'm feeling good better almost human today! I think I am finally gaining the upper hand on the plague! \o/

  • Monday's aren't so bad when they start with a good amount of flirting with Mr. Hot Court Security Man. There may have been slightly unprofessional comments about his wand involved. What??? That persnickety security machine BEEPS at me every. damn. day. Which, you know, is not so bad if I get to be, ahem, wanded by Mr. Hot Court Security Man. *g*

  • I'm implementing a new policy for my law practice, and I think I need to print it on my business cards, just so that it's clear: If I have at any time fucked you, please do not be asking me to handle your divorce. Thank you for your consideration. The Management. Seriously. This comes up more often than I had ever anticipated. Three times in the past six months. WTF. o_o

  • HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! Everyone realizes that no one in Mexico, outside of Puebla, actually celebrates this day, right? Irrelevant historical and cultural details aside, I'm going to have dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant with the familia. There shall be yummy food and plenty of margaritas!!! Mmmmm...margaritas.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!!!

- Trainer!Joe kicked my ass yesterday and is scheduled to do so again in about 30 minutes.

- This weekend I MUST get my taxes done. This may require a bit of creative accounting. I probably should hire an actual professional to do this next year.

- I still haven't seen "Stop Loss." I am not pleased.

- My niece is visiting this weekend, which always means pancakes for breakfast. \o/

- I have tickets to Tuesday's Diamondbacks game against the Dodgers. This makes me happy!

- Other things on Saturday's To Do List include a bit of shopping, laundry, and catching up on "New Amsterdam" episodes.
OMG I can't seem to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes! Plus, it's GORGEOUS outside and I really don't want to be in my window-less office. *is distracted* This does not bode well for my productivity this afternoon. Also, it means that this post is going to be all over the place, just like my brain!

* * *

I'm amused. And by "amused" I mean just a shade this side of annoyed and kind of embarrassed for others. So, there was a recent blog post over at Christian Kane's MySpace announcing all kinds of happenings including the fact that the music is now going to be marketed under Christian's full name rather than "Kane." No one's really surprised, right? The amusing part is, again in the "no surprise" category, the reactions being posted to that announcement. Seriously, people, I'm sure no one gives a damn if you think the name change is a bad idea. Also, I'm quite certain that Steve is a big boy and quite able to look out for his own interests without your help. And that anyone would have the audacity to actually say any of those things on a musician's site is, well, amusing in that "OMG I'm so embarrassed for you," kind of way -- kind of like when you see some chick walk out of the bathroom with her skirt caught up in her pantyhose and you wonder if you should say something or just let her walk away with her, ahem, issues showing. So, yeah: hey fandom, pull your skirt out. Your entitlement issues are showing.

* * *

Jason Taylor admits to always wanting to learn to tango...because he thought it was sexy! Hee!!! I'm probably gonna make y'all crazy with my growing squeefulness over Jason's dancing debut next week. But, seriously, I'm so excited!!! Is it March 17th yet???

(Also, I need a Jason Taylor icon.)

* * *

I am so very annoyed with a certain prosecutor today. We had two telephonic interviews scheduled, which is the main reason I'm sitting in the office rather than outside enjoying this beautiful day. But she apparently didn't think these were that important because she blew them off without so much as a phone call or email to let me know she couldn't do them. I am NOT pleased. *scowls*

* * *

I have a coupon for a free lunch at Zoës Kitchen. Since I apparently don't have interviews after all, I think I shall go get lunch. Plus, there is something inherently happy-making about a free lunch!
- How in the hell does someone sit down to take a shit or a piss and then just decide not to get up from the pot FOR TWO YEARS??? This both baffles and amuses to extraordinary degrees.

- In a prime example of my inimitable GRACE and POISE, I was walking downtown today on my way to court, on a perfectly smooth and even sidewalk, without a crack or rock or obstacle of any kind in sight, when I, for no apparent reason whatsoever, CAME CRASHING TO MY HANDS AND KNEES!!! *facepalm* Thankfully I was on a back street so no one witnessed my spectacular fall. Also, thankfully, my phone suffered the worst of the damage. I am though, without doubt, the Queen of Klutz.

- Today was beautiful and I didn't feel like being cooped up in the office (and I really didn't have anything urgent on my schedule), so I ditched work and went to a spring training game! Being your own boss is pretty damn awesome sometimes!!! I went to watch the Giants and the Padres, because the Giants' ballpark is pretty close to my office. And I scored an awesome seat just 3 rows back from the Giants' dugout. I'm happy to report, [livejournal.com profile] _lisalisa_, that your boys looked good with a 11-5 win over San Francisco. Also, there were lots of HOT men this time, both on and off the field! Definitely a much better way to spend a spring afternoon than behind a desk doing research. *nods*

- While I'm speaking of baseball, the Dodgers are playing a few games here next week, so there shall be at least several more spring training games before March is up! YAY!!!

- And now, some mid-week HOTNESS: Jason Taylor's Dancing with the Stars Promo Pic )
- I made a client cry today. This is indicative of how my entire day went. Long before we hit noon I really wanted to call a do-over. I am so very glad that tomorrow is Friday.

- Let's face it, this is not L.A., and us Phoenicians are just not used to having film crews taking over our city. There's been a crew filming gods only know what in downtown all week, closing down streets, taking over parking lots. This is highly disruptive to my daily existence. They can go away any time now, kthx.

- I bought an awesome, commercial grade treadmill today. I'll be picking it up tomorrow. And then I'll have no excuse not to get up off my ass on a regular basis and do some cardio. \o/ Also, I'm "auditioning" new trainers. Trainer!Boy just doesn't have time in his schedule any more, and I've not clicked with any of the other trainers at the gym. It's also possible that my standard for trainers is completely skewed because of EPHT. *g* While I don't have any illusion that I'll get lucky enough to land a crazy hot stripper/porn star/trainer, I am hoping to find someone I can work with outside of the gym, either at home or at whatever facility they use, at least a couple of times a week. *crosses fingers*

- I turned on the television tonight and happened to catch Riley Smith's C.S.I. episode. Hi, Riley! :)

- I'm still working my way through One Tree Hill. So, color me boggled when Pete Wentz shows up on my screen half way through season 3. Cooking. And making out with Peyton. And sharing eyeliner moments with the girls. *looks askance at the screen* Why is bandom intruding on my Chad Michael Murray fannish glee???

- My mom recently bought a juicer and she's been going a little crazy juicing everything. Today she made me a pear/apple/orange/carrot/celery concoction that was unexpectedly delicious. Apparently the juice possibilities are endless.

- Down posted a new picture today from the New Orleans show. Philip is looking especially HOTASS in this one. )
- Thankfully my week has progressed nicely since Monday's sucktasticness. I'm 99.9% certain that my trial next week will be continued, because, in addition to my motion to continue, the prosecutor is also looking for a continuance since she'll already be in the middle of another trial. So, unless the judges have secretly developed a way to clone attorneys so that she can be in two places at once, I'm pretty sure the trial won't be happening.

- This morning on my way to work, in the SUV next to me was a Steve Carlson look alike. Seriously. Steve has a twin with slightly longer hair running around Arizona. It was a bit surreal to have "Come Around More Alabama" playing and to look over and see someone who looks almost exactly like Steve in the car next to me.

- It's been a productive week. Work-wise I've gotten a hell of a lot done, closed several cases, taken care of a lot of administrative crap. I just spent a few hours getting caught up on bills and such. I've worked out. I may even go crazy tomorrow and do some mid-week laundry. *pats self on back*

- Speaking of paying bills, this is the first year since I was admitted to the bar that I've not worked for either the government or a law firm. It's the first year, therefore, that I have to pay my own bar dues. Ouch! This is no fun at all. *grumbles and writes check*

- On a significantly more negative note, one of my uncles died last night after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was one of my dad's brothers and I've not been close (huge understatement) with my dad's family since his death when I was 10. This particular uncle, though, made it a point to attend my law school graduation and I appreciated the effort. So, I'm glad that my brother and I went to see him yesterday afternoon and I was able to tell him that. I have a lot of unpleasant memories related to my dad's family and I'm sure that I still carry a fair share of emotional baggage as a result, but it was good, I think, both for my uncle and for me, to be able to say good-bye without staining it with negative emotion. I hope his crossing was in all ways peaceful.

ETA: I appeciate everyone's condolences. I really do. But I feel a bit fraudulent accepting them without some clarification. It's certainly a sad thing that he died. But while his passing is a loss, it isn't my loss. Since my father's funeral almost 25 years ago, I had seen this man a total of three times -- once when I graduated from law school, again at my admission ceremony, and then yesterday, a few hours before he passed. My good-bye yesterday was more to honor my father, than because of any relationship between us. So, yeah. I just felt compelled to explain. *hands*

- Damn. I didn't plan on getting so somber in what was supposed to be a post of complete randomosity. Ok. Well then. Other, less morose, brain confetti: tarot!!! I've done several readings for others this past week and I'm working on several more. This is a pretty big thing for me, as I've never been confident enough with the cards to read much for others. So, yeah...Yay Me! (Those of you still waiting for your reading, I'm workin' on them. I should be able to get them mostly done this weekend, as I won't be doing any last minute trial prep.)

- I don't normally watch American Idol, but thankfully it was on for background noise while I was paying bills tonight, because I got to hear this gem: (Big Ol' Country Boy, after being told by Simon, in an uncharacteristically kind way, that he couldn't sing) Simon didn't go down on me. And Simon goes down on everyone!. *laughs and laughs*

- Comanche Moon has been painful to watch. The dialog is so stilted it makes me want to cry. I have no idea whether the plot holds together or whether the characters are at all interesting because I can only stand to listen for a few minutes at a time. But Karl Urban looks HOT LIKE A 1000 FIERY SUNS in his cowboy gear, so I suffer on.
- I went to see "P.S. I Love You" yesterday. The movie was cute if a bit too sappy in parts. But the movie could be completely devoid of any other redeeming value and it would still be worth watching for Gerard Butler's arms and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's ass and thighs! So HOT and delectable, both of them. Mmmmmmm.

- Friday Night Lights!!! )

- In "Yay for Me!" news, I finally got back to the gym this week, after letting my work out routine get shot all to hell with the holidays. I'm working with a new trainer, who, sadly is not a hot male stripper. But she seems to know her stuff, and she's only my interim trainer until Trainer!Boy and I can coordinate our schedules again. We had a good workout on Thursday and I'm appropriately sore today, which, despite my moaning and groaning, is actually a good thing.

- I hadn't made much "Mom and Me" time lately, what with a good deal of travel and the holidays and work, so I bought us tickets to see Lou Diamond Phillips in "Camelot" next weekend. She's quite excited and I'm looking forward to seeing the Silver Boots of Awesomeness!

- Today shall be a Day of Football! \o/ Go Seahawks!!! Go Pats!!!
- Working from home today. Which means working from my couch in my PJs, with a full pot of coffee at hand. This is a very good thing!

- Finding religiously neutral, professionally appropriate holiday cards that still managed to express a bit of individual personality turned out to be a hell of a lot more difficult than I was anticipating. I think I finally managed to find some that will work, though. \o/

- Speaking of my religiously neutral, professionally appropriate holiday cards...if you'd like for me to send you one (and I'd LOVE to do that), drop me an email with your address at jessipsaloquitur at gmail dot com.

- While I'm on the holidays, my niece has declared that all decorations this year shall be candy canes and reindeer. Nothing else, she says. Just candy canes and reindeer. Where does she get these things? *shakes head*

- There are several movies out right now that I want to watch -- "Enchanted," "No Country for Old Men," "Hitman," "Love in the Time of Cholera," "American Gangster." So many movies, so little time. Apparently I'll have to prioritize my movie watching. So, those of you who have seen any of these movies, which should I watch first?

- Reaper is officially my happy place. OMG I love this show! *draws hearts*
Seriously. This week? Where has it gone? Not that I'm going to complain too much, because as weeks go, this one's kinda been a bitch.

Work has sort of been kicking my ass lately. I've been in court EVERY DAY since I got back from L.A. and Nashville last week. Early morning court days are exhausting. And several in a row? Completely do me in. I think I've managed to fix things, though, so that I don't have to come in to the office tomorrow. \o/

Friday off is a very good thing, indeed, as I'm hosting this family shindig on Saturday and I've done absolutely nothing to prepare. Yikes! I will be a mad woman, for sure, with the cleaning and the shopping and the cooking all day tomorrow. Anyone want to come over on Saturday for carne asada and margaritas? :D

What else? Ah, yes. Beer and Pool Night last night, sadly, involved no pool. I blame it on the sucktasticness of the week. But it did involve beer and mango shrimp tacos and baseball, of course, Allie! It also involved Very Important Discussions with [livejournal.com profile] technosage about Steve/Chad in Break Loose! *bounces* This idea makes me ridiculously happy! So much so that I had to go find me some Chad icons to encourage her in this endeavor! *points to the pretty icon*

Also, while I'm not sure how it happened, it is Thursday!!! I think we could all use some Hot Ass Winchesters to salt and burn this hellish week. Right?



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