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Have y'all heard the new Adele album? If you haven't, you really need to correct that now. It's amazing. It's intimate and raw and packs such an emotional punch. And the vocals are just stunning.

This is Rolling in the Deep, the first track on 21:

AH-MAY-ZING, right?

Here you go. Now you can listen to this about a bazillion times a day, like I'm doing!

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

And this is Someone Like You, which just may be my favorite track on this album. Although it's hard to pick a favorite, because they are all so strong. But, seriously, this song! If this doesn't punch you in the gut and turn you inside out, you may not actually be in possession of a heart. Just sayin'.


Someone Like You

Seriously, though, this album is phenomenal all the way through. Go buy it!

So, yeah, awesome music is awesome!

And in our non-sequitur of the day, there was more chatter today about Darren Criss being signed as a Glee regular for the rest of this season and the next. That would make me ridiculously happy! Also happy-making is the news that the Warblers are doing Pink's Raise Your Glass for Regionals!!! I love that song and I can't wait to see what kind of arrangement they come up with!

Speaking of Darren, as we do around here, y'all need to check this...well, I don't even know what it is. Other than freakin' HILARIOUS! Darren as LOLcat supertar, Leopold Bonar I have no idea what this is or how much, if anything, Darren has to do with the project, other than providing the voice, but it's hilarious. Watch the entire first episode on Funny or Die, and, like, be ready to pee your pants from laughing so hard. And for extra LOLZ, follow Leopold Bonar on Twitter (@LeopoldBonar). Lolarious to the extreme!

Also, I don't want to say too much, because I'm being ridiculous thinking I might jinx it, but there's this job thing that would be phenomenal and it would be perfect for me and I really want this to work out, so, just keep your fingers crossed, will ya?
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