Jan. 9th, 2011

My heart breaks over the loss of life that resulted from yesterday's shooting in Tucson. This happened less than a mile from my aunt's home, at a store that I've been to many times. It happened in my state, in my home. This senseless violence took the lives of innocents, of children, of people who were about the business of making this world better.

I knew federal Judge John Roll, who was among the dead yesterday. I first met him in 2002 when I was clerking for a fellow federal judge. I didn't always agree with his decisions, but I always knew him to be thoughtful and reasonable on the bench. More than that, everyone knew him to be a good person; someone who listened well and spoke carefully; someone who was always kind and respectful, no matter who he was addressing. I am so sad about his death. His presence on the federal bench here in Arizona will be missed; his presence in this world will be missed.

I'm even more saddened over the death of little Christina, the 9 year old girl who was killed. The world was robbed of her chance to grow up and have an impact the way Judge Roll did. It's a tragedy beyond words.

It's difficult for me to find words beyond the sadness, but, in so far as the reasons and the responsibility and what this means for our political discourse, I can only say YES and again YES.

Let's keep our thoughts and prayers with the families of those killed yesterday and with Representative Giffords. May we all know peace.
Yesterday morning I met [livejournal.com profile] zoniduck, [livejournal.com profile] llandaffaz, and several other local Adam fans to discuss ways in which we can help the efforts of 1n10, a great organization, providing much needed resources, support and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth here in the Valley. We're putting together Adam-related and other items for the silent auction that will take place at 1n10's annual fundraising Fresh Brunch next month.

We're also working to fill a couple of tables at the brunch. I'll be there! If you can, consider buying a ticket to attend 1n10's Fresh Brunch or buying a ticket for a young LGBTQ person to attend. (If you do buy a brunch ticket, make sure to note in the "Additional Information" box that you'd like to be seated at an Adam fans table or give my name directly, so that we can track the impact we can generate as a group.)

It was great to meet some other local Adam fans. It was also especially nice that the Executive Director of 1n10 came by to meet us and give us more information about the organization. I was glad to be able to talk to him about ways in which I can be involved beyond what we're doing as Adam fans, and I'm so excited about working with this organization!

It was a good morning. (Until I got home and saw the news.)

In unrelated news, except for the way in which it provided a very needed distraction this weekend, holy smokes, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is fucking brilliant!!! Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late in realizing this, but between having to wait for it to come out on DVD and not having many kid-free moments in which I could watch it, I only got around to watching the entire season this past week and finished it today. Jfc. It's brutal and raw and holds absolutely nothing back. The characters, all of them, are complicated and compelling. And, damn, I haven't had that much sheer gorgeousness, naked gorgeousness at that, on my screen in a long time! And the way the season ended? GodDAMN. That took balls.

I'm sad that Andy Whitfield wont be back for a second season (good thoughts to him on the personal battle he's facing), but the rest of the cast was so brilliant and the writing team incredible, that I'm totally looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a second season and to the Gods of the Arena prequel. This is just some damn good television!

Let's see, what other happier parts? Oh, yeah. Football! Although, really, I was not particularly pleased with a lot of the outcomes. The Saints managed to lose to the Seahawks. Yeah. The damn, losing record, hugely inconsistent Seahawks. *shakes head* I would have liked Vick and the Eagles to have played deeper into the playoffs, if nothing else just to piss off the haters. Of the good, though, there won't be any more Peyton Manning in my post-season and Jason Taylor looked deliciously happy when the Jets pulled off their win. So, I'm calling this a happy part of the weekend! :D

So, how 'bout all of you? Tell me about your happier parts! (Ooohh, that sounded dirty! *g*)



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